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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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Update on SpaceVenture and the upcoming Two Guys Chat Room Session

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

I promised that this update would include news about the making of SpaceVenture, and here it is!

SpaceVenture is coming along nicely, with Mark and Scott having regular meetings, most recently, meetings in person while at GMX. Below is a list of updates by category.

Game Creation:

  • We recently hired Tyler Drinkard as senior developer to help over see all programmers for the project.
  • The game as we have said during interviews is being development using the Unity engine. We are about to get Unity 4(the most recent version of Unity that just came out)
  • Mark Crowe is working directly with programmers to make sure the artwork he is creating works seamlessly in game. 
  • Chris Pope continues to oversee the project and keep the open line of communications with all project members as a Producer, along with his marketing duties.


  • Continued direction of Mark Crowe is being done on all aspects of the game. Every single piece of artwork must be approved by him.
  • We also are working with a couple of very seasoned modelers for 3D character creation. The game is still 2D but will contain some 3D characters. 


  • We still aren't ready to announce who will be scoring SpaceVenture. We will say that we are still in talks with one of the original Sierra composers about the task. Along with some newer blood as well.
  • The music that has been pitched for the game so far is extremely epic, and we are really excited about it!


  • Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy have the high level story line worked out and are putting in some small details here and there as the programming is coming together
  • From one Space Quest fan to another, the story in my opinion is hilarious and holds true to what we all loved about Space Quest, but still will appeal to new generations of adventure gaming fans.
  • A female character is being developed that we hope to announce more details about in the near future.

Other News:

  • Don't forget to pledge to the Hero-U Kickstarter! It is by the creators of the Quest for Glory Series, Lori and Corey Cole! Here is 10 reasons why you have no excuse not to!
  • The recent podcast in which Chris Pope was interviewed can be found here.
  • We will be giving out GoG credits soon. Please be patient.
  • Keep an eye out for the December issue of Wired Magazine, we recently did an interview with them.

And Lastly...

Mark and Scott are gonna do a private chat room session with backers. Remember that you must be a $150 or over backer to take part in this.


Monday Novemeber 19, 2012 at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

We are working on another chat time that will work better for people in distance time zones from the US.


On the private backer website at

What if I'm not a high enough backer to get in the chat room?

Go here and upgrade your pledge if you'd like :)

What if I have already pledged $150 or higher and still can't get it?

Email support:

Do you love us backers?

Yes, yes we do, you are the wind beneath our astro wings!


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    1. pcj on

      External IRC clients are now supported on the chat, please see for more details.

    2. William

      In IRC, one can setup a channel Key code in order to enter. You could protect the channel with a key code that only $150 backers can view. You probably could still have web viewers automatically use that key code, so that anyone who just wanted to click chat and not mess with a client program could still enter the channel almost exactly as they are doing now.

      I'm sure there are other access solutions too, both for IRC and for other types of web based chat.

    3. pcj on

      Whoops, only website connections* are allowed.

    4. pcj on

      Currently only website permissions are allowed. I am investigating a system that would allow you to use a client with web auth but it will not be available for tonight.

      I will be sure to log the chat and make that available. :)

    5. William

      ismail: I tried mirc, and I found the server info, but I can't connect to it. I'm guessing it permits connections only from within the website. :(

    6. William

      Thanks for the update to my account!

    7. William

      Please make sure to check the pcj email address for any last minute upgrade fixes, such as the one I just emailed :) I upgraded to the $150 tier to do chat, but the website doesn't show it.

    8. William

      If you know the channel and server, you can use a number of IRC programs to get there. One of the more popular ones is mIRC.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ismail Saeed on


      I see that the SpaceVenture chat room is an IRC channel. I understand it's for backers only, but I'm in a sufficient backer category to get there. Rather, something else intrigues me. Can someone please direct me how I might use my backer username and password with an IRC program that will let me log in like I do on the Web site? I want to be able to preserve the Monday chat log.

    10. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Huh, that chat is going to at like 3 am where I am at, and that on a week night. I already get too little sleep during the week since I have to get pretty early go to work and me being a night person, that's not good. So, completely a no-can-do for me, unfortunately.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###

    11. S.D. on

      Oh, duh. His wikipedia is earlier in the page :-P

    12. S.D. on

      Dudes, why is Scott's Wikipedia link in there? Why *isn't* Mark's? Is this part of some vast, sprawling Alternative Reality Game, where I must take the dates from the wiki revisions, convert the date formats to integer format, and combine them with hints in concept art from other conspiring Sierra alumni Kickstarter projects, to reveal a hidden message, leading to a domain registered four months ago with a nonsense name? Must I then answer seriously old-school Sierra trivia to unlock a fantastic fan reward?

      If not, then that's OK. Instead of spending time on that, I could just send my e-mail to Troels like I've been promising to do for like a month now, so we can collaborate on [secret thing].

    13. pcj on

      jfrisby, Yeah, podcasts, generally, but Unity slipped out from Mark during the Hangout.

    14. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on

      Love the sound of the progress -- Don't know if I've been just really out of the loop, but I hadn't heard about the Unity engine choice, or hiring of anyone -- great news all around! Is that stuff being revealed in the podcasts I've missed?

    15. Mike Marecek on

      Any updates on the backer items? Or will all that be post game release?

    16. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      I love the artwork released so far (on the backer site), and look forward to seeing and hearing more about the project. I will definitely try to make it for the chat, but I will miss the beginning as I will just be getting home from work when it starts.

    17. Words Of Magic on

      Glad to hear that the game is coming along nicely. I hope we'll be able to see some more gorgeous artworks soon. I will try to attend the chat, though it isn't very "time-friendly" for us European backers. Cheers!