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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
2,681 backers pledged $204,680 to help bring this project to life.

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Get "Out of the Woods" the Latest Kickstarter from American McGee

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Demon Hunters, 

We know too well the dangers lurking in the woods. Life is a battle and we'd best travel prepared. That's why American McGee is developing "Out of the Woods" - a selection of 10 classic fairy tales presented as a table top Card Game, Illustrated Story Book, Coloring Book, and collection of Art Prints. 

The Illustrated Book delivers tales such as The Little Mermaid and Bluebeard alongside beautiful illustrations and an exploration of the moral lessons contained in each story.

Wolves? We've got Wolves!
Wolves? We've got Wolves!

In less than a week the new Kickstarter campaign has hit $100k in funding and reached nearly 60% of its funding goal with another 24 days to go. But we can't make it out of the woods on our own. Let's band together, defeat the wolves, and get OUT OF THE WOODS.

Unique offer for Alice fans out there... if we hit our funding goal American will release a treasure trove of Alice: Madness Returns design materials. Stuff like this... 

Alice Design Materials
Alice Design Materials


Intrigued? Check out the Out of the Woods Kickstarter campaign and learn more!

From Shanghai with Love, 

American and Lulu (the littlest wolf)

Out of the Woods Kickstarter - Preview

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

 "Out of the Woods" is American McGee's latest foray into twisted fairy tales. Ten tales presented as a table top card game, illustrated book, and collection of art prints.

Only 3 days until the campaign launches. We've opened the Kickstarter Preview Page with the final campaign trailer, artwork, and reward levels.

Check it out. Give us feedback. And get your wallets ready!

We’re still offering a free PDF version of the illustrated book to anyone who joins the Mysterious Mailing List before the campaign goes live.

Out of the Woods - Project Poster
Out of the Woods - Project Poster


"Out of the Woods" - The new Kickstarter!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Thank you SO MUCH for your support of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters! It was my first Kickstarter and your feedback and encouragement made it more than successful. 

Now... I'm launching a new Kickstarter mid-July, 2017! And I'd love to have you all along right from the start.

"Out of the Woods" is a collection of ten famous fairy tales twisted into a card game, book, and collection of art prints.

"Out of the Woods" - Logo
"Out of the Woods" - Logo


This time around I've selected Bluebeard, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, 3 Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and Pied Piper. Some really incredible art and story is being developed as I write this post.

For the narrative theme, I’ve recently been thinking a lot about morality and behavioral development in a world less and less influenced by religion. While I myself am an atheist, I believe important life lessons must be passed to us by some method – religion, literature, and/or caregivers. This was the original purpose of fairy-tales – to scare children into acting morally and cautiously as they matured into adults.

Could a collection of classic fairy tales with a dark (re)-presentation serve to help parents convey life lessons, warnings, and common sense to their kids? Hell, I know a few adults, myself included, who could use a reminder of those lessons!

“Out of the Woods” contains a dual meaning in this context – one, that we’re never *really* out of the woods… in life, there’s always another Big Bad Wolf hiding along our paths. And that while we’re in the woods we must be prepared for the next wolf attack. Death is probably the only escape from the woods we’ll ever encounter – so best to be prepared for a life of tests and obstacles.

Will you join me in helping to shape the project and drive it to success? Let's go on a walk through the woods!

You can sign up for early bird specials, exclusive news, and involvement in the development process by visiting the "Out of the Woods" Facebook Page and signing up for the Mailing List.

From Mysterious with Love,

-American (and Lulu says "Hi!")

Bring out your Dead!

Posted by American McGee (Creator)

Greetings Hunters!  

Writing this update I'm reminded of the "Bring out your dead!" scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," wherein an old man, not wanting to go on the dead-cart, protests, "I'm not dead!" "I'm getting better!" "I feel happy!" Meanwhile, John Cleese insists, "You'll be stone dead in a moment."  

Well, we're not dead.

Based on the silence around here since our last mega-news generating update, you might have got that impression. I wouldn't blame you. Truth is, when the BS gets that deep, it's best to ignore it and just plow forward. The "failed Kickstarter," "Spicy Horse in debt," "we can't report facts, so let's just make up shit," headlines now seem like a distant, laughable hallucination.  

In the meantime our "little Akaneiro team," which mainly consists of one guy (thank you, Muhammad), has continued development on Akaneiro. Everyone else at Spicy Horse has been focused on "The Gate," our 3D Action-CCG game. Thankfully, for Akaneiro and our studio in general, that title's doing very, very well. Yay!  

So, here we are today with proof of life: An updated version of Akaneiro and news on continued development. First, the patch notes for the version being posted to Steam, Kongregate, and SpicyWorld:  

* Fixed the assignment of Skills at Level Up
* Fixed bug that allows bypassing of a fence in town.
* Fixed bug to prevent accidental purchasing of items.
* Invisible wall removed from Reap as you Sow mission as well as other major bugs that prevent level from being complete-able.
* Invisible enemies and stages with invisible items in should now be fixed. (Still appears on some items and certain video cards).
* Skill training exploit patched.
* Fixed 3D model to display worn armor correctly.
* Map hotkey 'M' should now be functional
* Fixed bug with mini-map opening settings
* Plum wine and Red tea items should now be usable.

Going forward, development on Akaneiro will continue. There's a long list of bugs that still need to be squashed and improvements to be made. If you have anything you'd like to report, please submit a ticket to us via our ZenDesk Support Channel. Beyond bug fixing, efforts are also being made to bring Akaneiro to tablets - that's the next big goal on our list. Longer term, we need to make significant adjustments to Akaneiro in recognition of its failure as a F2P game - either improving the F2P systems or removing them completely. Your thoughts on this topic are welcome and can be shared via the SpicyWorld forums

With that out of the way... 

Into the Flames
Into the Flames

I posted (a version of) this note regarding transparency in the games industry with a recent update to the Alice: Otherlands KS project. Copying it here because it touches on issues that were brought to light by my transparency with the Akaneiro campaign. 

/vent on  

After the most recent major announcement about our Akaneiro project - specifically the fact that we were "in the hole 1.7 million dollars" - a lot of people speculated on the stability of our finances and ability to deliver on campaign promises. So much of what was being reported was so outlandish that I felt it better to ignore the BS, move forward, and provide proof of our health with tangible results. I hope this update answers your concerns about this campaign.

To be clear, Spicy Horse was in a tight spot financially during January of this year. The studio was only weeks away from certain death. Not a fun spot, but also not an unusual spot for an indie developer. It's also not unusual for a developer to spend their own money towards making a game - and then be "out" that money - but the way it was reported... Perhaps the oddest part was that I was (and am still) willing to reveal these facts about our business to the public. Thankfully, our investors saved the day with another infusion of capital. Since then our latest game, The Gate, has found significant success, and things are better than ever.

None of this was ever about our inability to manage our budgets or schedules. Yes, we spent 1.7 million USD on development of Akaneiro. At the peak of development we burned around 60kUSD per month on salaries for the development staff. Our spending and development pace followed preset budgets and schedules - and, for the most part, we kept spending and/or scheduling on track throughout development. Given the amount of content was that produced and the scope of the game upon launch, most industry insiders would label Akaneiro a success in terms of its efficiency in converting dollars into content and features. That it failed to generate income post-launch is another, oft repeated, story. 

Lots* of games get made, then fail to turn of profit. (*I think "lots" could truthfully be replaced with "most"). A lot of development studios go under as a result of investment into games that ultimately fail to deliver expected financial results. It seems beyond odd to me that this concept would need to be explained to the press (and audience) who consume the industry's products. It's not a bizarre model unique to the game industry either... 

To any person or "reporter" wanting to snipe at me from the anonymity and security of their Internet sofa: Please take a moment to ask yourself why companies don't normally reveal detailed information about their operations and struggles. Consider your reaction when privileged information is shared; and your power to shape the relationship that exists between gamers, press, and publisher/developers.

Do you like secretive publishing entities that operate like black boxes: taking your money, vanishing it into canceled projects nobody's ever heard of, and treating you like you can't handle the truth of how the industry functions? Based on my read of your internet chatter, you'd prefer a more transparent system in which your opinions mattered and development happened in collaboration with the audience. Then again, based on your reaction to the truth of my studio's struggles, honesty should be answered with pitchforks and torches.

You create your own monsters.

For the more rational and supportive of you, once again, many thanks for your continued kindness and support.

/vent off

I'll post more Akaneiro news as it happens. And I expect the next news will be regarding another patch - then, hopefully, a tablet version. Difficult to estimate when (if ever) we might get multi-player into the game, as that will require effort by our network team (who are currently 100% occupied with The Gate). As I said before, the success of The Gate will largely determine our ability to devote resources to Akaneiro. The good news today is that The Gate is doing really well, so the future is looking much brighter for Akaneiro and Spicy Horse. 

From "The Hole" in Shanghai,  


My apologies

Posted by American McGee (Creator)
To those who are still missing items, You have my apologies. I have been unable to manage replacing your missing items due to a death in the family that resulted in an extended absence. To have your missing items replaced, please send an e-mail to and put Alice Kickstarter Item in the subject line. Also, expect a significant update from American later today. Regards, Ophelea