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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
2,681 backers pledged $204,680 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Energy & Momentum

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Greetings Hunters! 

As we reach towards 25% of our goal the energy and momentum are building - both inside the studio and on Kickstarter. All my early reservations about starting this campaign have vanished as the level of support, feedback and exposure being generated continues to surpass all initial expectations. Best of all is the wonderful dialog we've established with you, our supporters. 

I'm thinking more and more about my days at id Software, during a time when developers engaged audiences directly through things like IRC, .plan files and shareware. There was a meaningful connection between creators and players - something we lost as game companies became giant, faceless and ... evil? A lot has changed in 20 years, but there's a hint of the past in this new Kickstarter model. 

Meanwhile, the team is pushing for an Open Beta launch... THIS WEEK! If all goes according to plan, the build they are working on now will be made public within the next 48 hours. It's a madhouse in the studio today - bugs are being squashed, servers being connected and last minute tuning going on. This marks the end of closed development and the start of live operations. Guaranteed to be an interesting time... and we're thankful to have you along for the ride. 

Lastly, we are working on adding more tiers and rewards (plus clarification) to the Kickstarter page. Expect to see more slots for designing items (like pets) in-game. And I'm researching ways to get more physical rewards made - art books, plush toys and more. In the image below you'll see 3D Director LinXiao signing the beautiful canvas-print posters. 

From the World's Spiciest Studio, 


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Spirit Helper Penguin

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Linux users... you've got a stretch goal... and a Penguin. 

Who loves you? We do. That's who. 

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15% and Penguins

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Only a few days in and the Akaneiro Kickstarter campaign has already blown past the 15% mark. The weekend brought a ton of news coverage, lots of new backers and a flood of new Closed Beta testers from - all of which is very much appreciated. The press and exposure doesn't hurt, but grassroots support from backers like yourself will take the campaign to the finish line. 

Linux seems to be beating Ouya... for now. Because I'm a huge supporter of getting our games on Linux and because last night several surly Linux users teleported via ssh to my front door in Shanghai, we're going to commit to adding our first stretch goal - Linux support for Akaneiro! I'm also going to add a Tux-inspired spirit helper pet as a new tier. Expect the new stretch goal and Penguin spirit helper on the campaign page ASAP. Penguin art will come as quickly as one of our artists can produce it. 

In celebration of our first stretch goal, now is the time on Kickstarter when we dance! Well, listen to music anyway. You've seen a lot of great art from the project, but there's a lush soundscape to be explored as well. Spicy's in-house Composer, Kian How, has put together an incredible soundtrack, which you can sample on SoundCloud, purchase via iTunes/Amazon or access as a backer reward. 

 Enjoy the tunes! 

 From Shanghai with Love, 


PS: A shot of the 1st floor at Spicy Horse in Shanghai... 

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The Linux Ouya War

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Another great day and another big "Thank You" to everyone for all your support and feedback. I'm doing my best to sort through everything and respond. If you sent suggestions on how we might improve the campaign, rewards or goals; those ideas should start to take shape early next week. Keep an eye out and keep the feedback coming! 

As we blew past 10% of our goal yesterday, a battle began over stretch goals and target platforms. Ouya and Linux supporters can make a lot of noise! And we hear you both! It's clear a decision is needed on priority and stretch goals ASAP. Expect news on Linux, Ouya and our first set of stretch goals around Update #4. 

Seems there's a bit of confusion around our tier structure and rewards. Sorry about that. We'll do some work, perhaps add some additional levels and make sure everyone gets what they're looking for in return for their support.

Lastly, as I prepare to hit "send" on this message, we're approaching 30k towards our goal of 200k. From what I've been told, this is a healthy pace and we should feel pretty positive about achieving (or even exceeding) our end-goal. It's a wonderful start, but we need to continue the push. So, PUSH! Tell your friends, family and fellow demon hunters to check out what we're up to. Thanks!

From Snowy Shanghai with Love, 


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First Update, Awesome Response!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

First off, yay! It's looking like we're off to a great start. Tons of support from everyone on Kickstarter and lots of great coverage in the press. I've just spent a few hours plowing through the piles of emails and KS messages. Oft repeated questions have been converted into FAQs and added to the page. Anything missing or unclear? Let me know and I'll add it ASAP. Suggestions for how we might improve our campaign or goals? I'm all ears!

A few themes I noticed in the messages and press coverage that are worth exploring quickly: 

First off, the idea that we're running a Kickstarter to finish the game because we've "run out of money." Kotaku really hammered this notion in their coverage, creating a sense that without this campaign we'll be unable to finish the game. Not true! The game is, for all intents and purposes, finished. It's been in Closed Beta since October - with nearly 30,000 players having run through it from start to end. During that time we've been tuning and polishing - but ALL content and major features are done. 

Why then are we running a Kickstarter campaign? Or better yet, what would happen if we did NOT achieve our funding goals? This is a question we wrestled with (as we should) whenever someone suggested that we run a Kickstarter for Akaneiro. Why would we do that with a finished game? Because there are additional goals we can achieve with outside support - and because support will tend to cluster around vocal groups who are interested in particular goals. Linux is a great example. I personally LOVE Linux and want to see Akaneiro running on my killer Ubuntu box... but we might find there's more demand (and support) for an Ouya port first.

Back to the "what if" question about not hitting the initial goal - in that case the game would be launched, as planned, in January 2013 to Windows/OSX (browser and stand-alone client.) A content and maintenance team would remain on-board but we'd need to move our tech team to new projects. If the Win/Mac versions did alright we might gather enough resources to return to the idea of tablets, Linux, Ouya, etc - but that would happen more slowly. Kickstarter can, as it seems intended to do, drive an accelerated and focused development schedule based on demands from you the audience. 

Beyond that, Kickstarter is a wonderful marketing tool in and of itself. Even if we never achieved our funding goal, we've already generated 1000x more interest and coverage for Akaneiro than we had yesterday. Platforms, publishers and players are suddenly aware of what we're up to. If we stopped today I could say we'd achieved a huge amount of new awareness and be happy with that... but we're not going to stop today! 

Next up, there's a bit of confusion around the free-to-play nature of the game and how players might access the game if they do provide backing. I've also read a few notes from people concerned about how Kickstarter has historically responded to the notion of F2P. I get it. F2P has many variations and a lot of them are bad. All I can say is that we're doing everything we can to emulate the good examples (like League of Legends) and stay away from the bad examples (who shall remain unnamed.) Being F2P does mean that you'll get access to the game no matter what - back the game, don't back the game - just head over to and sign up! 

Thank you, all of you, for helping make the first day of the campaign excellent. I'll be back tomorrow morning with another update. 

From Shanghai with Love, 


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