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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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A short and sweet update involving Steam keys!

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to give us a vote on our Steam green light page. Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of the Poultroid was one of 50 games that Valve decided to green light and we couldn't have done it without you.

As promised, we will be making Steam keys available to all $15 and up backers. In about a week, we'll be doing another update that will confirm that keys are available. Until then, you should double check that you can log onto If you can't remember your password, you should be able to reset your password from the website. I recently did a developer diary update on there that you can also check out involving "Developing the AI for Chicken movement in the Cluck Yegger Sequence/Mini Game". All $30 and up backers should have access to view it.

If you have any other problems logging in, you should forward your "Thanks to you, Two Guys SpaceVenture" funded e-mail from Kickstarter to 

Currently the Cluck Yegger mini game is available in Steam for $2.99. 100% of the proceeds go to speeding up the game development of SpaceVenture.


If you'd like to help us, please spread the word to folks that they can buy the game right now for $2.99 here at (Our Steam Store)

Another way you can help is that once you have your copy, and if you enjoy the game, please leave a review on our Steam Store page. Reviews on Steam make a major difference on whether or not Valve helps advertise the game to players in the store.

Lastly, we are giving out Steam keys to press and youtubers that might be able to help spread the word about the game. Feel free to help us poke at some of those folks about play testing the game, we'll gladly provide them with access.


We are working on other outlets. Stay tuned!


Besides porting over the Cluck mini game to iPad, and getting it on other online stores, the team is moving onto finishing the rest of SpaceVenture! More news on that in coming updates. Onward and upward!

Thanks for all of your support everyone!

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

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    1. Brendan Sydney Hughes on

      I bought a copy. Why not.

    2. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      I really like the graphics and animation and sound effects and gameplay, but I don't like the voiceovers. Doesn't sound professional at all. Sounds like someone reading from a page and trying to make their voice sound funny. Not natural or believable at all.

    3. Nicholas Gotshall on

      I tweeted Markiplier saying that he should play it (on YouTube being implied there). He's a mega-popular YouTuber and has crowned himself the king of Five Nights at Freddy's and does play the occasional inspired-by game. Of course, I tweeted him before properly reading this update, so I didn't mention the free YouTuber key. You might want to give him a shout. He's a swell guy and I know he'd be more than glad to play it and drum up interest for the price of free.

      His YouTube channel:
      His Twitter:

    4. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      @Andre as mentioned in a few previous posts, the physical rewards will be sent when the game ships. We unfortunately cannot afford to mail out some physical rewards all around the world only to have to do it again when the game ships. When the game does ship, we'll be having to mail out boxes of the games, so there would be no way around having to mail two different packages. Hopefully you understand the logic there.

    5. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      @Luke this website is a digital thing only. There will be surveys when the time comes.

    6. Andre on

      @Luke More likely on the survey, once the game is done whenever that may be. I'm in the @150 dollar tier would of been nice to see some of the physical stuff already but oh well.

    7. Luke Keppler

      On the site, I couldn't find a way to add an address for the physical tier. Is this going out in a survey at some point?