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Minimal and unique slippers.  Made from natural wool felt and durable leather.  Available in either a closed toe or open toe variation.
Minimal and unique slippers. Made from natural wool felt and durable leather. Available in either a closed toe or open toe variation.
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      Alex Tangkilisan
      5 days ago

      any update? have not recieved mine yet...

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      Jeff on

      Got the two pairs I ordered. I love the quality of the leather and felt, but I'm having the same issue as Ricky below... the slippers fit like a size 14/15 shoe, the full length of my toes are sticking out the end and I'm a size 11. My wife's fit perfect though.

    3. Ricky Tafoya on

      They arrived! The open toe pair don't seem exactly right. It seems like the sole should have at least protruded an inch to accommodate my toes sticking out. May stitch the corners for more comfort. The closed toe pair are spot on! Still worth the wait 4/5

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      Erin on

      I finally came home today from a lot of traveling and was excited to see my slippers greeting me on my doorstep. They came in a little mail bag packed full of fun! I ordered a black pair and am already comfortably running around my apartment in them. They will be perfectly portable for all of my next travel adventures to save my toes from yucky hotel carpet. Thanks, Ryan!

    5. Missing avatar

      Kameron on

      I was so stoked to see the package on my doorstep when I received my slippers yesterday. The fit and finish is on point and look forward to wearing them as soon as I walk in the door. Def will be ordering more pairs for gifts. Can't wait to see what is next instore for this brand.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kate Counihan on

      Just received my Sparrow Slippers! I love them!! I went for the black deluxe version. They turned out really well- very high quality felt and leather. I also appreciate the extra goodies I received... a nice little surprise in the package! Keep up the great work, Sparrow!

    7. Missing avatar

      Todd Smith

      Any updates on this? Will they ever be shipped?

    8. Missing avatar

      Meghan Isdrivingthebus on

      Can we possibly get another update?

    9. Missing avatar

      John Stephenson

      It has been a month since the last update. Please let us know the current status, Thanks...

    10. PIEPER mfg. Creator on

      Hi there Roy and Ricky,
      Have you seen the last update from Feb 8th? The felt and leather is currently being cut and will soon be on its way to the people who sew them up. I actually spoke with them yesterday and things are moving along as planned. I apologize for the delay, but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to utilize different manufacturers. Thank you for your continued patience and support! -Ryan

    11. Roy Herron


    12. Roy Herron


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      John Stephenson

      It would be nice to have an update. Thanks...

    14. Aaron Rosenbaum on

      Hey any update on completion and when shipping will occur?

    15. PIEPER mfg. Creator on

      @Meghan Isdrivingthebus:
      Hi there! Things have been quiet on the production side because many of the suppliers and manufacturers involved with the project have been on extended holiday breaks. I am getting anxious myself and just may start cutting these out myself!!
      I plan on posting a more official update once I know for sure what is going on. However, in the meantime you can see some of the progress being made on the Instagram account: @sparrow.slippers

      Thanks and stay tuned!
      Ryan (Pieper mfg.)

    16. Missing avatar

      Meghan Isdrivingthebus on

      I would love another update :) very excited about this project!

    17. PIEPER mfg. Creator on

      @Ricky Tafoya:
      Hi Ricky, good question. I think that if you have narrow feet, go with the Medium. If your feet are normal or large width, choose the large. Hope that helps.

      Ryan (Pieper mfg.)

    18. Ricky Tafoya on

      Do you have any advice if our shoe size sits right at 10.5 US men's? It seems like a big leap to choose medium or large.

    19. Ian Duffy on

      Well done Ryan! Will you be shipping to the UK in time for Christmas?

    20. Dale Cooper | Mo' Wax Please on

      Looks like you made it Ryan, congrats mate! Send them soon, my feet are cold right now ;-)

    21. Matthew Plumstead on

      Great looking product. Best of luck with your campaign!