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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda about 20 hours ago

      The next update should hit before the middle of September. I'll let you guys know a definite date once I have one :) -Chris Pope

    2. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on August 23

      Big zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    3. Creator Happy Cock Head on August 22

      ...update on an update?

    4. Creator Sylvain Martel on August 17

      Do you have a release date for the update containing the relase date? ;P

    5. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 19

      Yep as we get closer to voice acting time, we'll be announcing it

    6. Creator Happy Cock Head on July 19

      Great Update Guys and super EXCITED to start to see a release date begin to emerge!! Chris will there be an update on when you may see the team start to think about voice actors? Thanks again for another stellar inside look!


    7. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 17

      @Sebastien keep an eye on the upcoming updates for a release date.

    8. Creator Sebastien Guay on July 17

      when is the game coming out?

    9. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 16

      SpaceVenture Update: An update on the Cluck Y'egger game sequence, the Holotube, as well as some Taco Nova tastiness!

    10. Creator Johnny Vila on July 15

      Come on guys! We are too anxious! :)

    11. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 14

      Gonna need to hold off on the SpaceVenture update one more day. It's coming though, promise!

    12. Creator ELLIOTT JOHNSON on July 14

      Love you guys! Can't wait!

    13. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 13

      SpaceVenture update is planned to hit tomorrow night! :)

    14. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 13

      @KSimms just remember though, Scott didn't do all the writing or puzzle work himself. Mark did a lot of that too. It was a group effort between the two, as it will be for SpaceVenture as well. Mark sure designed a lot of the puzzles will Scott's help, and Scott did a lot of the writing with Mark's help. ;) -Chris Pope

    15. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on July 12

      Mark Crowe has sure delivered high quality art and animation. Easy to see why Sierra hired him at such a young age and why he has continued to do very well since then. The man is supremely talented. Of course, the big question mark is still Scott Murphy's writing and game design for SpaceVenture, as it has been awhile since we've seen published work from Murphy. Looking forward to more samples of that.

    16. Creator Happy Cock Head on July 9

      I'm so Giddy right now!


    17. Creator Steven Dash on July 8

      The quality of everything you have shown is very impressive, I'm glad you aren't just re-skinning an old game. Keep up the great work :-)

    18. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 6

      Hey everyone. Mark Crowe asked me to keep holding on the update for a few more art related things to be completed. It should hit by early next week.

    19. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on July 6

      @GuitarAnthony hopefully you will find the game well worth the wait. We are definitely working really hard for it to be high quality.

    20. Creator GuitarAnthony on July 6

      This was the second KS project I ever backed. As they say...'If I knew then what I know now'. My only bright side is at least I didn't back Star Citizen.

    21. Creator Indyxt on June 27

      Is the game in a state that could be put on Steam Early Access? Or is there no game at all?

    22. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on June 26

      We are planning an update for July. There are a few things in the fire that are being wrapped up that are planned for the update. Once there is an ETA on the date for July, I'll post here. Thanks everyone! :)

    23. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on June 26

      @Jason the engine is complete. We do add occasional new features to it as needed. Programming is no longer an issue. It's all about artwork now. Good progress is being made week after week. :)

    24. Creator Jason Joyce on June 25


      Three years later and nothing. No hint of voice work done and other than the teaser a year ago, no sign of new tracks from the game.

      And let's not forget the "FAQ" posted by a "programmer" last month that claims the thing most holding up the game is "art and design", despite the engine still not being completed.

      Don't know how they're expecting to push the game out this year as they say they intend to with so much left to do.

    25. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on May 16

      In case you've missed it. Lori and Corey Cole have their new Kickstarter running. Check it out here:

    26. Creator Michael Derendorf on May 12

      Can´t wait for the game! :)

    27. Creator ELLIOTT JOHNSON on May 11

      Great work guys, sorry I ever doubted you!

    28. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on May 9

      @Trent, good to know. We're taking this game very seriously and want it to be a success out of the gates. :)

    29. Creator Trent A. on May 8

      Thanks for that reply, Two Guys. Like I said, I still look forward to it. I do pay attention to the updates, but I'm still impatient. I'm rooting for this to be as incredible as the long dev time would imply.

    30. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 8

      I believe a lot of people are going to be surprised with how good this game is. Know that so many people are rooting for you guys!

    31. Creator Fester_Blatz on May 7

      Thank you for the update. I try not to look at them too closely though and no longer watch ANY of the videos, because I do not want to spoil too much of it for myself. I feel I already know too much!

      All updates are still appreciated though. It's nice just knowing progress is being made. Cheers. FB

    32. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on May 7

      @Johnny we'll get them out when we feel like we have something worth showing for sure. :) A lot of our time is spent dealing with code. @Trent: We are moving as hard and fast as we possibly can. If you are confused on what has taken us so long, please take the time to read some of our previous updates that explain things. Not making excuses here, we know we've taken too long, but we are doing our absolute best, I promise.

    33. Creator Trent A. on May 7

      I think this project has exposed one of the problems with the Kickstarter model of development. I really wanted this game to happen, but the eternal wait has soured that enthusiasm a lot. I still look forward to delivery, but it will likely be met with a "FINALLY" instead of an "OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!" Shame.

    34. Creator Johnny Vila on May 7

      Great update...I expect them to be regular again....after all, are important to contain our anxiety... :P

    35. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 7

      People reading this need to check out the latest update. The art shown there looks fantastic.

    36. Creator Martin on May 7

      Do I see a Five Nights at Freddy's reference?

    37. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on May 7

      May 6th SpaceVenture Update: Cluck Yegger, Andromedcon, Taco Nova, Veronica7, Scrapyard landing

    38. Creator Happy Cock Head on May 6

      Looking forward to this next update!! Can't wait guys!


    39. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on May 4

      We are still compiling everything we want to show off on the update. As of right now, we're shooting to release the update on Wednesday.

    40. Creator _Journeyman_ on May 4

      A this is one of the first projects i backed long ago and many newer project actually delivered i think I'm quite upset and quite right to be upset.

    41. Creator Nancy Hutchins on May 4

      I also disagree with David. Last update was in February. This game has been in production for well over two years, and over 2 years past the estimated delivery date.Over 10,000 backers pledged to see this come to life, and it is still not alive. What is the current timeline?

    42. Creator Johnny Vila on May 3

      Where is the new updade? I look forward to see what's new in the production.... :(

    43. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 3

      I disagree with David. More frequent updates is better. At least once every other month. When someone goes to a page and sees there hasn't been an update for many months, it just looks bad. But I do appreciate your recent updates and your comments here answering questions. Looking forward to the next update!

    44. Creator David Frohlich on May 1

      Looking forward to the next update :) Also, I appreciate the reduced amount of updates now compared to how it was going on in the beginning.... waaay too many :)

      Anyways, keep up the good work!

    45. Creator Happy Cock Head on April 27

      @Cycho- "Cowards"? I like your spunk and moxie son, but is that sort of comment necessary? Ironically, a true coward would probably hide behind a comment just like that. I can just imagine you, with your big gulp, your ring dings, angrily devouring your 4th meal midnight snack. You mash down on those faded sticky keyboard keys with your plump donut glazed fingers pecking out your hate-filled accusation. The sweat beads on your overly developed brow and glistens in the soft glow of your mothers wood grained tube television, circa 1982. in the background the smug rantings of blanch and her fellow Golden Girls envelope the room. The audible laborings of your Cheeto ladened breath become louder and louder as your arrow curser moves closer and closer to the “Post comment” button! Your fat engorged index quivers with ecstasy as you WILL your grub-like phalange to once again force itself upon the back of your trusty roller ball Lenovo mouse, circa 1989. For a split second you think to yourself, This is it! Your supple sausage extremity heaves downward with a climaxing thrust! And suddenly… A click, rings out amongst the sounds of your mothers retching coughs and audience laughter. Just then you feel a euphoria cum over you as the release sends you backwards into your step fathers squeak groaning computer chair. head back, mouth open, you gargle and gasp for air clutching the arm rest your mothers cat destroyed. Your eyes roll back and shut as your body writhes with elation and shutters with shame.

      I feel I’m not far off here.


    46. Creator Chris Paoli on April 27

      Awesome! Thanks for the update on the update!

      Can't see what you guys have been cooking up

    47. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on April 27

      We've got an update planned for early May. We've got a lot of new stuff done and are excited to show it off. :)

    48. Creator Cycho on April 24

      What about an honest update? Are you cowards too afraid to tell your backers the truth?

    49. Creator Chris Paoli on April 24

      So... Two months have gone by without an update. Should we take the radio silence as alarming?

    50. Creator Andrew Tuckett on April 10

      Thanks guys that was an interesting read :-)

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