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A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Arduino + Wi-Fi + ARM Cortex M3  + wireless programming + REST API = awesome.
A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Arduino + Wi-Fi + ARM Cortex M3 + wireless programming + REST API = awesome.
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All rewards have shipped!

Posted by Spark IO (Creator)

Happy holidays, Spark backers!

Just in time for the holidays and the new year, we have an update filled with fun info and plans for the future. 

All Kickstarter rewards have shipped

Spark Rewards have shipped!
Spark Rewards have shipped!

We're thrilled to say it - all Kickstarter packages have been shipped! The last packages were sent on Saturday and we have now sent all tracking numbers.

So what should you do if you haven't received a tracking number? First, please check your spam folder. If you can't find it, then send us an email at and we can get you sorted out.

Thanks for your patience throughout this complicated shipping process, we're so excited everything is out and soon to be in your hands.

(We do still have battery shields to send out, but those are going separately and all backers have been shipped their main reward.)

Future communication

We'll still post updates here from time to time but they will not be quite so often. Kickstarter is just the beginning for us, and as part of the extended Spark family we hope you'll stay in communication with us. A few of the different outlets to interact, get feature updates and find out about the latest Spark powered projects and products:

Our forum:

Come join more than 600 members over on our community site. Great place to share ideas and resources, actively troubleshoot and extend your use of Spark.

Our new blog:

Moving forward, our team will be working on bi-weekly sprints as we add new features and grow the capabilities of Spark. Our first blog entry details what we accomplished during Sprint two. 

Social Media: @sparkdevicesSpark on Facebook

On Twitter and Facebook we'll share links to tutorials, photos, resources and cool projects from our team and you. These sites will also have the latest news and press from Spark.

And coming soon: A new project site

We've already seen some truly amazing projects done by Spark backers and we can't wait to see more. One of the things we're working on is an awesome project sharing site - photos, code and diagrams. 

Thank you

A big huge gigantic enormous thank you to all of you from the entire Spark team. Thank you for your support, patience and excitement throughout this entire process. It's taken a lot of hard work from our team to deliver the Spark Core - something we are truly proud of - and your kind words and enthusiasm (through comments, tweets, emails and more) helped keep us motivated and driven throughout the entire process.

This campaign, however, is just the beginning. The true excitement will come with your Spark powered projects and products, and we can't wait. At Spark we've also got some exciting new features we're working on along with a few other surprises up our sleeves.

Merry Sparkmas Ornament
Merry Sparkmas Ornament

Thank you again. We're going to borrow a saying from one of our backers and wish you a very Merry Sparkmas! (Send holiday wishes to Nate and his family using this site, his Core and a lively Christmas ornament).

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

- Zach and the Spark Team

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    1. Spark IO 3-time creator on

      Thanks all, glad you're enjoying the rewards! I think most of you with individual issues have contacted us at, if that's not the case and your issue is still unresolved, please send us an email.

    2. Snidjet on

      TY Spark team. TY from Samara (Russia). I received my "Spark Maker Kit" TODAY. It's cool.
      Thanks for u support! Already thinking about the implementation of my project !

    3. Amir Soltani on

      Well done Spark, a classy card with sleek packaging! I was just wondering about my battery shield? I'm missing the mustache in my parcel!

    4. Keith Rome on

      And I agree with the others - the packaging (of the core) is nice.

    5. Keith Rome on

      Just arrived today - thanks Spark

    6. Missing avatar

      Gibbs on

      Marcos I haven't received mine either. Still in transit according to the tracking... There is always a last person, or somebodies who are the last to receive something, looks like this time it's us :( feels batman..

    7. Scott Moore on

      *Wow* Great job guys! I just received my Spark Cores and shields - and am quite impressed. The packaging is clean - and the boards look great. I can't wait to start coding some fun stuff.

      Keep us posted on the battery shields, and again - awesome work!

    8. Marcos Gabbardo on

      Hi, my spark core doesn't arrived yeat. Everything OK?

    9. Spark IO 3-time creator on

      @Ingo: yes, one of your Cores is inside the Maker Kit; Details on how many Cores per reward are in the FAQs from the campaign. Hope you enjoy your 5!

      @Keith @Ken: We have a super small team so it does take us some time when we get a ton of emails at once - thanks for your patience! Keith, we'll resend your tracking information this afternoon.

    10. Keith Rome on

      Same here Ken. No tracking info either - I emailed their support address on Thursday night but haven't seen a reply other than an automated "we're really busy".

    11. Ken Chalk on

      I still haven't received mine. Hope it arrives soon.

    12. Ingo

      BTW everyone, if you ordered the BEST FRIENDS KIT, one of your Cores is inside the plastic kit box while the other four are in individual cardboard boxes.

      I got *this close* to opening a ticket to report a missing Core in my package...

    13. Ingo

      Mine was in the office this morning when I got to work! While I should have waited until I got home, I was just too excited and had to "Tinker" with one first thing! Woot, it works!!

    14. Gilbert E Barr Jr. on

      Spark can you check if you sent me a tracking number.

    15. American McGee on

      My set of 5 arrived safely in Shanghai. Been having a lot of fun tinkering with them. Happy holidays to all! :)

    16. Spark IO 3-time creator on

      @Karl Your tracking # was sent on Dec 16 at 11:59am, please be sure to check your spam folder. If you do not see it send us an email at and we'll send details privately

      @Everyone We just got a flood of emails - please be sure to check your spam folder, your promotions tab on gmail, or your kickstarter specific email account before sending us an email :)

    17. Nate Smith on

      Thanks for the mention! The "Merry Sparkmas" ornament was such a fun project. My kids love seeing the holiday greetings throughout the day. The Spark Core and the Spark API made it easy.

    18. Karl Deakyne on

      Hey Sparkcore Team,

      Just saw your latest update and I still have not recieved tracking information for my rewards. Can you check on this for me and resend the information?