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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

Prototype #1 - Here ya go!

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

Listen to the audio clip from Scott and Mark before playing the prototype! :)

We are bringing this to you with the help of the wonderful team over at Q42. The download will take place through the Chrome Web Store. Yes, that means you'll need to download Chrome. It's quick and free, so please don't sweat it! More platforms to come! 

After listening, CLICK HERE to go to the Chrome Web Store!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Spacehamster74 on

      Thanks for putting together the demo guys, it gives me a good idea of which direction you're going to take this game in. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing what you do next!

    2. Teo Sartori on

      Not working for me on Chrome for OS X. It just gets stuck checking after I've confirmed I want to add the app. :(

    3. Ian the Fleming on

      I'm a Firefox user. I installed Chrome and saw the demo. Everything worked beautifully! I'm impressed with the Chrome Webstore and look forward to Part 2 of the demo!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ariella Baston on

      Awww, cute demo! You still have the FUN within! =D Keep it up!

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Cerulo on

      Obviously just a short little tease, but tease it did! Very excited, and impressed with how quickly that art and stuff could be thrown into a short demo. Kudos to the Two Guys for putting material together in advance of meeting their goals!

    6. James Mulvale on

      I hope the next update has a keycard of some description!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Karsten Vermeulen on

      scratch it working :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Karsten Vermeulen on

      Hi guys, stupid question, but i cant seem to get the demo running, i launched google chrome and when i went to the prototype, all it was was a still image, any ideas how this works?

    9. Floyd Turkowski on

      The demo can't be properly judged until it evolves over time and we see the final result. It is going to be fun to look back on this after a few updates and chuckle at the initial reactions. It's HTML5, it'll port anywhere just give them time to push all the buttons. Let's go $200K!

    10. Alan Luckachina - XSF\Team Meep\AGL589 on

      Fun little proto-sketch ditty to play around with! A bit too early for me to give input on what I'd add or change, I know that was delightfully non-helpful! :p But having said that, I do look forward to watching this project evolve, and plan to say helpful, inspiring, and borderline insightful things long before I get chained to my desk as a [Happy] Beta Tester :p

    11. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      Just wanted to re-post this for new folk who just landed here...

      The purpose of this crude first demo is for us to explore and demonstrate the rapid prototyping capabilities of HTML5 as a multiplatform authoring tool that will empower us to bring many innovative features to the genre we all love.

      Remember, this is a just phase one of a "living" prototype - meaning you will get to see it evolve during the course of our Kickstarter. How exciting is THAT, people?

      When we get to $200,000, we'll upgrade the demo to the next level based on your feedback. So after you try it out, make sure to let us know what you think and where you think we should take this next.

      Remember we said this was going to be a unique approach to doing a Kickstarter? Well here's your first taste of being a bigger part of the development process. Enjoy and thanks again!

      - Mark & Scott

      PS Don't forget to go full screen! ⌘-Shift-F on a Mac or F11 on Windows!

    12. Tomimt on

      Very cool proto, I'm looking forward of seeing how this will evolve.

    13. Jason Joyce

      I'm actually sort of changing my mind now, or at least opening it.

      I was kinda skeptical about the HTML5 thing, but from the brief snippet, I have to admit; it was a nicer experience than I'd have thought.

      So..guess HTML5's not such a compromise of a choice after all, if the do choose to use it.

      Of course, as far as I'm concerned, they could turn it into an AGI game complete with parser and I'd still happily buy in.

    14. Missing avatar

      Shane Larson on

      Figured out how to get the demo working. I didn't know you had log in with your Google account, download, and then launch the web app. Pretty cool stuff, guys.

    15. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      The whole game will run offline, thanks for the question :)

    16. Colin Davis on

      I Love that the prototypes are in HTML5. I really think this is by FAR the best way to write adventure games today.

      Here's the thing- If you want to run across iOS, Mac/Win/Linux, Android, and everyother bloody thing, you need an interpreter of some sort.

      Unity is OK, but HTML is the most widely-tested, distributed, and optimized engine in the world. This is ABSOLUTELY the right way to go.

    17. Missing avatar

      harborpirate on

      When you follow their link, you'll notice a little "Runs Offline" icon.
      This means that after you install it, the demo does not require internet access.

    18. Kenny Chik on

      @S.D. Thanks for your information... And I am wonder the whole product is a web app or stand-alone app? Since I don't like to play game where Internet support is needed....

    19. S.D. on

      @Kenny: I too am a Firefox user. Mozilla has an experimental HTML5 web store they're putting together to parallel Google's Chrome Web Store (called Mozillian, at ).

      It is in beta (I am not in the beta) but I suspect that it would take the Two Guys demo just fine, and also work well in Firefox, depending on how it was implemented. But, that's a ways off; it is possible that the Two Guys could host the web app on their own server, but then they've got the bandwidth problem (which they've neatly handed off to Google's server farm, currently).

      I prefer Firefox, but I was willing to install the Chromium browser (not *Chrome*... it is the open-source project which has essentially no Google integration, and is a generic Webkit-based web browser). It is not Chrome. It *does* work with Google's web store (as I posted about an hour ago).

      If you like, consider it a game engine to house the demo. Only use it for that and don't browse anywhere else, using it. When the campaign is completed, uninstall it. Modern software package management makes that super easy to accomplish. Yes, it is a hassle. I've decided it's a small hassle for me, and well worth it.

      For those who are unable/unwilling to try the demos, just pretend it's an awesome project with a great team behind it, and no demos are available, like nearly every other wonderful KS game project in the history of the universe! If those were worth backing, why wouldn't this one be? Heck, I've backed Pinkerton Road on the *promise* of a Linux port at $400K, and they aren't even there yet. It's a gamble, but I have faith that both teams will deliver, and that the community will show Jane & Robert that it's worth deliering (and the Two Guys, for that matter, but these Guys got our slick, feathery, penguin backs from the start... that's worth an awful lot to me).

      TL;DR ... Chromium isn't Chrome, the demos will definitely be worth suffering Chromium just for them (if not Chrome itself), and if you decide it's not for you personally, well... this project definitely will be worth backing anyway, demos or no demos.

    20. WereTiger on

      I'll die a brutal death before I install Chrome. :\

    21. Kenny Chik on

      will there be any update that can be viewed other from chrome? (Firefox is much better for me..)
      I am not a fan of chrome at all...

    22. Missing avatar

      Joshua Carmody on

      As a concept preview, that was pretty cool. But I don't think I'd be happy if the final version was an HTML5 chrome app.

    23. Sven T Sexgore on

      Worked fine for me although the scroll from one screen to he next seemed a bit jittery. Chrome, Windows Vista

      Only real complaint - no horrid death scene! But that was addressed in the audio.

    24. calbeb on

      I have issues with the Chrome thing, but I have to admit this is a pretty cool way to keep rewarding backers.

    25. S.D. on

      @chromophobic backers: Verified that the demo works fantastically with Chromium on Linux. A Windows and Mac person can verify that the same is true on those platforms.

      Specs: Chromium 18.0.1025.151 (Developer Build 130497 Linux) on Ubuntu 12.04LTS

    26. Zyote on

      I had some issues playing it, couldn't walk to the right beyond the waterfall. screen kept on panning the opposite direction. :-( used Chrome 13 on a Mac.

    27. Jose Marcelino on

      @zeekthegeek Chrome is not open source, only it's parent project - Chromium - is open source.

    28. Missing avatar

      Shane Larson on

      Doesn't work for me at all and I'm using Chrome (says I have the most updated version - 18.0.1025.168 m). ?

    29. icecreamjones on

      Chrome is not spyware, it's in fact opensource and the only data that goes to google is for errors. Take off your tinfoil hats.

    30. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on

      Nice update! -- not a huge fan of Chrome, and not entirely convinced by the whole HTML5 thing yet.. But wow, it's awesome to see something!

    31. Missing avatar

      T W on

      Chrome is spyware. Please do better than this.

    32. BluScreen_Jason on

      For anyone who is unable to play the demo you can see my LP/Kickstarter support video here:… the actual gameplay starts around 2:15

    33. BluScreen_Jason on

      I'll post a link here after it's up and good to go.

    34. Irfon-Kim Ahmad on

      Thanks, P.C. Johnston. :) The Chrome Store version didn't work at all for me (I did install Chrome, but when I said to add it, it just sat on "Checking..." forever), but your version worked fine (and in Safari, no less).

    35. joel - the one and only on

      Thanks a lot! How do i find you on YouTube?

    36. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      @Jason: Thanks for doing the LP! :)

    37. BluScreen_Jason on

      The entire Let's Play is rather underwhelming. I rant a million miles an hour out of excitement and throw in a lot of information about the kickstarter to draw in new people. It's actually one of my poorest LP moments, but I didn't feel like rehearsing, or doing the script beforehand, and I am way too excited, future installments will be much more calm :P

      There's no sound in the demo though so if I annoy you, just mute me :P.

      On my slow net it'll take me about another 20 minutes to upload this relatively small video :/

    38. Missing avatar

      Roadrunner on

      @ P:C: Johnston - Thank you for that. It`s a cool demo.

    39. James Mulvale on

      Looking forward to the 'Lets Play' of this!! Should have gone with the 8-bit Roger, and handwriting though ;)

    40. pcj on

      To do this without installing in Chrome, I've extracted and uploaded to

      It works great in Chrome (who would have thought), is way sluggish in Firefox, and doesn't seem to work at all in IE. Haven't tried any other browsers. (Safari might work)

    41. Missing avatar

      Blues Brother on

      I toss in my vote for some Firefox support too. I feel it's an unnecessary restriction that you can run this prototype only with Chrome.

    42. Missing avatar

      Roadrunner on

      @Jason Thanks for that. Looking forward to it.

    43. Mike Marecek on

      fantastic stuff. The Q42 guys do amazing work!

    44. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Looks good guys! Thanks again!

    45. Belcaw on

      Super smart move to do this. It teases and tickles to get more people interested and believing in the project enough to back it and to increase their backing.

    46. Patrick on

      My vote to move away from the browser platform for the final game - as comments show many PC users are very picky about their browser and the software they install (me included). Sooo ... guess I'll give the demo a try at work tomorrow then... ;)

    47. joel - the one and only on

      @JAson That would be great! Many thanks!

    48. BluScreen_Jason on

      @Joel: If you want to see a playthrough I'll be putting one up on my Youtube channel later today as part of my "SUPPORT THIS KICKSTARTER" advertisement. I'll put the link up here if you want it. It'll be real short.

    49. Jeremy Newman on

      Nice bit of HTML5 work guys!