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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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Mystery Character! Hint: Don't jump to conclusions on protagonists!

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)


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    1. markcrowe on

      What's an "astro chicken"? This is Cluck Y'Egger- a highly evolved anthropomorphic feathered being from the planet Eggo. with a really cool back story and his own coin-op arcade video game.

    2. trideceth12 on

      lol, my wife has an astro chicken ringtone

    3. Andrew Gibbons on

      Just Upped my Pledge to $30 ... if this turns out to be Astro Chicken I am upping to $50

    4. Andrew Gibbons on

      ASTRO CHICKEN xDxDxD!!!! This is AWESOME!

    5. Rich on


    6. Riggo on

      Cluck Norris?

    7. Michael Shaw

      @Matt Combes - I like Starcluck. Very inventive.

    8. Riggo on

      Honey Badger?

    9. Missing avatar

      Niels Wissing on

      So the hero is working as a mascot for AstroChicken

    10. Rich on

      Looks like he lays grenades for eggs.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ash on

      Robo-Chicken!! (as i'm guessing AstroChicken is tied into the Space Quest IP)

    12. Shane Zeagman on

      Astrochicken! 8D

    13. Gil Megidish on

      *A*S*T*R*O* *C*H*I*C*K*E*N* !!

    14. Matt Combes on

      Could make it a play on Battlestar Galactica ... call him Starcluck.

    15. Richard Jarke on

      Rocket rooster!!!

    16. Ohverture on

      Do you thirst for chicken?

    17. Jason Ladouceur on


    18. William

      For those who haven't played space quest games, Steam daily deal is on right now for the entire collection for only $5
      Works on win 7 64 bit (has integrated dosbox, click and go)
      Note that there are some graphical glitches in full screen mode that are easily fixed by changing one config line in the dosbox config file per this thread:…
      Or just play it in windowed mode and enjoy!

    19. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      Roy Rooster of U.S. Acres fame fell out of one of Orson Pig's dream sequences and into SpaceVenture. Watch out for Roy's top-secret, highly experimental, thermonuclear exploding grelbin device...

    20. JacoB on

      It's Chicken Boo! you know "You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you're not a man, you're a chicken, Boo."

    21. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on

      AC Starbender: Ace Kitchen Assistant.

    22. Chissà Perchè on

      Space Chicken from Space Quest: Incineration?

    23. Nigel McNaughton on

      Fainlly the Foghorn Leghorn game I have always dreamed of.

    24. Don Dueck on

      SPACE COCK!!!

    25. Floyd Turkowski on

      Where are its spurs?

    26. Nicholas Gotshall on

      @JustAnotherFool: I think "RoboCock" sounds best, here.

    27. Missing avatar

      JustAnotherFool on

      Spacecock? Err.. I mean.. Stargoose and all that.. something..

    28. Tim L on

      Looks reminiscent of a Starcon uniform. Anyone agree?

    29. Missing avatar

      Sofox on


    30. meowgod on

      hmmm i can tell the shape of things now i see it closer.. it's a rooter with goggles/sunglasses with a uniform red n yellow it might seemed. with a black belt :D

    31. Fausto Fonseca on


    32. Tim L on

      I liked the idea that someone had in the chatroom: Cluck Jaeger or Cluck Jaegermeister

    33. Eugene on

      It's Dark Someone with Eerie Headless Shadow! Aaa! Someone, turn on the lights!

    34. Jeff G. - Armikrog Army on

      It's Steelbeak from Darkwing Duck!

      (OK. I doubt it, but they DO have Rob Paulsen...)

    35. Kristian Boruff on

      Astro Chicken, not Space Chicken. ARGH!! I'M SO STUPID NOW!!!

    36. Kristian Boruff on

      "Space Chicken: who you think you're cluckin' with?"

    37. Missing avatar

      RetroSwimAU on


    38. Mike Haley on

      William Fowley. Old time TV fans might get that one. I had one other idea during the podcast, but it was too vulgar to share.

    39. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      It's the Colonel in disguise!

    40. ThomasN on

      I mean.. Giant Cock!

    41. SoulLifter on

      It's Astro-Something!!! Cool!

    42. ThomasN on

      Astro Cock!

    43. Michael Shaw

      AstroChicken!?!?!? or is that Foghorn Leghorn? I don't care....looks awesome!

    44. Patrick on

      Very cool. Is he wearing that Andromedan eye gear that is all the rage?

    45. David Papageorge on

      I suddenly have an urge to visit Monolith Burger.

    46. William C Crawford on

      Is that the chicken from Family Guy?

      Just kidding. ;)