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Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
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Heat-shrink Tubing Blues

Posted by Spencer Tweedy (Creator)

Hi all,

We’ve hit our first production delay. Here's what's happening:

  • I chose to find a new (nearer-by) heat-shrink tubing supplier when we were already too close to the scheduled assembly start date;
  • the heat-shrink supplier I found turned out to be a charming Illinois business, but kind of old-fashioned and hard to work with quickly (e.g. took three days to photograph samples);
  • a supplier forgot to ship their parts for one week because they forgot to ask for my UPS account number;
  • our thread supplier missed the scheduled ship date on thread colors for Record Plant Red and Motown Green.

Thankfully, all of those things have only delayed production by one week. We’re still on track to start final assembly with the parts we have on Friday (!); the rest will get produced when remaining parts arrive during February. But even this one week delay means that cables likely won’t start shipping until March.

I wanted to let you know now, so that you know what’s going on when the end of February rolls around. As Kickstarter backers, you're probably used to delays, but I still want to make sure you have these cables as close to our estimated delivery window of February. I apologize that this likely means we'll miss it. I’ll keep you updated as the rest of our parts come in and as final assembly starts.

Thanks. 🎚❤️



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    1. Spencer Tweedy Creator on

      Thanks, Craig! Travis rules. I hope he’s doing well.

    2. Missing avatar

      Craig Thatcher on

      Thanks for the update, Spencer. BTW, my name is Craig Thatcher and my son, Travis, used to tour with your dad and Wilco as a tech for Michael. Just wanted to say hello. I'm happy to support you in this endeavour and looking forward to using the cables, no worries on timing.