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SparkFun ElectronicsBy SparkFun Electronics
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SparkFun ElectronicsBy SparkFun Electronics
First created
pledged of $150,000pledged of $150,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, December 19 2012 9:00 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      Honestly, SparkFun is now in the best position to launch a Kickstarter campaign. There are almost 700 people awaiting an Update that says, "We're trying, again!" These backers, plus a couple of months advertsing, and re-launch in mid-January is much more likely to succeed. Also, if the tour is being planned, anyway...lower the goal. Lots of folks look at 'So Close' projects that are sitting at 80% or more. It will most likely be over-funded. Thanks!

    2. Jennifer Savage on

      I can't believe this kickstarter didn't make it. :/

    3. Ken Purcell on

      Damn, was looking forward to seeing the great SF crew in Texas again. Come on Nate, give it another shot.

    4. Jerry Isdale on

      Dang... 2 days and only 1/3 of the way? Ok. I upped my pledge to the full $2500 to get SparkFun to come to Hawaii. Its up to the rest of you to make me pay up... If you havent booked a visit to your state yet - match me!

    5. Dennis Ray Nestor Jr. on

      Please make the shirts in XL 2XL 3XL and 4XL sizes.

    6. SparkFun Electronics Creator on

      @ Delaney Keating, sorry for the lag in reply, we have been debating what the best piece of promo material would be. At this point, I'm going to recommend that you check out SparkFun's education site. You can find it at www.learn.sparkfun.com. We have our current class offerings listed on the homepage there and if you click the "curriculum" link on the top navigation bar, you can see some of the class materials we have been developing.

      Thank you so much for getting the word out to your local E3 Foundation, we really appreciate the help!

    7. Missing avatar

      mpechner on

      Just found out about it. If you do not raise the $100k+ in the next week, you might think of additional reward for the next try. $10 - hacker passport, sparkfun decal or resistor sticker. $25 - SFE notebook. $50 - simon kit - just the simon kit. I think something at the $10 level and adding the $25 and $50 are important levels.

    8. Delaney Keating on

      THANK YOU for doing this!

      Promoting direct to Educational Foundations (especially in rural, grant funded areas) will likely VERY quickly fill your workshop slots. I am promoting this to our regional E3 Foundation (Gunnison/Crested Butte) right now. Do you have any promotional material for the workshop available at this time?

    9. Evaristo Ramos on

      I second that John, that is a very good idea.

    10. SparkFun Electronics Creator on

      @John not a bad idea. We'll discuss options in the next few days!

    11. Missing avatar

      John Shue on

      How about a level above $150 which combines lower level rewards? I'm at $150 and definitely would put in more to also get t-shirt and Learn to Solder Simon Says. Maybe in the $200-$250 range?

    12. T.J. Anderson on

      @Rich thanks for the advice, that sounds like a perfect way. I didn't know about ChipIn, I was hesitant to start a kickstarter just to reach a kickstarter level, because then we'd loose 5% to fees just to turn around and have y'all loose another 5% of that.

    13. Richard Parker on

      @T.J.: my hometown wants to pool together pledges, like you and your friends. we created a facebook group page to coordinate and linked to a "ChipIn" fundraiser page to pool the pledges (much like a kickstarter campaign, but simpler). once we pool the $2500, we'll back this campaign and get Ithaca, NY on the map!
      (full disclosure: I'm a sparkfun employee but i'm also a big fan!)

    14. SparkFun Electronics Creator on

      @ Lee - Thanks very much for your backing! We're excited to come visit you and share what we know.

    15. Missing avatar

      Lee Zamir on

      Very enthusiastic about your project and mission. Look forward to seeing you in Massachusetts.

    16. Evaristo Ramos on

      My wife and I are more than happy to help volunteer our time and or items if the tour comes anywhere near the Houston, Texas area. What would really be a fundamental change would be for you as Sparkfun to coordinate with even more vendors such as adafruit and others to expose people to what is actually possible. I think people want to learn more but life gets its in the way and they have no idea where to start, Arduino has been one of the few platforms where I can see anyone at any age pick it up and get started. I would suggest contacting Robotis as they are trying to start up a STEM program maybe you two can work together, I can potentially see this tour never-ending.

      @ptorrone I did really like your recent story, I hope to meet one day.

    17. SparkFun Electronics Creator on

      Thanks for the pony PT :) Evaristo and Scott - you rock! Please let your friends know - these things take friend of friends to make happen.

      If you're celebrating today - happy turkey day!

    18. ptorrone on

      @Evaristo Ramos hello friend! adafruit has pony :) and we posted up :)

    19. Evaristo Ramos on

      This is definitely the one KS to fund, I challenge Hackaday, Make, and my new found friend at Adafruit to pony up and get this funded, I am definitely excited and glad to do my small part. This project is Roo-approved!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Sibbett on

      This is spectacular. You guys have really got it. Kicked in my $50, sure would like to kick in another $2,450. There is definitely something special going on in Boulder. -- University of New Mexico prof, backer #102

    21. SparkFun Electronics Creator on

      Hi Keith and Josh - Thanks for the feedback! We're pretty happy with the current backing levels but we'll certainly be discussing it internally. We'll see if we can find a good widget for a lower value tier.

    22. SparkFun Electronics Creator on

      Hi TJ & Ken - good points. We haven't found a good online solution to pooling funds but it would help smaller groups out. If you know of one, please let us know. We're hoping the groups can self-organize using good-old fashion offline methods.

    23. Davy Baker on

      I love how this idea (and Sparkfun !) was made in the USA. It is a real solution to a real "opportunity". My tour at your interplanetary headquarters (in my favorite state !) during your last open house helped me realize how truly with it Sparkfun is. Along these same lines, I would like to see your product offerings reflect where they were assembled, so that buyers can decide where they want their $$$ to go and if it is worth a spending more on an item to support their neighbors and reasonable working conditions. Keep up the great work ! :-D

    24. Craig Dunn

      I'm wondering if there is a methodology other than "6 stops per State" (assuming the cap of 300 stops has been reached) that makes more sense. Rather than using the Senatorial model where every State gets the same, perhaps something that's more population-based would be more equitable. For better or worse, some along the electoral college lines to properly weight the distribution.

      For example, would tiny Rhode Island get 6 stops....the same 6 stops that giant Texas would get with a population 25-35 times larger? Also, giant empty states like Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska (half a million to just under a million population range) would get 6? With everything so spread out in these States, it would be hard to target schools with sizes large enough to warrant stops.

      Anyway, just a thought. It would seem that the more populated States could potentially receive less benefit of this tour as the impact would be negligible relative to throwing the same amount of resources at a sparsely populated location.

      I certainly would love for EVERY school or student who wouldn't otherwise have the chance to be exposed to STEAM/STEM curriculum to be able to take advantage of this opportunity, but with the realities of what a well-intentioned group of backers and a single company (one of my favorites, btw) can achieve, I'm hoping this can have the greatest distribution through the student and educator population such that the initial recipients of this effort will take up the torch and run with it to further spread the seeds of knowledge. I hope that sort of vision is impressed upon folks when Sparkfun stops at each site. While I don't have unlimited financial resources available, it would be great if we (as backers with particular skilled backgrounds) could somehow volunteer our time and experience towards this (or similar) effort. I would certainly be happy to do so.

    25. Ken Purcell on

      Pooling pledges from makerspaces would be ideal. It would make the dollars threshold easier and then have a place to tech the classes!

    26. T.J. Anderson on

      It would be fantastic if there were a way for a community to pool their pledges to earn the $2,500 pledge. i.e. me and another 100 friends want to pledge $25 each for you to come to New Orleans. I'm not sure exactly how that would work on your end, but it would make things easier on this end. If it's not doable we'll figure it out.

    27. Keith Nelson on

      What Joshua said.
      A t-shirt level pledge would be a mighty good idea too.

    28. Joshua Warchol on

      Please consider adding a ~$40 backer level. Maybe use an e-good for that? Or tour video access perhaps?