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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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    1. Tom King about 7 hours ago

      Yeah, proofredning isn't my strong suit, especially at 4:30 in the morning. Talk about ridiculous, eight years as a platform and Kickstarter still doesn't have an edit button.

    2. Justin
      about 7 hours ago

      Awww, how cute. The temper tantrum continues. At least you spelled everything right this time.

    3. Tom King about 9 hours ago

      Hey, Justin Emlay, I'm going to let you in on something.…

    4. Justin
      about 9 hours ago

      Classic Tom! Paints himself into a corner then has nothing but name calling to offer.

    5. Tom King about 15 hours ago

      @KSimms: I agree, showing more gameplay from a previously announced area would be nice. They've already announced a lot of areas they could explore more without getting into spoiler territory. Perhaps we could even get a "First 30 Minutes" or something when the game is closer to launch.

    6. Tom King about 16 hours ago

      *I don't think anyone is would disagree, it's pretty evident you're a monumental jerk.

    7. Tom King about 16 hours ago

      Justin, I don't think it's pretty evident you're a monumental jerk. If anyone disagrees with that, may they come to your aid.

    8. Justin
      about 18 hours ago

      There was nothing condescending about it. You literally have every right to question my experience as I have every right to put you in your place in that "I" am none of your business.

      That's not condescending, that's fact as well as reality as I've done it multiple times.

      I'm waiting for that cut and paste.

      Anyway, right back to nothing but personal attacks and name calling. Pretty much on par with you.

    9. KSimms ✵ ✵ about 18 hours ago

      For the next update that's due next month (September) we need to see more gameplay in a scene from early in the game. Show dialogue and solve a couple quick puzzles and give us a better look at how the game will play. I understand they may not want to put out video of an unfinished product, so what they could do is film someone using a computer/ playing the game; that way they could show us gameplay, while still making sure it is clear to all those who might see the video that it is a work in progress. They would essentially be filming a computer display and someone physically pointing at the screen and explaining what's happening.

      At this point we really need to see more than video of the playable character walking across a screen.

    10. Tom King about 23 hours ago

      Oh, I see, my mistake. That was one of the countless times you were being a condescending jerk.

    11. Tom King 1 day ago

      Where did you supposedly say this? I'm convinced you come here when you're drunk or something because reasoning with you is a lot like having a stubbed toe.

      PS: Sad you blocked me on Facebook after openly inviting me on here. Thought you were my friend, bro dawg.

    12. Justin
      1 day ago

      "why not share it?"

      I never said you couldn't. Cut and paste my words where I said you couldn't. You sharing anything does not let us or deny us anything.

      "everyone can express themselves except Tom. Justin logic."

      LMAO!!!! I'll just quote myself....."Correct, you do have every right ...."

      You fail yet again Tom.

    13. Tom King 1 day ago

      If I have some insight I can offer, why not share it? Oh, that's right, everyone can express themselves except Tom. Justin logic.

    14. Justin
      1 day ago

      Really? That was pretty straight forward. Did you need an explanation? You don't control anything here. You don't let people do things. You'd think you would have learned that lesson when Kickstarter deleted some of your comments.

    15. Tom King 1 day ago

      What is your point, Justin?

    16. Justin
      1 day ago

      "It's either that or just let you guys continue"

      Let us....that's cute.

    17. Tom King 1 day ago

      You're right, I didn't read your last message.

      Either you're misinterpreting what I'm saying or I'm not explaining myself very well; I'm not "taking" things any way. In fact, despite my efforts, it should be pretty obvious I'm almost entirely apathetic to its release. My only intention here to give information based off my experience; It's either that or just let you guys continue to scream into the void.

      Feel free to add me on Facebook. Or I'll add you. Whichever. We actually have a lot more in common than you realize.

    18. Justin
      1 day ago

      1) I never said you were angry about anything. You might want to try that one again, try reading slower, try reading your own comments, and try to understand what quotes mean.

      2) Congrats, you subscribed to something I hardly ever use. Try Facebook, that's much more interesting. However I just jumped on there and it shows "0 Subscribers". As for me, I'm looking at your mug on facebook right now.

      So what childish direction are you taking this now? Still making everything personal.

    19. Tom King 1 day ago

      Oh, Justin Justin. If only you knew me you would understand how little anger I have toward anything or anyone. You, on the other hand; Well, let's just say I know a lot more about you than I let on. I've subscribed to your YouTube channel so you know I'm telling the truth.

    20. Justin
      1 day ago

      "It's fine if you're angry and want to state that once or twice."
      I'll state it as many times as I wish without your permission.

      "What I don't understand is"
      Don't care about what you don't understand.

      "expressing their anger hopes to achieve by doing so over and over"
      After all this time you still don't understand. You should just give up. Odds are you'll never understand because plenty of people have explained it to you but you STILL don't understand. Pretty thick.

      "discouraging them will do nothing to help the game come out faster"
      You're assumption that people are trying to get the game come out faster is a poor assumption.

      Let's take a look at one of these "anger posts" shall we?

      "It's been 5 years. That's pretty ridiculous. This is probably a 8-10 hour adventure game. 5 years is an absurd amount of time. I'm willing to bet my pledge that it won't release ever. And if it does it will be a complete mess."

      Doug has every right to express himself. You attaching the word ANGER to every post you disagree with is about as childish as your last reply to me in your vain attempt to "make fun" of my professional career. You attack everything you don't agree with then you take it to a personal level, you've even had some of your posts deleted by Kickstarter because of your foul mouth.....the list goes on and on. I highly doubt the average person here cares about all this high level involvement you claim to have with the game. In fact, IMO, it tarnishes the game even more knowing you had anything to do with.

      Seems to me, the real problem here is you. People are free to express themselves. You acting like a child and attacking everyone you don't agree with, always turns this comment section into a cesspool of vitriol.

    21. Tom King 2 days ago

      Doug, aside from being a middle tier backer, I've volunteered my own time into helping this game come out. It's fine if you're angry and want to state that once or twice. I don't disagree with you for being doing that, but some of us have sacrificed more than money.
      What I don't understand is what anyone who comes here to post something expressing their anger hopes to achieve by doing so over and over. Even if the team reads this page -- and I personally wouldn't if I were more involved -- discouraging them will do nothing to help the game come out faster. They've known people are angry for over a year now. We're all still waiting despite beating the rubble of what used to be a dead horse.

    22. Doug Radcliffe 2 days ago

      I appreciate your response Tom. But.

      "Mob of backers entitled only by their wallets"?

      I mean come on. We essentially preordered this game with the faith our generousity would be reciprocated. That doesn't appear like it will happen. Why doesn't the mob of backers have a right to be angry? It's kind of belittling to say the backers are entitled by their wallet. What else is there? Sure if we just used a donation link expecting nothing else but we basically purchased the game already.

      As far as I know we paid for vacations for Mark and Scott. As many have posted the game is not far along at all. I mean there's really nothing to the updates that gives any indication that there will actually be anything worthwhile.

      If you don't have the professionalism to make a game budget and stick to it then don't make a kickstarter. That is unless your purpose was to just steal from fans then if that case, mission accomplished.

    23. Tom King 3 days ago

      I appreciate you asking, Doug. There are a few reasons I still support this project, none of which have to do with the game.

      I mentioned last year that I doubt anyone is working on the game full-time. I'm sure they were able to pay themselves early production and hire on a few programmers and artists, but think about it: How can they still be drawing a paycheck five years later if they've saved for other expenses, like paying voice actors, manufacturing, shipping, etc.? This is why I've been trying to remind folks that games take time, even more so given they likely have to do other things now to live.

      For me this isn't about the game; I'm not a gamer. For me this is about supporting people I care about. They could have just as easily cancelled the game because, as stated, people working on it likely aren't getting paid, they're just working to fulfill a promise. Some will call it mismanagement, and that's true. But their dedication to completing the game has more than made up for their misteps in my eyes.

      It's easy to be angry about not having the game and take to Kickstarter to post about it just as it would be easy for the team to throw their hands up, say they tried and cancel the game. They haven't done that. I'm sure they're just as frustrated as we are that the game still isn't out five ridiculous years later. It's embarrassing. Obviously there is a team of dedicated people who still believe in this project despite there being a mob of backers breathing down their necks who don't appreciate their efforts, entitled only by their wallets. I respect the team for standing by their product despite the circumstances, so I stand with them.

    24. Doug Radcliffe 3 days ago

      Why are you defending these guys so much Tom King?

      Were those games you mentioned kickstarter?

      There are a ton of adventure games that were kickstarted the same time that have been released

      Testa Effect
      Dreamfall Chapters

      Probably more.

    25. Tom King 4 days ago

      My true colors?

    26. Justin
      4 days ago

      I didn't air any baggage but thanks for showing us all your true colors.

    27. Tom King 4 days ago

      -Justin Justin, superbacker and aspiring software developer, 2017
      Has shipped many softwares for large companies. Only tip of the iceberg.

    28. Tom King 4 days ago

      You're airing your baggage in a forum with other backers, like you do on other projects. You are not free of criticism.

    29. Justin
      4 days ago

      Correct, you do have every right and I have every right to continue to put you in your place. "I" am none of your business. This project is my business.

      For the third time, I answered your question.

    30. Tom King 4 days ago

      Still dodging the question.
      You have every right to be upset about the project just as I have every right to question your experience and what you are hoping to achieve by coming here. I've never said otherwise.

    31. Justin
      4 days ago

      Again, I already answered your questions. Were the answers too over your head? I can try to help you understand them. But I doubt it'll help much.

      Anyway, all my previous comments stand on their own. Enjoy your circles.

    32. Tom King 4 days ago

      I'm asking you simple questions you either cannot answer or are trying to dodge. Again, what is your name and what have you shipped?

    33. Justin
      4 days ago

      I did answer your question. I really don't care that you choose to ignore reality. Good job ignoring everything else as well. It's what you do best.

    34. Tom King 4 days ago

      Congratulations, you posted an email address that is available both on the Kickstarter and their website, linked from this Kickstarter.
      That doesn't really answer my question. What is your name and what have you shipped? Saying you've done these things proves nothing. "I say it, therefore it's true" isn't an argument.

    35. Justin
      4 days ago

      I've done much more than gripe. I've actually helped others to fine the information they are looking for and helped them to get in touch with the right people to have their questions answered. As for griping, you're damn right I have and for good reason!

      As for my creds, I'm a software developer and yes, I have shipped software. I've also worked for very large companies and fully implemented massive ERP systems. That not even the tip of the iceberg. However, this is where your straw man argument ends. Regardless of what I have done or not done in my professional career, that in no way dictates whether or not I can have an opinion on something I'm currently active with. I don't have to be a fortune 500 AAA title game developer to use my common sense and logic to know what I'm looking at less then par. All I need is my lifetime of consumer experience. Try again Tom as you have failed yet again. It's always the same pointless argument from your end, "you're not a game developer so shut up". You're a broken record Tom and you never even hit the top 100,000.

    36. Tom King 4 days ago

      Justin, what are your credentials? Have you ever shipped a game? You can come here and complain until you're blue in the face....or your fingers fall off. Whichever happens first. You've done nothing but gripe for the past year. I'm not sure what you're expecting to happen. It isn't going to speed anything up or encourage anyone to finish the game any faster.

    37. Justin
      4 days ago

      I think these are the diary entries:

      But seeing as how the last couple jumped from Feb 2016 to March 2017....that's a joke in itself.

    38. KSimms ✵ ✵ 4 days ago

      If the team diary entries are going to be published after the game is released, then when will "early access" to these entries be offered? Hopefully we are still going to hear from Scott Murphy, whose little communication with backers so far has been more about why he hasn't done work than about any work that he has done.

      Also, the following was written in the 2012 pitch for this project:
      "On a serious note, [using virtual office environment technology] also allows us to be an Earth conscious company by being able to go Green...In doing this, it allows us to hire top tier game developers…

      Not only do we have some of the top game developers available, we are also pulling in some of the top voiceover talent as well!"

      Who are the top tier game developers that were hired for SpaceVenture?

    39. KSimms ✵ ✵ 4 days ago

      One of the promised backer rewards is "early access to non-spoiler diary entries from Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe."

      In the more-than-five-years since the SpaceVenture team was given hundreds of thousands of dollars by generous game customers, how many of these diary entries from Scott and Mark have been published? Have there been any? Will there be any? Was that just another broken promise?

    40. Justin
      4 days ago

      Fact remains that plenty of games started after this one and finished before this one. Cherry picking games to prove your point is pointless in itself. For what we're getting, this has taken way too long. You can go around in circles with that until you're blue in the face....or your fingers fall off. Whichever happens first.

    41. Tom King 4 days ago

      Fine, Justin. Here are some examples in indie games that the average person here probably hasn't heard of or played.
      Owlboy - 5 people - 9 years in development
      Fez - 3 people- 7 years in development
      Unreal World - 2 people - 26 years in development
      Fact remains that games take a lot of time. Some longer than others depending on scope and the resources going into them.
      By assuming my expectations for this game you apparently do not understand my involvement. I've made it pretty clear I understand most of what is going into the game because I've been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to contribute to it. I by no means represent Guys From Andromeda but I do understand this project because I've read the design documents. You're only going off of assumption, nothing more.

    42. Justin
      4 days ago

      Tom, because as always you're talking nonsense. They are both games...LMAO!!!! So that's your criteria? Like I said, what a joke. Comparing this game to any Zelda title is like comparing a skateboard to a Lamborghini. You clearly have ridiculously high hopes for this game. I have no doubt we'll eventually get "something" but at least I'm not delusional as to what we're getting.

    43. Tom King 5 days ago

      @Justin: They are both games. I used Zelda as an example since most people are familiar with the series. Why does that seem like some sort of astronomical leap to you? There's no need to be salty.

    44. Doug Radcliffe 5 days ago


      I actually backed at a much higher tier trying to support old school adventure game designers. A lot came out at the same time. All of which have released already except this one.

      It's been 5 years. That's pretty ridiculous. This is probably a 8-10 hour adventure game. 5 years is an absurd amount of time. I'm willing to bet my pledge that it won't release ever. And if it does it will be a complete mess.

    45. Justin
      5 days ago

      Meanwhile plenty of game projects have started after this one and completed before this one. Did you seriously just attempt to compare this game to Zelda? What a joke.

    46. Tom King on August 12

      Edit: Scratch the 40 hour per week average on Breath of the Wild. This is Japan we're talking about. The average work week there is much higher. Those folks do not sleep.

    47. Tom King on August 12

      @Josh - I believe the script has been finished for a while now. Aside from tweaks, the design document has been finished for a few years. Unfortunately, lines cannot be recorded until all the game assets are complete. Creating all the assets required to finish a game of this scope takes time for the two or three people working on that portion of the game. This is why I suggested they release part of the game sooner rather than in one package a year from now. Doing this would require some extra work, but would hopefully satisfy those who have (justifiably) spent the past year and a half airing their complaints on this board, and (hopefully) bring in some revenue to speed up the last half of the game.
      A lot happens in five years. Myself, I had several failed relationships, changed jobs, met the woman I now call my wife, and we now have a child. I'm sure the lives of those more involved with this project have changed a lot as well. But five years is nothing in game development. Most Zelda games take on average four to seven years and have hundreds of developers on board. I believe Breath of the Wild took four years and had over 300 developers working on it for 40 hours a week. While smaller in scope, SpaceVenture has maybe a team of eight. The average gamer will not understand this. Personally, I'm amazed they've been able to pull this off given the budget, quality and scope of the game.

    48. Missing avatar

      josh's wireless on August 11

      I wonder how much all our individual lives have changed since this project was originally backed, I got a Bachelors, i wasn't even a freshman yet.. My sisters are all up there in age, and my nerdy brother-in-law introduced me to Space Quest as a kid. It's crazy just how in gaming, our memories literally carry a price. Whether it's paying $70 for the game we payed $10 for as a kid, it's all costly. I'm a big box backer. Huh, I'm proposing to my girlfriend in a year, our wedding will be in 3, maybe the game will be done then. I just really, really, really unbelievably wished they had completed the script so that Gary Owens could have done it, that's what I loved the most about 4 and 6. I still watch YouTube videos of his hilarious narration. I remember I got on chat with Chris Pope and asked Gary some crazy question, I think if he remembered specifically any line from SQ4 that he had to keep re-reading because of how ridiculous some of those jokes were. RIP Gary, hope this project doesn't meet the same fate as you after all these years.

    49. Overmann on August 10

      @Doug Radcliffe. Whoa slow down there, haven't you seen the updates? It's very obvious they're making progress, just a bit slowly.

      Besides is it really gonna kill you if they take a few more years? Or are you so strapped for cash that you need your $30 bucks back? I wish that I'd backed it for the big box.

      So just take it easy, and be patient, good things come to those that wait. And if it doesn't, well you know they diffidently tried their best.

    50. Doug Radcliffe on August 8

      I can't believe I backed this stupid game. Thanks for stealing $500k from the faithful adventure game community.

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