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A dynamic graphic adventure with handmade visuals - an incredible mixture of the Graphic Adventure and Platformer genres
A dynamic graphic adventure with handmade visuals - an incredible mixture of the Graphic Adventure and Platformer genres
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CANDLE is finished!

Posted by Teku Studios (Creator)
Dear backers, we are so finally back, and loaded with very good news for you all! First off, of course, we need to apologize for our absence these past weeks delaying this Update, since our firm intention was to publish it much sooner. Now you will understand why it didn’t happen as expected.

In our last community post we shared with you that Candle was about to be completed and we were entering the final stages of testing… and, absolutely, the entire team has been working a huge amount of time, 24/7 so everything would look perfect; as smooth and polished as possible. As you already know, we had to make a lot of personal sacrifices into this development during this last year (our only day off was New Year’s Eve), and right now we are exhausted. However… we are thrilled to say that Candle is now finished and the Gold Master version is on its way to be finally published!

The testing process for Candle has been very deep and meticulous. The QA team at Daedalic has put a total combined playtime of nearly 1000 hours playing the game and making sure that everything was perfect in it. As you know, every single scene in Candle is unique and differs from the previous ones, and this variety produced a lot of isolated bugs that needed to be handled carefully in their own specific way. This took more time than expected, specially given the fact that the final game has an estimated gameplay time that ranges between 15-20 hours in its first playthrough, depending on how much the player gets stuck, but we’re sure you’ll be grateful when you get an experience that’s this robust and stable. Of course, we also took this extra time to further work on the Candle’s graphics: We’ve implemented a custom colour curves system for each scene, and every FX has been revisited, so now the game looks better than ever before! We are really proud of the end result.

Another feature that took a lot of time to be implemented were all the game’s languages. Candle will be finally available in 10 different languages by launch, and formatting every panel, menu and UI element for each one of them has been a slow and demanding process. The languages that will be included in the game are the following ones:

  • Audio: English, Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Russian.

And yes, all of them will be available at launch!


The release date has been the main reason for the continuous delays for this Update. As you already know, we now have Daedalic Entertainment as the game’s publisher and of course they get to decide the release date for Candle. Many of you saw these past weeks how the Steam page for the game showed May as the final release date. Well, it was indeed going to happen then, but after our last meetings Daedalic decided to wait a little longer in order to be able to make a simultaneous release for PC, Mac & Linux, and of course both the digital and the physical retail versions.

This decision was made only for commercial purposes. As we said, Candle is now completed, Then, why did Daedalic decide this change of plans? Well, in their own words: “We are very pleased with Candle and we have very high expectations in it. That’s why we want to prepare the best launch that is possible.” Also, their point is that this is a good decision to get the best possible sales result for the game.

We know, the game has experienced a lot of delays due to the immense amount of work that took to get this game made. We really wanted to already release the game, believe us. We’ve been working on it for 4 long years and we are looking forward to seeing you play and enjoy the game. But the only option right now is to wait a little longer. If this means the best for the studio and the game, then we agree with Daedalic’s decision.

However, don’t be scared, this just means to wait for some more days, since Candle will be released on July, in both digital and physical editions. In this extra month you’ll be waiting, we’ve prepared some extras for the game’s promotion process. The launch trailer is almost finished and we have also worked on some character sheets that you can check at the end of this very Update.

We also have a surprise coming for you guys. In this last month of development, we felt that we had an unfinished business with Candle. You all backers have followed the development process very closely and know about the handmade process and all the artistic work we put into the game. But we wanted to show it to the world in a more visual way, and so we have created a making-of video where we explain every step of the process that led to the creation of Candle. We are sure you’ll love it. Right now it is being translated, but our intention is that you guys will be the first ones to see it :)

With this and the support of Daedalic, we are confident that Candle will have a great launch!


Right now, all the digital rewards (wallpaper, OST, digital comic, etc.) are finished. Our initial idea was to send them immediately when the digital version of Candle was made available. The physical rewards are right now in the process of being produced. The design for the T-Shirt and the poster is also completed and right now we are working on the artbook and Teku’s miniature figure. The physical retail version of the game will begin the long production process in a few days. The plan is that everything is ready to be delivered on the first days of July :D

But fear not, before that we will contact again with all the backers to make sure we have the right addresses for the deliveries., and also gather some additional info like shirt sizes and such in case it’s necessary.


That’s all for now! In June we will focus on promotion tasks for Candle. Daedalic already took the game to events like the GDC and the PAX East, and so far the user’s impressions have been very positive. Press will also start playing the final version of game very soon.

Stay tuned for the next project Update! We’re sure that you will enjoy a lot the making-of video we have prepared. We really want you to be the first ones to see it since, without you guys, all this wouldn’t have been possible. So it’s now just slightly over a month of wait to finally be able to play Candle. We assure you that all these years of waiting are totally worth it. Now, please take a look at the character sheets we've prepared:




Teku Studios


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    1. Teku Studios Creator on

      Sure, we were already planning on doing something like that. As soon as everything's ready with our publisher, we'll start moving in that regard.

    2. Frikencio on

      Send the keys before the actual release to let us preload the game and have some time to activate it.

    3. Ricardo Beltrán Durán on

      Nunca crei que llegara este día, ya hasta lo había dado por perdido, muchas felicidades por el esfuerzo, espero poder jugarlo pronto

    4. Jeremie Lariviere

      late to comment, but
      Yay! exciting news
      hoping for GOG :-)

    5. flesk

      Congrats! :D

    6. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Ian Not for now, we're afraid. All Asian languages have been quite a challenge to fit into the game, and localizing is also a demanding and expensive task. But never say never! Maybe in the future we coul come back to this.

    7. Ian Hsieh on

      Only Simplified Chinese subtitles? Any change of getting Traditional Chinese?

    8. Andres Barrera Hernandez on

      Felicidades!!! Ya hay ganas de echarle el guante!

    9. Teku Studios Creator on

      GOG is still under the process of reviewing the game (it is a very demanging process, entering your game there), but we are very optimistic :) We'll let you all know as soon as we get an update on the status.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Thanks for the Russian localization! :)

      I also would like to see all bonus stuff with game on GOG.

    11. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! I'm so happy! Can we have a GOG code? Thanks. :)

    12. Chelo Susín on

      Enhorabuena!!!! Gracias por hacer que este día sea especial

    13. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Martin The costs of localizing the game so much were pretty high, and in fact when Daedalic came in we had already made the dubbings, so it was a difficult situation for them, we understand that.

      But yes, the game features half an hour of cutscenes, and up to 1h30' of continuous voiceover, so it's kind of a big task there.

    14. Martin O

      Now those are good news! Also +1 for a releasing it on GOG!

      One question: Why didn't Daedalic also make a German version with voice while they are at it, or is there so much text in the game?

    15. Teku Studios Creator on

      @avardereng :) We know all you backers have been awaiting this moment for so long. It's a relief we can finally say all this!

    16. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      This is really great news! I can't wait to try the game. Lastly I played to much heavy text-based RPGs, now I need something lighter. :D

    17. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Andrzej There are still some things to be discussed with Daedalic. As soon as everything's closed, we'll let you know.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrzej Krakowian

      First of all - congratulations!

      I also have a question: what service will be used to deliver the game? Since its supposed to be drm-free, please consider GOG (Daedalic is publishing games there, so I think it shouldn't be a problem).

    19. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Arthur Just anweser to Peter regarding that :)

    20. Arthur on

      Glad you guys are done!
      Any word on the Wii U version, and when it will be available?

    21. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Peter We have way too much work to handle at once right now, so the console version has been on hold for months. We need to focus properly on computers and on the bugfixing tasks, and also the game's requirements regarding memory have increased recently (all the backgrounds, animations, particle FX... take a lot of resources).

      But, as soon as the game has launched, we will jump right into it. Unfortunately, after all this long process and continous delays, we can't give you an estimate.

    22. Peter Wiegersma on

      Oh i see the response in the comments box. It will take some time more. It is okay. maybe an approximate?

    23. Peter Wiegersma on

      What about the WII U version of Candle? I prefer the wii U version above the PC.