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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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    1. Justin
      5 days ago

      I didn't back those. I'm pretty much done with software on KS. But I'll check out those offerings, thanks!

    2. advmal 5 days ago

      @Justin, not sure about you but I feel a bit silly for buying into the "evil publishers" sentiment when the adventure game kickstarter craze was happening. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy I backed some projects - but time has shown that there's a necessary balance between creativity and management. Otherwise things can get out of control or lose focus.

      Did you back projects like Jane Jensen's Moebius, Tex Murphy, or Broken Sword 5? You have to give those projects credit for finishing their games within ~2 years. Jane Jensen had some pretty cool monthly updates she released in pdf docs with detailed progress updates and goals. I'm really impressed at what the Tex Murphy team accomplished - HD video with pretty good production design, decent 3D environments, a lengthy game with plenty of puzzles, and a cool story with just the right amount of that classic Tex charm and nostalgia.

    3. Justin
      5 days ago

      I’m sure in the next update (6+ months from now) we’ll hear all about the light at the end of the tunnel. Voiceover is scheduled. Finishing touches are being applied to everything. Some last last last last minute polish. Another scene to show us with a 3D dog walking around somewhere on a flat plain with no boundaries. Then again 6+ months from there.

    4. advmal 6 days ago

      I'm not terribly invested in the outcome of this project but think the game will come out eventually. What fascinates me the awful personal conduct of people who claim to be associated with the team, constantly martyring themselves and falling on imaginary grenades as an excuse to lash out at anyone whose opinions make them feel threatened and insecure.

      When certain people claim to represent the team, and those people behave in such a toxic manner, it reflects on the team itself. If Chris is aware of this and hasn't advised certain individuals to stop attacking other backers, or clarified they aren't associated with SV, then that's disappointing but not unsurprising. It relates to my other concern which is the apparent disdain for those backers who don't blow sunshine. If the team thinks that alienating these backers instead of addressing or just acknowledging them is a good idea, how bizarre.

    5. Justin
      6 days ago

      Really ticked off that this project is in the same place is was 3 years ago. They keep trying to make it look like they have all this new material when at the end of the day all of it looks like nothing more than proof of concept work.

    6. Justin
      on April 12

      Interesting. I'll have to check it out on Steam on see what people are saying. I saw it in the app store and remembered seeing the KS. I downloaded it and played it for a couple days then deleted it. It was nothing that interested me.

    7. Tomimt on April 12

      Let's just say that PC gamers have been less than ecstatic about Godus. It all culminated in a Rock, Paper, Shotgun review, where the reviewer asked point blank from Molyneux if he's a pathological liar thanks to broken promised tied to Godus.

    8. Justin
      on April 12

      Godus? Is it not doing well on PC? 4.5 stars on the Apple App Store with 8,783 reviews.

    9. Tomimt on April 12

      On the bright side, at least SpaceVenture isn't Project Phoenix. Or Godus.

    10. Justin
      on April 11

      DZ, absolutely! Ken has been brought up many times in these comments. I'll just cut and paste my comment about him:

      It's funny how throughout all these years there have been many times where Ken Williams was painted as the "bad guy" who took advantage of all these "creators". Now that I met my heros, I have much less respect for them and much more respect for Ken and the circus he had to deal with.

    11. Missing avatar

      DZ on April 11

      OK, so I read the update... second verse, same as the first: "blah, blah, blah, some progress... blah, blah, blah, still no end in sight (but we're almost done, we swear!), blah, blah, blah..."
      Wake me up for the next update.

    12. Missing avatar

      DZ on April 11

      @Gregory: Makes you want to credit Ken Williams a bit more for keeping the train going, no?
      (Yep, I went there.) :P

    13. KSimms ✵ ✵ on April 10

      Gregory, would you include the creators of this Kickstarter in that category? Didn't they originally suggest a release date of 2013? Frankly, the lateness of the game doesn't irritate me as much as the ho-hum, lazily written updates which all sound the same and like they were written in under a minute. Twice a year (much less frequently than should be the case) we get an update. All the updates say, basically, "we are almost there. We don't have a lot of specifics to share now, but we'll tell you more as soon as we can! Welp, that's it for now. Signing out!"

      I really do appreciate hearing from Mark Crowe, though. Including messages from him in the updates is a very welcome development.

      And I guess Scott Murphy is gone for good? Is he even okay? I still don't even get what the deal was there. I have a feeling one day there will be some long story about his various struggles during this time. I don't even know what to think anymore. Maybe it seems insensitive, but I wish he could have better met his responsibility to this project and been more present.

    14. Gregory McIntyre on April 10

      more than anything I think watching all the sierra legacy kickstarters has made me realize how little most people know about how long a game takes to make or how much it actually costs. like most games that you see announced that are coming out in a year or so? they aren't just starting those, they've been making those for a while already and with the backing of a studio and team and resources. there's a reason it's taking years for these games to come out.

    15. Missing avatar

      brentvw on April 9

      $30 / 6 Years = $5 per year

      I’m definitely getting my $5/yr worth of Space Quest nostalgia with these updates.

      Easily worth the cost of a sandwich, and hey if they keep on coming costs only go down.

      Kudos to the two guys for keeping it up, maybe they just need more guys (Five Guys is a successful franchise)

      Kickstarter should do milestone payments, so people don’t feel so slighted paying so much up front

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on April 9

      Glad to see work progressing on this. Good update, keep em coming.

    17. Doug Radcliffe
      on April 9

      Update that gives no real answers.


    18. Justin
      on April 9

      I've brought that up before. Back in November. I also brought up the whole issue with the voicemail reward and if those backers are getting a refund due to the passing of Gary Owens. Nothing but crickets.

    19. advmal on April 7

      At least one prominent member of the adventure gaming community passed in recent years (Astrid aka PolloDiablo). You raise an interesting point regarding what happens if a backer is no longer able to receive their rewards/deliverables..

    20. Interstate78 on April 7

      I wonder how many backers have passed away during the last 6 years

    21. Justin
      on April 5

      There you go making wild assumptions again. Why would you ignorantly assume it bothers me? You asked a question. That was the answer. If you don't want your questions answered then quit asking them.

    22. Overmann on April 4

      @Two Guys From Andromeda, Can't wait!

    23. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      If it was brought to my attention before I honestly don't remember. But they apparently bother you enough to still bring them up months and, in some cases, years later, and for that I apologize.

    24. Justin
      on April 4

      "I wasn't aware of the two additional comments you mention being removed..."

      More lies because it was discussed with you after each one.


    25. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      I wasn't aware of the two additional comments you mention being removed, which should tell you how little I keep up with this. I don't remember what they said but my guess is it was nothing hence the lack of outrage following.

      I said only a few months ago I don't care what happens to my Kickstarter profile. I mean that. I haven't pledged to anything in years and, of the projects still in production, this is the only one remaining I care to receive. On the off chance I lose my Kickstarter account, it won't prevent me from receiving my rewards. That said, I have no reason to lie about anything. I'm just here to have a laugh when you decide to stroke your ego. I didn't start poking fun at you until you did so, which took an impressive two messages.

      As for the aforementioned email, I'll gladly forward you the original headers whenever you like. Here's a screenshot for everyone else. Personal information blurred for obvious reasons.

    26. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      LOL! I can’t fake server generated headers and raw data forwarded through Gmail. But I’m flattered you would think so.

    27. Justin
      on April 4

      Because I saw the comments that were removed. They were all filled with vulgar language from you ranting after days on end and none of them contained my personal information of which you have lied about multiple times. The fact that you just attempted to lie about there only being two comments removed is all anyone needs to know about you and your "information". I have no doubt you received an email from Kickstarter after having been punished (multiple times) and anyone can fake the contained information so no, I'm not interested in seeing anything from someone who is a known liar and who has admitted multiple times to multiple people that he purposely harasses people.

    28. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      Not sure why you think I would lie about something so inconsequential. I'll be happy to forward you the email from Jennifer dated Aug 20, 8:10 PM EDT if you wish to view the original metadata.

    29. Justin
      on April 4

      Two? LMAO!!!! More than two and I doubt anyone believes your lie about asking KS to remove them.

      Anyway, keep telling yourself I'm angry. Whatever helps you cope.

    30. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      Pretty sure I found you on YouTube, Justin.…

    31. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      @Justin: Two comments were deleted for reasons we've already been over a few times now. I'm sorry these comments made you so angry you feel you need to bring them up every couple months.
      @Two Guys: Looking forward to it!

    32. Justin
      on April 4

      "Oh Justin, how could I ever be mad at you?"

      Very easily. Plenty of your angry rant posts have been deleted by Kickstarter. You seem to think everyone forgets things rather easily.

    33. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on April 4

      We have an update coming out for you all very soon. Be on the lookout :)

    34. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      *less seriously

    35. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      Oh Justin, how could I ever be mad at you? You felt the need to congratulate yourself for making a prediction based off the history of this project. It's funny. The sooner you learn to take yourself seriously the sooner we can stop spamming this community so you can get back to quoting dead franchises.

    36. Justin
      on April 4

      The only person that gets mad around here is you. Then you get comments deleted by Kickstarter admins. So how far exactly are you going to take it this time? You said something that was ridiculous wrong. Got called out on it. Now you're taking personal jabs again. Next comes the anger. Everyone get your popcorn!

    37. Tom Hammerheart on April 4

      No need to get mad. I’m not judging.

    38. Justin
      on April 3

      If by you, you actually mean a Kickstarter text based comment section then, ok. But hey, if that's what you need to get through the day then knock yourself.

    39. Tom Hammerheart on April 3

      Well, at least you admit to bathing while thinking of me.

    40. Justin
      on April 3

      Make no mistake about it, I'm bathing in the satisfaction that I've once again pointed out where you misspoke.

    41. Tom Hammerheart on April 3

      As long as you’re bathing in the satisfaction that you may have accurately predicted that a six year old Kickstarter project will probably spend a while in beta, I’m happy for you.
      You’re a modern Nostradamus.

    42. Justin
      on April 3

      Exactly, thus things should NOT move pretty fast once the game reaches beta.

      Thanks for pointing out I'm right and you were wrong.

    43. Tom Hammerheart on April 3

      Earth. It’s nice, so I’m told.

      Unless major design changes are proposed during testing, all assets should be in the game by the time it hits beta. Generally beta only lasts a few months depending on the complexity of bugs and resources going into fixing them. Pretty much goes without saying this is no ordinary production cycle, so if you mean to say things won’t move fast for THIS game once it hits beta, you’ll probably be right. Regardless of how long it stays in beta, backers who pledged enough should finally be able to play it from start to finish. So, progress?

    44. Justin
      on April 3

      "Things should move pretty fast once the game reaches beta"

      LMAO!!!!! On what planet?

    45. Tom Hammerheart on April 3

      I'm not so interested in when the game is coming out as I am curious how far they are into alpha. Things should move pretty fast once the game reaches beta. Beta should be a near-final build save for bugs and balancing. Realistically, unless they've been secretly recording VO, we still have a while. It will take a few months just to edit, place, pace and test all the audio before the game can go beta.

    46. advmal on April 2

      @Freddy - the game is definitely coming out in November. We're just not sure about the year. ;)

    47. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles
      on March 31

      @mistermorcus. I already did this. But according to Kickstarter the project owner gets only the data active when the backing time ends. So if you change the address later old project owner do not get an update. So this makes it easy for me to determine when somebody leaked my data to spammer by looking at the projects which I backed with the recipient email address valid at that time. But I cannot block each address as long as there is a project still open from that time. And unfortunately this project here is my very first project and it's still open...

    48. Freddy on March 30

      i wonder if this game will ever come out

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