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$85.00 pledged of $7,400 goal
$85.00 pledged of $7,400 goal

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Functional Prototype

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=Project funding cancelled; message us for details or information. 

The Tock™ is a cool blend of LED technology, a truly unique design and a showpiece highlighting a very popular part of our modern culture. We always felt that a "clock" that JUST showed "4:20" would be awesome- and wanted to create something radically different to do so. 

This Patent Pending design has DUAL "CNC" cut acrylic panels, each having a different "layer" of the complete image. A total of 12 microprocessor driven LEDs create a stunning "mix" of colors / modes that YOU select. The deep-cut grooves reflect the light in a most unusual way- while VERY HARD to capture on camera, the DEMO VIDEO does "just OK" to show off the jewel-like effect. In person? The illumination is beautiful and brilliant; pure! 

It's like a diamond under bright light, but highly amplified.

There's a perfect place for The Tock™ just about anywhere! Internal battery power lets your light shine for about 12-15 hours (depending on the mode), and charges easily with the included USB adapter- or can run continuously from the adapter or any micro-USB power source. 

OUR CAMPAIGN IS PART OF A KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION. We are taking pre-orders for ONE WEEK ONLY, and must achieve our goal in order to produce and deliver on time and on budget. We need the pledges and the goal amount to cover the bulk orders for components. We have already been approached by a MAJOR retailer that wants to carry these in their stores and online. By ordering now, you get an original SIGNED and NUMBERED piece, and that of course has value. You are helping an inventor get to the market FIRST- before the cheap knock-offs get there, and we're screwed out of a cool idea, hatched here. We've done our part, we have our suppliers all ready to go! These are proudly HAND-BUILT in San Diego, California. Let's make it happen! 

You (or that "friend" you know!) would LOVE to have one of these- plus it makes a killer gift for the dude / chick who "has everything". 

We thank you for reading this far, for your LIKES, SHARES (so important) and of course your donation with us. 

It's "4:20" all the time; with The Tock™


Risks and challenges

We have addressed all the major and expected issues that may arise in the successful production and delivery of The Tock™. All the big pieces of the puzzle are in place, and we are realistically planning to deliver all orders on time.

As of this writing, all needed materials / components are good in stock at our suppliers, we have the staff and support ready to start assembling and packaging- and Patent and Trademark devices are already setup. The challenge... is to NOT reach our funding goal!

WE WILL KEEP ALL BACKERS AND OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY INFORMED OF THE PROGRESS during this campaign, the production, and in the future. Expect OUTSTANDING customer service with us- and if any snags happen; we will post about that too. It's important to keep EVERYONE in the loop.

The Tock™ includes a TWO-YEAR warranty on parts AND labor- more info will be in the FAQ section. Please, reach out with any questions / comments- we will respond right away.

Thank you!!
-your friends at SparkBOTTLE™

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