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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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Short update on what's happening

Posted by Two Guys From Andromeda (Creator)
Hey everyone! We wanted to do a very short and sweet update to keep you all in the loop on a some news. First off, let me start by saying this. If you didn’t read the last update, this update will not make a lot of sense. PLEASE CLICK HERE to view and read the last update before proceeding.

Key points we’d like you all to know about:

  • We are pre-releasing the Cluck Yegger mini game to all of you next week, Thursday October 29th. The pre-release will be DRM free and will be for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • If we can get the game on Steam, we will be giving Steam keys to backers as well as the DRM free versions of the game.
  • We need your help getting the game upvoted on Steam. Please visit and vote! This would really help us out a lot.
  • Though we are starting with Steam, we are looking into other outlets to sell the Cluck Yegger game.
  • All moneys made from the Cluck Yegger game will go towards speeding up production on SpaceVenture.
  • Although we’ve already been beta/bug testing the game, we’ll be taking feedback from backers on any found issues with the game.

This fun little mini game plays a key role in the plot of Spaceventure and will contain some surprises and revelations. But don’t worry, in SpaceVenture, it will not require you to beat the whole Cluck Yegger game to continue. We know that Cluck Yegger in The Planet of the Poultroids will not appeal to everyone, but any help you all can give in spreading the word would be very much appreciated. On top of voting, sharing with people is another great way to help as well.

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    1. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update

    2. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Ok, I will go do it. Thanks for the response. Love the humor!

    3. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      Upvoted! Even though I will NEVER play a game using Steam out of principle. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Mikhail on

      Looks awesome! Although this isn't really my genre, the writing and humor (the main reason I'm here) is fantastatic! Can't wait to get a taste of Spaceventure!

    5. Alan Luckachina - XSF\Team Meep\AGL589 on

      Upvoted! A Superfan's duty is never done! :D

    6. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      @Ksimms Mark has ask me to expand upon what was previously written about spoilers in the Cluck Yegger game. The Cluck Yegger sequence in SpaceVenture does play a key integral role in the game. Ace learns some pretty important things about what is going on around him during that sequence. Though we've put some easter eggs in, we left the plot spoilers out. Hope that sheds some light on it all. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan Seney on

      Voted! Are you using Humble for distributing the DRM-free version and Steam keys to backers?

    8. Daniel Haddon on

      I can't play horror games - but good luck on Greenlight guys!

    9. S.D. on

      Easter "eggs"? I see what you did there...

    10. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on

      @Ksimms no plot spoilers. There are some fun Easter eggs though :)

    11. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      You say this mini game contains surprises and revelations about Space Venture. Are these plot spoilers? Should we be worried about having things spoiled? Or is it not too big a deal?

    12. Warbird Games on

      Up voted! Might help for backers to leave positive feedback on the Steam page too. There seem to be a few people misunderstanding the parody aspect, and probably aren't aware of the history behind Yegger or the Andromeda Guys connection.