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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

The goings on in SpaceVenture camp

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

Hey everyone! We know this is another long awaited update, but we were holding off because we were hoping to be able to confirm a few things, such as our upcoming voice over recording session with our voice actors along with when we plan to let you all beta test. Alas, we are not quite 100% on those dates yet, but hopefully soon. Rest assured, once I have got those dates for you, we'll do another update and have it out there in the open.

The good news is, we are almost there! Believe it or not, we are on the road for finishing this game up, and when it's released, it will be done right with all the correct amount of tender love and care(not to mention blood, sweat, and tears) it deserves!


As mentioned in a previous update, one of the last remaining areas of the game, has you visiting an interstellar fan convention known as "Andromecon". This is a beautifully created sequence in the game that features all kinds of creatures dressed up as their favorite characters from all sorts of movies and video games, a lot of which, as an earthling, you'll hopefully recognize. 

Below is a screenshot of Rooter hanging around the convention floor while Centari Corporations baby man CEO Milo Forbin discusses the companies latest creation, the "Facebox".

We also wanted to show you all some video footage of this scene taking place in action. In this video you will see Rooter navigating part of the Andromecon convention floor. Keep a close eye for some fun SciFi pop culture references milling about. There is quite a few in there! You'll also notice another SpaceVenture character that we have showed in the past.. Office Quicksilver!



I thought you guys would enjoy hearing from Mark on some of his design choices for creating the Andromecon sequence.

Mark Crowe:

Hi Gang- 

Heres a peek behind the scenes of a short animated sequence I needed in the game. 

In our story, Centari Corp produces a VR game console called the ‘Facebox’. From the beginning, the concept for this Facebox appliance was to have a sleek appearance but with something sinister about it under the hood. To reinforce the sinister aspect, we wanted to show Faceboxes being mass produced on an assembly line. The point was to reveal their menacing skeletal innards being encased in a more user-friendly outer shell. The video reveals a little bit of how the effect was achieved. 

We used 2D pre-rendered artwork (as with the rest of the game) but mapped it onto simple 2.5D shapes to enhance the illusion of depth. I wanted the outer shell to look like it was actually being 3D printed over the skeleton. To achieve that effect we used a nifty ‘invisible mask’ shader on a flat quad that hides the 3D shell mesh from the camera. But as we animate the invisible mask shape downward, it exposes the shell mesh as it passes through it. Hopefully what I’m trying to describe is more clear in the video. 

I really had a good time putting this little sequence together for the game and just figuring out how to make it work was a fun challenge. Kinda like solving an adventure game puzzle. :) 

As an added treat, here is some early concepts from artist Brent Forest (and yours truly) showing the evolution of the Facebox appliance.

My initial concept 

Brents awesome sketches. Very disturbing. Brent captured the menace perfectly. But who in their right mind would wilfully strap one those to their face, right? So we dialed it back. But then reintroduced the alien-like menace by showing the inner workings of the Facebox in the assembly line sequence.

Image from a April fools Press release we did in 2016



You guys that backed high enough, got to do a vote on your favorite three villains to be part of the Centari Corporations Executive Staff. The results are in:  

These percentages are based upon the TOP THREE selected villains.   

Here were the total results:  

1. Baronne = 17.6%  

2. Mingleton = 38.3%(WINNER)  

3. Ursalon = 19.6%  

4. Battinski = 16.1%  

5. Zorgstein = 55.3%(WINNER)  

6. Galactuzon = 27.4%  

7. Khaaaanway = 49.3%(WINNER)  

8. Bjorgensen-sen = 25.9%  

9. Borfndorf = 22.8%  

10. Sprockovich = 19%

That's all for now, but we have more coming your way soon!

Thanks everyone!  

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

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    1. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      It has been nearly 4 months with no new updates. Let's see how long they can go this time without communicating. So nice to know they respect backers enough to let us know on a frequent basis what's really going on.

    2. Marc M. Kloosterman on

      Nah Douglas. They're working on it. Maybe not full-time, but it will surface.

      (Unlike a campaign on IndieGoGo where a certain handheld computer console, which I backed, will never surface. That's so much worse than a long long waiting time)

    3. Missing avatar

      Douglas on

      Has anyone been successful recently getting a refund, think this is getting ridiculous ?

    4. Brendan Sydney Hughes on

      Centari? Not ScumSoft?

    5. Arvid Granat on

      Can we just get a rough estimate on how much progress has been done on various parts of the game? I'm not asking for much in terms of detail, just something like "Art is 80% done" or "Programming is maybe 60% done" or "Dialogue is 25% done"?
      I am disappointed in how there's no clear picture of what is even going on with the project. It seems like no one involved was able to manage the project as a whole sufficiently and communication has been spotty at best.
      I also hope Scott is ok.

    6. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Any news on the 'One Guy from Andromeda' game???

    7. Justin


    8. Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian on

      Can we take a moment to appreciate the great parodies on display in that AndromedCon video? "Final Fallacy." "Skwyrm." "Mass Defect." This brings back delightful memories of the Space Quest IV bargain bin box.

    9. advmal on

      @ Justin

      Interesting links. The LSL discussion was especially illuminating - I'm seeing some very familiar patterns, deflections, etc. I love Al but that makes me even more glad I didn't back LSL: Reloaded.

      But yes, watching someone trip over their lies and inconsistencies, then resorting to passive aggressive trolling, is more pathetic than amusing. This sad case is a good example of why it's important for people to strive for self-awareness.

      "Really ticked off that this project is in the same place is was 3 years ago."

      I was curious if there were any other updates or information on Facebook. I saw this:

      " ... almost ready ... waiting for the voice actors ... guys you reported this already two years ago ... so, what's really new ??"

      "We aren't waiting for voice actors. We are trying to get things in a finished enough state to go and record with our voice actors. We are VERY aware that things are way derailed as far as schedule goes. Again though, we are going as fast as we can and will release the game when it is 100% complete.. not half baked."

      It's seems like whoever wrote the reply was irritated at the question. Plus, nobody is asking them to release the game 'half-baked' so it seems like the actual question was hand-waved away. Darn entitled backers, mind your own business. ;)

    10. Tom Hammerheart on

      Did you like Space Quest V?

    11. Justin

      Oh and you got nothing. I’ll just keep reposting this:

      Anyway.... just to drive this point home. Really ticked off that this project is in the same place is was 3 years ago. They keep trying to make it look like they have all this new material when at the end of the day all of it looks like nothing more than proof of concept work.

    12. Justin

      First? What nonsense are you on about now? Being first has nothing to do with anything I said.

      Deflect! Defect! It’s the only defense we have left!

    13. Tom Hammerheart on

      Read the messages, Columbo.

      But let’s assume I found and looked up your name first under the assumption you had looked me up first. So?

      I already told you I would rather you be mad at me than complain about a game that isn’t out yet. You’re still stewing about this and posting here. I got what I wanted.

    14. Justin

      @advmal, now that undisputed facts have been posted blowing his entire story out of the water about stalking "him" or "looking him up" it's "get over it". Absolutely hilarious, classic and 100% expected.

    15. Justin

      "Get over it."

      LMAO! Oh the irony!

      There's no need to look you up. You literally posted your personal information all over these comment sections. Your name used to be your whole name. There was nothing to look up back then. You literally posted links to everything about you. Granted those links are a little different now but your images where here and on the links you posted. I know words are hard.

    16. Tom Hammerheart on

      You’re adorable. I said I never had anything with my appearance on this site. Reread my comments here from yesterday and the comments dated November 2016. You looked me up long before I knew who you were. I looked you up the following August. Get over it.

    17. Justin

      And here's another interesting one:

      Scroll down and check out some interesting URL's. But remember folks, no personal info about this person was EVER given in the comments. Right? RIGHT!?!?! Even the conversation is utterly ridiculous. Fighting, arguing....sound familiar?

      Normally I wouldn't do this but....this is all here in the comments section. I'm not giving out anything.

    18. Justin

      Since posting links to old comments is the hip new thing to do, here's an interesting one. Start at this link and scroll down and read the interesting replies to a certain someone. Notice any specific information? Sure looks familiar to me!…

      You can view more comments above those to see those replies being "acknowledged". For someone that never used to use his full name it makes the possibility of his own personal avatar (which I personally remember seeing) a little more believable....

      Thanks TomTom for forcing people to be more specific when replying to someone else with the same name.

    19. Justin

      "If the project manager and PR guy doesn't care to address these concerns or even acknowledge them, maybe someone else will."

      That's what I'm hoping. Something has to spark a flame under them.....or.....this is all just smoking and mirrors.

    20. advmal on


      "They either don't care or are so embarrassed that they hope it finds its way under the rug but it's never ending."

      Why address backer concerns directly when you can let a "volunteer team member" do the dirty work instead? I guess that includes poisoning the community and shamelessly attacking, bullying, cyberstalking, and even doxxing other people. This will surely keep those pesky, entitled backers in line and make them think twice about sharing their valid concerns on an open forum that's designed to solicit all types of feedback.

      "When the game is eventually released I'll be sure to highlight this member of the 'team' in every review possible."

      If the project manager and PR guy doesn't care to address these concerns or even acknowledge them, maybe someone else will.

    21. Tom Hammerheart on

      Whatever gets you through the day, buddy.

    22. advmal on

      "His involvement and attitude has been brought up to the creators in the past and as always ignored by the team."

      Then it's probably safe to assume they condone or even endorse the troll's nasty behavior toward other backers.

    23. Justin

      Not only does he claim to be apart of the team but he claims to be an extensive part with all this knowledge that he can't talk about. His involvement and attitude has been brought up to the creators in the past and as always ignored by the team.

      They either don't care or are so embarrassed that they hope it finds its way under the rug but it's never ending.

      All this years old post cherry picking is childish at best.

      The problem is Tom, has always been Tom and will always be Tom.

      When the game is eventually released I'll be sure to highlight this member of the "team" in every review possible.

    24. Tom Hammerheart on

      KSimms, this is the comment from November 2016 they're pouncing on me about:…

      Which was a response to Justin's earlier comment:…

      It's not that funny in hindsight but by no means worth anyone's time raging about a year and a half later.

      As for my involvement in the project, I was never part of the team, just a volunteer. Lower your pitchfork.

    25. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Just read some of the recent comments posted. I have not been following everything closely. Tom attacked someone's kid? That's a total trash move and really crosses a line. I wasn't aware this Tom person was officially part of the SpaceVenture team. His official association with the Two Guys company should be ended and he should be forbidden from having any access to backer information. It angers me to think that someone or some people on the SpaceVenture development team are possibly looking up personal information of backers who have posted critical comments about this project in order to retaliate against them. It's malicious, sickening and unforgivable.

      I was actually just starting to feel a little bad for having posted negative comments. But not anymore. In fact, I want to stress that I meant every word.

      I do think these Kickstarter updates have been a joke.

      I do think that Chris Pope, while perhaps a good person, lacks competence.

      I do think it's bizarre how Scott Murphy has disappeared. And I'm not prepared to give him a pass, no matter what sob story they come up with. He's a grown man, not a baby. He had a responsibility to this project and to us, and, from what I have been able to gather, he failed us.

      I did think the demo was uninspired and clunky and dull.

      I do think the people involved with this Kickstarter project have decided to ignore many questions and say as little as they can get away with about what's going on.

    26. Justin

      I hear ya. I wholeheartedly agree.

    27. advmal on

      What's amazing to me is how quickly someone can so easily shift from pretending to be a victim to stirring up old drama to nasty personal attacks to lying about their behavior then back to not-so-subtle provocation/baiting in a matter of minutes, while every step of the way counter-accusing other people of the very things they've done. It's a predictable pattern a deranged individual.

      You learned a lesson the hard way about engaging such a person, the type who will spend their time cyberstalking another person in order to doxx their private info out of revenge and also bully them into silence. Hopefully Chris is happy to know he has such a stable, upstanding individual representing him and the Spaceventure team.

      I look forward to the next update and hearing more about the voice acting and beta testing. I guess that would mean the dialogue is finalized or close to that? Are the puzzles all integrated into the game, too? Since this update is talking about beta testing, does that mean the alpha testing mentioned in the last update took place? How'd that go? It will be good to see more specific remaining objectives and timetables in the next update, when that comes.

    28. Justin

      Yup, he's done that plenty of times. I'm surprised the usual troll claim that we're all somehow the same person with different accounts had been hammered to death yet.

    29. Tom Hammerheart on

      You two should totally hang out and talk about me.

    30. advmal on

      Justin, some people have an unfortunate talent for wasting others' time. They stir up drama to whip everyone into a frenzy then change gears and say, "Y u so serious?" They freak out with back to back posts linking comments from 1-2 years ago, and when someone addresses their posts the troll then accuses them of writing about things in the past. It's beyond pathetic.

      I had been reading these comments more closely since last November or December and got tired of watching the same sunshine blowers attacking and dogpiling you and others for just asking questions or sharing valid concerns. Those people aren't honest enough with themselves to express their own disappointment in this project or the updates and (lack of) communication, so they find it easier to attack those who do speak up.

      Do you ever see that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode when all the giant advertising statues come to life and terrorize the town? As Lisa and Paul Anka said, "Just don't look." As we've seen there's no room for civil conversation with uncivil trolls.

    31. Justin

      Yeah I tried ignoring him but then he just attacks other people for days on end then more people jump in, rinse and repeat.

    32. Tom Hammerheart on

      “Did anyone else notice how he just skipped over the whole talking crap about my kid thing? Yeah, I noticed that too."

      I addressed it in the comment I linked to. I also already apologized in the main thread just the other day since these comments still seems to bother you.

    33. Tom Hammerheart on

      He mentioned my appearance in 2016. I didn’t add to Facebook until 2017, over eight months later. If youre going to continue to mention this every opportunity you get in hopes of silencing me, at least check the timestamps.

      You spend a lot of time writing about things well in the past that maybe half a dozen people will read or remember. Why? I would explain why I’m here but we’ve already been over that (troll, etc.).

    34. advmal on

      Once again the cracks start showing in Tom's spurious exterior and the malicious troll beneath reveals itself.

      "Referring to someone by their first and last name isn't 'personal information.'"

      I'm pretty sure it is, especially when you used information from Justin's KS profile to cyberstalk him, find his identity, then see if he had any game development credits because you were hellbent on discrediting him. That's abnormal.

      "he made a comment about my appearance long before I checked his credentials. Slight oversight on your part."

      I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of every comment here so it's most definitely not an oversight - nice try, though. There's a difference between commenting on someone's picture (that they saw because you allegedly tried to add them as a friend on Facebook) and cyberstalking them across multiple websites to find their identity. Justin didn't reveal your personal information here to get back at you. Big difference. The only hypocrisy is you taking issue with a small jab Justin made after all the attacks you posted against him and apparently his family as well. You've boasted countless times about provoking and insulting people to get a reaction, so your victim narrative doesn't work.

      Tom, you either have a split personality or you really are that delusional. Shame on you for attacking multiple people, derailing every discussion, and most importantly not owning up to your behavior. The thing with trolls is that they have to be funny and clever, which you aren't, Tom. You're just a mean bully.


      "Did anyone else notice how he just skipped over the whole talking crap about my kid thing? Yeah, I noticed that too."

      He skipped over most of my last post, too. Tom tends to do that since facts usually don't agree with him. I think the best thing going forward is to ignore him and deprive him of the satisfaction he gets from bullying and trolling. I'd pity the guy if he weren't so dishonest and mean-spirited.

    35. Tom Hammerheart on

      Did you like Space Quest V?

    36. Justin

      Anyway.... just to drive this point home. Really ticked off that this project is in the same place is was 3 years ago. They keep trying to make it look like they have all this new material when at the end of the day all of it looks like nothing more than proof of concept work.

    37. Tom Hammerheart on

      If you read your comment linked above I didn’t actually find or subscribe to your channel. You admitted to that. You had already commented on my appearance over half a year prior, which you could have only known by having looked me up as indicated by the exchanges in November 2016 I linked earlier. It was at this point I actually seemed to find your name and add you, as indicated by the comments that followed.

      I’m not sure what your point is about Facebook logging these things. That I found and added you as a friend after you said you found me? Lock me up!

    38. Justin

      Yeah, and? You literally just admitted to "finding me" on youtube. Which you could only have done after first stalking me. It took less than a minute for me to go back to your first hit on my facebook account to find you again. You realize facebook archives all that, right?

      Keep it up tom. You're just making yourself look worse and worse.

    39. Tom Hammerheart on

      Looks to me you found me on Facebook first. It was only after you confirmed your identity I found and added you.

      You’ll also have to pardon my English. I’m still learning.

    40. Justin

      I did see you on facebook. Especially when you attempted to "friend me" on facebook so you could see my whole profile. Yeah, I didn't fall for that one. Either way, seeing you online isn't the same as trying to dox someone so....what you're ignorant point now? Oh, you're trying to be "right" about something. Ugh. That again. This should last at least a week.

      Anyway, keep rehashing everything all you want. The only thing people are going to see is you bullying and being a horrible person.

      At any rate, lying about your avatar wont help you any. You've been busted in too many lies here and gotten too many comments deleted by Kickstarter admins. People simply do not believe you anymore. Some might choose to but you've literally admitted to being horrible to people in the comment sections here so...I doubt anyone really cares about what you have to say anymore.

      From the looks of it you've already started with the multiple back to back posts. This is where you start to spin out of control and start to get nasty with people so....I dunno, just stop man. Just stop before you get yourself banned.

      Oh and, learn what hypocrisy actually is. The two things have to be equal. I never had comments deleted by KS for doxing anyone so....not equal.

      Did anyone else notice how he just skipped over the whole talking crap about my kid thing? Yeah, I noticed that too.

    41. Tom Hammerheart on

      Aforementioned comment from November 29, 2016; last paragraph.…

      I’ll be happy to find the link to comment where you mention finding me on Facebook when I get a moment.

    42. Tom Hammerheart on

      I never had anything with my appearance on this site. My response before the linked comment is an inductation you found me elsewhere to know what I look like. Had I chosen my picture as my avatar, you would have addressed it then. You also mentioned some time ago that you found me on Facebook before I had proof I knew who you were. Hypocrit.

    43. Justin

      Once again, Tom can't understand plain English.

      "I would rather those upset take their frustrations out on me than say something to discourage those I've gotten to know over my involvement with the project who are making sacrifices to finish it."

      Again, you have failed. People continue to voice their negativity (whatever anyone wants to call it) at the productivity of the creators and this project.


      "Referring to someone by their first and last name isn't "personal information". You're being dramatic."

      Says the guy who lied about contacting Kickstarter to have said "personal information" deleted. Which is it? Can't have it both ways.

      You clearly didn't read the comment you just linked. Here, let me break it down for you.

      First - "But after your personal attacks and trash talking about my kid..."

      Second - Baldy.

      You are not exactly making your case here. Not only to do bully people but you talk down about their kids. I forgot about that until you just ignorantly linked us to it. Also, what does baldy have to do with anything? Once upon a time your avatar here was of yourself.

    44. Tom Hammerheart on

      Referring to someone by their first and last name isn't "personal information". You're being dramatic. Besides, he made a comment about my appearance long before I checked his credentials. Slight oversight on your part.…

    45. advmal on

      Tom, you are neither a martyr nor a dark knight. You've openly admitted to trolling and antagonizing other backers for your own pleasure. You commonly resort to name-calling. You cyberstalked one person and posted his personal information as a way of discrediting him and getting revenge on his opinions you didn't like. You accused that same person of "slander" and "threatening your investments" for being critical of how this project has been handled. We've been through this already but you love contradicting yourself - it's one of the ways you troll people into going in circles with you.

      Nobody has attacked any members of the Spaceventure team. Inquiring about the project status does not constitute taking frustrations out on the team. Remember when they posted that update about Scott leaving? Unless I'm mistaken the response was almost unanimously positive. People know sh*t happens and life can suck really bad sometimes. Maybe it's time you and others stop assuming the worst of the backers who have legitimate concerns about the project itself due to the shroud of mystery around the updates.

      Take a look at recent Hero-U updates - they are concise and honest with clear objectives and bullet points on which subsequent updates follow up. The recent string of Spaceventure updates are fairly hollow, especially for a game supposedly in the final stages of production.

      Even if Chris has designated you the new Spaceventure spokesperson, you aren't in any position to dictate what people can or can't say. Only one person has violated the KS community guidelines multiple times and it isn't someone from the group of people asking for more realistic, informative status updates.

      It's ironic that you claim to be protecting the people working on Spaceventure, and then you gleefully provoke and bully people in these comments. As Justin said, the only animosity that some people might feel toward this project would be a result of how the resident white knights have repeatedly attacked anyone for sharing their valid concerns in an open forum that is explicitly designed for ALL feedback, positive or negative.

      Tom, I recommend that if you want more control over what people can or can't say on an online platform, you create your own message board and operate it to your heart's desire. Or, you petition Kickstarter to delete all comments that bother you. Otherwise you're going to have to learn to cope with the existence of different opinions.

    46. Tom Hammerheart on

      By responding to any message I've ever posted designed to provoke a response from you, I've succeeded. Whether you're still upset with the project isn't my concern as I recognized after our first couple exchanges there is no satisfying you.

    47. Justin

      Well, it doesn't work. All you do is piss everyone off even more and hate this project more and more along with the people behind it. So you failed. Maybe if you quit purposely pissing people off then this would be a nicer/better community to be in.

      We are all going to voice our opinion regardless of you and have always done so based on the FACTS given in updates.

    48. Tom Hammerheart on

      My goal has always been to act as a red herring. I would rather those upset take their frustrations out on me than say something to discourage those I've gotten to know over my involvement with the project who are making sacrifices to finish it.

    49. advmal on

      Tom, is your goal to stop those people from voicing their concerns?

      As long as those concerns haven't been addressed those backers can and should continue posting them, since these comments are one of the very few avenues for accountability. The backers having those concerns is a result of poor communication that you've also admitted is an issue. They aren't harming anyone or anything by sharing those thoughts, so your focus on the backers is a waste of your time and energy as well as a misrepresentation of the nature of those concerns.

      All people want is an honest assessment of where the project stands - if that's too much to ask then it says much more about the project than it does about the backers. First release was definitely going to be November 2015, then it was definitely November 2016. For 2-3 years they've been reworking and touching up the final scenes of the game. Every few months Chris appears and shares another update with the same platitudes then quickly retreats to behind the curtain.

      Scott's departure is an easy focal point for backer anxiety because the communication and dynamics changed significantly. If I remember correctly Scott did finish his writing and design before leaving. As I've already explained it's not so much about Scott as it is about the situation since he left. The updates of the past 1-2 years leave much to be desired.

      Corey Cole has been up front about many of Hero-U's challenges, and he's been engaging with backers for years. He and Lori even ran a second successful kickstarter campaign for Hero-U. Regardless of how people feel about that, I respect the Coles for they way they've communicated with their backers and shown sincere interest in their feedback and criticisms. On Spaceventure it seems that Chris views the backers as a nuisance, which is quite a shame.