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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

Project Progress as of July 2017

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)


  • Last scenes in the game are still being worked on. 
  • Along with polishing scenes, we are debugging certain areas in the game that haven't seen a lot of TLC since the early days of the project. 
  • Cutscenes that needed to be added are currently still in the works but we've completed more since the last update.  
  • We are still looking to set an exact date on VO recording and will announce that as soon as possible. We will also announce more info on the voice actors signed on to the project when that time comes.   
  • We know you all are ready for a release date. We'll have that out as soon as we can. As you can probably imagine, we are hesitate to throw out another release date.
We are working as hard as fast as we can and promise this game will get done. We do realize that a lot of you are angry and we are doing our best to keep our noses to the grindstone and finish this game outright. In that regard, we aren't gonna keep saying the same things over and over again. Please read the last update if you need a review on our thoughts on it all. As always, thanks for your continued patience. 


As mentioned in a previous update, we've worked really hard to make the SpaceVenture universe have that 'BIG' exploratory feeling that you probably got in some of the Space Quest games. In fact, we have a game developer that is dedicated just to our navigation system, that's how important we feel it is. You as the player should be able to revisit favorite areas of the game just like in the later Space Quest games. 

In the video below, one thing you're gonna notice here is some different ships. In fact, when playing SpaceVenture, you'll be seeing different combinations of ships every time you return to Hyperspace. Another thing that has changed recently is the ships have much better AI. When we originally showed you all the navigation system, the ships were all just canned animations with no scripting. Now the ships actually have some AI and can respond and interact with Ace's ship as he cruises along the Hyperspace beltway. 

 A couple of things to note in the video. The frame rate is a bit low in the recording, sorry about that. The music you'll hear is placeholder but represents something similar that is planned for those areas of the game.  


One of the remaining cutscenes that is currently under way features Ace getting pulled over by officer Quicksilver. As you can see, the cutscene still needs a lot of work, but we thought it would be fun to show you guys one of the few remaining cutscenes that is currently being worked on right now. 


In one of the game's key cutscenes, Milo Forbin, the CEO of Centari Corp is having a executive staff meeting with his top lackeys; who appear before him as projected holograms. They are a "rogues gallery" of bad eggs from across the universe whos resemblance to any popular Sci-Fi villains from films, TV or comics is purely coincidental.  


For quite awhile now when needing a break from some of his other art related tasks, Mark has been working on what the SpaceVenture box is gonna look like. It's my pleasure to show you the concept art for the game box right now. A couple of things you should know about the box.. The name, SpaceVenture: Ace Quest is just a name we've been chewing on for quite a while. We have not officially decided on it yet. We would love your feedback on that. Secondly, the text on the back of the box is not meant to be readable. It's just placeholder to get a feel for the looks of the box.  


As all of you know by now, Ken Allen worked at Sierra On-Line along with Mark and Scott. He also created music for multiple Sierra games, Space Quest 4 being among one of the most notable. Ken has put together a little behind the scenes footage for all of you regarding how he does sound design for certain pieces of the game. This footage demonstrates Ken doing sound for part of the Taco Nova sequence of the game.



JULY 21ST - 23rd

Chris Pope the Space Pope will be a guest at this years AVCon in Adelaide AU July 21st - 23. Come by and meet him in person. Be sure to haggle him about why the game is not done yet! Chris will be armed with some collectible keycards. 


Mark Crowe and Chris Pope will both be guests at Game On Expo in Phoenix Arizona. Come by and meet them both and join them for some fun discussions/panels. 

NOTE: these convention appearances are paid for by the conventions. No money from the project is being used for these appearances.

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    1. Finn Rosenloev on

      Not angry at you guys (much ;-) )
      Just hoping that the "problems" you've had with Space Ventures are not going to prevent you from developing other games.
      We need you guys... Believe it or not!

    2. Stephen Miller on

      Just checking in, no pressure, just wanted to say I'm excited to get my hands on it, whenever it is finished. You guys and gals rock.

    3. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Some people may have tried to come up with excuses after getting called out for attempting to sell overpriced merchandise (from hoodies to mouse pads) using names and character likenesses from famous computer game franchises. It's shady.

      They might say, "oh, don't worry, I didn't even set up my PayPal processing, so I won't be getting any money."

      But that seems like a deceptive answer. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get the sales they hoped to get and just didn't bother with PayPal. Although I honestly don't believe anything those people say, with regard to their involvement in selling merchandise using the "Space Quest" name.

      It's clear what they were trying to do. They likely thought they saw an opportunity to take advantage of a famous name.

    4. Martin O

      You mean this which I found after some quick googling?

      This is his comment about it:
      "I don't make any money off my merchandise. The prices are as low as I can make them, and I never bothered setting up my Paypal for the store. So the only ones making money off my SQH merch is"

    5. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Time for an update. Please stick to substance again and don't devote space to ads for that person called "Space Quest Historian" who was reportedly using the "Space Quest" name to hawk t-shirts. I put that sort of use of the "Space Quest" name in the same category as those people who were apparently trying to sell shirts with Sierra game characters' likenesses on them to make a buck. It's not right.

    6. Jake Wirkkala on

      Looking forward to it! Take your time and make it as good as possible!

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      There should be an in-game death where the player pre-orders a game and then dies of old age waiting for it to arrive.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alien Invader on

      4+ years - my youth has disappeared like this game..

    9. Ben Galbraith on

      Hey gang!

      Haters gonna hate.

      I suspect the silent majority of backers will be pleased for the game to show up whenever it's ready. As long as you're making progress, I'm happy—though it is important to have someone applying pressure to the team to make sure things are moving forward.

      Good luck getting 'er done!

    10. Johnathon Gabriel Matthews on

      I think a little 'heart burn' from some of the disgruntled backers here may possibly well be understandable--even "called for"?--though I'd like to focus on the positive feelings I'm having right now about this project.

      I think it can be very easy for those outside to not see how much work is involved in bringing such a vision to life--not to mention doing so on such a (relatively speaking, given the vision) tight budget and under such circumstances as they have been/are (I mean, you're just forming a new company, after all)

      What pleases me is that I do see promising progress, and I am not going to be losing my faith/loyalty in the professionals who followed through for us already so many times in the past. Sure, there're more quantifying ways to look at this. I could rigidly glance at the fact 5 years have passed, and start giving you a hard time.

      But I honestly wouldn't find that to be appropriate. I'm just fantastically thrilled that you guys are together and working on this thing, and I'll trade a labor of love (labor being half the key word here, folks) at 10 years cost over 90% of the crap that's been produced in the last decade plus by more established companies armed with a multitude of staff and $

      I would take whatever complaints you get as fuel for trying to perhaps tighten your focus on producing more quickly if at all possible; but know also that there are plenty of us out here who are not in fact "angry" and are glad for the decision you have made not to sacrifice quality!

      Keep it up, I just can't wait for the day when this thing comes out--as close to the way you envisioned it as possible--(but I will ;)

    11. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      After more than 5 years they should be able to show more actual gameplay. Who bears the most responsibility for this Kickstarter's failure to deliver within a reasonable time? Is it the producer Chris Pope? Is it Scott Murphy, who apparently checked out years ago due to "personal issues" and reportedly hasn't been much involved with this game for years? It is not inevitable that such games will take this long to be made. It matters who you have leading the project and how much experience they have.

      Something went seriously wrong here. I can see taking this long if they had a much smaller budget and needed to work a minimal part-time schedule, but they were given hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is not good.

    12. Missing avatar

      James Halliday on

      Just to chip in:
      Do I wish I could play the game now? Yes.
      Will I wait to make it better? Yes.
      Do I like the idea this is hanging around the dev's neck like a millstone? No. God No.

      Yes I backed this game as I wanted to play it, but also to give the people who brought me SpaceQuest a nod of appreciation and to express my desire for one last taste.
      They wanted to make it and I wanted to play it - and a transaction happened.
      Cost on my side was small to negligible though.

      My preference for resolution (if it's really not working out as you hoped) would be just to trim the game down, polish that core essence and ship it.
      Take a break if you need one to get some perspective.
      I (and I hasten to add am only speaking for myself) am just wanting something I can devote a full evening (maybe two) to, laugh with and reminisce to .

    13. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      @Justin: I agree.

      It reminds me of the "take your time; we don't want a rushed game!" comments.

      A time frame for release that might have been described as "rushed" passed years ago. The last thing this game could ever be called is "rushed." If they go any slower or take any more time, they might as well be going backwards.

      The sad thing is that, in my opinion, the majority of SpaceVenture backers have probably forgotten about this project and may not even play the game.

      If this doesn't turn out a success, I hope the Two Guys post a very long and detailed post-mortem, telling people all the things they may have done wrong, so that others can learn and not repeat the mistakes.

    14. Warren Rehman on

      Awesome work so far! Much love from a long time Space Quest fan of your work.

    15. ThomasN on

      You should name it T.G.F.K.A.S.Q. and tell nobody that it stands for the game formerly known as space quest.

    16. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool, thanks!

    17. Justin

      "In our world of everyone wanting instant gratification"


      Pretty safe to say we're far beyond anything even remotely close to instant gratification.

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon Lee on

      As others have said: keep at it guys. When it comes out, it comes out. In our world of everyone wanting instant gratification, some things are worth waiting for :-)

      Love the box art (gave me such nostalgia and memories of the boxes I had for SQ4 and SQ6)!

      The "Ace Quest" title is awesome, you must definitely use it. Whether it's "Spaceventure: Ace Quest" or "Ace Quest: A Spaceventure" is endlessly debatable. My vote would be for the latter.

    19. Ron Dippold on

      Just keep on truckin', it comes out when it comes out.

    20. Martin O

      I oppose 'Ace Quest: A SpaceVenture' because otherwise you couldn't read it as 'Space(Venture: Ace) Quest'!

    21. Missing avatar

      mistermorcus on

      I for one think this is a great update. I'm happy to see that progress is still being made and that we have a clear list of objectives to complete.

      I second the person that suggested Ace Quest: A SpaceVenture.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Devins on

      Thanks Two Guys and team for your continued hard work and dedication to the project. Keep up the great work!

    23. Blake00 on

      Great work guys! Love the box. Love the name, has that sierra quest feel. Any news on Scott?

    24. Stephen E Brown

      Thanks for the update!

    25. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      As for the "SpaceVenture: Ace Quest" possible title, I think it's good. Rhymes with Space Quest. Maybe it's good to get "Quest" in the title, given the Sierra connection. On the negative side, the title might fail to catch the interest of many people outside the nostalgic adventure gamer set.

      The box art looks great and cinematic. I still don't know what to think about the main character Ace. His face/eyes don't seem very expressive. Have we been shown previews of scenes with him conversing with other characters?

    26. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      I feel overwhelmed myself just reading the list of things left to do. I would be surprised if the game came out before next summer. I am glad to see an update, but wonder about Scott Murphy. What has Murphy done so far, and is he officially done with this game? When was the last time he was working full time on the game? Are we back to One Guy?

      I hope the puzzles and dialogue and story are good, since that's probably going to make or break this game. I don't know what to think. Hopefully more-than-5-years will have been enough time to polish the script and game design. Maybe this game will be a masterpiece. Maybe not. Anything is possible, I guess.

      My prediction for actual release date: early 2019

    27. Logan Smith on

      I understand that setbacks can happen and wish you guys the best. Still looking forward to this game because it's just a game. Playing it in 2016 or 2017 or 2018 makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. Playing a thoughtfully completed version instead of a hastily-released version is better too. And we all know every big name company has at one time or another release something that wasn't done just to meet that deadline. Thanks for not taking that route.

    28. Ben Pottinger on

      A few of the other game companies who's games I like have kickstarted *and* released multiple games in the time you guys have worked on this one.

      I'm often temped to remove myself from the update emails simply because I don't really expect it to be finished at this point.

      Thanks for teaching me to tempter my nostalgia with the reality of a new studio. It was a pretty cheap lesson compared to some hardware kickstarters I've seen flop.

      I learned that it's pretty safe to KS something from a successful studio that's done it before, but with new studios be aware your taking a gamble and be ok with that (of my 4 new studio games I've KSed, one flopped, one never made it out of beta, one finished and then this one. As opposed to the veteran studios that have all been a 100% hit rate so far).

      Good luck, you guys need it.

    29. flesk

      Thanks for the meaty update. :) Didn't expect one so soon after the previous one.

    30. Jose Marcelino on

      Thank you! Such amazing drive. Keep it going guys, this is no longer just a game or Kickstarter project but a show of sheer human determination in the face of advertisity!

      If I get to play it say by 2020 or 2025 so be it.

    31. Brendan Sydney Hughes on

      We love you Guys. Keep it up.

    32. Missing avatar

      Joost van Dongen on

      Thanks for the update, great to say you guys are still truckin'! Good luck with the final stretch! :)

    33. Tomimt on

      Well, I do appreciate the show of hands that you're still alive.

    34. Timothy Roller

      Amazing progress!

    35. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Sprockovich looks like Gargamel from the Smurfs! Probably not the intended homage...


      really glad for the update... just keep swimming!

    37. Missing avatar

      Vance Dragomatz on

      Ah, take you time. Really, it doesn't matter. Games take time to make and 5 years or more doesn't seem to be unusual anymore. Just look that the length some games have been in early access on steam. I'm just glad it's still being worked on. Plus I have a ridiculously long back log of games that I have no chance in hell of ever catching up on. I think I've actually finished two games that I helped kickstart.

    38. Matt Combes on

      Also not mad here. Yeah, it's taken a lot longer than expected, but at least there are understandable reasons why, and you haven't left us in the dark. Looking forward to that game box! As far as the possible name, "SpaceVenture: Ace Quest" ... thumbs up to the punny homage. Heck, I think it might even work better the other way around, as "Ace Quest: A SpaceVenture," but ultimately, I don't care if you called it "Fat Space Plumber in the 24 1/2th Century" as long as I can eventually get my grubby li'l paws on it to play. :)

    39. Justin

      Very disappointing. Poor animations, major clipping issue tons of things not nailed down. 2025 maybe?

    40. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on

      Well I am pissed. I though I was going to get to learn the exciting world of pluming on space stations. But no, I am going to be committing actual serious crimes like speeding. Are you guys trying to push fragile minds like mine to being hardened criminals like Ken Williams?!?!?!?!?

    41. Jason Frisvold

      I'm one person, but I hope others are of the same mind.. You're updating us, and you're still working on the project. Game development takes time, and when it's a small team, little problems have big repercussions. So, I'm not mad. You keep doing what you're doing and create the best product you can. I'll still be here when it's done.

    42. Missing avatar

      Joe Cassara on

      Great work. I hope Scott is doing better.

    43. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Thanks for the update guys, I'd rather these quality infrequent updates than frequent pointless updates. Put me down as one of the ones that ARE NOT angry and I appreciate this glimpse of the game. My only comment is that I hope the game gets some needed polish which I know could take up to another year on top, which I'd happily wait for.

    44. slot9 on

      I really admire your attitude about the project at this point. Thanks for that. Also the fact that you're not asking for more money. Very cool.

    45. Ohverture on

      Oh dear god please see if you can license the Doobie Brothers for the soundtrack :p

      In other news I AM EXTREMELY NOT ANGRY. Just for balance.

      Keep doin' what you're doin', It's all good. <3