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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

Release & Project Status as of June 6th

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

We are aware that there are a lot of questions from you, our backers, regarding when SpaceVenture is going to be released as well as made available for sale. There are many opinions and feelings, varying from the extremely harsh to the quite patient, though ultimately all wanting the same thing; the highest quality SpaceVenture possible. Some want it yesterday, and some have advised us to “take the time you need to make the best game you can." We have worked hard to not abuse this encouragement.

We are very sensitive to the entire range of feelings. We ultimately intend to deliver to you the best game possible. We can hurry and release a gaming experience we aren’t as happy with, something we would be afraid and certain would be a let-down to you, or take the extra time to give you something we will feel good about in both our hearts and guts, a game worthy of your backing and patience.

We have avoided giving an official release date due to many major unexpected challenges we have encountered as we’ve progressed through the development process of the first new game by our new company. Everyone who has ever worked on a first project of any kind, and especially a game in a new environment, knows there are ‘growing pains’, especially with that very first one. We don’t want to delve into a laundry list of details. If you would like a taste of the issues mentioned in the past please feel free to read our October 16th update.

Having said all that, we have decided to give a soft estimated release time period of 9 months to a year from now without going into detail on why things have moved slower than each and everyone of us has wanted. That means if everything goes more smoothly than the first third, and we see absolutely no way it won’t, we expect to be done by March of next year. We will not let the game suffer due to being pushed by a hard deadline. Know that first and foremost, we are shooting for an adventure game the type of which we offered and for which our fans asked, an ‘old-school adventure with new tech and design lessons learned’ game you backed through Kickstarter and PayPal.

We know without any doubt this release estimate will frustrate most of you and infuriate others, but because of our passion for this game and adventures in general, we stand fully behind this decision. As we have said in the past, we have one shot at making the game great. That one shot will determine the future of the company.

Here is a breakdown of where things stand currently:


  • The story is complete.  
  • Most storyboards and a good deal of concept artwork done for the full game are on Mark’s wall.
  • 1/3 of the game is mostly complete with polish. That includes artwork, game play mechanics, music/sfx, and narrative/dialog. (Please note that this has been a our major learning curve, and the achievement of this will definitely speed progress on the rest of the game. SO many lessons learned here!) 


  • We have very polished artwork for 1/3 of the game and some scene artwork completed for the rest of the game. Although Mark is mostly involved in polishing artwork, he is also overseeing a couple of our artists working on scenes for the rest of the game along with animations and cutscenes.
  • Most of the animations needed in the game for Ace and Rooter are completed, something that’s a larger feat than most would think.
  • All non-Ace and Rooter animations are added and working in 1/3 of the game.


  • Almost all sound effects and music have been completed for 1/3 of the game. 
  • The music is as complete as it can be at this point. 


  • At this time no voice-over has been recorded for the game. Dialogue is fluid and we intentionally wait until as late as we can to book our talent and studio time. We are planning to go to the studio in three different recording sessions. The first recording session is coming up. We’ll post more details on that hopefully soon, As with the art, for each part of the game we will schedule our talent and studio time as late as is possible because, as we learned years ago, the dialogue also evolves for the better. 


  • Of all the items listed in this update, programming is the one that has contributed the most in causing the project to move as slowly as it has. As mentioned in the October update, we had to design almost all the tools needed to make SpaceVenture ourselves since Unity has been in the past especially a ‘one size fits all games’ game engine. The good news there though is that we have been able to make very good progress now that the tools we needed are nearly complete.
  • We have a code base foundation that will be used for the entire game and as well as whatever we do in the future. We’ve essentially built our wheel.


  • In the past, Chris has tried his best to provide unique updates on the 1st and the 16th of each month. This was a decision made with the best of intentions but in reality is sometimes difficult to execute without becoming annoying to some because, even though there is always some progress, there’s not always something with a high-enough drool-inducement factor worth sharing, and we don’t want to give away too much in the updates. Chris will post updates as achievements warrant, to let you know we have something new and exciting or relatively interesting, or when something’s just too cool to not share. We will do our best to give you a clear view of the status of the project. 

In Summary: 

There have been many challenges and setbacks that have slowed progress. Yes, there are things we should have anticipated, but also many we couldn't. No matter how many games with which one is involved there will always be hard lessons along the way. These can be humbling. There have been many moments of frustration, even more for us than most of you. We’ve encountered and surmounted many hurdles, but such is the way of game development, as well as life in general. We are (almost all) merely human. With the exception of one team member, we’ve each had family health care issues that have impacted our performance and progress. Nonetheless, we will continue to push forward fueled by your enthusiasm, from those who've backed us from day one to those who've just recently become aware of what we are doing, and by our team's passion for the game and our excitement over what is ahead. Through all of that we absolutely believe we'll be proud of SpaceVenture, and you will enjoy the end result. 

Thank you all for your support. 

Guys From Andromeda LLC 

Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, and Chris Pope

<Now donning helmets, protective exo-armor, bracing for impact>

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    1. Frogacuda on

      At this point they might as well take their time because this project has just fallen off the radar. They're right in that making sure this game is good is their only chance for redemption/success. But this project is a very good lesson on not backing Kickstarters that haven't laid some of the groundwork first.

    2. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Very nice update, but @Greg down there have very good points, mostly "And how in the *world* are you stretching $500k to pay even a small team of developers [and rent, and equipments, and ...] for 3 years?" Time is not just patience and efforts, it's also money!

    3. Nelson ☜☆☞Menacing Mop☜☆☞ Miguel on

      My dear SV creators (you too all the way Chris!!!), PLEASE take your time, by now we've had some game projects on our hands and except one or another... They've failed to impress... They're good games but again, with the exception of one or another game, left no imprint in my heart... Take your time, and PLEASE have fun with it because if you don't, we probably won't as well... I always say, rather lose a minute in life than to lose life in a minute... That also applies to you guys and our dear project... Just one thing that I will NEVER forgive you... The gangnam style video you did... I almost had an heart attack so... That's THE only thing I do not forgive you... Heavy Metal all the way!!! \m/ Your friend in time and space... Nelson "Menacing Mop" Miguel

    4. Missing avatar

      Johan Törnlund on

      We've waited nearly 20 years since the last SQ game, it's not like we can wait a little bit more for a new game from Scott and Mark. Keep at it guys, I enjoy reading these updates even if there's no mention of a release date yet.
      Kickstarter is never a guarantee for the backers, I think that's what many of the people complaining don't understand, this is not a pre-order system. Like anyone who invests money into an idea, there's never any guarantee that it'll actually see the light of the day. I invested quite a lot into this as well, I'm just glad you're still working on it after 2 years. Take your time and make this the best experience possible. I'll be here waiting.

    5. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      As a high tier backer (presumably inside top 50) I guess you could say I've a more highly vested interest in this game than others. But that would be just drawing that conclusion based upon financial contributions. In reality, I think almost all 10,000+ of us are heavily invested in this game, at least emotionally. I think that's why we care so much, hope so much, and in some cases can't wait so much. ;-)
      So, I just want to say this. I fully support you guys and the decisions that have been made. Just keep at it & give us the best damn SV game ever! haha :D

    6. Missing avatar

      heechee on

      You never gave a release date, you mentioned that from the beginning. That means there actually is no reason to complain! There are plenty of games to play until you're done so I'm fully behind your decision and communication. Create the game you wanted to create, period. And thanks! :-)))

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Munson on

      I've read the comments here and its not like we have any choice otherwise. "To wait"; However, if I would have known when I originally backed for a $60 Pledge that it would be 3 years to complete, I probably would not have backed. Anyway, I'll check back in a year. Cheers.

    8. Tomimt on

      This was a good and honest update, keep 'em like this, especially now transparency is a good thing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jamie Godden on

      I echo the sentiment of the rest of these comments. When it's down, it's done. Take your time, make a mad game. Behind you guys 100% :)

    10. Kahuna Kevin on

      Ship when it's done and bug-free. I'll wait 2 years if it's a better game.

    11. Derek on

      I grew up playing Space Quest so I'm happy to wait for a game of the same quality.

    12. Frederik Olsen on

      Applause all the way. No matter the content of your updates, I've always enjoyed your transparency. I'm glad you're sticking to your guns in order to release something you can be proud of. That's ultimately what I backed and I've never been uncertain you'll deliver. Thanks for the update.

    13. Brandon Allen-Trick on

      Hey, I appreciate the candor. At this point I'm a KS veteran and am used to things I've backed going overbudget and past deadline. I'm more patient than many here because, hell, I've waited almost 20 years for a new Two Guys adventure so what's another 1? Being totally honest, I paid my $100 bucks to see the Two Guys reunited more than to get a new game.

      As long as I get a game eventually and you guys are working hard (and hopefully having SOME fun) I'm happy. The games you made in your heyday have given me so much joy over the years I just want reciprocate. A new game is just cream.

      So, in summation, don't use a second of your time worrying about a timetable if it can be used making the game better.

    14. Jacqland on

      Also a $15 backer and also not really bothered by the delays. They're par for the course.
      Although between the "Kickstarter Sierra Trifecta" of Larry, Hero U, and you guys, I've stopped pledging to videogames on KS at all. The delay is just too much for me when I get all hyped about something.

      Just try not to die before finishing, okay? ;)

    15. Greg on

      I only pledged $15 so it would be pretty asinine to get upset about dates. My concern at this point is backer apathy. On this the almost 2 year anniversary of the funding, I wouldn't be surprised if a fair % of the backers just move on to other things, and don't even bother keeping their contact info up to date so you can ship them the game. Even this "big update" with a tentative release date has garnered a whopping 20 comments out of almost 11,000 people it should have reached. Take the time you need, but there is a cost to running a 3 year project instead of a 1 or 2 year one... I hope enough people stick around to continue supporting your company after the game releases.
      And how in the *world* are you stretching $500k to pay even a small team of developers for 3 years? Do you guys have electricity and running water in your office? After KS/Amazon fees, you could pay 5 people $32k/year for 3 years, and then have nothing left to buy computers, software licenses, or pay any of the contractors like musicians and artists. I guess at this point you have other sources of investment?

    16. Mike Haley on

      Well, I for one still believe in you guys. I backed a company in 2012, and for the sake of its future, SpaceVenture needs to be all it can be. I have faith you will deliver on your promises, even if it does take longer than most ever expected. They may not please everyone, but these updates fill myself and others with encouragement and the satisfaction of knowing that you truly care about your fans. I look forward to reading more of them in the future, regardless of frequency. Some days, seeing these updates are even the highlight. Back to the daily grind. Life sucks... Again.

    17. dwayne johnson on

      I grew up playing space quest and others like it and I fully support you doing what's right for the game. I'm glad your making this game and will support taking as long as you need to do it right.

    18. esocid on

      I'm also in the take your time and release a great product camp. Always glad to hear an update. Cheers.

    19. David Golbitz on

      Like you said in the post, take as much time as you need to make as good a game as you can.

    20. Justin

      Now THAT'S an update!!!!

    21. Khalaq on

      Excellent update, guys! D

      As has already been said, transparency and regular feedback are the key to helping us backers remain patient. Life happens, and there's no way to predict what each day will bring, but as long as we know that you folks are busy getting past the hurdles that come your way, we can continue to root for you. )

      As for updates, don't worry too much about providing "drool-worthy" information with each update. Just look at the Larian Kickstarter updates for D:OR. (No, seriously, check them out.) Larian doesn't always have much in the way of "new stuff" for their updates, but they manage to give their backers that "nose-pressed-up-against-the-shop-window" feeling while they push to get the game out. I'm still analyzing just how they manage to do this. )

    22. Kevin Rank

      Just give me a good game. That is what I care about.

      I would like to see monthly, at minimum updates, even if they say nothing new to report, we're still alive. :).

    23. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Count me in as one of the patient ones. I've been a loyal fan since the first Space Quest (EGA) and I'm not about to start a hissy fit just because it's been delayed again. I'm not a certain someone who shall remain nameless. ;)

    24. David Van Buren on

      Thank you for taking the time to make the game we all deserve, rather than bowing to pressure from the impatient.

    25. Jimmybee on

      250 Buckazoid backer that's been buying your games since SQ4. First time commenting. I didn't hesitate to back this project, because you had a great reputation with me. That is still the case. I'll wait as long as it takes, and will not complain. Have faith in us...we have faith in you! :) See ya on the chronostream, Time Jockey!

    26. slot9 on

      Thanks guys! Take your time and don't give up!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeff Boughton on

      I honestly don't understand why anyone would be so unsupportive, especially since you guys have always provided so many updates and been very transparent. This is a big endeavour, and I completely understand that you want to put out the best product possible! If I have to wait another year for a kick-butt game, then no problem at all! (no pressure, ha ha) No seriously, you guys rock and keep up the good work! I am excited to see the final game.

    28. Irishmile on

      The ride and anticipation is half the fun. I wish I had skills needed to help.

    29. John Berger on

      As far as I'm concerned, as long you're transparent about the status of the project, you can take as much time as you need. Its those developers that delay, delay, delay without explaining why that cause a lot of worry. Just keep it honest, keep the updates frequent, and I'll gladly wait.

    30. BluScreen_Jason on

      I'm disappointed I don't get to play it sooner, but I'd much rather a polished "Scott and Mark Approved" product than a rushed adventure game. I'm very thankful for the honesty, and that we're not just getting the silent treatment. Keep it up guys, I have the utmost faith in your abilities to pull this off.

    31. Michael Shaw

      I've never had an issue with the way you guys are proceeding with the game development or with your communication with we, the backers. I'm a proud and patient backer. I've waited for a new game from the (Two-plus) Guys from Andromeda for a long time and will happily keep waiting. You still have my full faith and confidence. Take your time, develop the best game for us you can with the resources you have, and, may the force make you live long and prosper or something.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vance Dragomatz on

      Take your time, I want a good and succesful game so there will be more SpaceVentures.

    33. Missing avatar

      antsbull on

      I'm another silent backer who wants the best game possible. I think you can assume the thousands of people who don't hassle you about wanting it yesterday are also supportive.

      The only concern I have is that you guys will have enough funding to finish the game given its taken a lot longer than expected?

    34. Jayce Pentad on

      Hey guys, thanks for the lengthy update. Just wanted to weigh in as an "unconcerned" backer. Just make it fun and awesome. I'll be here. :)