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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

Join the The Two Guys From Andromeda, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, along with Chris Pope for a live wrap party!!!


6/13/12 6pm PST / 9pm EST (Check your timezone here)

Where? (Running a bit late, bare with us)

PS- Dont forget you can still pledge on PayPal

Also, if you havent already, show some love to the Tex Murphy project!

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    1. ThomasN on

      Thanks for the heads up with the Amazon reject. The message is always "your payment is rejected" so I thought it's something wrong on my end.

    2. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      Set my alarm for this: 3AM here in Europe!

    3. Josh Lukins on

      I guess we can party in the main comment section for now while we wait :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on

      I guess they forgot about us. :/

    5. foxol on

      It's time.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Bierlein on

      5 minutes! Need link! T_T

    7. Josh Lukins on

      Space Pope where are you?

    8. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on

      How much sooner can you get? o.o;; Is 15 minutes until wrap party.

    9. Justin

      1 hour left...where's the link?

    10. meowgod on

      well chris was the one dealing these ks stuff but he's away to attend a funeral couple dayz ago. i'm guessing it'll resolve soon.

    11. M D on

      I raised a ticket with Kickstarter, and their rep told me "The [project] creator's account is still undergoing verification with Amazon, so backers' pledges are being held for the moment. Once the creator finishes verification, your pledge will be automatically collected" So it sounds like the Two Guys need to do something on their side if they haven't already.

    12. Mickey Possingham on

      I contacted kickstarter about the amazon payment confirmation thing and they said:
      "Sorry for the confusion. This is actually an issue with the project creator, not you. The creator's account is still undergoing verification with Amazon, so backers' pledges are being held for the moment. Once the creator finishes verification, your pledge will be automatically collected. If there is an issue with your pledge at that point, we will inform you, but for now, no need to worry!"

    13. Missing avatar

      Erik W. Bjønnes on

      This is the third project where I have had this happen, and the other two got fixed quite quickly, so guessing this should be fixed by tomorrow...

    14. M D on

      I haven't been charged yet either - this never happened with any of my other kickstarter pledges. I checked and confirmed there isn't an entry there for this kickstarter being paid (but there's no messages about failed payments either). No clue what to do from here - is it just Amazon taking its time, or do I have to do something (and if so, what?)

    15. mo54 on

      I haven't had confirmation from amazon either.
      Glad to see it isn't just me and it will probably get sorted.

    16. Andrea on

      thanks Anthony!

    17. Anthony Rodriguez on

      it is because there is a legal (or self imposed?) limit to the amount Amazon can bill during a single period of time, because of the large nature of the project it is being billed out in groups, it will debt soon. The has happened to me with other KS as well.

    18. Nite2 on

      Same thing here... Amazon successfully got $1 from my VISA when I pledged (06/08/2012), saying "reserving funds". But no final payment ($15) yet. There is enough funds on the card. Strange...

    19. Andrea on

      Nothing about the payment for me, too. Another payment for a different project ended after this one was correctly notified.

    20. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      I really like the way Rooter is painted there. I real Japanese feel to it.

    21. Maxim Bardin on

      Same issue with Amazon....CAN'T PAY !!! ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      nin on

      I got the "Thanks to you and X people" email (from KS), but nothing from amazon for the payment yet.

    23. vIQleS on

      I'm OK if the payment doesn't happen until tomorrow (mytime) BTW. (Payday :-D)

      Wondering why tho - all the other kickstarters have gone through straight away...

    24. João Gonçalves on

      Same here with the payment.

    25. James Cooper on

      I havent received an amazon confirmation for this project either, however I did receive one yesterday from another project. (Xenonauts)

    26. Kenny Chik on

      It's working hours in my location when the party begin........ will you record the whole party for us to watch later??

    27. Missing avatar

      Lisal on

      I haven't been getting payment confirmations from Amazon for *anything* for the past couple of weeks, not just this. Something's up on their end.

    28. Missing avatar

      Lord baconus on

      I also haven't gotten a payment confirmation yet. Glad it's not just me.

    29. ~ hathor ~ on

      well i got a payment confirmation thing from amazon so i'm sure those who haven't will be getting it soon

    30. Maya on

      congratulations guys! and great work everyone! :) looking forward to the stream~ <3

    31. Keyper of the 7 on

      Same here, I received a confirmation from kickstarter that I am a backer, received the confirmation that the campaign was successful but haven't received a payment confirmation from Amazon and the payment method was the same as two other kickstarter campaigns, I haven't changed anything...

    32. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Congrats to the Two Guys, and thank you to everyone that contributed! 6 months or a year ago, I'd never guess we'd have another game from them in development.

      I'm almost kickstarted out, but there's no way I'd miss out on the Coles.

    33. hotmumbo on

      Gratz Mark, Scott, Chris and all backers - well done!

    34. Joel Segerbäck on

      Weird, I haven't gotten a confirmation from Amazon that the payment's gone through, neither that it didn't work. Haven't had any problems with any of the other projects.

    35. Missing avatar

      Thom Lewis on

      @Anthony: The Coles have said they should have something (possibly a kickstarter) announced some time in the next few months.

    36. Missing avatar

      Steven DeVol on

      I just wanted to say congratulations to scott murphy and mark crowe again, really excited and looking forward to playing this. Since space quest 7 was cancelled along time ago, I hope maybe in the near future you will still be able to make Space Quest 7 game for all the fans including me.

      Steven DeVol

      Washington, DC

    37. Anthony Rodriguez on


    38. Anthony Rodriguez on


    39. Janna Ostoya on

      * weeps with geeky joy *

    40. Matt Combes on

      @Tom -- King's Quest is already being made, by TellTale Games. :) No word on Police Quest though.

    41. Tom Wright on

      Indeed. Now all we need is Kings Quest and Police Quest and we'll have all the classic adventure games reborn!

    42. Justin

      WOOHOO!!!! Along with LSL....that's TWO DOWN!!!!!

    43. Alexander Dietrich on

      A hearty /backpat for everyone! See you...IN SPACE!

    44. Riggo on

      @Roy... LOL

    45. Jean-Marc Giffin on

      Congratulations, Mark, Scott and Chris! You guys have worked hard, along with thousands of backers spreading the word. Take a short break; you need it! Then... we are looking forward to seeing what comes out of your collective minds and talents! :D

    46. RoyMartin on

      There's way too many updates here, I'm pulling my pledge. HAHA! Congrats, Two Guys! I'm so happy right now!

    47. Matt Combes on

      Hey @markcrowe -- did you ever get a response back from Chris regarding existing KS backers being able to upgrade their tier via PayPal? Maybe something to clarify at the wrap party, which I'll be a little late to, but still hope to join :) CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!