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A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Arduino + Wi-Fi + ARM Cortex M3  + wireless programming + REST API = awesome.
A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Arduino + Wi-Fi + ARM Cortex M3 + wireless programming + REST API = awesome.
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First phase complete. Second phase commencing.

Posted by Spark IO (Creator)

Dearest backers,

Hello everyone! We hope you enjoyed your holidays and are settling into 2014.

Now that delivery is (mostly) wrapped up, we're turning our attention to the next phase of our development: making the Core/Cloud better, and fostering the best developer community the world has ever seen.

Our year started with LOTS of people getting Spark Cores, opening them, and immediately making awesome things, including these:

So far, there have been 57 projects shared in the Project Share category on our community site:

If you're looking for inspiration, collaborators, or example code to start your next project, be sure to join the conversation on our community site!

Our open source Nest-alike thermostat

A week and a half ago, after Google acquired Nest for $3.2 billion, our team did a bit of a hackathon, building our best approximation of a Nest thermostat in 24 hours. It started here:

And it ended here:

The purpose of this article wasn't to simply build a thermostat, or to rip off Nest (who we have the utmost respect for). We were trying to make a point: that it's easier now to build connected devices than it ever has been before, and (to quote myself), "Your billion dollar company starts with a million dollar product, and your million dollar product starts with a hundred dollar prototype. So what are you waiting for?"

We've already heard from a number of you that are using Cores for prototyping purposes. If you have questions about how to move into production, launch a crowdfunding campaign, find partnerships etc. please feel free to reach out to us at!

Bug fixes and improvements

Our team does two week sprints, publishing improvements to the Cloud and the Core on a regular basis. Check out the results of Sprint 4, which wrapped up on Friday:

The team is continually working on fixing existing bugs (found by ourselves or you) as well as adding and improving upon features. We're all about public improvements of our software. If you're interested in contributing, please join the community!

Haven't received your rewards?

While most of our rewards have arrived safe and sound, we know that some have not. However, our ability to reach out into the postal services of the world and figure out where each of our packages are is somewhat limited, so we need your help.

If you have not yet received your rewards, please fill out this form:

This will make it easier for us to put together a list of packages we need to track down and shake free from wherever they've gotten stuck. We are still actively working to make sure everyone gets their rewards. If you haven't yet gotten anything, thank you for your patience, and please continue to bear with us; Chinese New Year has begun so we might be getting some radio silence for the next week or two until our manufacturing and distribution partners come back online.

Thanks again for your support and all of the help you've been providing each other in the community. As always, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Github, IRC (#spark on freenode), our blog, our community site, and over email (

You guys rock.

- Zach and the Spark team

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