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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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February 2015 SpaceVenture Update: Gary Owens, Clucky Bird, Scrapyard, Cranepit update and more!



So as most of you have probably heard by now, the man with the golden pipes, Gary Owens, passed away on February 12th. We are deeply saddened by this news as I'm sure you all are as well. As you probably know, we had commitment from Gary that he would be the narrator for SpaceVenture as he was for Space Quest 4 and 6. 

I had the honor of talking with Gary a few times. He truly was one of the nicest guys you would ever have the pleasure to talk with. Some fond memories I have of Gary involves talking with him about SpaceVenture and how excited he was to return as the narrative for another Two Guys From Andromeda game. I remember going over the lines that he would say for the Narrative skit that we did with Scott, and him bragging on the dialogue, all the while needing to "Xerox" a copy of the script to magnify the font so he could actually read it. He talked fondly of his family and his weekly lunches with other legends of the entertainment industry. Ultimately Gary was just an all around nice guy and positive thinker, just as you'd expect him to be, and he was very grateful for voice over work that came his way. The entertainment industry truly lost a good one on February 12th!

Mark took a moment to write the following:

"Hey Gang -

Scott and I are both very saddened by the news of Gary Owens' passing at the age of 80. What can we say- the man was a living legend in the entertainment biz whom we were both extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to work with and honored to have featured in Space Quest. It was definitely a high-point in our younger lives/careers and an experience I'll always look back on warmly. What makes this news doubly hard ,of course, is that (as you all know) Gary was to be featured as the narrator in Spaceventure. Unfortunately, Mr. Owens health fell into decline before we were able to record him. But what we want everyone to know is that, though we could never replace Gary as the narrator, we will work hard to find the right talent for the job. 



Some links that might interest you involving Gary:

Amayirot Akago put together a video tribute involving Gary Owens voicing in Space Quest

Akril's Memorable Moments and Lines from Space Quest 4

Akril's Memorable Moments and Lines from Space Quest 6

SpaceVenture Narrator Skit that Scott Murphy, Chris Pope, and Gary did together

Guys From Andromeda Podcast with Gary Owens



As the story goes, the Two Guys From Andromeda once authored a marginally successful coin-op arcade called Cluck Yegger many, many years ago. They recently re-released the game in the form of a downloadable on galactic app store app, only to find that it completely took over as the top selling game (via paid advertisements). In fact, they originally made so many buckazoids on it, they felt guilty and ended up pulling it from the app store never to be played again. As a side note...Ace Hardway just happens to own one of the few remaining Cluck video arcade consoles in existance.

As a side not, we are excited about a catchy little 8-bit tune that will go along with the game as well!



Take control of Weldon and help him do what he does best, weld stuff!



The below video is two fold. You're gonna get an updated look at the Scrapyard leading out of Scrap's garage, along with a fun little death sequence that can happen if you play your cards wrong, or right depending on how you look at it! ;)  Take a moment towards the end of the video to soak up some of the awesome pop culture scifi content inside!



When you last saw this scene back in January, we showed you Ace walking along the navigation path. Here is an updated look at the scene, just like the Scrapyard scene, take a moment towards the end of the video to soak up some of the awesome pop culture scifi content inside!



The guys don't want to reveal too many details about this scene but lets just say Ace will be spending a lot of quality down-time in here.



Next up... an exclusive sneak peek at an exciting new gaming platform expected to be unveiled this year at ANDROMECON. Remember you saw it here first.

Thanks for all of your support everyone!  

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

January 1st 2015 SpaceVenture Update


Happy New Year everyone! Let me flat out start by saying that we are still on track for 2015 being the release year of SpaceVenture! I'm crazy excited to say that, and I know it's been a long wait for everyone. I hope you know, it's been a long journey and wait for us as well. We have not been idle. Parts of the SpaceVenture team work on the game just about every single day, that includes weekends. 


We utilize a virtual office environment on team SpaceVenture that allows us to be located all over the world. Back in November, some of us had an opportunity to stay in a cabin located near Pigeon Forge TN for free. This gave some of us a chance to get together in the same place and do some team building exercises. Okay, not really, our team building consisted of working on SpaceVenture for an average of sixteen hours a day for seven days straight, but we did get a chance to take a nice little chunk out of the middle of the game, and move us towards the last third of the game. 

As we were leading up to the cabin trip, Mark created a funny movie poster style piece of artwork that I thought I'd share with you guys.



Are you guys broke?

Nope, still not broke and we're doing just fine in that department. We have money to pay voice actors and money for all the rewards that have to go out, not to mention our artists, etc.. 

Is the project moving faster than it was?

Definitely! Seeing as it was the programming that was really holding up our project, I can proudly say, it's not slowing us down anymore because we've got most everything we need built right into our custom event system. Not to mention the programmers we do have are all hard workers and very dedicated to the project. It feels so good to be able to write those words. :)

I still plan to post some demonstrations on the SV Rewards website to show off some of our event system in Unity (our game engine of choice). Be on the lookout for some posts from me(Chris Pope).

When is the game going to be released?

As mentioned above, we are still on track for having the game out sometime during this year. When I can give you estimated date/month/quarter information on this, I promise I will.

How far along is the game?

We are getting real close to having the second third of the game up and running and will be heading full throttle into the final third of the game. Considering the fact that we are able to move much faster than in the past due to programming, I'm confident that even the final third of the game won't cause us too many slow down periods.

The project updates seem to be getting further apart. Is that how it's gonna be from this point on?

Nope, and I wanted to personally apologize for how long it has taken for a new update to come out. There have been a lot of reasons for why it has been so long since the last update, I won't get into details. I just want you to know that it should never be three months before you get new info from us. 

When will the Kickstarter rewards ship?

The rewards will ship around the time that the game ships.

My address has changed since I pledged to this project. How do I let you guys know for rewards shipping purposes?

Don't worry about letting us know any of that yet. We'll send out info on that when the time comes.


As always, I need to clarify something. EVERYTHING YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND CAN AND WILL PROBABLY CHANGE BY THE RELEASE OF SPACEVENTURE. Nothing you are about to see is 100% final. Be advised though, that the changes will be for the better and will mostly be polish.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you'll notice that we still aren't really showing you anything involving the SpaceVenture UI system. That is because we still aren't happy in that department. It would be pointless to show it to you because it is definitely going to change. Once we're happy with the looks and intuitiveness of it, demonstrations will be posted in an update.

Now for the fun part of this update. The new stuff I get to show you all! We've got quite a few things to show you all and I hope you're as excited about it all as I am.

First up, some music for you!


It's been awhile since we had any music to let you all listen to, so I asked Ken Allen (the SpaceVenture music guy) if he could shoot something my way. He decided on "Rooter's Theme".  This little video show cases a little interaction with Rooter in SpaceVenture and let's you hear the theme music Ken put together as well.



We've told you before that Ace stays with his usually cantankerous (not to mention cranky) mentor, Scraps. In the past, I may have showed you a mockup of the inside of his home. Here is an update! This scene is chocked full of SciFi pop culture references. Can you figure them all out?



Some of you might remember an early concept drawing of Ace lounging out on the couch and getting caught up on his favorite shows on The Holotube. Well I put together a little video featuring the original concept art along with some updated in game footage of that scene.



If you're behind on Sierra/Video game lore, you might like to know that Josh Mandel was one of the majorly talented game developers that once worked at Sierra On-Line back in the day. He's credited on games such as Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, Space Quest 6, not to mention other Sierra titles. He also worked directly with Al Lowe on the Leisure Suit Larry remake, Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded.

If you saw the above video, you'll notice Ace watching the Holotube. As you may have guessed, you're gonna hear more than just sound effects coming from the tube! Josh is writing some hilarious content to be played throughout Ace's perusal of the Holotube channels. You will get to make Ace flip through those channels yourself.

If you haven't already, you should listen to the Space Quest 6 youtube video I did will Josh awhile back. You can check it out here.


The Garage scene I showed you previously has had some polish made to it. Here is an updated look for you!



Speaking of the Garage, here is a small video demoing Ace and Rooter using the elevator. Any of you guys know the SciFi reference for that elevator? Be careful, you're dating yourselves! I apologize for the jerkiness/framerate of this video.



Without being too spoilery here, I'll just say that at some point in SpaceVenture you're gonna need to prop Rooter up on a workbench to make some repairs. Here is a glimpse at that scene.

And here is a small video look at the Rooter Repair scene.



I believe I shared a story with you all a year or so ago about how my family cat had somehow gotten out of my house and was lost for a day. When we found him and got him back into the house, he was infested with fleas. Apparently he had gotten into the woods. Anyway, long story short, we put him in our basement which is where my office is and the whole basement had fleas all over it. I waged war on the fleas. A war that I lost, and was unable to work on SpaceVenture with the team for a couple of days. Anyway, I was telling the story to Scott and Mark while in a game design meeting. Next thing you know, Nano fleas were showing up as a puzzle in the game itself.

Without spoiling the point behind this sequence, here is an early look at controlling a nano flea in a portion of SpaceVenture:



In the last update you saw an early look at the scrapyard with a magnetic crane in the background. You never got to see a closer look at the magnetic crane. So here is a work in progress look at the crane pit!

Here is a small video that demonstrates Ace and Rooter walking along the navigation paths of this scene. Keep in mind, this scene still has a ways to go.



Also in the previous update, I mentioned that you would need to pull some things out of the scrapyard itself using that big magnet in the above scene. Here is a look at being within the interior of the crane.

NOTE: The UI controls that you see in the lower left of the screen are temporary. We just put that in there for testing purposes until the polished artwork goes in. 



What you just saw in the above video in which Ace can pickup parts out of the scrap yard isn't quite as simple as it looks. There is a puzzle there that I don't want to spoil. Just know, it's not as easy as it may seem. However, once you do get the certain parts you need, they'll need to be delivered to the Garage. Enter "The Mule", which is the vehicle you'll control that floats above the ground (think land speeder from StarWars: A New Hope) and is used for parts delivery. 

Here is a small video I put together of Ace delivering a part to the garage.



Speaking of parts! Here is a part that will play a major role in the game. I'm not allowed to give you any real information about it. Let your imagination run wild with this one. ;)



Of all the scenes in SpaceVenture, I am the most excited about the one below. I think everyone who played through most of Space Quest 3 remembers their first experiences in Monolith Burger. For me, it was a video game life changing experience that I'll never forget. Getting to step foot in a greasy SciFi fast food restaurant was almost more than I could bare. We hope you'll have that same experience when stepping into Taco Nova.

And here is a short video of the outside of Taco Nova:

I hope you all have enjoyed taking a look at some of what's going on with the project! Looking forward to future updates. 


This episode starts out with an immediate interruption by Chris Pope the SpacePope to bring you good tidings of great joy with how things are going on the SpaceVenture project. And it’s that time of the year — you all know what I’m talking about — the Space Quest Historian delves head-first into the pool of hard-ass, difficult-as-all-hell puzzles in a rant that, predictably, goes nowhere. Luckily, he’s not on his own, as Alan Luckachina steps up to deliver his own take on the subject in another phenominal bit of The Lucky Corner. Also on this show, you will find not one, but two impressive treats: Our music pal, Ken Allen, talks about music devices of old that never went anywhere, and the Historian plays his entire interview of Space Quest III composer Bob Siebenberg in its full, unedited glory! Merry whatever, ladies and janitors!


Thanks for all of your support everyone!  

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

Meet Url, Check out the Scrapyard, and see some cool videos of Ace's ship!


Hey everyone! It's time to get caught up on some of the goings-on within the SpaceVenture project! We've had a pretty eventful last couple of months as we have worked out the majority of the bugs we were having with the first third of the game along with moving into newer territory with the rest of the game. 


Meet Url (Pronounced as Earl). This little fella is someone you'll come in contact with during your time at Nurb's Landing. The concept art you see below was sketched by Mark Crowe, and we have a 3D model of him that is currently in progress. 


So we've told you since the beginning that Ace has a friend named "Scraps", who just so happens to own a scrapyard. A decent little chunk of the middle of the game will include some time well spent in this area. In fact, without spoiling much, I'll confirm that you'll need to piece together some pretty important items using some of the objects you'll find there. The polished artwork for the scrapyard scenes are still a work in progress, but I did want to show you some of the concept art.

 Want to take a closer look at that crane you see off in the distances?

Does this crane model remind you of something you might have seen in a Sci-Fi movie from your past? If it doesn't, it might be time for you to get caught up on some 1980's Sci-Fi flicks!


Probably one of the most exciting things I get to share with you all during this update is the fact that we've made some big leaps forward in terms of how the navigation of Ace's ship works. Whether you're a fan of taking matters into your own hands, or your less inclined to anything that remotely resembles an arcade sequence in an adventure game, we're gonna have you taken care of. 

Last time you saw this garage, it was empty, but not anymore!

 Here is a screenshot of Ace's ship coming in for a landing.

 And here is a video of the landing/takeoff of Ace's ship!

 And lastly, this is how things look while navigating Ace's ship through space!

Let me also say that all of these videos are still considered early testing of controlling Ace's ship. Things can and probably will change. Let me reiterate to you out there that will be concerned about arcade type sequences in SpaceVenture, there is nothing for you to worry about. We are working on a great balance for the game.

As for the release of the game goes, things are still on track for 2015! I'll give more info on that as I have it in a future update.


Some of you backers out there qualify for getting to vote on some of the game's artwork. We aren't gonna set an exact date on that just yet, but I did want you to know that it's coming up. Be on the lookout for a future update mentioning how this is all gonna work! :)


The universe might implode at the sheer awesomeness of having three illustrious fan game developers, Guy From Andromeda Mark Crowe, SpaceVenture composer Ken Allen and Westwood composer Frank Klepacki all in the same podcast episode. But that's exactly what's happening here. Get ready for two hours of pure unadulterated nerdy space fun as we take a closer look at three retro style fan games -- The Lost Chapter, Replicated and Decision of the Elders -- complete with commentary by all three developers, along with some added incentives to play Replicated by our resident Professor Jess. Serena Nelson gives her lowdown on her favorite supporting character, and Mark Crowe talks about the inspiration behind Roger's crew in Space Quest V. There's also more fun to be had at Priapic Mountain Games' CEO, Pete Toleman, and Josh Henry continues his epic fan fiction tale "Quest for the Two Guys From Andromeda." And, as a special treat, our music pal Ken Allen sits down for a chat with the composer for Westwood's Legend of Kyrandia and Command & Conquer series, Frank Klepacki. 


 Download Space Quest 0: Replicated here: Watch Professor Jess and the Historian play Space Quest 0: Replicated here: Download Space Quest: The Lost Chapter here: Download NAGI, the AGI emulator for Windows here: Download Space Quest -1: Decision of the Elders here:

Thanks for all of your support everyone!  

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

An update about BUGS! Oh and our new debug console, new inventory UI, Milo, new scene, and more!


Hey everyone! I'm excited to bring you some updated news on how things are going with SpaceVentrure! We have definitely not been idle. The team has been very focused on moving forward and getting things done. 


One of our biggest pushes as of late is to stabilize our most current build. We made a big three week push to knock out some issues we've had with certain scenes of the game. As we are moving into the 2nd and 3rd portion of the game, this is very important so that the same bugs don't keep cropping up in the later scenes. Not that dealing with bugs is the most exciting thing to do in the game development process, but I did want you all to know that we are pushing that hard.


Some of you keep asking for some under the hood stuff, so here you go. Recently, we had one of our programmers(Patrick Johnston) create us a debugging console that would help in turning needed things on and turning unneeded things off while we play tested the game. One good example of this is when we are play testing a scene in the game and in order to solve it, we need a specific piece of inventory or another situation is where we might need to jump scenes quickly or flag a function on or off. We had ways of doing this in the past, but with this console, life is much nicer :)


We're also very excited about how our inventory UI is coming together. One thing we are really trying to push is intuitiveness on SpaceVenture. The old inventory UI was located at the bottom of the screen and all you had to do is move your mouse cursor down to the bottom and it would appear. The problem with the old inventory UI is that it took up a lot of space that could be put to better use in game play.

See below:

We've created a small icon that (at the moment) appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You can move your cursor over it and the inventory springs to life. Don't worry, there will be more than one way to get into the inventory. But with this method, we've freed of major real estate at the bottom of the screen. 

Check out this small video I made demonstrating it: 

Please ignore the fact that the icons are so big when you click on them, that will eventually be modified.


One of my favorite characters in SpaceVenture is little guy named Milo. He's a tricky little sucker and he plays a major role in the goings on within the game. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he a baby? Or is he a man? Or is he a baby man? Time will tell. 

Mark was working on lighting effects for Milo. He put together a fun little video show casing what he was working on.


You guys already know that the scenes for the 2nd and 3rd portion of the game are in the works, but I wanted to share with you a scene that will show up in both portions of the game. Keep in mind, it's still a work in progress and is without polish. 

This is Scrap's garage, where Ace will often need to visit for different reasons. You might notice a couple of things are blurred out, but there is a really cool reason for that ;)


That's right folks, the SpaceQuest Historian has returned and has put out the first episode for your listening pleasure. See below.


“Fandom Through The Ages”


It’s time for more podcast mayhem from the Space Quest Historian. Join him on a trip down memory lane as he recounts the genesis of on-line Space Quest fandom, ably aided by someone who was actually there from the beginning: Prof. Jess Morrissette, owner of the first-ever Space Quest fan site, The Virtual Broomcloset. 

 You’ll hear from Chris Pope (the SpacePope) on what’s going down with team SpaceVenture. Also, get the scoop on the Space Quest III soundtrack with input from composer Bob Siebenberg, music editor and sound effects maker Mark Seibert, and fan musician James Mulvale. 

 Listen to all of James’ SQ3 cover tunes here: Listen to the original SQ3 soundtrack as composed and performed by Bob Siebenberg and Mark Seibert: Oh, and Pete Toleman’s in there, too.

How to listen?


You can also check out the SQ Historian website here:


Hey everyone, I'll be going to SDCC again this year and have always enjoyed meeting you all. Unfortunately Mark and Scott will not be making it out this year, but hopefully next year.

If you're coming out to Comicon, be sure to come by and say hi! I'll be announcing my location at different times. The best way to find me is by following me on twitter: or shoot me a friend request on facebook:

I'll also be carrying around the SpaceVenture collectible keycards. We give those out to the different Space Quest/SpaceVenture fans we meet in person. 


Our buddies at Infamous Quests released their new game "Quest for Infamy" a few days ago and all you Sierra fans out there will most likely love it! So please go check it out here:

 Thanks for all of your support everyone!

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

Release & Project Status as of June 6th


We are aware that there are a lot of questions from you, our backers, regarding when SpaceVenture is going to be released as well as made available for sale. There are many opinions and feelings, varying from the extremely harsh to the quite patient, though ultimately all wanting the same thing; the highest quality SpaceVenture possible. Some want it yesterday, and some have advised us to “take the time you need to make the best game you can." We have worked hard to not abuse this encouragement.

We are very sensitive to the entire range of feelings. We ultimately intend to deliver to you the best game possible. We can hurry and release a gaming experience we aren’t as happy with, something we would be afraid and certain would be a let-down to you, or take the extra time to give you something we will feel good about in both our hearts and guts, a game worthy of your backing and patience.

We have avoided giving an official release date due to many major unexpected challenges we have encountered as we’ve progressed through the development process of the first new game by our new company. Everyone who has ever worked on a first project of any kind, and especially a game in a new environment, knows there are ‘growing pains’, especially with that very first one. We don’t want to delve into a laundry list of details. If you would like a taste of the issues mentioned in the past please feel free to read our October 16th update.

Having said all that, we have decided to give a soft estimated release time period of 9 months to a year from now without going into detail on why things have moved slower than each and everyone of us has wanted. That means if everything goes more smoothly than the first third, and we see absolutely no way it won’t, we expect to be done by March of next year. We will not let the game suffer due to being pushed by a hard deadline. Know that first and foremost, we are shooting for an adventure game the type of which we offered and for which our fans asked, an ‘old-school adventure with new tech and design lessons learned’ game you backed through Kickstarter and PayPal.

We know without any doubt this release estimate will frustrate most of you and infuriate others, but because of our passion for this game and adventures in general, we stand fully behind this decision. As we have said in the past, we have one shot at making the game great. That one shot will determine the future of the company.

Here is a breakdown of where things stand currently:


  • The story is complete.  
  • Most storyboards and a good deal of concept artwork done for the full game are on Mark’s wall.
  • 1/3 of the game is mostly complete with polish. That includes artwork, game play mechanics, music/sfx, and narrative/dialog. (Please note that this has been a our major learning curve, and the achievement of this will definitely speed progress on the rest of the game. SO many lessons learned here!) 


  • We have very polished artwork for 1/3 of the game and some scene artwork completed for the rest of the game. Although Mark is mostly involved in polishing artwork, he is also overseeing a couple of our artists working on scenes for the rest of the game along with animations and cutscenes.
  • Most of the animations needed in the game for Ace and Rooter are completed, something that’s a larger feat than most would think.
  • All non-Ace and Rooter animations are added and working in 1/3 of the game.


  • Almost all sound effects and music have been completed for 1/3 of the game. 
  • The music is as complete as it can be at this point. 


  • At this time no voice-over has been recorded for the game. Dialogue is fluid and we intentionally wait until as late as we can to book our talent and studio time. We are planning to go to the studio in three different recording sessions. The first recording session is coming up. We’ll post more details on that hopefully soon, As with the art, for each part of the game we will schedule our talent and studio time as late as is possible because, as we learned years ago, the dialogue also evolves for the better. 


  • Of all the items listed in this update, programming is the one that has contributed the most in causing the project to move as slowly as it has. As mentioned in the October update, we had to design almost all the tools needed to make SpaceVenture ourselves since Unity has been in the past especially a ‘one size fits all games’ game engine. The good news there though is that we have been able to make very good progress now that the tools we needed are nearly complete.
  • We have a code base foundation that will be used for the entire game and as well as whatever we do in the future. We’ve essentially built our wheel.


  • In the past, Chris has tried his best to provide unique updates on the 1st and the 16th of each month. This was a decision made with the best of intentions but in reality is sometimes difficult to execute without becoming annoying to some because, even though there is always some progress, there’s not always something with a high-enough drool-inducement factor worth sharing, and we don’t want to give away too much in the updates. Chris will post updates as achievements warrant, to let you know we have something new and exciting or relatively interesting, or when something’s just too cool to not share. We will do our best to give you a clear view of the status of the project. 

In Summary: 

There have been many challenges and setbacks that have slowed progress. Yes, there are things we should have anticipated, but also many we couldn't. No matter how many games with which one is involved there will always be hard lessons along the way. These can be humbling. There have been many moments of frustration, even more for us than most of you. We’ve encountered and surmounted many hurdles, but such is the way of game development, as well as life in general. We are (almost all) merely human. With the exception of one team member, we’ve each had family health care issues that have impacted our performance and progress. Nonetheless, we will continue to push forward fueled by your enthusiasm, from those who've backed us from day one to those who've just recently become aware of what we are doing, and by our team's passion for the game and our excitement over what is ahead. Through all of that we absolutely believe we'll be proud of SpaceVenture, and you will enjoy the end result. 

Thank you all for your support. 

Guys From Andromeda LLC 

Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, and Chris Pope

<Now donning helmets, protective exo-armor, bracing for impact>