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Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
Professional microphone cables with 100% cotton, patterned fabric jackets. Made in the US.
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Halfway there

Posted by Spencer Tweedy (Creator)
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We’re only five days into the campaign and we’re already more than 50% funded. That’s mind-boggling to me. I had hoped that other people would be excited about the project, but I didn't expect to get so close to our goal so quickly. Thank you for backing early and for making that happen.

The most surprising and fun part of this so far has been seeing the reaction to the campaign video with Peter Miller, my grandpa. Peter is a veteran salesman; he worked with his brother selling used cars in the 1940s, sold fish at a fish market (despite a fish allergy), served ice cream at a soda fountain, owned or operated menswear stores in Chicago, founded and sold a home security company, and he’s still developing public safety products today… And all of this after a childhood of homelessness (he never met his dad, and his mom was institutionalized for mental illness that would be treated safely today). AND: he’s blind. He performed his pitch for Fjord Audio off-the-cuff.

Peter (we call him Zaid, Yiddish for “grandpa”) is one of the most inspiring people in my life, and I look at him as a role model for anything business-y I’ve ever done. He encourages me to “expect no profit and account for all liabilities” in this company, and that’s what I’ve tried to do—with things like this Kickstarter—so far. I’m glad that now you’ve all gotten to witness his personality and his general badassery.

Chicago events

This weekend (Sunday, Oct. 15), I’ll be at the Alchemy Audio Gear Swap event at Fort Knox with a table full of Fjord XLR demos. I built these little display boxes with XLR ins/outs so that people could see what the Switchcraft connectors feel like for themselves. The event runs from 10AM to 5PM.

Then next weekend (Saturday, Oct. 21), Fjord Audio will have a table at the Treehouse Records 4th Annual Open House. It’s a celebration of their new studio expansion, which includes a facility for the Chicago Electric Piano Company (the best shop in the world for repairing Rhodes pianos and stuff like that). There will be Revolution Brewing beer. We’ll have our little Fjord XLR demo boxes.


That’s all for now. If you haven’t already, please tell your musician/podcaster/studio-owner/engineer/producer friends about the project. And if you know any big studios who might like a custom color specifically for their rooms, that would be cool, too. We’re way closer to our goal than I expected to be at this point, but we’ve still gotta do it all over again to reach the funding minimum. Here’s a link you can share with them:



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