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Cycling illumination unlike the rest. Put them on, forget about them and ride.
Cycling illumination unlike the rest. Put them on, forget about them and ride.
Cycling illumination unlike the rest. Put them on, forget about them and ride.
639 backers pledged $66,386 to help bring this project to life.

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Sales, News, and a Favor


Hello Kickstarters,

We've got news. But first, we want to ask a quick favor of you: 

We've applied for a $150k grant from Mission Main Street. In order to be considered for the next round, we need 250 votes. We know it's a nuisance, but if you're on FB and have 15 seconds , we'd appreciate your support. Click the link below, then the button for 'vote' (that's really all it takes). Thank you.


We got a lot of late requests after our last white sale ended so we wanted to extend that offer again to everyone on Kickstarter. With the Holidays coming up and dark nights upon us, now's a good time to pick up a set of lights for someone or that other bike of yours.

White sets are 30% off now through October 31 with the discount code: WS

Want a white headlight and brushed chrome tail light? You can now buy 2 singles for the price of a set with the discount code: MIXMATCH


We wanted to reach out again to those that may be interested in joining the Sparse sales team. If you or you know of any independent sales reps, drop us a note to


We're back and fully recovered from Interbike. This year we displayed 3 new bikes: a Bones Project - built by Firefly with custom art by Eric Bones, Natalia's custom Icarus and our LOOK AL464 track bike. If you're interested in keeping visual tabs on us, our instagram feed is seeing a steady stream of fun, sparse goodness.

LOOK AL464P with HED Stinger 9 wheelset
LOOK AL464P with HED Stinger 9 wheelset

Interbike was a success and we're making our way into new shops every day. If you think your local shop would be a good fit to carry our lights, let us know. Post a comment or send a link to 


We are the first inaugural sponsor of Slow Roll Chicago. Founded in Detroit, Slow Roll is an open group ride meant to showcase local neighborhoods by exploring their entertainment, recreation, restaurants, retailers, and community history. 

Learn more about Slow Roll at or here 

Cyclocross season is in full swing and we're sponsoring a few stellar teams - the Geekhouse Elite CX team, the Firefly Adventure Team is transitioning from their big rides to cross. We'll also soon be sponsoring the Roll Call SF cycling team. 

We're plugging away on a full slate of new products. It seems we're getting out from behind our desks less then we'd prefer of late - at least we can live out our rides through the legs of everyone else this season. We'll be back soon with new project announcements.

Happy trails.

The Sparse Team

Awards, Sales and Scaling Up


Hello again Kickstarters,

We've been busy.

The Sparse crew and associated (fantastic) interns are grinding away on new products. Stay tuned.

This past few months have also been a time of more product development, production and professionalizing, and even garnering some recognition.


Last month we took home a Silver IDEA award. (perhaps entering in the transportation category was a mistake... but then there's no shame in getting beat out by BMW. Not bad for a scrappy, bootstrapped startup).


We've been setting up sales infrastructure. We opened warehouses in the US to serve North America and one in Ireland which for Europe (and for now the SAA regions too). We are fast developing a network of sales reps and shops. This rollout is going well, but it's also been piecemeal as we're not fully connected to every region of the globe or even our own home country. If you know an independent sales rep who would be appropriate, drop a note.

Scaling Up Production

We remain focused on our mission - more riders in it to win it on the daily grind. We have a great team assembled. We have a lot of great stuff in development. We could use a bit of help in growing the volume of our production. Now, for the first time, we are seeking investment - operational capital to push our next round of growth. If you are an accredited investor and would like more details, contact us at


We'll be exhibiting again at Interbike this year, North America's largest bicycle tradeshow. Stop by and say hello if you're there.


There are just a few backers that have still not responded with a shipping address. Send us a note; we want to get you your lights!

Until next time

The Sparse team



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International Shipping Update II


Hello everyone,

Thanks again to all the international backers who've been patiently waiting for lights! Our EU and UK charger lights have passed through customs and are now at our new European fulfilment center. They will be shipping out in a day or two. 

SAA charger lights, including those to our Australian backers should be shipping out at the beginning of next week. 

If you have not received your lights and have recently changed addresses, please send us an updated shipping address to

Other news

We've been invited to exhibit the Gizmodo Home of the Future. The exhibition, in a custom-built apartment inside an old gymnasium, will run from May 17-21 in Soho. Our lights will be mounted on a Titanium bike from Firefly Bicycles. If you're in NYC, you should definitely go check it out. We'll have more updates on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. 

Thanks again everyone!

The Sparse Team

International Shipping Update

Hello again Kickstarters,

Nights are later and Spring is almost in the air. We hope your roads and trails are finally starting to thaw. A few quick shipping notes:

1. All US pledges have been fulfilled since February. If you didn't get yours, let us know and we'll track it down.  

2. EU, UK, and SAA chargers are coming in the first week of April, for all finishes. We'll turn them around as soon as they are settled in the warehouse.  

3. We will begin issuing partial refunds to backers of the white sets after this process is complete, in order of backing. (Originally the gloss white sets were a higher-priced, limited edition)

In other Sparse news, as you may have seen, we partnered up with some of our favorite builders on exciting new projects. 

The Lamborghini Alpenchallenge Speciale Edizione by BMC Switzerland was just unveiled at the Geneva Autoshow. BMC has done an incredible job building their urban / lifestyle brand. We're very happy to be included on this limited edition bicycle. 

The Lifestyle Product Manager for BMC, TK Malone, was actually one of our first Kickstarter backers, and instrumental in bringing Sparse lights to BMC. He'll be online next week discussing their brand. Details here:

BMC Expert Facebook Takeover

Tuesday, the 25th of March at 11:00AM EST (8:00AM PST)

TK Malone, BMC’s lifestyle product manager will take over the BMC Facebook page He’ll be online to answer any questions you have about BMC’s alpenchallenge line, including the very new Lamborghini special edition. Get your questions ready…

And you can learn more about the special edition bike here:

Image via BMC Switzerland
Image via BMC Switzerland

We've also sponsored the Firefly Adventure Team. Firefly is an independent fabricator based in Boston. They consistently produce the most drool-inducing custom bicycles in the industry. Their craft is superb, their knowledge unsurpassed, and their taste, divine.  The core of the Firefly Adventure Team is a group of awesome women racing, riding and documenting their two-wheeled adventures. 

Keep up with the team here:

Image via Firefly Flickr
Image via Firefly Flickr

We even saw our lights on a Budnitz build this week. 

Go check out their gorgeous titanium builds at their website:

Keep your install photos coming, tag our Instagram feed @ridesparse,Twitter @sparse or just browse our Flickr page.

Thanks again for all your support.

The Sparse team