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HK$ 83,401 pledged of HK$ 700,000 goal
HK$ 83,401 pledged of HK$ 700,000 goal


(Around 83€ / US$89 = HK$700)
(Pledge goal around 83,000€ / US$89,000 = HK$700,000)

The battle against waves of enemies to prevent them from breaching your defense to the core of the Citadel.

The Defense of the Citadel is a cooperative hero defense board game for 1 to 4 players. It is set in a high fantasy world where you as the hero need to defend the holy citadel against waves of enemy invasion.   


There are 2 ways to play and enjoy 'Defense of the Citadel', referred to as 'Missions' and 'Campaign' in the game. 

'Missions' have predefined settings and last no more than an hour to play, which is perfect when you just want a quick short game. 'Missions' are also sequential, connected to each other through a story line.

'Campaign' on the other hand is the opposite with no particular predefined settings. The map tiles are randomized, events are randomized and your performance and decisions through the phases as well as crafted items and wounds will carry onto the next until you reach the final objective. 'Campaign' is meant for a long game, and you may need to record the status of the game to carry on the game on another day.

After selecting the game mode, players first need to select their characters. Each character represents a race in the world of 'Defense of the Citadel'. Each one comes with a unique racial trait, abilities, strength and weaknesses.

There are 3 primary attributes, strength, agility and magic. All actions, whether for crafting or combat, require an attribute dice roll of some sorts.

The Jyujin is agile, able to succeed an agility roll with a 2+ dice roll
The Jyujin is agile, able to succeed an agility roll with a 2+ dice roll

You can choose a class your character is proficient in. The race determines the probability of success, whereas, classes define what you are able to do.

each class offers a unique style of gameplay
each class offers a unique style of gameplay

The player may choose to be a duel class, selecting 2 classes instead of 1. However, selecting 2 reduces the efficiency of that player's being able to perform the classes perks and abilities.

Before the enemy waves arrive, you can make use of the time before the confrontation to balance the odds against you. This time can be used to craft useful items, lay traps or possibly even reshape the citadel!

traps are one of the many things you can craft
traps are one of the many things you can craft

Some advanced crafting requires multiple conditions, with multiple attribute rolls and necessary class requirements. However, you do not need to do it alone! You can collaborate with other players to divide the requirement between each other. 

The remote controlled 'rune bomb', the enemy is in for quite a blast.
The remote controlled 'rune bomb', the enemy is in for quite a blast.

When all the preparation turn has been used up, the invasion begins!

The enemies are controlled by the game. No game master will be required
The enemies are controlled by the game. No game master will be required

The enemy wave is constructed from the invasion cards. The number of invasion card and the type involved will be dictated either on each mission, or mostly randomly in the campaign.

While majority results in enemy units entering the citadel, some involve events, both good and bad (mainly bad) to the players. Even on the same campaign, no games will ever be the same.

More and more mayhem as every turn passes by
More and more mayhem as every turn passes by

During the battle, the players can draw from the class card piles they are associated with. Apart from racial skills and basic actions (for example moving the characters or basic attacks), skills that can be used by the players are dictated by these cards. If multiple players share a class, everyone draws from the same deck. The decks are shuffled and randomized in each game, so players need to carefully select which deck and how many they wish to draw each time as that can determine their fate.

protect the core!
protect the core!

The game is lost when the core of the Citadel is destroyed, the players must defend it at all cost. The player characters maybe incapacitated if beaten in battle, but there is a chance you can muster your strength to get up again to fight. Better yet another player in the same square can give you the help to stand back on your feet. Cooperation is the key to the success of defending.

Click on the above image to view the work in progress Rulebook!
Click on the above image to view the work in progress Rulebook!

















Hello to all board game fans! Take a moment and look at your board game shelves! Do you see any of the games made in Asia? Probably not (^v^), and likely you will have to Google to even find one.

Board games are not as major in Asia, both in terms of playing and creating. We are a group based in Hong Kong who lament this situation, as we know there is so much fun to have with board games, and our Asian style has its own magic to offer to the board game world. As board game fans like you too, we've made it our mission to project a new angle to the board game community both at home and abroad.

For home we offer games that can fit in our cubicle sized flats, and for abroad we wish for the community to enjoy a slightly different approach to both aesthetics and gameplay.

'Defense of the Citadel' is our first game under our brand Spherewalker Games, we hope you enjoy the work we put together so far and hope that you can support us to turn this fantasy into a real game.

Here is a rough breakdown of where we are with the overall progress of the game development :

Game core mechanics : 95%  
Artwork : 70%
Text (flavor, narration, mission, proof-reading): 30%

If the project is funded, we can resume on the development from May 2017.
We plan to give a regular update on the progress of the game on this kickstarter page.

Our aim is to deliver the game no later than on March 2018.

We will charge the shipping cost when the campaign ends. Below is an estimation of the shipping cost to different regions. As there are no stretch goals, the shipping cost should not change too much. Please do acknowledge that this is still a rough estimation.

Hong Kong & China - US$5 ~ US$10

USA & Europe - US$10 ~ US$15

Canada & Australia - US$15 ~ US$25

Rest of the World - US$35+

Please note that backers will be responsible for any and all import fees, VAT, duties, taxes, post office fees, and or any other fees their countries impose.

Risks and challenges

This is our first campaign, and to tackle the challenges ahead of us we've included a number of measures into our plan.

1. We're offering only 1 reward type to keep it simple! This will help us tremendously in managing fulfillment.

2. We've set a high funding goal. This gives us extra breathing room to manage production for unexpected events. It's also the critical number of units needed to motivate the manufacturers in doing this. Motivated manufacturers will ensure production to go smoothly.

3. We've completed 70% of the artwork, gotten all the quotes necessary from our manufacturers and one step away to kick start the production phase with enough funding.

4. We're based in Hong Kong and our manufacturers in China are only 1 hour away from where we are. We speak their language and can go knocking on their doors casually if we want.

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