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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

Cluck Y'egger speaks!

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)


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    1. eXoScoriae on

      I staunchly maintain that this is *not* warburton. It is a poor impersonation of him.

    2. Tom Hammerheart on

      By the way, I won't be disappointed Cluck is being voiced by John Patrick Lowrie. Love his work in Team Fortress 2!

    3. Tom Hammerheart on

      Good info, Sean. I was thinking it might be John Patrick Lowrie. If it is Warburton and they can legally announce that, now is definitely the time to confirm that. It would be a huge boost for the project!

    4. Sean Jordan on

      As further evidence that this is Patrick Warburton - Chris Pope is the marketing director on this project, but he also works with individual actors on boosting their social profile. On (Chris's site), one of the projects he lists a "client" being involved with is The Emperor's New Groove, in which Warburton played Kronk.

      If you've listened to any of the podcasts he's done (I'm a new fan of Talking Toons With Rob Paulsen myself after discovering it through the Chris/Rob interview a couple of weeks back!), you know that Chris works with lots of voice actors, and it appears that he's pulling strings to get them involved in Spaceventure. So, don't doubt that it's the genuine article!

    5. eXoScoriae on

      Come on guys, that is not Patrick Warburton. It is someone trying very hard to sound like him. Maybe I have watched too much family guy or something, but it is very obvious to me that this is not him.

    6. Daniel - Xenon Special Forces on

      i love the voice. i can only imagine how awesome that game will be. it just needs to happen.

    7. Sean Ormsby on

      Sounds like a cross between Patrick Warburton, Brad Garrett (the older brother from everybody loves Raymond) with just a hint of Seth Green's character voice for Chris on Family Guy. An interesting mix.

    8. Chesterrush on

      Great update! Keep 'em coming!

    9. Zombie Pug on

      Very cool! It sounds like Warburton, but wouldn't mortgage the house for that guess. Could be a good imitation. Keep up the great updates! More is better!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim M. on

      I don't really understand how this update is "nonsense". We actually have a voiced character - that's a huge developement! And if you only looked through the last 10 updates, you'd find out about the reward structure, the main character, and a handful of other relevant things. Is it really that much effort to read these days?

    11. Jared Ponder: Put Two Guys on a pony! on

      I think it's him. It sounds just like him. It almost seems like they intentionally downplayed it so people could speculate and drive up the hype!

    12. Sean Jordan on

      Given the voice actor pedigree already involved, I'd say it's likely it's Patrick Warburton. And yes - they should put out a press release saying he's signed on if that's the case, because that'd bring some new interest to the Kickstarter campaign!

    13. Dan Robert Polsrød on

      It sounded a LOT like Warburton, but I think it might be a damn good impression.

    14. Tim L on

      If its an impersonator its a damn good one. In fact id say hes so good that hed be just as.good as the real one.

    15. Matt Combes on

      I wish the Two Guys would definitively confirm or deny that this is actually Warburton doing the voice, and not an impersonator. If it's actually him, we could definitely use that to our advantage to drive pledges in these last days.

    16. Raiden on

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it sounded like Patrick Warburton's distinctive voice.

    17. Tim L on

      Awesome update by the way. Love warburton. "yeah, Thats right.."

    18. Tim L on

      Lol @ crybabies

    19. Missing avatar

      Adam I. on

      @JMart: That part of my comment was more or less directed to folk above who only wanted "important" updates. More or less I was trying to say that if someone doesn't consider these updates important then what would be important enough to not just turn updates off? Personally I enjoy them. Although I think that kickstarter needs to improve how we can browse updates.

    20. Rob Ventulett on

      PERFECT! This game will be so much fun!

    21. Decaffeinated Jedi on

      Excellent update! Love the voice...

    22. grimfate on

      I wish I had 500k to just donate and get the suspense over with =[

    23. Missing avatar

      Ol'Curmudgeon on

      @Adam: I respect your opinion... but please keep in mind that many others feel these updates are crucial and contain plenty of information.

    24. Michael Shaw

      If this doesn't qualify as an important update, what does? For God's sake,I get plenty of e-mail that I never open and delete upon receipt. It takes me less than a second to do it. If you don't like the updates, unsubscribe from them. I'm happy the guys are keeping me informed. I'm a backer - I'm contributing my hard earned money to see this game gets made. The Two Guys are keeping me - as a backer - informed and giving me a chance to give my opinion along the way. And, i wouldn't want it any other way.

    25. Jonathan - Member, Mutant League on

      Ha, very cool - I made sure to share this with my friends... hopefully some will back.

    26. Missing avatar

      Adam I. on

      Re Updating: The emails shouldn't be a problem as if they are annoying just unsubscribe. There really isn't anything "important" in them anyways. What is a problem is paging through 9+ pages of to look at the updates on kickstarter. It would be nice if there were alternative ways to look at them such as allowing more updates per page, a page of links with just the update title, or a collapsed view with just a small space for each update. The latter two would make it far easier to find a specific update, but really these are things for kickstarter to think about rather than the TGFA.

    27. TheChosenOne on

      I don't have e-mail notifications and I still think they update to much.
      It is not just about people who already backed. New backers have to strugly though dozens and dozens of updates where a lot of them are irrelevant or only have a tiny bit of information.


      I don't even know much about the game (mainly pledged to comment one time since I can always unpledge). Granted I haven't looked at/played the prototypes but some more direct updates/information is needed aswell.
      For current and new backers.
      And to continue the frontpage is WAY WAY WAY to big/has to much information.

    28. Josh Chaikin on

      Glad it's not just me hearing Patrick Warburton!

    29. Missing avatar

      Dan B on

      I love the update, but for anyone who thinks there are too many, the link to unsubscribe from e-mail updates for a project is at the bottom of each e-mail, or it can be controlled at

    30. Tomimt on

      It certainly sounds like Warburton.

    31. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Re: updating too often: Seriously, please unsubscribe to email updates or stop posting about it. I'd much rather read these updates than more complaints. Actually, I'd rather stick a fork in my eye, but that's probably a bit drastic.

    32. Rich on

      Definitely sounds like Patrick Warburton to me!

    33. Meatloaf OntheRadio on

      I love all the updates, keep them coming

    34. Angel on

      Is that Patrick Warburton? Certainly hope so. :)

    35. Michael Hartmann

      Okay, I'm getting used to people complaining about the number of updates each time an update hits by now. It must be awfully difficult to disable the e-mail notifications despite someone pointing out how to do it every time. But calling this update not relevant to the campaign is absurd. What is not relevant about an update that features a main character from the game speaking for the first time ?

    36. Rich on

      Yeah frequent updates rule, they make my day!

    37. Nicholas Gotshall on


      So I guess I'll be upping my pledge, tonight.

    38. William C Crawford on

      I simply filtered all my mail to a folder in GMail, and then I get all my KS updates when I want. They never interrupt me.

      I actually like frequent updates, but just prefer to check them on my own timetable.

    39. Colin Davis on

      Chris - Can you confirm who you got to do that voice? ;)
      Is Warburton on board?

      You guys have an AMAZING voice cast! Who else are you going to get?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ol'Curmudgeon on

      @Folk: My suggestion is to go into settings and then notifications.. uncheck Spaceventure. Then when you have time come back to this website and browse the updates section for the latest.

      Also, keep in mind alot of people don't think these updates are nonsense. Likely the same people who've waited decades for the resurgence of quality adventure gaming.

      I'm one of those people. And these updates aren't nonsense. IMHO, of course.

    41. Colin Davis on

      Yeah, I'm really enjoying getting these updates! They make the whole process a lot more fun for me.
      That's why KS makes it easy to unsubscribe from updates, so people like me can keep getting awesome news, and other people can avoid it

    42. Missing avatar

      Filip Stamate on

      You can choose not to receive email notifications for updates. Why would you want to withdraw your pledge? Do you want this game done or not?

    43. calbeb on

      Derek and Folk, why don't you just disable updates for this project? A lot of us like getting them, and this is the last week and we need the momentum.

    44. Derek Plote on

      I agree with folk. You guys are updating way too often.. I count 9 updates in the last two days, most of which aren't really relevant. It's seriously making me want to pull my pledge so I stop getting so much spam.

      Please try to tone down the update frequency. One per day seems like plenty.

    45. Don C - SpaceVenture Evangelist on

      sweet... so Cluck and Ace will have the same "voice?"

    46. folk on

      I want the important updates, but I really don't care about all this nonsense. Can you please tell me how I can make an e-mail filter that nukes all your SPAM and yet keeps the relevant updates when/if they ever come? For example, if you could tell me that any important update would be marked clearly with the words "This update is not SPAM" or "This update is actually relevant", then I could just autodelete anything from you that doesn't include such a phrase. It would have to be accurate though. Thank you.