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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

A video update for your viewing pleasure!

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)
Hello there our dear and most beloved backer buddies! As promised, we have an update for you today! First off, you are probably wondering why we haven't had anything really cool to share in awhile.. well, to be honest, we have been working on a surprise involving a playable alpha for everyone to have a look at. Due to some difficulties, things kept getting pushed off on the playable alpha, so instead of making everyone wait even longer, we made a small video for you.

Please keep in mind, Mark and Scott are VERY particular in what they want to show, due to spoilers, but I think you guys are gonna love what you see. The video includes original music from Ken Allen(one of the composers from many Sierra On-Line games). Please remember, nothing in this is final. Everything is considered in alpha state as of right now. Well, what are you waiting on? Have a look!



As we mentioned before, we will be shipping all rewards for backers once the game is complete. We do not need your address just yet. When it comes time for us to start shipping everything out to you all, we'll be requesting everyone’s current address. 

 As for GOG credits, we are planning to distribute those in two weeks. Two weeks from now, you'll get an email(if you are a GOG credit level backer) which will have instructions on receiving your GOG credit rewards :) 


 May 24-26th - Alabama Phoenix Festival – Who's going? Chris Pope 

 June 21-23rd – Ancient City Con(Jacksonville, FL) – Whos going? Chris Pope 

 July 18-21st – San Diego Comic Con-SDCC(San Diego, CA) – Who's going? Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and Chris Pope 

 Aug 31-Sep 2nd – PAX Prime(Seattle, WA) – Who's going? Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and Chris Pope

 Nov 1-3rd – GMX (Nashville, TN) – Who's going? Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and Chris Pope 


 You guys might remember that our friend, James Mulvale wrote the music for our prototypes as well as the Cluck Y'egger game that Titanbase Productions put out. He has a 3D album he's trying to get funded! Check it out here:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I actually want to agree with that comment about a delayed game being eventually good, but then I remembered Duke Nukem Forever. Not implying that will happen here, obviously.

    2. Todd on

      Arrgh, everyone needs to calm down. Firstly, it says "estimated delivery" - and this was done before the project was even funded. Just enjoy the process and look forward to playing. Continuing to harp on and be impatient will just cause people to not do these sort of games because it's not worth it if people don't appreciate it.

      I thought the video was very nice! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      David Racette-Campbell on

      A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.
      -Shigeru Miyamoto

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Clark on

      While what I saw looked good, I thought I would be seeing this type of Alpha work done months ago. While I'm certainly for the game being done when it is actually done and no sooner, it does seem like this is taking a rather much longer time than was anticipated. Was the Kickstarter goal of $500,000 (which was barely raised and came down to the wire), too little? Did the team believe they were going to get a much higher amount? I've backed a number of games now and this one definitely falls into the category of ones that I'm a bit worried about (along with Banner Saga and a couple of others). A more thorough explanation of the reasons behind the delay, and complete honesty in that explanation, would be very welcome.

    5. Andre on

      Yes we backed to fund a game, but also i think a lot of people funded it to be part of the creation of the game, to see how the Two Guys from Andromeda create their games and the thoughts behind them.

    6. T.J. Brumfield on

      The music is great. The gameplay portions look fine. I have no idea what the beginning cartoon was supposed to be about though.

    7. Brendan Sydney Hughes on

      I'm in no rush, Guys, release it when it's done and not before.

      More teasers along the way would be great, though ;)

    8. Chris Paoli on

      Wow, with a busy touring schedule of conventions and nonstop irrelevant podcasts, I understand there's little time to actually, you know, make the game we funded... So far this Kickstarter has done nothing but left a bad taste in my mouth.

    9. Porcupine on

      Looks great, I can hardly wait to play this. I guess that'll be _quite_ a while by the looks of it unfortunately.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeremy E. on

      Awesome music! I'm not going to worry too much about release dates... These are the Two Guys from Andromeda. Many hours of my childhood were spent enjoying their work. They're pros, and they will deliver.

    11. Frogacuda on

      I know some people think delays are just a frivolous matter, and that games don't actually cost money to make, but it's concerning for a reason. Projects that barely hit their goal cannot merely double their development cycle because they feel like it.

    12. Nelson ☜☆☞Menacing Mop☜☆☞ Miguel on

      Guys, have faith :) As they said in the update, "Mark and Scott are VERY particular in what they want to show..."... Maybe they chose to show very little, i don't know, what i do know is that i am in LOVE with this game!!! I just KNOW it'll be awesome!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Canavan on

      So little to show at this point? Wow

    14. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @Sven: per Update #67: "We are shooting for a mid-year release but want to make it clear that we won't set a date in stone until we are 100% in agreement that the game will be ready by then." However, even if it is delayed until Feb 2014, I'm still not complaining.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    15. Sven on

      Hello guys,
      I am disappointed. The original release date was Feb 2013 and now we have April 2013 and you are - at best after the new video - at alpha status. Therefore I guess the new release date is Feb 2014.

    16. ThomasN on

      Wow, Ken Allen really knows how to use dynamics. I was so pumped I nearly got out my broom and tried to clean the underside of my balcony :D

    17. Roger H on

      I really like what I see :)

    18. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      @David A: No EU in that schedule either. :-P
      At these times being blessed with a memory full of holes like mine is a blessing, seeing as how I can't remember seeing any of those screens before. ;-) Nice!
      @pcj: Hmmm, smoothy. :-)
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    19. Tomimt on

      While the video is nice, I do have to agree with Frogacuda, it does look like there's very little actual game yet, and it didn't feel like a game that would be finished any time soon. Though in all honesty I wouldn't be shocked if the game was to be pushed further away.

    20. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Loving it!! Thank you! :D

    21. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I know I've already seen most of the stuff in the video, but I still like the progress being made. Keep up the good work.

    22. Ohverture on

      Looking good. Sounding good. :) Keeping the faith. I'd be prepared to forsake alpha playability in the short term for more updates and details, tbh, but this is good :)
      I notice no Australia in that schedule :p

    23. Christopher Best on

      Well, some things have me more excited than others, but what's new right? The look and music seem generally great. The in-game footage looks to be pretty sterile though. I hope the game has a unique personality to it with lot's of coo/funny stuff in it. Also like someone mentioned, there doesn't appear to be much there. Was thinking we were coming up on release for this?

    24. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on

      I think it all looks great, even if we've seen some of the screens before on the backer site -- those story-board notes are written in pretty convincing handwriting. I don't really care if they keep us more or less in the dark, if they think it's going well -- that was always pretty much the Sierra experience.

    25. Frogacuda on

      Oh and yes, A+ on the music.

    26. Frogacuda on

      But I don't mean to be all down. I'm just concerned, not negative. I love the art and the look, I like the Sierra-esque verb icon interface, the locations... It really does look great, and I can't wait to play it.

      But if it is further along, I would really appreciate knowing more about that progress. Other projects I've backed have been very communicative about this sort of thing and shown constant updates where progress seems tangible, but this one has left us only with such scant snapshots that we're left to wonder.

    27. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Lookin GOOD, Guys! And that music just pops!

    28. Frogacuda on

      Jason: I understand the two are not comparable, but we're talking about a year versus a month as well. Tex Murphy was showing more in-game footage than this back in August, and they're not really any bigger of a team than GFA. This update feels to me much more like a "couple months in" update like that than a "75% done" update.

    29. ozzy ozwalled on

      I have to admit -- I'd lost touch with these updates a bit in the last couple months, partly because my confidence in this project and excitement for it were somehow starting to wane...

      But wow!! That video has coloured me interested once again. :) Sure, there's not a ton there to look at, but what is there is looking great. Really loving the cartoony look/ feel that you seem to be going for, and that toolbox dog is pretty crazy cool. Keep up the great work, and please keep throwing us these tasty, tasty morsels on occasion to keep our interest up. :D

    30. Frogacuda on

      Or to put it more simply: Creatively, this looks perfect. But it doesn't look like something we'll be playing this summer. Which makes me sad. But maybe I'm wrong and they're just not showing much.

    31. BluScreen_Jason on

      @Frogacuda: While I see what you're saying, I really think it's unfair to compare SpaceVenture to Torment. Torment was essentially put together by an already assembled team that was already working on things. SpaceVenture is essentially a new startup.

      I think they are playing things close to the vest as indicated by the line "Please keep in mind, Mark and Scott are VERY particular in what they want to show". So I don't think there's much to worry about, although I would like to know roughly how far along they are.

    32. Mikko Hekanaho on

      I'm not going to lie. I absolutely love the looks of this. :)

    33. Jason Joyce

      As I mentioned on the comments...

      I appreciate the effort, but's a let down for me as updates go since it really isn't an update at all.

      Other than the diner and a scrapyard that looked reminiscent of an older game, I honestly don't think I saw anything that we hadn't seen back in January/February.

      At the least, I was hoping we'd hear a bit about where things stand development-wise and how things are coming together, but there's none of that either.

      Just a rehash of convention appearances and pitch for another KS campaign.

      Frankly, the bulk of this was contained in the comment Chris left last Friday/Saturday, so, I'm kind of left wondering what the point was? And I don't mean to be sarcastic or snide, I'm just genuinely a bit baffled by the update.

    34. Frogacuda on

      I hope that they guys are just playing things close to the vest here. Although what's being shown here looks great, I'm really pretty worried by how little of it there is. Slightly more polished versions of the same two screens we've already seen and a bunch of concept art and tests makes it seem like there really isn't much of a "game" yet. Torment managed to do that much before the Kickstarter campaign even ended.

      More than a ton of screens and footage, what I'd like is a real progress report about how complete the game is in different areas (backgrounds, animations, writing, etc).

    35. S.D. on

      I'm going to explode from AWESOME.

      @PCJ: Of course; tentacle fight also ^_^

    36. pcj on

      Did anyone else pause on the storyboard to get any extra tidbits? :D

    37. William


    38. Jeroen Dekkers

      Glad you like it PCJ ;-)

      Great job guys. Looks and sounds quite impressive!