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$125,588 pledged of $250,000 goal
$125,588 pledged of $250,000 goal

Our first collaboration: Spark + Twine = <3

You may have heard about the guys at Supermechanical. One year ago, they killed it on Kickstarter with their product Twine: Listen to your world, talk to the Internet. They raised more than $500K (with a goal of $35K) for an incredible product that "listens" to the physical world through a variety of sensors and connects to the internet over Wi-Fi to let you know when things happen, like your door opens or your dryer is done.

Today we're happy to announce that we're working with Supermechanical to make our products work together. Now you can have your lights react to things that happen in your home or wherever you've got a Twine. Here's some great uses we've come up with:

  • Turn on your front hallway lights when the door opens
  • Use a Twine as a lightswitch: facing up, your lights are on, facing down, your lights are off
  • Use the moisture sensor to make the lights brighter when it's raining
  • Train your dog to turn on the lights with a Twine on a string*

This is the first of many collaborations we hope to make; we believe in open systems that work together, and we're excited to be working with people like the guys at Supermechanical to make great products that do awesome things together.

Get your Twine now if you haven't already: Twine @ Supermechanical

Stay tuned for more updates, and tell your friends about us to help us reach your goal; we're off to a good start but we've got a long way to go!

Take care,


* This may take some time but I am going to try it and I'll keep you posted. Really.


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