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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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Project Status, Video Demonstrations of Ship Navigation, Piloting into Hyperspace, and Tatoorakis. News on a contest and more!

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

Hey gang, I'm really excited to push out this update to you guys! We've got some really cool content to show you below. First off, I wanted to start by telling you that we are still on track for our November 30th release date! We are pushing extremely hard to get the game done by then. So far, we are holding to it and are pushing through as fast as we can.

Let's look at some new content!


What you'll be seeing in this video is a demonstration of Ace walking from the Scrapyard with Rooter and onto his newly restored ship. The ship has a graphical navigation system that allows you to set coordinates for places throughout the galaxy you would like to go.

Note that not everything in the video is polished, for example you'll notice Ace is not currently appearing in the cockpit when looking at his ship from the outside.



One of the big items we wanted to show case for you all during this update is our SpaceVenture ship navigation system. Throughout your adventure in the SpaceVenture universe, you'll be spending some quality time behind Ace's sweet newly built ride, which just so happens to be put together by you, the player.

Let me clarify, this is a huge chunk of progress for the game, as you'll be using this system to jump between long distant locations throughout the galaxy. The navigation system has been something that has been on the table since the beginning, and has been hanging over our head this whole time. We are so proud to say that it's come together beautifully. We think you're gonna find this sequence a lot of fun and there is gonna be some hilarious content for you to experience while exploring it.

I put together a developer diary entry over at for our $30 and up backers to check out. This diary entry shows some of the original concept ideas behind our navigation system. Note that all backers will have access to the diary entries once the game is shipped, as per our original Kickstarter rewards plans.

You can check out the diary entry by going HERE and logging on. If you are a $30 and up backer and can't log on, please do not message us here or post in the comments. Please email

Here is a video demonstrating what I mentioned above:



Tatoorakis is a place you'll be exploring in the final third portion of the game. It features beautiful desert scene artwork and will marry a couple of the most epic Sci-Fi franchises together all to make one unforgettable sun blistering, sand chafing, Hydrolating, sand worming adventure! 

One of the characters that is still in the works for this section of the game is a character named "Goren Lardz". Goren is a hydro-farmer who commissions Ace to repair one of his Hydrolator units down on Tatoorakis. 

Check out this below video showcasing some of the gameplay currently being worked on within the Tatoorakis sequence of the game. Keep in mind this is all still in development.



SpaceVenture will feature an in game App store(parody) that Ace can go to in order to get a couple of different apps that will help him solve certain puzzle elements in the game. We are holding a small contest that everyone can submit ideas/artwork for, and possibly get your contributions added to the game and your name in the credits!

Here is a look at our app store as it is right now:

You all most likely have smartphones or tablets, so you can probably think about some of the things that have made you laugh(or cry) in dealing with those app stores over the years. We would love to use(steal) your ideas!

To enter the contest, you'll need the following:

  • A funny app name
  • A description for your app
  • A square logo(512x512 minimum)
  • (Optional) A couple of fake reviews of the app
What do you win if your idea gets selected?  

  • Your idea/artwork gets used in the game 
  • Your name in the credits of the game 
  • You will be the envy of everyone in the Andromedan galaxy 
Where do you submit your contest entry? 

Visit this page and submit your entry to that thread. We also ask you to post about it on twitter and/or Facebook. Tag us in the post, and we'll Like/Favorite it! We don't have a set contest deadline just yet, but don't wait too long!


We are pleased to announce that our company, Guys From Andromeda LLC has officially taken over SpaceQuest.Net. I would like to start by paying homage to the man who made all this possible, Frans van Hofwegen.  

Being a huge fan of the Space Quest series, Frans started SpaceQuest.Net in 1998 as a teenager. Incorporating the wealth of details collected by Troels Pleimert in his SQFAQ, Frans expanded his site until it was the definitive source for information on all things Space Quest. Over the years loads of friendships have formed on the very website that Frans put together all those years ago. 

In 2012 Frans graciously allowed SQN to be re-designed in order to be the official Guys From Andromeda LLC community forums. This was also in cooperation with the very awesome Jess Morrissette, who allowed his site The Virtual Broomcloset to be merged with SQN. 

Making some changes in his life, Frans has recently decided to pass the torch on to us. He did require something of us that we agreed to. He requested SpaceQuest.Net be returned to its classic look. This means that when you visit the website, the homepage will look like it did in years past. You will, however, be able to switch to the newer look shortly after hitting the homepage of the site. These changes will be happening in the next few weeks. 

Lastly, we wanted to say that we really are very appreciative to Frans for passing control over to our company. We know this was not an easy decision for him.


We wanted to put a feeler out there. We've been talking about who we wanted as our narrator for SpaceVenture since the unfortunate fact that the legendary Gary Owen's has passed away. The question I have for you guys is this. How do you feel about us finding a Gary Owens voice match? In other words, this would be an actor that can match Gary Owens as closely as possible. 

We know no one can truly replace the man with the golden pipes, but there are people out there that can match him pretty closely. So what are your thoughts? Would you guys like a voice match for SpaceVenture, or someone else with another unique voice? We've got some people in mind that could do that as well.

We would prefer you not post about this in the Kickstarter comments. We would love to keep the conversations over at SQN. Please use the below link:


Just to clarify, we completed work on the Cluck Yegger mini game a couple of months back and the team is 100% focused on completing SpaceVenture. We hope you enjoyed checking it out. We did successfully get the game out on Steam with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh support. As well as iOS iPod, iPhone, and iPad support in the Apple app store. All the moneys made from the game have gone towards finishing up SpaceVenture. We do still have plans to put it out on Android eventually, but that will most likely occur once SpaceVenture is completed. 

If you did check out the game on Steam or iOS, we would absolutely love it if you would give us a rating on those App stores. That really helps in advertisement of the game.

We've really enjoyed the loads of playthroughs that people have made on YouTube. And we really appreciate all the videos people have posted, from our backers who have taken the time to put out playthroughs, all the way up to people like our friend KuplinovT, who is a Russian youtuber that brought in around 201,000+ views. 

The award for funniest playthrough goes to a YouTuber named, "POiisED". Netting around 51,000+ views, POiisED had us all rolling at his little girl screams as the mutant Chickens moved around him. The fun begins at about 5:30 in just as a heads up.

You can check out his video here:



 And finally, we are excited to announce that the Space Quest Historian podcast will be returning. You can listen to previous seasons of the podcast over at

The podcast features interviews, tons of commentary on the Space Quest series, and not to mention some extra insight into the goings on with SpaceVenture. We will announce the exact return date as soon as we can, so be on the lookout for that.

Thanks everyone!

Chris Pope

a.k.a your friendly local inter-galactic SpacePope

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    1. Jochem Menting on

      Awesome update! Glad to see the project moving and making big steps. Thanks for keeping us informed! :)

    2. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Regarding the narrator, I don't think it's necessary to find someone who mimics Gary Owens, although it would be interesting if you found someone who could do it. Just find a voice that works with the writing and isn't annoying. Also, be aware that overly condescending-sounding narrators can become irritating, and they've been done to death. And please use a professional with a lot of voiceover experience. An "announcer" or "trailer narrator"-type voice could be fine, but make sure they don't speak too slowly. Slow narrators make games feel like "storytime" when kids sit in a circle and have storybooks read to them. Slow narrators also remind me of extremely slow-speaking voices on recorded phone greetings ("If you would like to speak to an operator in English, please press 1") just want to skip through the recordings and get on with it. Speak quickly!

    3. Warbird Games on

      Oh, also, the crowded hyperspace freeway made me burst out laughing at work, causing weird stares from everyone, so thanks for that. :D

    4. Warbird Games on

      Stunning work, guys!! From the grimy interiors to the eye candy filled exteriors, to the endless tongue in cheek sci-fi jokes, this is looking like the dream game of any Andromeda Guys fan.

    5. Jeremie Lariviere

      fantastic update, thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Ryan Seney on

      Woah, when did the tentative November 30th release date get announced?

      Looking good!

    7. pcj on

      Aurelien, the rewards site should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

    8. ThomasN on

      I've created an account but it says "You cannot reply to this topic". So I write it here:
      You need
      She can do it.

    9. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      it is looking nice, hopping for more good things, I'm not sure the kind of space navigation will be enjoyed by everyone. I know it is WIP but the interior of the ship looks way to small as compared to the outside :p Als I went to the rewards site the pictures wont appear unless using IE on other browsers pictures are not loaded because they are on with http links on an https page, guess it is a quick fix but thought I'd let you know ;)

    10. pcj on

      Never fear, the killer sand worm is just a short detour on the way back to more space plumbing.

    11. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on

      What the frack Chris?!?! I thought I was going to be doing plumbing jobs in space. Which is something that I have dreamed about since I was a few parsecs old. Now I have to deal with a freaking killer sand worm?!?!!? My pancreas cannot handle this kind of Venture.

    12. Ohverture on

      Best. Update. Ever.
      I've lost count the of all the warm fuzzies this post is giving me.