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A game where you assign classmates to your team, or your opponents, to compete for the gold. Who will you pick for your team? Read more

Reno, NV Tabletop Games
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A game where you assign classmates to your team, or your opponents, to compete for the gold. Who will you pick for your team?

Reno, NV Tabletop Games
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Art Updates

Update #1: 2-15-13: Link

News Updates

Update #2: Update to Story & Risks/Challenges Sections and General Update

Update #3: New Project Video

Update #4: No Art This Week, We Need Your Support!

Update #5: Where We're Going From Here

What is Your Team My Team?

A card game mix between the two games Your Team and My Team.

Your Team is a Conversation game where you place people you see (usually walking down the street or hallway) by calling "Your team" and pointing to your friend.

The goal is to build the worst team imaginable for your friends (think gym class Dodgeball), so that your team has the best chance of winning a competition.

My Team is the opposite of Your Team in the sense that you try to call out and claim the best people for yourself.

The goal is to build the best team possible for yourself (think gym class Dodgeball again), so that your team will be the best during the match.

Your Team My Team is the combination of these two games, with an added twist: You have no idea what the competition is about. It could be a pie eating contest, or a football game!

Why Kickstarter?

We've already done our research for the cost of printing our first run, and the cost of shipping - which is being covered by the Kickstarter project. 

Here's the breakdown:

After Kickstarter & Amazon Payments 5% cut each (10% total), that leaves us with $10,800.

That covers:

  • 100 Full color, regular sized 2.5"x3.5" cards + color 2 piece box
  • Printing 1,000 Sets of the game to cover Kickstarter & maybe having extra inventory to sell
  • Your Kickstarter rewards of 5"x7" cards.
  • Shipping from the printer to ourselves
  • Shipping from ourselves to you

This literally allows us to break even with everything - the full cost of production being covered.

What's in the box?

In the box you will receive:

  • 1 Rule sheet, with a special Thank You section to all of you, with the names of the $1 Donators listed.
  • 60 Character cards - 30 Boys, and 30 Girls
  • 40 Scenario cards (the challenges / competitions)

Well, how do I play?

"Your Team My Team" has been described as "Apples to Apples" mixed with "War".

Each character has "stats" in different categories to measure their capabilities in different skill areas. Some characters may not have stats in a specific category, and others may have almost all of them, but just not as skilled. Stats are measured on a 1-5 scale.

The Stat categories are: IQ, Creativity, Athleticism, Popularity, and Eating. (For the purpose of keeping things simple, some definitions are stretched to cover aspects - such as Creativity counts towards both the ability to fix a computer, and painting a picture; while IQ would be more of "get an A on a math test")

Scenarios have stat categories listed on their cards, below what the task is. Whichever is listed first, is a higher priority than the ones below.

Here's a concept card:

This is for concept only - NOT FINAL
This is for concept only - NOT FINAL

Example: The scenario card says:

"Win a singing competition.



If everyone, except one, selects characters that don't have creativity stats and instead have popularity the person with the character that has a creativity stat wins over all the popular kids, because it was listed as higher priority.

Who wins is determined by the highest value in the stat.

Example: Two players have the top priority stat on their character cards. Whoever has the highest value wins. Ie. 5>4, so the player with the 5 stat character wins that card.

Only one character can be used for each scenario.

Here's the gameplay rules:

1. Shuffle the scenario cards and set them in the center of the table in their own pile.

2. Shuffle and deal out all the character cards evenly between all the players.

3. Each player takes a turn playing one character from their hand, either placing them on their team, or an opponent's team, face up.

4. After all the characters have been assigned via this way, each player picks up 5 characters from their "roster" from the last phase, and places it in their hand.

5. A scenario card is now flipped over. Each player selects 1 out of the 5 characters in their hand to use for that challenge, placing the card face down until everyone has selected their character. Then, everyone flips their cards up to determine who wins.

6. The character with the highest stat on the first stat category on the scenario card wins that card round.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 until for 4 more scenarios. Whoever has the most scenario cards at the end wins that game.


Here's some artwork to give you an idea of what the final cards will look like. The top bar will have the character's name, and the bottom will contain 2-4 stats with values ranging from 1-5.

Why did we choose a cartoon art style?

Short answer: This is the art style our artist is capable of doing.

Long answer: With us trying to go for a 13+ audience, the cartoon-y art style is easier to sell to the audience. Also, people are more willing to play cartoon art styles for these types of games, than that of more realistic art styles. How different would it be to look at this game, then look at a duplicate with just photos of people plastered on the cards? Would you be more willing to play that game, than this one?

Stats on this character are NOT FINAL
Stats on this character are NOT FINAL
Stats on this character are NOT FINAL
Stats on this character are NOT FINAL

What about after Kickstarter?

After Kickstarter, and after we've sent out everyone's rewards, we're going to wait a month or two, and then we'll start selling the game to everyone for $20.

Future Development

We have plenty in store to develop this game series - with several theme expansions planned, such as Robots & Pets, Halloween Monsters, and Grown-Ups. None of this will be seen, however, unless this project is funded. 

We're excited to share this, as we've had fun designing this game for the past half a year.

Stretch Goals

Should we get $500 over our goal - we'll add international shipping. This is due to the goal barely covering shipping to us & printing, with enough for us to ship within the US.

For the $24k goal, we'll be adding a new (optional!) mechanic to the game to temporarily boost your characters' stats right before a scenario! Give the not-so-bright Jock a pair of Fancy Glasses to boost his IQ (even if he doesn't have it on his card!) by +2!

The $36k goal will see us adding an additional 40 unique scenario cards to the original game. These scenarios will have positive, or negative, effects on your team should you win. Such as, winning a pie eating contest might lower the Eating stat & Athleticism stat on all your teammates for the next scenario.

About Us

The Facebook profile of Nathan Harris tied to the Spellbook Entertainment Kickstarter profile is the CEO of Spellbook Entertainment.

Nathan is 19, going on 20, and married to Kaylynn Harris, the artist on "Your Team My Team".

Spellbook Entertainment is the star-child of Nathan - it was born off of a project he did in his video game design class his senior year of High School, "Spellbound Champions".

As he worked on this project, he grew very fond of the idea of having his own entertainment studio to produce all the unique ideas that he, along with his friends, Lox Prochaska and Jacob Miller have come up with over the last several years. They've worked on several projects together, and know each other's strengths, and weaknesses.

Nathan Harris has worked in the video game industry since 2010 on the media side at From his years spent there, he has learned much of the market, and the industry as he self taught himself programming along with classes at his high school.

This project is the first of many that Spellbook will produce, both in general, and with the help of Kickstarter's community. We're looking for people to give us a chance - to prove to ourselves, and the world, that we have what it takes to produce unique, intriguing content that captivates people.

We're asking you to give us that chance.

Risks and challenges

This is Spellbook Entertainment's first time self-publishing a game like this, so there may be bumps along the way with the publisher, or shipping.

In terms of developing the game, we see very few risks or challenges in completing the project. Most of the work is done in terms of actual game design - we're just waiting on artwork to head to printing.

After this project goes live, we'll post every Friday all the new artwork that has been completed that week.

Should anything arise that causes problems, we'll post an update on what's going on, and how we are dealing with it ASAP.

Once all the artwork is done, we'll be spending about a month in play-testing phase to balance out stats on characters & scenarios. The reason we aren't doing this now before art is done, is that it puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the artist's creativity to make characters that fit stat pools that we might pre-assign to a character. What we're doing is assigning stats to characters AFTER they're done - so that it's easy on us, and the artist.

The play-testing phase is less about the game mechanic balance, and overall the balance of stats across the characters (not 5 awesome people you always want on your team). These kinds of situations can arise after you've done the stat assignments on paper - what looks good on paper might not be in real life.

We have dedicated play-testers that can do a lot of game testing within 1 month, which should be more than adequate to find out who's not a "must always have" and who is.

After that, we should be ready to print, and just wait.

It's really just about all of you. Without this Kickstart, this game will just sit in our file cabinets & hard drives for who knows how long until we can fully fund the project ourselves.

If that is to happen, it could be another 5 years before you see the game! Let's not make that situation occur, agreed?

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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