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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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November 2016 Update

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

Hey everyone, we wanted to give you all an update and let you know the status of things. Most of you have probably guessed that the game is still not quite ready yet, there is no beating around the bush on that. We wanted to let you know where everything stands at the moment.

First off, we are still moving full force at finishing the game as quickly as possible. Nothing has changed there. We absolutely hate making excuses, but we know you all are wondering what is going on. The game is still being worked on everyday, but obviously we are gonna need more time. We are reluctant to set another exact day, because there are a few variables that have to be figured out. One being the fact that SAG-AFTRA(Actors union) is currently on strike and the majority of our voice cast is SAG-AFTRA members. We are not blaming the strike for the reason the game is still not ready, only that it is one of the variables that need to be worked out. Hopefully the strike will get wrapped up in the coming weeks and we can get our voice cast in the studio and record. 

Secondly, working out the end of the game has taken longer than expected as well. Some art is still being finalized and the last puzzle mechanics are needing some TLC as well. We also still have some creative death sequences(which we know Space Quest fans love) to work out. We still plan to let you guys(that backed at a high enough level) vote on these along with some artwork voting stuff very soon.

One of the biggest reasons for falling behind this year is due to having to go back and work out a lot of bugs. We definitely still plan to beta test the game with backers that backed at a high enough level, but we want to work out the obvious bugs first. Some of you out there that have worked in game development before probably know one of the pitfalls that can happen. It can be summed up in four words, readjusting previously working code. If not, I'll shed some light on what we've experienced. 

SpaceVenture is laid out in four major sections, almost like chapters, because you can re-visit most areas. There are lots of mini sequences that connect three of the four sections together. One being the fact that we want you to be able to travel between pieces of the game freely. Think along the lines of Space Quest 3,4, and 5. The first section of the game is the Nostradamus area that we showcased a teeny bit of in our demo a couple of years back. Once we completed that section we moved to the next, and then next, etc..

The majority of the game is being created on top of our custom built event system that was made through the Unity engine. The event system allows us to tell the characters and scene elements to do anything we want without having to "re-invent the wheel" by reprogramming the same types of code over and over. As we've reached the scenes nearing the end of the game, we've had to adjust the code of the event system to allow for newer features. This is because we want SpaceVenture to be a unique experience from start to finish and not feel like a hidden objects game. 

In changing code and adding new features, this introduced lots of bugs in scenes that were finalized earlier in the game. Going back to earlier sections of the game and ironing out all the wrinkles has been a huge undertaking. We know that a lot of you are excited about beta testing as well. We are getting close to that point, but need to get this obvious bugs worked out first. 


We have been pushing VERY hard to keep our belts tight throughout the entire process of working on SpaceVenture, but as you can probably imagine, things are getting down to the wire. The Cluck Yegger game did help bring some funds into the project which is good. Cluck Yegger has been selling on Steam and in the Apple iOS store, but we've made a pretty good chunk of change by selling it on bundle websites, such as this one.

Ultimately, we still have the funds for our rewards/shipping(as we estimated), along with our voice actors and paid team members. We have had a couple of artists and programmers that have been willing to work for credits in the game so that has helped move us forward as well. Needless to say though, we are working extremely hard to get this game out quickly so we do not run out of funds. The good news is, we are close!


Some of you may know that Scott Murphy had a really bad year in 2015. He addressed some of this in a blog post that can be found here. 2016 has not been any better for Scott as he has had some big health problems that has affected his quality of life. Unfortunately, this has severely hindered his ability to work with the SpaceVenture team. Mark and myself have done our best to keep everything moving towards the finish line, but needless to say, it has been hard without having our third partner. Let me make it clear, that we do NOT blame the fact that the game is still not finished on Scott. But we did want you all to know that he has had to take some time away to work out the things he is dealing with.

From the game being completed perspective, the good news is that with the exception of some final grammar edits, the script is done. The game design has been done for awhile now. We are really pulling for Scott to get back on his feet and rejoin the team full time. 

I know I'm being very vague in my above comments regarding Scott. This is because I don't feel like it's my place to share his personal challenges. Hopefully, he can address everything in another blog post for you all at some point. We hope you all will be understanding of him and his privacy. 


We are reluctant to give another exact release date, but I can tell you that we are close guys. We just need to work out the last few variables that I mentioned above and we will have this game in the can. No one is more excited to have the game done then us. We have enjoyed working on it, but you can imagine the amount of stress involved here. We hate knowing that we have disappointed so many people. It pains us to know that you all gave us money and we have still yet to deliver the product in this amount of time. We hope you all will stay positive, we need as much positivity thrown our way as possible right now.  


We don't have as much to show you as I would like due to a huge part of our time being focused on fixing bugs in the game. We also are gonna try and not be too spoilery here because what I'm about to show you happens in the final sequence of the game, we'll let you draw your own conclusions. 

Here is another look at a scene that we've not shown you before. It is in a close to being finished state, but the artwork is still having final details added.


This is it! The end. The REAL end! After 12 ‘real’ episodes and 4 Xtra episodes, season 3 finally rolls to a close. There’s some special bloopers and outtakes from the season, as well as finally capping off the Music Talk with Brandon Blume, James Mulvale, and Ken Allen, as well as the ‘merits of the Space Quest series’ chat with Francisco Gonzalez. See you around the chronostream!


Thanks for all of your support everyone!  

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

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    1. William McDonald on

      Hi Bros,

      Just checking on this is coming along. Been pretty silent since last year. I'm sure you're inching closer to private Beta and can't wait to see it. I know you've had some seriously losses over the past 2 years, here's hoping 2017 is the year we see your masterpiece!


    2. Dinosaur Wearing Hat on

      Hi Guys. I totally appreciate that things don't always work out and you need more time to complete the project. But would a monthly update be too much to ask? The last we heard from you guys was November.

    3. Andrew Tuckett on

      My still psyched to play this game. Keep at it two guys!

    4. Missing avatar

      David Koslowski on

      Just wanted to come on in and say that while I haven't checked up in a long while, I'm glad to see it's coming along. These things happen, and Kickstarter isn't a guarantee. I'm as excited to see you guys able to (hopefully?) enjoy making this game and bring it to life as I am to play it. For the amount I pledged, THAT is totally worth someone else getting some joy too. This world doesn't have to be all about "What do I get?" for everybody, we can still get joy even if we don't exactly what we want when we want it, right?

      Keep up the great work, TGfA!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Glenn Usher on

      I think this is the game that made me stop using Kickstarter.
      Too many failures and too much money wasted. If you live in the US you can contact the state and try to get you money back.
      If it wasn't for Ken's endorsement I may not have funded this at all. What a sham.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dennis Waller on

      I, for one, can and will continue to wait for a pedigree hallmark game that will be both memorable and decidedly worth it. Space Venture: To 2017 and beyond...!

    7. Missing avatar

      DZ on

      I'm of the same mind as Eric L. Beyer: I gave up on this project some time ago and I'm not expecting it to succeed. If this game ever gets released and for some miracle I get my rewards, I'd consider it a bonus.
      Instead, I count it as a donation to the ol' Two Guys crew, who made me smile so many times, to get together and reminisce about the glory days. I hope you guys got at least a few beers out of my $100 and enjoyed the good times. So long.


    8. Missing avatar

      DZ on

      @Rohan Gray:

      TL;DR: The game is not done. We hate making excuses, but here's a few more. There's so many bugs we have to fix, it's taking much longer than expected. We'd love to give a new release date, but we won't. Scott Murphy is sick or something, so he's not working on the game. The game will be late (Ha! Ha! No, really) but we're really sad and depressed about it. Here's a couple of screenshots to make up for it.

    9. Rohan Gray on

      Can someone summarize what has happened in 2 lines, I stopped reading about this project when it didn't hit Feb 2013 and now I find its still not finished.

      I don't want to expend any effort on this, or want you to so if you already know whats going on I would appreciate a TL:DR.


    10. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      From the update:
      "Hey everyone, we wanted to give you all an update and let you know the status of things. Most of you have probably guessed that the game is still not quite ready yet, there is no beating around the bush on that. We wanted to let you know where everything stands at the moment."

      The first and last sentences here say the same thing. And the middle sentence is worthless filler.

      I find reading these updates to be a frustrating experience.

      So many words used, yet I'm not left feeling like I've been given a complete and totally clear picture of what had been going on. The ho-hum, chatty tone and vagueness get more and more irritating the longer this goes on.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      I wonder if their game will be as funny as their excuses.

    12. Eric L Beyer on

      I'm not holding my breath. I've made peace with the fact that 50 of my dollars are gone. If a game shows up at any point in the future, I'll call it a bonus.

    13. flesk

      Thanks for the update. :) I'm a developer (not games), so I understand how these things end up taking more time than expected. I hope things take a turn for the better for Scott soon.

    14. Blackmore on

      The update is very much appreciated. Too many projects on KS will leave backers without a whisper to progress.

    15. Andreas Lindfeldt on

      I really hope that everything works out for you guys, and that Scott is getting better. I have plenty of unfinished games to play so take as much as you need. It's really looking great so far! Right now I'm going through exactly the same thing with my mother as Scott had last year, and know what hell it is. Lots of love to you all. Keep up the good work.

    16. Paul Krakow on

      Good luck finishing up guys! Take your time with the debug. I was left hanging on Spacequest 6 back in 1995 when my 486 kept crashing on the burlesque mode scene. I've waited 21 years for an update. I can wait a few more months.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christian Hudon on

      Thanks for the update. Hang in there! Looking forward to playing the game when it's ready (I guess some time in 2017).

    18. Tom Lee on

      I know you're working hard guys! Never at any time have I been angry or upset at the delays, it's just a privilege to be this close to a project by AND the creators of my favourite adventure game. I might go and play SQIV another time. This whole 4-5 years has been a wonderful chance to rediscover what a brilliant series you created and enjoy the anticipation of what's to come!

    19. Scolaro on

      Thanks for the update, and all the best to Scott!

    20. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update; sorry to hear about the challenges, but i appreciate you working hard to make it as great as possible. here's to a better 2017 !

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Juvinall on

      Thanks for the update. Keep at it! Sending good vibes Scott's way as well.

    22. Finn Rosenloev on

      Thanks for the update.
      Yes the game has been delayed (more than once) but Hell, what's another year, right? ;-)
      Things take time, and that's how it is... I've been building an airplane model for 2 years now, and I'm not even half done.
      My biggest concern is that this project has had som many delays and obstacles to overcome that the crew decides that this will be their last project. now THAT would be a disaster of some proportions.
      I'm from the (stone) age when Roger Wilco was nothing but a few pixel blocks stacked on top of each other. They were absolutely great then and I'm sure this one will be just as fun. Keep up the good work guys.

    23. Ryan Pereira on

      I can't really be bothered keeping up with updates for old crowdfunded video games, I occasionally skim read them, but it just usually puts me in a bad mood (like this one).

      This game was funded nearly 4 and a half years ago with an expected release of 3 years and 8 months ago. Like i said; I haven't been keeping track and so I don't know how many people are working on this, but I gather from what I read there is at least 3 people. There is no way $540,000 has been able to sustain development with a 3 person team for 4 and a half years.
      I just went back to read some of it more and apparently, instead of working on the game that was backed, at some point they made a crappy FNAF clone to sell on Steam.

      Anyway, the main thing that pissed me off is that the first thing they mention is the SAG-AFTRA strike. I am sure that the SAG-AFTRA strike was not a complete industry wide strike, but against a dozen or so certain studios.
      Yes, I just looked it up and it is a strike against the following: Activision Publishing, Inc.; Blindlight, LLC; Corps of Discovery Films; Disney Character Voices, Inc.; Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.; Formosa Interactive, LLC; Insomniac Games, Inc.; Interactive Associates, Inc.; Take 2 Interactive Software; VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.; WB Games, Inc.
      Now all I can find about what companies are involved in this game is that it's only Guys from Andromeda, LLC. None of the 11 aforementioned companies have anything to do with Spaceventure, therefore the SAG-AFTRA strike does not affect Spaceventure (also, the strike started in October so it in no part helps to explain why the game was already 3 years and 8 months late at that point).
      So they started with that, which is bullcrap and gives me no reason to believe anything else they have to say in the update.

      Honesty would be nice. Just say that you failed to plan and budget the project correctly. Tell us how it is coming along without fake excuses.

      This and a couple other projects have made me dubious and cynical of all video game crowdfunding projects. I have still backed other games and probably will back more, but it is unfortunate that I always begin looking at them cynically and there are probably people with my same experience who now refuse to crowdfund video games altogether.
      It's a shame that people like Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe and Tim Schafer, people who have worked in the video game industry for many years, got to crowdfunding early and have possibly ruined it as an option for smaller, younger development teams that may actually need crowdfunding to make their games.

    24. Zombie Pug on

      It is what it is. Life happens. I'd much rather build someone up than to tear them down, so keep your chins up and keep at it. The end is hopefully nigh. Also, please let Scott Murphy know we're rooting for him and hope that 2017 is an awesome year for him.

    25. Jason Joyce

      Just FYI for those avoiding the comments tab and checking in.

      The excuse of the SAG-AFTRA "strike" is a non-starter.

      It's a targeted work stoppage involving 11 specific studios. (EA Games, Insomniac Games, Take 2 and a few others). It has no impact on SpaceVenture's ability to hire or work with voice actors.

    26. Tom Hammerheart on

      I'm with you on that pecan pie analogy, Troels. That was brilliant, Overmann. I'm really happy to see so many positive responses and words of encouragement on here.

    27. Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian on

      I see some people get it, and some people think unforeseen circumstances can somehow be planned around. I remain as ever positive, knowing that despite hardships and huge personal setbacks this game will come out. I love the pecan pie analogy. :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Sean Lane on

      I'm not disappointed because you guys have made it very obvious you have been working hard this whole time and I wish your team the best!

    29. Brandon Blume on

      Thanks for the update! As usual, I completely understand the delay and wish you the best as you get back to it. Still patiently waiting. All good here. :)

      I did not know about Scott's health problems. Sending prayers and well wishes his way!

    30. Overmann on

      In just a few days it'll be Thanksgiving. So I'll start by saying I'm thankful for all the opportunities brought about by Kickstarter, and people crazy enough to use it.

      To echo Ohverture, If you pull the pecan pie out of the oven before it's ready, I'll collapse.

      I hope Scott's situation will improve. I've had some tough times recently as well, and sometimes it can really make you appreciate what you have, and had.

      Looking forward to this, and more adventures from the Two Guys & associates.

    31. Ohverture on

      All good. I'm an engineer, I get it. All projects have two possible ways to finish, either you take your time and do it right, or you rush it then fix the mistakes. Both approaches end up taking the same amount of time.
      Love your work, and looking forwards :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Laffer on

      Take your time, better polish things out than rush out a product. And also get well Scott :)

    33. Jonathan Solita on

      I have fond memories of summers playing Space Quest IV & V. I never could get past the damn mall zero gravity part in IV. Hoping SpaceVenture will bring me back.

    34. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on

      Much love to the team!

    35. Missing avatar

      Vance Dragomatz on

      It's done when it's done. I've waited this long, I can wait some more.

    36. Brad Herbert on

      No worries here. When it is ready, it's ready! You guys still have my support, and always will.

    37. Max Dyckhoff on

      I have literally no idea why I backed this project. $45 for 3 years of eye-roll inducing updates. SIGH.

    38. Missing avatar

      Rafi Guroian on

      Guys, take the time that you need to get it done. For every one complaint that you get regarding the delays, please know that there are five or more folks who understand the process and are rooting for you.

    39. John Talbot on

      Love you guys unconditionally.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeff Ward on

      Keep up the good work, guys. Looking forward to the game - my kids and I will love playing it together. Press onward!

    41. Kevin Bell on

      I had completely forgotten about this game; thank you for the update

    42. Assaf Hershko on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to playing the game when it's ready.

    43. Andy Guerriero on

      Update 112, my eye-rolling magnifies every time one of these stupid updates comes out. This is the exemplar I bring up at social gatherings every time someone brings up wasting money on Kickstarter. I'm not sure it's worth $75 to have something to talk about at parties for two years, but hey.