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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
2,681 backers pledged $204,680 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Your Little Red's Hooded Cloak has arrived!

Greetings Hunter!

Today, in your BackerKit account, you have received the keys for your unique backer-only items:

• Little Red's Hooded Cloak
• The Clever Huntsman's Axe
• Engraved Akane Signet Ring
• Wolf's Granny Cap

Depending on your tier, you will receive a key which will redeem two of each item; one is for lower level play, the other for higher level. We wanted you to have useful unique items throughout all levels of play. And, with phase 1 of crafting now implemented, you can upgrade the attributes on your favorites!

One final word. These items can be used on any platform - SpicyWorld, Kongregate or Steam - but can only be redeemed once. The items will remain on the platform on which you redeem the key.

Coming up next, pets!

New Kickstarter - OZombie!

It's a big week here at Spicy Horse. 

Akaneiro is going through testing for phase 1 of crafting which should launch this week. Exclusive backer items will become available before the weekend. Linux beta testing goes well.


Set in Oz, American McGee's re-imagining of Oz, OZombie pits the great-great-granddaughter of Dorothy against the Scarecrow, the original brain-hungry zombie. It will feature expansive narrative, role-playing, tactical combat and be available for PC/Mac/Linux and tablets.

We can't wait.

Come join us, won't you?

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Steam, Linux, Backer Items and Visitors!

We've been having a wonderfully productive week on Steam! I hope you all are enjoying your keys and Starter Packs. We're enjoying the level of feedback and know that Akaneiro is becoming a better game with each piece of feedback. 

A few notes just posted on Steam:

Yesterday, we made a small patch to the Steam Linux Installer: The issue was with the line endings in the script that runs the game. Our version control system had converted the line endings from LF (as required for Linux) to CRLF (as used on Windows) so the script did not execute correctly. Steam will automatically download this update and the game will run. 

Any additional problems with Linux, please report to so that our Linux engineer sees them directly. 

Later this week or early next week (we have a lot of UI work to do!) we'll be implementing a patch that includes the following new features and bug fixes: 

  • Chat will be re-opened and functional
  • Kickstarter exclusive backer items will be made available 
  •  A significant reduction in the price of cooldowns 
  •  Crafting, Phase 1 - Phase 1 allows you to alter the attributes of your items. Phase 2, due in 3-5 weeks will allow you to level up your items. 
  •  More characters slots - until they are open, you will lose your Starter Pack items if you delete your character. 
  •  A fix for the stutter and framerate lag seen by Steam users. Unbreakable gates will now be breakable. 
 A few additional notes: 
  • Shinigami Scrolls are missing - they are not missing, it is a UI error. A fix will be coming in the future. 
  •  Sound and graphic settings not persisting - a fix will be coming in the future. 
  •  Some enemies leave the map before you can kill them - yes, but they are never the enemies you need to finish a quest. 
Thank you again for all of your help and feedback. We will continue to work diligently to fix problems as quickly as possible while adding new content to be tested.

Yes, you read correctly! Kickstarter exclusive backer items are coming! You'll be receiving keys to BackerKit for your Hooded Cloak, Huntsman's Axe, Signet Ring and Granny Cap. What's more, you'll be receiving two of each item - one for lower levels and one for higher.

Now, something fun! Our $10,000 backers have made it to Shanghai and have been touring the town. Andrew and Deborah have been riding bikes about Shanghai, visiting Buddha and even stopping in at Spicy Horse. We thank them again, for their generous pledge and hope Shanghai has been as accommodating to them, as I found it on my visit.

Till next time!


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Steam Keys Away!

After last night's announcement the response for Steam keys was... overwhelming to say the least. I just received the keys about an hour ago. Rather than respond to several hundred e-mails individually, we've issued a key to Steam Early Access for every Kickstarter backer.

To obtain your key, please head to BackerKit, sign in with your account and grab your key! Keep in mind, your BackerKit e-mail is the same e-mail you used for Kickstarter. If you can't remember your password, simply request another and you'll be on your way.

Happy Hunting!


Full Steam Ahead!

Today, Akaneiro launched on Steam’s Early Access program. This is critical milestone for us; something we had been working towards completing for several weeks now and we’re all very proud to have made it. Launching Akaneiro through the Early Access program has been a controversial decision, for in doing so we have made the game available at a cost of $10. This $10 gifts the player with $30 of in-game items, but as a game that it available elsewhere as free-to-play it has garnered more than a few questions.

Why $10? Our initial launch of Akaneiro across our SpicyWorld platform and Kongregate, though successful, simply hasn’t provided us with the necessary feedback to prepare the game for the next stage, for crafting and co-op. When Valve discussed placing Akaneiro in the Early Access program, we saw this as an opportunity to leverage the experience of the Steam community before opening the game to a wider audience.

What about Kickstarter backers? As a Kickstarter backer, you’ve already “paid” for the game once. We’re not going to ask you to pay a second time. If you wish to play Akaneiro on Steam now, e-mail Ophelea and she will provide you with the necessary key. Can I transfer my account from SpicyWorld/Kongregate? No. This is simply not possible as it breaks the Terms of Service with Valve. We cannot move account information from one platform to another.

What about Groupees participants? If you are a Groupees beta tester and wish to receive your free Karma for beta testing, please contact Ophelea and she will provide you with the necessary key.

What are the known bugs? 
  • Linux – dual monitors are not supported and may crash your system
  • Framerate lag is occurring on some high-end systems. If this occurs, please submit a ticket to
  • Some gates are unbreakable. This is not consistent for all players
  • If you should delete your first character, you WILL lose your Starter Pack items. Please keep this in mind when creating characters. 

When is the next build coming and what does it contain? The next build is due in 7-10 days. It will include fixes to the above issues where appropriate, as well as Area 7 and Phase 1 of Crafting. We will keep you posted.

When do the next Exclusive Kickstarter in-game items arrive? In-game Kickstarter items such as The Granny’s Cap and Akane Signet ring will begin arriving in the next 7-10 days. Backers will receive two of each item; one for lower level play and one for higher level. 

If you have any questions beyond the above, please contact us through our support site at or by e-mailing Ophelea at