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A dynamic graphic adventure with handmade visuals - an incredible mixture of the Graphic Adventure and Platformer genres
A dynamic graphic adventure with handmade visuals - an incredible mixture of the Graphic Adventure and Platformer genres
A dynamic graphic adventure with handmade visuals - an incredible mixture of the Graphic Adventure and Platformer genres
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    1. Teku Studios Creator on

      Hello everyone! A new update is available with good news and lots of information!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jorge Vicente on

      Hi there,
      After such a long time I see I´m not the only one waiting for the physical reward. Please, could we be provided with an update on the issue? Many Thanks in advance

    3. Patrick on

      Does anyone know if we are still getting our boxed copies? I noticed German-language retail copies are actually already out there, but no news on our backer rewards...

    4. Cr30s on

      @Christian Ekiza : on twitter it's @TekuStudios (

    5. Cr30s on

      Hi. If I am not mistaken we are still waiting for physical rewards and it's been almost 10 months since the last update. Can you please give us one ? Thx

    6. Missing avatar

      NeyasnyS on

      Hello! Where are the physical rewards?

    7. Kevin Olson on

      I've attempted a couple of times now to contact you guys about a refund, but have gotten no response. Requested a refund of pledge minus the cost of the game because the physical rewards were never least you could communicate with your backers about this like you used to...but now you've been completely silent for a couple of months now, and there's no excuse for that.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christian Ekiza on

      I loved the game. Thank you guys. Worth every cent.

      Is there a twitter account I can follow to keep up to date with new projects?

    9. Frances

      When will the additional awards be available on Humble, like the soundtrack, etc?

    10. garkham

      Hi there ! I don't remember having heard anything about the production of physical rewards after the last update, did I miss anything ? Thanks.

    11. Teku Studios Creator on

      Hi there @thefunnyguy! We are currently studying every option for Candle regarding other platforms, but it is still a matter of internal discusion and unfortunately we do not have anything to share yet. But we will get back to everyone as soon as we progress further into possible console ports :)

    12. thefunnyguy on

      How are you guys? Has the game been successful for you? Any plans to release the game on consoles like the Nintendo Switch? Would be cool if more gamers could enjoy Candle.

    13. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Florian Glad you enjoyed it so much :) we had to work very hard on it,but we hope we were able to deliver!

    14. Missing avatar

      Florian Nica on

      The game is AMAZING. The artwork is simply gorgeous and every new game screen is a reward in itself, beautifully painted with intricate detail. But this was to be expected as we got a lot of graphic updates during development :) What I was a bit nervous about was the actual game play. This was clearly an art-centric project, so would the team be able to wrap actual gameplay around it? Well they did and it's top notch - the game is alive with many different charactes to meet and puzzles to solve, the controls are fluid and animations are smooth, the levels are surprisingly non-linear, the dialogue system with the little balloon stories is a joy (whoever came up with this is a genius) and the music takes me back to monkey island :)

    15. Teku Studios Creator on

      Thanks a lot @Christian! It is really touching for us to see that Candle is really meeting the expectations of our backers. All the hard work and delays paid off!

    16. Missing avatar

      Christian Ekiza on

      Heve been playing for some 30-45 minutes in Windows 7 + Steam.

      So far, so good.

      You guys did an amazing job and displayed a professional attitude throughout the whole project, assuming the delays with clear explanations and without giving up.

      All the praise that you get is well deserved.

      Best of luck in your future projects.

    17. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      While good font means a lot in such games... I can live with it. :)

      The localization is still nice and I downloading a Linux version from GOG! Thanks.

    18. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Devon Apologies, we thought it was pretty self-explanatory, our bad. First, you need to install the Steam client. Then, you need to go to Games > Activate a Steam product, and you will be able to enter your key in there. The game will then show up in your Library.

    19. Devon McCarthy on

      Hello I have received the code for the game, but how do I get the software? I use Steam. Is anyone else baffled by the lack of instruction?

    20. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Aina We had some trouble with Humble, hope that it is fixed these days. In case the situation persists, please contact us and we will be able to find a solution for you.

      @Neo Glad you are enjoying the localization so far. We're sorry about the font thing, we had a lot of trouble with the game's texts for all those languages.

    21. Aina Soler Gàlvez on

      Hi! When I backed This I had not enough to get the full game. So I gave what I was able at the time. Shortly after the Kickstarter finished, I was able to get the game on Humble Bundle. After all this time I'm so hyped to finally try it! But I can't see any Linux version on the Humble page D: Was the Linux version or Steam key only available when obtained from the Kickstarter page? I can't wait to try the game.

    22. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      GOOD NEWS! :)

      While waiting for the Linux version - I tested a Windows version for 15-20 minutes.

      The Russian localization looks good! Daedalic has provided translation for the game?

      It's not often Kickstarter games can show a REALLY GOOD Russian localization.

      Most of Kickstarter devs using machine translations or some worthless students.

      So I thank that team who translated the game into Russian! You are awesome!

      Now the bad thing:

      Looks like it's a disgusting tradition in the game development to use a non-gaming fonts for Russian localizations. ALL language fonts looks nice. But not a Russian. Another game with standard console (terminal) font. I can't understand - is it so difficult to find a nice Russian game font (if English font doesn't support Cyrillic)? It breaks a part of the game atmosphere. It's just doesn't fit into this game. But anyway thanks! You've done an incredible job! I love this game and this little Teku. :)

    23. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Jeremie YEah, it seems that they worked a bit to set Candle for release!!

      @Andy Glad you both like it :) hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

    24. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      I love the game and the goodies! Tried with my wife, she is a bit lost because she has to keep her fingers on too much buttons, and sometimes because of time pressure, but I think she likes the game! :-)
      We only seen the beginning yet, but I like that it is not a normal platformer where we just run thru levels and forget all after. Here we have to revisit places, and we have enough time to check out all the details your artists made.

    25. Jeremie Lariviere

      my GOG library now has the Candle downloads available!

    26. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Jason Of course! The game launches tomorrow in Steam, GOG and Humble.

    27. Jason Williams on

      Is there going to be a way for people who did not kickstart Candle to purchase it on steam or GoG as well?

    28. Missing avatar

      Neo on


    29. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Zooik Thanks for the offering :) we'll see what can be done.

    30. Zooik on

      I can prob help out translate the game into Swedish, as I am one of those.

    31. Teku Studios Creator on

      There is already a new update with a bit of info :)

    32. Teku Studios Creator on

      Sure, and you're right. In fact, the game retail production is on its way and we're just waiting for it to finish until we release. Let me talk to Daedalic so we can prepre a good update with all the details I can get.

    33. drmandarin

      Summer is over so theoretically your "key people" should be back from vacation. Come on guys, give us an update and a timeline please.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christian Ekiza on


      And, congratulations!!! The fact that Daedalus is backing you up really tells a lot of the quality you must have achieved in this game.

      Really excited to get to play it soon!!!!

    35. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Christian Absolutely, the game is already in the process of being certified, but until that ends we can't have an exact date, but it's now just a matter of time.

    36. Missing avatar

      Christian Ekiza on

      Would you say it's reasonable to expect the game to be released before the end of the year?


    37. drmandarin

      Hi - sorry I don't have time to read through all the comments searching for something that should be communicated via an update. Not surprising given your track record that there's another delay and you haven't had the courtesy to get in touch with us. Guess we just sit and wait in silence ...

    38. Teku Studios Creator on

      @drmandarin Hi there! As we just commented, the process is unfortunately taking some time, not ourselves, not even Daedalic can have a proper, closed date since the age verification and the physical retail version production is something long and a bit uncertain. There's nothing else that we can say about it, it's now just a matter of waiting for those processes to be over.

    39. drmandarin

      "Candle will be released on July"


    40. Teku Studios Creator on

      Hi there pezcore! We are currently setting everything up with Daedalic (PEGI, physical version creation, etc.), and unfortunately that takes time, specially in summer when you have to deal with many of they key people in those processes going on vacation. We unfortunately don't have a date yet, but it's only a matter of time that we can finally share it with you.

      We'll give you news as soon as we know something!

    41. pezcore343 on

      Hey Teku! I just wanted to see if there is any info regarding the release date. I just happened to be checking the status of a bunch of Kickstarter projects and noticed the update saying the game would be out in July. Obviously It's August 1st and that didn't happen, so I was hoping we could get an updated date. Thanks and keep up the good work! �

    42. Teku Studios Creator on

      Today we got featured on the Unity site with the story of this handmade development! Check it out

    43. Teku Studios Creator on

      We have already been preparing a big one! The development has almost ended and we have lots of things to discuss with all the backers :) these final weeks have been completely insane for such a reduced team. But we're almost there!

    44. drmandarin

      Any update please? No update since February and no weekly update since you promised weekly updates back in December.

    45. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Toni Aún estamos ajustándolos. Los actuales de Steam son placeholder total, los puso Daedalic simplemente porque había que poner algo para tener la página de la tienda ya activa.

      Pero vamos, que serán más bajos que esos, no lo dudes.

    46. Toni Pons on

      ¿Cuales son los requisitos actuales? Hace años eran estos (ahora son de risa):

      "We had Candle running on (30fps) were those of an old laptop with an average Core 2 Duo @2Ghz processor, 2Gb RAM DDR2 and 128Mb VRAM"

    47. Teku Studios Creator on

      Well, in that regard you would have been credited for HELPING us make this project a reality with your funding and interest. But we totally understand your reason :)

      Thanks for believing in us, anyway.

    48. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Braga on

      I don't know, I just never put my name in the credits for any project I back. Can't really put my finger on the reason, but I guess I just don't like the idea of being credited for someone else's work.

      I used "DO NOT PUT ME IN CREDITS", thank you for your answer! Looking forward to the release, congrats on your amazing work.

    49. Teku Studios Creator on

      @Andrés ¡Vaya! Creimos que quedaba claro en el texto del formulario :(

      Envíanoslo a para que estemos atentos y hagamos ben el cambio.

    50. Andres Barrera Hernandez on

      Buenas! ¿Recuperados de los Medievales? ¿O la faena no ha permitido ni darse una vuelta para ver morir a Diego? En fin, que me alegro mucho de que Candle ya vea la luz ;)

      Duda: No sabía que el nickname era lo que iba a aperecer en los créditos... ¿hay posibilidad de cambiarlo? ¿aunque sea añadir al nickname el nombre completo que ya aparece en el formulario?

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