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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
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American McGee

2,681 backers pledged $204,680 to help bring this project to life.

Steam Keys Away!

After last night's announcement the response for Steam keys was... overwhelming to say the least. I just received the keys about an hour ago. Rather than respond to several hundred e-mails individually, we've issued a key to Steam Early Access for every Kickstarter backer.

To obtain your key, please head to BackerKit, sign in with your account and grab your key! Keep in mind, your BackerKit e-mail is the same e-mail you used for Kickstarter. If you can't remember your password, simply request another and you'll be on your way.

Happy Hunting!



    1. Creator Cade Peterson on June 22, 2013

      Hi Ophelea,

      Where or how do I redeem the two OST's?


    2. Creator Shawn Adams on June 18, 2013

      It appears the characters and their profiles off Steam are effectively dead. Once co-op is introduced I will play with my friends who are on Steam, which means I need to start over on Steam. I can understand Steam's position on that even though it's a shame this wasn't thought of or warned to us beforehand in terms of the limitations of starting an account. We did get Beta access, so that's kind of on us as well since beta is handled differently between game developers, especially when you introduce Steam into the equation.

      Will we receive in-game currency added to our Steam profile in line with what some of us paid outside of kickstarter prior to the Steam launch?

    3. Creator Yuri on June 15, 2013

      Linux launcher not working - bash script has some incorrect characters (possibly because of Windows editing).

    4. Creator American McGee on June 15, 2013

      @Arturo, yes, once co-op is implemented you are all on the same server. - Ophelea

    5. Creator ArturoJPC on June 15, 2013

      I have a question
      It will play cooperatively between steam power and your own platform?

    6. Creator Leni Calavera on June 15, 2013

      Thank you for the Steam key. Downloading now :)

    7. Creator American McGee on June 15, 2013

      @registradus, We've asked! Not yet is the response we receive.

    8. Creator registradus on June 15, 2013

      Will you guys be participating in Steam Trading Cards?