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Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
113 backers pledged $10,986 to help bring this project to life.

We did it (plus STRETCH GOAL)

Posted by Spencer Tweedy (Creator)

We did it. Fjord XLR is gonna get born!!!

Thank you so much for backing the project and for helping me launch this company, Fjord Audio, with it. There are other, boring-er ways to fund a company but none lets you start a direct relationship with your customers the way Kickstarter does. I’m grateful that I’ll get to start the real work on Fjord Audio with your pledges, my own seed money, and zero dollars in debt from “OPM” (Other People’s Money). It’s like bootstrapping, but instead of tugging on one mythological, Randian boot, you each let me tug on yours. Now it’s my job to stand up and deliver the products from that.

My next steps are: locking down the supply chain logistics I started working on this summer, sending reward surveys to each of you to find out which colors/lengths you want to redeem, and then, finally, fulfilling your orders. (The estimated delivery date for most reward tiers is February 2018.) I’m going to do it the old-fashioned way: getting friends in a room to stuff 200+ mic cables in packages for you. But more on that later.

Before that, we have a little more time left to raise funds. So I’m making a new stretch goal to see if we can reach $10,000 before the campaign ends on Monday, November 13 (at 8:02AM CST). The stretch goal unlocks a new color combination for the cables, called ELECTRIC LADY PURPLE. 


If we meet the new stretch goal, Electric Lady Purple cables will be available to everyone who’s pledged (you can pick it from the full list of colors in your reward survey after the campaign). Even if you don’t want Electric Lady Purple, pushing us toward the stretch goal will help. I set the campaign goal at pretty much the bare minimum to produce reward cables and recoup most start-up and research costs. So anything on top of that will help grow the company, especially looking ahead to the next product.

If you have any studio-owner friends, musician friends, producer friends, engineer friends, podcasting friends, or cotton-jacket-enthusiast friends, please share the campaign link with them: . In the meantime, THANK YOU for backing, and I’m looking forward to starting this together.


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