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Capture your adventures with one camera recording where you're going and the other pointing to where you've been. Perfect for cyclists!

Spectacam is a dual video sports camera with WiFi capabilities for the sports enthusiast wanting a lightweight, streamlined, functional and cool looking camera to document their adventures.

Safety – Spectacam will be the silent scarecrow and eyewitness. Cyclists and motorcyclists will have footage of any accidents and incidents that happen on the road. This is especially important if they were assaulted or hit by a hit and run driver for example. Footage can be used to prosecute offending motor vehicles, but hopefully motorists will realize that they are being recorded and treat the Spectacam user with more respect and courtesy. 

Training – Spectacam’s versatile camera adjustment can record multiple angles of the sportsman’s training to have double the footage for post activity analysis.

Experience – Spectacam will record the users experience so they can share it with others. Consumers are reaching a state of “hypermobility,” rapidly adopting mobile technologies and downloading apps that keep them connected anywhere, anytime.

Dual-camera view capability allows user to shoot front and rear videos simultaneously

Smartphone integration allows user to control camera functions live and remotely

Blue LED Lights indicate camera power mode.

Smart adjustability of both cameras makes it easy to change angles of view.

Compact and aerodynamic design makes it one of the smallest and most streamlined helmet cameras in the world.

Versatile mounts can fit a wide variety of helmets as well as handlebars, and other surfaces using included 3M double-sided adhesive. The above image illustrates an example of the camera on the cycling handlebar - front and rear view, with rear view pointing upwards to face cyclist, to capture facial expressions.


  • Resolution: 2 X 1080p cameras 
  • View Finder/ Playback screen: With iPhone/ Android app 
  • Field of View (FOV): Medium 
  • Memory Storage: Micro SD card 
  • Battery Life: Approx. 3 hours 
  • Weight: approx. 60 grams/ 2.1oz 
  • Microphone: Internal 
  • Waterproof: Water resistant, with the aim of achieving IP55 rating 
  • Mounts Included: Helmet mount which will fit most vented helmets and 3M double-sided adhesive mount for ventless helmets 
  • Camera Angle Adjustment: Manual, built-in 
  • WiFi: Built-in 


Spectacam mounts directly onto user’s helmet using the Velcro strap mounting system. With a click of the main power button, the camera automatically starts recording. User has the option of connecting to the smart phone via WiFi and Spectacam smart phone app to view live images on both cameras. Images can help the user adjust both cameras angle of view. Other possible options include a rear view only function to use this feature as an electronic “rear view mirror”. Camera settings can be customized via the Spectacam smart phone app.


Spectacam was conceptualized when 3-time Olympian Josiah Ng first saw a need for a streamlined helmet camera to use on a daily basis, which would help to analyze his training as well as to record his rides for safety reasons. He spent a lot of time training on public roads and often encountered motorists who acted inappropriately or even dangerously towards him. He envisioned having dual cameras recording any potentially negative incidents as well as anything exciting on his rides.

Josiah formed Specta Technologies to partner with Outerspace Design Group from Melbourne, Australia to design and develop the dual camera prototype. The alpha-prototype was constructed in July 2012.

Specta Technologies LLC was incorporated in Nevada. Our objective is to bring to market the world’s first dual video sports camera with WiFi capabilities for the sports enthusiast wanting a lightweight, streamlined, functional and cool looking camera to document their adventures.

Here are some early photos featuring our work in progress.

Above: Early concept form development.

Above: Some styling cues.

Above: Concept refinement
Above: Preliminary form mock-up


We have commenced the process of engaging suppliers in China and Taiwan to manufacture our cameras. The quality of Spectacam cameras and its internal components will determine the functionality and consistency of the camera.

Our biggest concern is to ensure that chosen manufacturer and suppliers meet the highest QC standards. Project Manager, Josiah and one of our hardware engineers will travel to the far east to finalize details with our chosen suppliers. Once we have nailed down the fine details, a purchase order will be made and manufacturing will commence. It will take between 12-16 weeks for the completion of cameras, which will bring our shipping date to sometime in May/June 2013. 

Our Kickstarter backers will have exclusive access to updates and photos of our trip documenting every step of our journey!


A patent application has been filed with the USPTO. Other patents are currently being pursued in targeted industrialized nations. 


We want to give something back as a thank you so we have designed a breathable, race-cut glove with the highest quality materials as a thank you to you all. This is a 5Bling pre-release design glove with a limited Spectacam logo. It is made from breathable / stretchable mesh and synthetic materials so it is totally washable. 

We'll also ship it to you for free. Yes that's everyone in the world! When we're ready to ship out, we'll send you a survey where you will be able to choose your size from XS to XL, and we'll also offer a Women's XS for women with small hands.



We thank you for your support!

Special thanks to Specta Technologies' team members, Outerspace Design, Exit Reality, Dugong Films, Swoot Creative, Kickstarter, Andrew Ong, Danny Stefanic, Russell Ames, Scott & Yoko McClean, friends and family members.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have considered the challenges involved in designing and manufacturing an IP55 rated device, particularly in relation to the two rotating camera housings that must seal throughout their range of movement. For mass manufacture we think the ideal way to produce the required sealing surfaces would be through TPE seals which would be over-moulded onto the rigid housing components. 
The design of this type of system is quite complex and challenging.

Another challenge we will have to encounter would be the video compression of the two simultaneous videos. Running 2 cameras at the same time, encoding the video, and streaming it, will have the controller running at maximum speed and will consume up the battery power. Getting 3 hours or more out of the battery will be our mission.

We are fortunate to have on our team a group of world-class designers and engineers at Outerspace Design. They have a proven track record developing high-level products for over 20 years and have worked with top consumer electronics companies like BlueAnt, Quest, TMC and one of the leading smartphone case manufacturers in the world.


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