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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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An update about BUGS! Oh and our new debug console, new inventory UI, Milo, new scene, and more!

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

Hey everyone! I'm excited to bring you some updated news on how things are going with SpaceVentrure! We have definitely not been idle. The team has been very focused on moving forward and getting things done. 


One of our biggest pushes as of late is to stabilize our most current build. We made a big three week push to knock out some issues we've had with certain scenes of the game. As we are moving into the 2nd and 3rd portion of the game, this is very important so that the same bugs don't keep cropping up in the later scenes. Not that dealing with bugs is the most exciting thing to do in the game development process, but I did want you all to know that we are pushing that hard.


Some of you keep asking for some under the hood stuff, so here you go. Recently, we had one of our programmers(Patrick Johnston) create us a debugging console that would help in turning needed things on and turning unneeded things off while we play tested the game. One good example of this is when we are play testing a scene in the game and in order to solve it, we need a specific piece of inventory or another situation is where we might need to jump scenes quickly or flag a function on or off. We had ways of doing this in the past, but with this console, life is much nicer :)


We're also very excited about how our inventory UI is coming together. One thing we are really trying to push is intuitiveness on SpaceVenture. The old inventory UI was located at the bottom of the screen and all you had to do is move your mouse cursor down to the bottom and it would appear. The problem with the old inventory UI is that it took up a lot of space that could be put to better use in game play.

See below:

We've created a small icon that (at the moment) appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You can move your cursor over it and the inventory springs to life. Don't worry, there will be more than one way to get into the inventory. But with this method, we've freed of major real estate at the bottom of the screen. 

Check out this small video I made demonstrating it: 

Please ignore the fact that the icons are so big when you click on them, that will eventually be modified.


One of my favorite characters in SpaceVenture is little guy named Milo. He's a tricky little sucker and he plays a major role in the goings on within the game. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he a baby? Or is he a man? Or is he a baby man? Time will tell. 

Mark was working on lighting effects for Milo. He put together a fun little video show casing what he was working on.


You guys already know that the scenes for the 2nd and 3rd portion of the game are in the works, but I wanted to share with you a scene that will show up in both portions of the game. Keep in mind, it's still a work in progress and is without polish. 

This is Scrap's garage, where Ace will often need to visit for different reasons. You might notice a couple of things are blurred out, but there is a really cool reason for that ;)


That's right folks, the SpaceQuest Historian has returned and has put out the first episode for your listening pleasure. See below.


“Fandom Through The Ages”


It’s time for more podcast mayhem from the Space Quest Historian. Join him on a trip down memory lane as he recounts the genesis of on-line Space Quest fandom, ably aided by someone who was actually there from the beginning: Prof. Jess Morrissette, owner of the first-ever Space Quest fan site, The Virtual Broomcloset. 

 You’ll hear from Chris Pope (the SpacePope) on what’s going down with team SpaceVenture. Also, get the scoop on the Space Quest III soundtrack with input from composer Bob Siebenberg, music editor and sound effects maker Mark Seibert, and fan musician James Mulvale. 

 Listen to all of James’ SQ3 cover tunes here: Listen to the original SQ3 soundtrack as composed and performed by Bob Siebenberg and Mark Seibert: Oh, and Pete Toleman’s in there, too.

How to listen?


You can also check out the SQ Historian website here:


Hey everyone, I'll be going to SDCC again this year and have always enjoyed meeting you all. Unfortunately Mark and Scott will not be making it out this year, but hopefully next year.

If you're coming out to Comicon, be sure to come by and say hi! I'll be announcing my location at different times. The best way to find me is by following me on twitter: or shoot me a friend request on facebook:

I'll also be carrying around the SpaceVenture collectible keycards. We give those out to the different Space Quest/SpaceVenture fans we meet in person. 


Our buddies at Infamous Quests released their new game "Quest for Infamy" a few days ago and all you Sierra fans out there will most likely love it! So please go check it out here:

 Thanks for all of your support everyone!

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

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    1. Craig Makk on

      Time to take a break and relax, guys...Franz pretty much just designed the game for you. Wow.

    2. Paul Marzagalli on

      As ridiculous a hope as I know this is, I still really want this to be a location in the game:…

    3. Andre on

      You guys really need to do something about the Svrewards site, This far along and have not voted on anything concept wise.

    4. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!

    5. Brendan Sydney Hughes on

      Thanks for the update, Guys!

      Keep on keepin' on.

    6. Missing avatar

      Franz Luger on

      Please make Bloom/Gloom/DepthOfField/HDR optional - I HATE blur/bloom/HDR-effects - tha only new effect worth trying is tesselation, the only things that count (as regards effects) are Anisotropy and true MSAA!
      And PLEASE make the keys remappable - ALL of them!
      And PLEASE enable saving AT ANY TIME - I HATE checkpoints!

      And PLEASE make a GOOD GAME, guys! :-)

      Greetings from Austria,

    7. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Besides this inventory layout, what is the UI going to be like? Pope says it will be better than it was during the Sierra days. So, how will it be different? What are some options the team is considering?

    8. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on

      Hey, thank you for the shout out to us! That was very cool. We're all huge fans over here, and I know everyone's chomping at the bit now over SpaceVenture!!! Great update, and of course, our best to you all, always.

    9. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on

      I would pay big buckazoids for that card. Any chance they will be up for sale?

    10. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      Neat stuff. Thanks for the update.

      Just for the sake of being different, and to suggest an alternative: I like the way the Deponia series handle the inventory: When you scroll down, the menu appears; mousewheel up and away it goes again. Fast, no need for a button, and pretty darn unobtrusive.

    11. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Listening to the podcast now. Thank goodness there will be a run option. Hopefully it will be easy to run whenever we want.

    12. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Hmm, one of the blurred out things in the screenshot looks like it could be a character with green skin. Maybe?? That's my guess.

    13. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      Touch is on the radar 100% for sure

    14. Don C - SpaceVenture Evangelist on

      Any thought on touch-screens like the Surface? Mobieus worked with touch only and it was more enjoyable than the games that didn't support it (I like to play laying down, etc.).

    15. Tomimt on

      The new inventory looks very nice indeed. Very slick.

    16. slot9 on

      also that inventory icon/animation is super slick!

    17. slot9 on

      Thanks for the update! The Garage looks cool!