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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
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The Linux Ouya War

Another great day and another big "Thank You" to everyone for all your support and feedback. I'm doing my best to sort through everything and respond. If you sent suggestions on how we might improve the campaign, rewards or goals; those ideas should start to take shape early next week. Keep an eye out and keep the feedback coming! 

As we blew past 10% of our goal yesterday, a battle began over stretch goals and target platforms. Ouya and Linux supporters can make a lot of noise! And we hear you both! It's clear a decision is needed on priority and stretch goals ASAP. Expect news on Linux, Ouya and our first set of stretch goals around Update #4. 

Seems there's a bit of confusion around our tier structure and rewards. Sorry about that. We'll do some work, perhaps add some additional levels and make sure everyone gets what they're looking for in return for their support.

Lastly, as I prepare to hit "send" on this message, we're approaching 30k towards our goal of 200k. From what I've been told, this is a healthy pace and we should feel pretty positive about achieving (or even exceeding) our end-goal. It's a wonderful start, but we need to continue the push. So, PUSH! Tell your friends, family and fellow demon hunters to check out what we're up to. Thanks!

From Snowy Shanghai with Love, 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael on January 6, 2013

      @alexander: While there may be more viable Linux machines to play Akaneiro (in terms of hardware), the game is going after a free-to-play model. Technically, neither is more "profitable" than the other unless you take into account the purchasing of Karma.

      In this case, I believe more people are willing to make micro transactions through a mobile based platform (as a large selection of games already do) than to do so through their PC. That's just been my experience, at least. But, I could be wrong.

      With that said, I do hope an Ouya port does happen. While it isn't exactly the same port as Android, it is built on Android (and may therefore be killing two birds with one stone--or, port, rather).

    2. American McGee 3-time creator on January 6, 2013

      And the battle rages on.

    3. Missing avatar

      dztzcurfdo on January 6, 2013

      @T.J. Brumfield: While there are indeed millions of Android devices out there, only a fraction of them are powerful enough to run games. With Steam being released for Linux, the latter is likely the more profitable target.

    4. T.J. Brumfield on January 5, 2013

      I have Linux computers, Android tablets and phones and I've ordered an OUYA.

      As much as I've excited about the OUYA, and prefer a real controller, there may only be 100,000 or so OUYAs at launch, versus millions of Linux desktops and millions of Android devices.

      The priority should be probably be:

      1. Android
      2. Linux desktops
      3. OUYA

      Though, developing a nice Android version will get you most of the way to a proper OUYA port.

    5. Daniel Sato on January 5, 2013

      The art looks like one of the Jinmenju, a Japanese yokai which was a tree with a human face. Seems like it has an oni face though. They definitely have a lot to work with using the Japanese yokai as enemies. This one really looks great!

    6. Shane Mahon on January 5, 2013

      An Ouya version would be very much appreciated.