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Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
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Posted by Spencer Tweedy (Creator)


I'm writing to let you know that final assembly for Fjord XLR began this week. All the wire is braided, the heat-shrink is printed and cut, the connectors are delivered, and AssemTech is putting it all together.

Here’s what AssemTech does with all of those parts:

  • (1) Cut the cable to length.
  • (2) Strip the cotton jacket, inner PVC jacket, and copper shielding to expose the cable’s four conductors. (They use a cool, automated wire stripping machine for this.)
  • (3) Strip the tiny PVC jackets from each of the inner four conductors. (They use a machine for this, too.)
  • (4) Solder each pair of conductors and the copper shield to the appropriate pin on Switchcraft connectors for each end of the cable. They do this by hand.
  • (5) Slide and apply heat-shrink tubing over each solder point, to make sure conductors don’t touch each other and to make the joints last longer.
  • (6) Screw the connector pin insert into the connector bushing and strain relief.
  • (7) Apply the Fjord-branded heat-shrink near the connector at each end of the cable, and then it’s done!

It was cool to watch AssemTech’s automated wire stripping machines at work when I visited their facility in December. With those tools and their experience making wire harnesses for cars and computers and whatever else, they’re able to assemble Fjord XLR more quickly and reliably than I could. (If you want to read more about my choice to work with AssemTech, you can see Update #3 here.)

My next steps are: (1) to design and order some packaging materials, and (2) to coordinate helpers and buy shipping tools for SHIP DAY (or shipping week, more likely). We are on track to ship on March 22-25.

I'll write again next week with a photo of a finished cable and any more info on final assembly / shipping that's become available.

Thank you. 🎸


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