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Special print and production of mead recipe book's video poster

The Knight of Cups - a mead recipe book revamped including new research and recipes from... a... long time ago. Read more

Fort Polk, LA Nonfiction
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This project was successfully funded on January 30, 2012.

The Knight of Cups - a mead recipe book revamped including new research and recipes from... a... long time ago.

Fort Polk, LA Nonfiction
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Years ago my husband was asked to write a book about making mead to earn his knighthood in a medieval re-enactment game. (Not SCA) So he did.

And lo, years later his new wife found it to be bad. For the book was without form although it had purpose, and the draft was rough to look upon.

For his wife is a semi-professional comic book artist and prose storyteller. And she said, "This can be good. You just have to do the kind of grunt work many would-be authors dislike doing."

And lo, her husband was a wise husband. Which means he listened.

But the couple, being comprised of 1. artist and 1. soldier, did not make much money. And upon their transfer to the Polk Outlands and barred from their home by the flaming sword of finances, they realized they lacked something very important to finish their book quest.


For to complete this holy book of mead making, the wife-now-mead-editor (self promoted) declared that the husband must make a sacrifice of mead so that the process might be photographed and chronicled into the book for posterity. But with no manna falling from the sky to feed them and no royalties in sight, the couple literally cannot afford to buy the needed supplies to do this task.

So the the couple have gathered their fine model horses and their sexy demon statues to tell you the tale by video and to ask for your support in this literary endeavor. They figure sex sells, and if nothing else many people like horses. Perhaps this will lend credence to their tale and encourage you, their chosen pledge disciple, to give much needed support and perhaps to spread the word.

What we need:

Brewing supplies. This includes but is not limited to bottles, labels, yeast, water, corks, airlocks (not for spaceships), and carboys. Although my husband and I have returned to SCA (sort of), it's after several years of absence. And he's spent most of our marriage deployed and these things... we don't have.

Honey. At least a gallon. You may think that's not a large expense, but let me sum up with: I'm very sick of eating ramen and don't answer the phone anymore. So yes. $9 a lb for honey is pretty expensive.

Spices, herbs, other important things.

What we intend to do:

Finish revamping this book and put it out for the public to use. We would like you to be one of the first to have it.

We're going to brew a batch of mead, which I will photograph during its various stages. These photographs will be used as illustrations in this book to help the reader have a better grasp of what they are learning to do from our book. If we had a cheap camera we would also video the making for a free Youtube (etc.) tutorial, but beggars can't be choosers.

These illustrations are one of the final items needed to make this book a success.

When it is done, we also intend to:

1. Sample said batch of mead. To ensure it's good quality of course. We do not intend to enjoy this heinous chore in the least and declare that such emotion could only be viewed as a sin.

2. Donate most of the batch of mead to an upcoming SCA event such as Forest Maiden. Because giving is usually better than receiving.

We have a small amount of pledge thank you gifts lined up. We wish we could offer more. Suggestions always welcome.

Thank you for reading!


  • So far it looks like it's going to be more than 15,000 words. It was over 30,000 at one time, but my husband had to pare a lot down and is slowly adding things back in. It's definitely larger than a pamphlet!

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  • That's going to depend on our budget. If we can do a special "backers only" edition with a print press, we'll do it. Or we'll find another way. Printing it and sewing here is no longer an option because it's too big these days... but we're looking into ways that won't be shoddy.

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