pledged of $100,000 goal
31days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, August 23 2018 2:00 AM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $100,000 goal
31days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, August 23 2018 2:00 AM UTC +00:00.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bryan S. about 22 hours ago

      For anyone on the fence, I already own several hundred dollars worth of MagMod gear and I love everything they have ever produced. MagMod revolutionized they way I use artificial light and they have utterly amazing customer service. When this campaign came out, it was a no-brainer for me...I backed it for the full-shebang. Join in...these look like amazing products!

    2. Sean Adams 1 day ago

      This will be my first 'MagProduct' backing so I am kinda excited! One question I have is about getting the MagBox to and fro without the case designed for it. How unwieldy is it? What are the dimensions?

    3. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @Phillip—The MagGrip is not available as a stand-alone reward level, but you can add it to any of the other reward levels!

      @Daniel—Just manually increase your pledge amount, without changing the reward level, by $30 and you'll be all set!

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hickcox 2 days ago

      I went with the MagBox Double Pro Kit + Extra Gels it says two of everything PLUS additional adapters for your studio strobes. I have Profoto strobes so i needed to add $30 correct? I already added just wanted to make sure.

    5. Missing avatar

      Philip Chu 3 days ago

      Hi there,

      Is it possible to just get the Maggrip with discounted price?

    6. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator 3 days ago

      @Christian—We will definitely take note of your request. Adding new features once they've been finalized is a tricky business, and we dont' want to compromise the quality or timeline of anything. There's always time for a v2 down the road!

      @Andrew—We chatted via PM, but for anyone else, if you want to add items just simply increase your total pledge amount by the Add-On price (see the graphic on the campaign page) and save your pledge. Thats it! After the campaign has finished, and closer towards shipping date, we will be collecting the pertinent details in an easy online checkout experience. It'll be super easy!

      @Brian—See the above comment, but we'll arrange those details after the campaign!

      @pbdgrafx—Man, sounds like we go way back! Fredmiranda was the place to be ;) If you want any of the current MagMod awesomeness, we may be allowing additional add-ons after the campaign, but we strongly recommend anyone to order now so they can enjoy them much sooner. They will ship out the same day from our website :) As for the bag, this is a detail that everyone will have a different preference on, and for the time being, we will keep the details of the bag as it has been displayed so far!

      @gerry—see above!

      @Alfonso—The MagShoe inclination is just in one direction, not omni-directional like a ball-head. As for the MagRing, there is no way to rotate the flashes other than how it is displayed in the videos and campaign page. There are very specific reasons why the flashes need to be oriented in the vertical position, and why they can't be in the horizontal position.

      @Paul—Inside the "Manage Your Pledge" section you won't see "items" to add to a reward level (Kickstarter's worst platform weakness), as you only need to increase the total dollar amount of your pledge to reflect additional add-on items. Thats all you need to do!

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Cotter 3 days ago

      Spencer, you answered my add-on question through the FAQ. So you can ignore my question below. Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Cotter 4 days ago

      I'm among those who aren't clear how to do an add-on after we've made our pledge. It sounds like we can just go to "Manage Your Pledge" and do it there ... but I'm not seeing any way to add the item there. I want to add a Bowens speed ring. It looks like I can change the dollar amount ... but I can't say what the extra money is for. Could you clarify? Thank you ~

    9. Alfonso 4 days ago

      When using the MagShoe, is there only one direction you can set inclination (front and back) or can you also tilt to the sides? As far as the MagRing with the MagShoe, is there any way to rotate the angle of the AD200 so that you can choose between using it horizontally vs vertically and any angle in between? I think this is a very important requirement when using this setup with other pieces of the MagMod family like the MagGrids or especiialy the MagBeam where sometimes you need it horizontally or vertically, or with the MagMasks where you might require a special angle between horizontal and vertical for the light to hit the subject just right. Otherwise a regular ballhead would still be a better choice.

    10. Gerry 5 days ago

      I would also like a more discreet bag. Maybe all black lettering. Otherwise I'm probably just going to black it out with gaffers tape like I do with other logos on bags.

    11. pdbgrafx 6 days ago

      Hi Spencer! Been a long time follower of your work back when you participated in fredmiranda. Loved the Alphabet Book and it inspired me to make my own. So many thanks!

      You've come a long way and I'm impressed with this Kickstarter that I pledged instantly! But I also want to get your Magsphere, gels, and Magbounce. Any chance we can add these and your other products to our pledge at a discount?

      Another comment: please make the logo on the case more discreet. It's too inviting to people with sticky fingers.

      Thanks in advance.

    12. Brian McGuckin on

      Question: I added $30 additional to my pledge in hopes of getting 2 more MagGrips at $15 each, but didn't see a way to clarify that. What do I need to do additionally? Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Block on

      I pledged at the $249 level, but forgot to add another maggrip to my pledge. I don't want to change my pledge as I see the $249 level is gone. Is there a way to add the grip for the $15 amount? Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Yah on

      Hey Spencer, the shoulder strap is great for the carrying case. Wonder if you would consider a built-in pass through feature on the magcase to piggy back on a rolling case?

    15. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      @Todd— the weight of the MagBox is pretty inconsequential to the MagShoes ability to maintain its position. The weight of future sizes will be quite negligible, as the weight of (2) AD200s far outweighs any future softbox.

    16. Todd Mizomi on

      Question about the strength of the MagShoe (with two AD200s mounted with the MagRing and MagBox) in the live stream you mentioned eventually having larger sizes of MagBoxes - will the Magshoe be able to handle the larger weights of those MagBoxes (especially in windy conditions?) and still be able to hold them at whatever angle we set?

    17. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      @TimCastle11—We'll have to get some dimensions of its collapsed state, but, our we did show off the MagBox in a Live FB video on our FB page last week: facebook.com/magnetmod

      @Adrian—Other brand softbox mounts will not adapt to the MagRing. This isn't intentional by us to sell more MagBoxes, but that all of the softbox mounts are not big to adequately allow (2) flashes to fit through their mounts. A single speedlite can barely fit through some softbox openings, and some mounts don't even allow that much space. The MagRing was designed to allow the flexibility of one or two flashes, and the MagBox was designed to seamlessly integrate with the MagRing. Imagine trying to hook up a garden hose to a fire hydrant —it's just not going to work no matter how you design it. The mounts used by other flashes or softboxes are designed to mount on those flashes only.

    18. Adrian Choo on

      I've softboxes with Bowen mounts. How do I attach them to the magring?

    19. TimCastle11 on

      How big is Magbox when it's folded?
      Hopefully, I can find the right bag for it.
      Honestly, I am not a fan of Magbox case design. It looks big and the color choice is not so great.
      I shoot outdoor in the city a lot and I try to blend in with the crowd as much as possible.
      Anyway, I still love your products. I can't wait to get my hands on.

    20. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      1. Yes it does! Campaign page has photos!
      2. The MagGrip is our patented silicone magnetic band that wraps around almost any flash. The MagGrip on your flash allows you to magnetize the flash to the MagGrip, as well as adapt all of the other MagMod modifiers to your flash. The MagRing can’t receive your flash without a MagGrip on it!
      3. All of the items are available A-la-Carte!! So if you wanted the MagBox + MagRing + MagShoe + FocusDiffuser, then I’d sugges the MagBox 24 Octa Starter Pledge $249 (20 left still!) and add an extra $100 to your pledge for the FocusDiffuser.
      4. If you want an extra MagBox 24 Octa Starter Kit, simply add an additional $259 and you’re set. A backer can only have 1 pledge, and 1 pledge only. The $249 level is a limited supply reward level for those who jump into the campaign early!

      As for your comment about not having the FocusDiffuser with the MagBox starter Kit, we wanted to keep the reward levels as simple as possible. Check out the Add-ons that describe how to make your own custom package. But, more importantly, the FocusDiffuser is like a lens for your softbox. And just like how you keep your camera lenses safe in a case, we strongly recommend keeping the FocusDiffuser safe and secure when not in use. Hence why we made the baller MagBox Case! The FocusDiffuser is a super smart film panel that you can roll up like a poster. Without the MagBox Case, it could be awkward to store and transport unless you have another custom solution. Just our recommendation is all!

    21. Heidi Montalvo on


      Few questions:
      1. Will the MagRing support Flashpoint AD200 strobes?
      2. What is the MagGrip and why would I need it?
      3. Will the diffusers be available at a later time, separately, to purchase?
      4. If I wanted 2 of the $249 Pledge, would I need to just double the amount ($498) or do I need 2 pledges?

      Love your product! However, I'm a little disappointed that there is not an option for MagBox, MagRing, MagShoe and Diffuser in one pledge. IMHO, the gels would be more of an add-on where the Diffuser is more of a need. I, personally, don't use gels too much and without the need of your SpeedRing, $100 (between pledges) seems a bit much to pay for a diffuser.

    22. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      @Charlie—we're not super familiar with those, sorry!

      @Junghun—Yes you can! You can add $15 to any pledge level for each MagGrip you would like to purchase!

      @M Giovanni—Great catch! The original video had the mention of the 40 and 20° beam angles. We're still testing out the 20° and have plans to make it available, but currently only the 40° is available, and that is what is included in the Pro Kit!

    23. M Giovanni Orsi on

      I'm confused it seems as if there are two(2) different diffusers, Is it one diffuser for 20° and one for 40° light, or is it one diffuser with an adjustable "Fresnel" ?? If there are two different ones which does the pro kit come with?

    24. Missing avatar


      I don have any maggrip. Can I buy them too in here? How?

    25. Charlie Hudson

      I'd love to be able to attach the magbox to my blind spot gear tile lights...

    26. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      @Bhupinder — the light exiting the opposite MagRing flash bay when only using 1 flash is quite negligible in testing

    27. Bhupinder Siran on

      Thanks for all your responses Spencer, and I look forward to the additional videos.

      With the speed ring, if you use only one flashgun, will you lose light from the slot for the second flash?

      Stretch goal idea - an even bigger MagBox ;-)

    28. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      @Bhupinder—We plan on making additional videos and would be happy to go over this in more depth!

      @Ben—Yes, you'll be able to designate which gels and which speedrings you want once the campaign has finished, using our campaign survey tool CrowdOx!

      @Steve—Yes it works with the AD200, even 2 of them in fact!

      @Alfonso—Great catch! There is no difference, they are the same exact item. Since we can't change the reward levels once someone has backed at that level, that "Small Case" reference will be there as a forever reminder that we didn't catch it ;)

      @Philip—Yes you can! You can change the CC information up until the day the campaign finishes!

    29. Missing avatar

      Philip Chu on

      Hi team, any chance I can change my credit card info?

    30. Alfonso on

      Hi! Is there a difference between the MagBox Case and the MagBox Small Case? I see them used interchangeably in the campaign but want to make sure what to expect?

      Also, It would be very very cool if you could also find a solution for using the AD200 directly on the MagShoe (without having to use the MagRing)! A low profile ColdShoe adapter (that wont stick out a lot) that could be left installed on the two 1/4" mounting threads would be amazing. Ultimate AD200 flexibility for mounting either vertically or horizontally!

    31. Steve VanSickle on

      This could be terrifically wishful thinking, but can the MAGMod + Speedring hold a Godox AD200?

      If not, it's not a deal-breaker by any means, Adorama is already shipping the coldshoe extension heads for the AD200. I was just curious :)

    32. Ben Tran on

      MagMod- thank you for the reply. Will i be able to choose which speedring or gel set later because i didn't see that option after i pledged. Was there an option that i didn't see? I may have missed it?

      I pledged for the Pro Kit.

    33. Bhupinder Siran on

      Can we have a video showing the studio light MagRings being used please?

    34. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      @Travis—No need for an inner baffle to improve light quality. The MagBox was designed to NOT need an inner baffle. This is a common perception relating to other softboxes that are not optimized for light evenness from the very beginning.

      @George—Who knows!

      @Samuel—If you meant to back at the Starter kit, then increase pledge amount to add-on the missing items to make a Pro Kit, you'll be better off (aka, cheaper!) backing the $459 Pro Kit level!

      @Adam—We are restricted to a certain number of characters in both sections, but, we'll be adding it in the description more!

      @Gabriel—You can purchase the MagBox Speedrings for $45 (Bowens, Elinchrom, PCB—Profoto add $15) on any of the reward levels!

    35. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      Hi MAGMOD would it be possible if you could also consider to sell MagBox Speedring (select Bowens, Elinchrom, PCB or Profoto*) separately in kickstarter?

    36. Gerry on

      Yup. I've tried finding the page several times during work, and it wasn't the easiest, both using the andriod app (not your fault) to simply easily find the project I just backed to review what tier I wanted, and then not very easy to find you with the regular search when the app UI failed me.

    37. Missing avatar

      Adam K. Foote on

      I suggest putting "by MagMod" in the title like previous campaigns, because searching MagMod on the Kickstarter page doesn't return this campaign. It was difficult to find without knowing the product name.

    38. Samuel Chee

      I will add on at crowdox survey.

    39. Samuel Chee

      Ok. Thanks. Cause i miss the early bird for the pro kit. Getting the starter kit first, then add on.

    40. George N. on

      With this speed a stretch goal is already around the corner :)

    41. Travis Jensen on

      Any chance of an inner diffuser as a stretch goal? I've already got a soft box like this that has a double diffuser and I really like the quality of the light it produces. But I'm very tempted to switch to Magbox due to the convenience of attaching the speedlights.

    42. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      Ben—It's not really a "checkout" with Kickstarter, but we wish it was! There are instructions on the campaign page in the "Add-ons" section which better explains how adding additional mods will work when just pledging for more items. I know it's confusing, but thats how Kickstarter rolls!

      Nancy—You can use the MagBox with just (1) speedlite, or with (2)!

      M Giovanni—Thanks for your support! I'm not sure I understand correctly, but it sounds like you want to use your own modifier/softbox with the MagRing. If thats the question, then it simply won't work. The vast majority of softboxes have a much smaller opening, and really only barely accomodate a single speedlite. It's not about us wanting to sell more product, but purely the fact that traditional softboxes have their own mounts, and it won't really work with the MagRing.

      MissKitty—It's best to add it now, and add any additional items now before the campaign closes!

      Todd—The cold-shoe connection on the MagRing is SUPER beefy. It is reinforced at that point and made with ABS, so pretty tough stuff. There is no 1/4-20, but it is a basic cold-shoe shape, so it *could* fit in any other cold-shoe receiving device...but that sounds like a crime ;)

      Samuel—Yes we will! We are utilizing the service of CrowdOx which will make the post-campaign detail collection super simple!

    43. Samuel Chee

      Will you have a survey which can add on and pay after the campaign end? Like backerkit or crowdox?

    44. Todd Mizomi on

      Backed the Early Bird Pro Kit. :-)
      Question - how durable is the hotshoe connector of the MagRing to the MagShoe? Is it plastic like the rest of the MagRing or is it more durable/reinforced? Is there a 1/4-20 hole in the bottom of the MagRing hotshoe connector (to mount the MagRing to an umbrella adapter) or can it only be used with the MagShoe?

    45. MissKitty

      Congratulations MagMod Team! I love your new products and have all of your previous ones! Silly question, should I adjust my backer $$ to include S&H to Canada now or later? I understand the extra add-ons, if any, can be added on after the campaign has ended. I think I already have a MagGrip. Have to confirm. Thank you !! WOOT WOOT!! =^.^=

    46. M Giovanni Orsi on

      Congrats on new awesomeness. Love the MagMod products I already own. One thing I didn't see as an option for this kickstarter was an early bird "dual" pro pack choice. Also wondering if you intend to add at speed ring adapter to the mix for utilizing your own light modifier with the magring..

    47. Missing avatar

      Matthew Howell on

      @Ben..you will choose those items when the campaign is over and you go through the post campaign survey.

      @nancy..you can use one light I saw the comment either here or on their fb page.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nancy Villwock on

      Can you use the MagBox with just one light or do you have to use two?

    49. Ben Tran on

      Hey MagMod, how come i didn't get to choose which speed ring or gel set during check out?

    50. Spencer Boerup 4-time creator on

      MP — We designed the MagBox to deliver the softest light with the most even light output. A Beauty Dish by nature is designed to make a "donut" shape of light, with a dark spot in the center. We do not currently have plans to add such a modification, but we have tested one!

      Eric McCallister—We don't currently have a Reward Level for just a MagRing, but we'll consider it!

      Bhupinder—If the Phottix has a Bowens, Elinchrom, PCB mount, then you can use the MagBox on that flash with the appropriate MagBox Speedring Adapter!

      Barry—You can control fabric yellowing to an extent, and we are in the works on making sure our fabric is pretty neutral. I can confirm that the FocusDiffuser does have UV resistant additives and should not yellow over time.

      YP Phua—Yes, the fabric diffuser is included with the MagBox already!

      Deron, Alan, Rene—Backers can have one pledge, and only one pledge. We'll be sending a campaign update later being more detailed on how to add more swag to your active pledge. You can go ahead and read through the "Add-ons" section for those instructions. We wish it were easier, but this is a limitation of the KS platform.

      Travis, Matthew—thanks for helping the MM community!

      Travis—See above! But yes :)

      Maria—see the comment just above here about instructions on adding more swag to your pledge level!

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