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A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
A unique ARPG with classic design sense meets fast-paced action, inspired by Japanese themes and the Red Riding Hood tale.
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    1. Nico Maas on

      Seems like the Servers are offline. Is there any way this project could be open-sourced, so we could host our own servers (or even patch out the online mode) so that we could play again? I really enjoyed that game and it would be sad if it would be completly gone now. And reverse-engineering the server component without any "Live Feed" to test it on (because servers down) is a really hard task :(. Any way? To would be an awesome gift to the community which, in the first place, made Akaneiro possible. Thanks a lot!

    2. David on

      I seemed to miss the release of this game. Could someone get back to me on where I get my copy. I would prefer it from Humblebundle or GOG


    3. RocK_M on

      Just one question American! =P

      Any chance the forums will be alive again on Spicy Horse? xD Good luck to the guy working on Akaneiro. Here's hoping u guys can go back and salvage it! :D

    4. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Jenny - There is no update on the Android/tablet version of Akaneiro. It's a major undertaking to get the game running on a mobile device, and since the project has a "team of one," progress will be slow. Muhammad is working on some of the more annoying in-game bugs at the moment, and a patch with some new fixes should be released soon.

      @Loic - As far as I am aware, since posting this comment, we've had direct communication and your art book has been delivered. If that is not the case or you need further assistance with anything, please let me know via a Kickstarter message.

      @Patrick - Yes, all of Kickstarter is a giant scam. We spent over 1.5 million USD of our own money to make Akaneiro, ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness about the game, delivered tons of backer rewards, etc, etc... And the game hasn't generated a profit, so we've had to downsize the team. All a part of the Kickstarter scam. Thanks for the informed feedback.

      Philomelle - If you encounter server issues, please submit a support ticket via ZenDesk:

    5. Jenny Bunyon on

      nice responses here :(

    6. Jenny Bunyon on

      any news on the droid version yet?

    7. el_rako on

      Four emails later and no response, I still didn't receive the Artbook... What can I do ?

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrick Lattin on

      I won't be backing software anymore. For studios that are so anxious to take my money, you deliver crappy content, WAY behind schedule. I realize now that it's all a big scam.
      Save your money for TANGIBLE Kickstarter projects people.

    9. Philomelle on

      Any update on the status of the game's servers? The Steam version has been completely down for a week now.

    10. Jenny Bunyon on

      Well all the best to you American and your staff.
      Sorry to keep pushing it, but perhaps a simple fundraising site could help eg:
      just dont want to see one of my fav developers struggling

    11. Ron Au on

      Thanks for getting back to me, Ophelea! Completely understand regarding Apple, I know how closed their system is.

      There you have it guys- it took a long time but Android is definitely on the map so don't lose hope yet :)

    12. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Ron, Android first, iOS second. We've got experience in both but Android is easier was we don't have to wait for Apple to "approve" patches.

    13. Ron Au on

      Hi Ophelea / American,

      Is the tablet support you're working on now for iOS, Android, or both?

    14. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Sterling, One of the developers kept on the team is there to continue development on mobile. Don't write it off yet!

      @Jenny, Kickstarters take A LOT of work. Right now, it's important that we focus on The Gate because it's performing well and if we can maintain that performance, we can bring a larger team to Akaneiro.

    15. Jenny Bunyon on

      Have you considered another kickstarter to fund the rest of the development?
      Sad, i was really excited (especially since i dont play my pc as much) would be my main game on tabby droid

    16. Sterling Treadwell

      Just got the email about the struggle. I was really shooting for this game because of the idea of co op or multiplayer. It is the type of game that really BEGS to have it to be fun and replayable and worth digging your claws in. Really, I invested more and have held off even claiming most of my goodies and playing because I wanted to get going when co op was activated, as I have a few friends waiting as well. I'm sad that the game has proven to be so low in profits, but at the same time It makes sense. Currently you can throw down in Path of Exile for free and it is a much bigger, better looking, impressive game that has working multiplayer. When you consider that this game is competing with that (in terms of the 3/4 overheard diablo-esque click style exploration, loot and combat) I can certainly see the issue. Then I start to wonder.. what could make Akaneiro step out and gain favor? I love the rich lore and ideas, the art style is kool, and it doesn't require a massive system toplay. So it could thrive as a portable game on droid or tablets or other portable means. Heck, even ouya. But if it gets nixed prior to reaching what should have maybe been the initial target, we'll nmever know I guess. Considering this was a browser based game, and the lower requirements to run the game, why was this not aimed at phones/tablets/ouya first? I'm curious.

    17. Deuce2 on

      Well, that's disappointing. I backed it for an android version but looks that that will never happen now. Pity, it was only version I wanted....ah well, lesson learned.

    18. Ron Au on

      Hi Oph, AMG and co- with the tablet side of things that you are all only working on right now, is that for Android, iOS or both?

    19. Joe Parucha on

      Almost a year since it funded and still no Android or real time Co-op.

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Bais on

      Hello? Is this coming to android or not?

    21. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      It's a little bit disappointing to not be able to use the special pets on all characters of one account.

    22. Nico Maas on

      Hi there,

      I got one of my two artbooks about an month ago - sadly the second one never turned up. I wrote ophelea already and also via the backerkit, but never got an answer :/. Could you help me, please?

      Thanks a lot! :)

    23. Spellforger on

      @American McGee,
      Thanks for the explanation. (I didn't receive any email, nor it's in the spam folder... dunno).
      In that case, I'm happy to have contributed more to the development of the game. If I can make a suggestion, it would be nice to have this "expense split" more explicit (at least for those items that will hit the shelves in the end and for which the is an estimated retail price).
      I'm saying it because after buying the A:MR's one, that is gorgeous, the prospect of an artbook that is -sure- more expensive, but created for backers that are obviously interested and investing in it, and therefore much richer or going deeper in the creation process, was more than believable. I mean that given the A:MR's artbook with it's price, an Akaneiro 60$ artbook made for it's kickstarter was actually believable. Or at least that's what I gave for granted.
      Anyway, thanks for your answer and please keep up your good work.

    24. BerlinskyGosha on

      nice art book, thanks

    25. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Spellforger, I sent you an e-mail a few days ago, check for it? But the gist is... We buy the books at retail and then ship them (after signing them) from Shanghai. The cost for each (after shipping) is $30, leaving us $30 to put towards the game.

      @Douglas, No, there will no Steam keys for Grimm. But if you need another for download please contact me at

      @Andrew, E-mail me so we can get you a new one ASAP!

    26. Andrew on

      Yeah, just got my art book finally and unfortunately the corners are quite bashed up. Very disappointing for such a special item, signed by American and everything. :( The artwork is great of course!

    27. Douglas Newton on

      Any word on weather we get steam keys for grimm if we bought it via kickstarter?

    28. Spellforger on

      I just received the artbook. It's really beautiful, although much smaller than A:MR's one.

      Also, it was quite shocking to see that the book is priced 20$ on it's back, while I've paid it 60$, plus shipping, and that it is also available at Amazon at 16$ (and books ordered from there also usually arrive undamaged, as opposed to the one I got that arrived in a soft plastic bag and was very battered).

      I really wonder why of this 60$ vs 20$ difference: three times is a lot.

      I know that Kickstarter is not about "buying something" but "allowing something to be created", but this disparity surely feels frustrating.

    29. Cygnus2122 on

      Well we get a Steam Key for Grimm when it is released? Those that bought the grimm add on that is. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Kemper on

      NM - It is on Dark Horse's website.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Kemper on

      mmm... where would we be able to download the digital art book using the released key?
      Thank you

    32. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @Everyone, we're working ONLY on the tablet version at the moment. I don't have a date for completion yet but we've put off all other projects until we get it done.

    33. Aurélien Esteves on

      The android version of the game won't come isn't it ?

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul Bais on

      Is there an ETA for the android client yet?

    35. FifthDream on

      I've been keeping an eye on my backerkit, and i haven't received my code yet, either. Maybe it's just taking a while to go through.

    36. Garrett Archer on


      I just asked about that. Ophelea informed me that the codes are in the process of being uploaded and that it could take a few moments.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lorenzo Corda on

      I've received the mail about kickstarter items but on my backer kit there's still no new code..

    38. Philomelle on

      I have sent her an email about having redeemed the Karma code on Spicyworld previously and being more interested in playing the game on Steam. I received a response with a code for 20$ worth of Karma, whereas the pledge I made came with a code for 100$ worth of it.

      Am I wrong in feeling more than a little cheated?

    39. Garrett Archer on


      Thank you for the suggestion. Ophelea was able to take care of it for me.

    40. S.D. on

      People, the new Kickstarter is up! They went with the steampunk Oz concept (it looks awesome!), check it out over here:

    41. S.D. on

      Garrett: E-mail her, dude... seriously.

    42. Garrett Archer on

      Ophelea, I hate to ask but, since the Steam version is out, is there any way to redeem the Kickstarter karma/crystals on the Steam version if the code has already been used on the Spicyworld version? I'd like to move to the Steam version, but that's the one thing that's currently holding me back.

    43. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      I just deleted my old char in order to name my new character like that, so I confirm name accounts are shared.

    44. BaronKrause on

      Are character names on Steam using the same pool as Spicyworld?
      Want to use the same name as my spicyworld character for steam which says its in use, don't want to delete it if it turns out they are not shared and someone else just ended up having it :P

    45. American McGee 3-time creator on

      @ChosenOne, please e-mail me at

    46. TheChosenOne on

      Ok so the accounts can't be merged?! Wait what? And what about my karma codes and such then which I already used on the other one.

      I'd like a (partial) refund then...

    47. American McGee 3-time creator on

      Hey folks,

      You should all have a key for Steam in your BackerKit accounts now. You can reach me at if you have any issues.


    48. Missing avatar

      Harbin C. on

      "Unfortunately they can't merge accounts. It somehow goes against the Steam TOS or something." It is BS, really. All Webzen MMO games have account merging, All Perfect World Entertainment MMO games have account merging, All Sega MMO games have account merging, All Sony Online Entertainment MMO games have account merging, really really tired of this BS.

    49. Jose Disla on

      @Wrobel no tool to merge your 2 accounts since @Rock_m explained why. However email Ophelia and see what they can do.

    50. RocK_M on


      Ignore my email Ophelia bit there! Of course I had to post just before reading the latest Akaneiro update! xD Steam keys are on your backer kits! xD

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