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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. KSimms ✵ ✵ 3 days ago

      "In the meantime, I get weekly 'updates' from Thimbleweed Park, that even if they don't have any real major content, they at least help keep the mindshare alive. :)"

      I agree. A very brief "update" post is better than nothing at all. An update should be sent at least every other month. No excuses. No "we were sick" or "family problems got in the way" or "we lost track of the time." I've seen some Kickstarters give all kinds of excuses about why they don't post updates regularly. Not posting such regular updates should not be tolerated by backers. I don't care if the project creators are without internet connection or are out of town at times; they need to haul their butts to a library computer or to a friend's phone and send out an update every other month.

    2. Gregory McIntyre on July 23

      I personally think monthly is probably about the frequency that's ideal for most projects. I can understand delaying a little if you're close on something though.

    3. Missing avatar

      DZ on July 21

      Now, *that's* an update: "The last few scenes of the game are in the works!"

      Why can't you just post something sweet and concise like that every other week as an update instead of a post in the comments? That way, instead of completely forgetting this project because I haven't heard from you guys in over two months, I could get excited about the progress.

      In the meantime, I get weekly "updates" from Thimbleweed Park, that even if they don't have any real major content, they at least help keep the mindshare alive. :)


    4. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on July 6

      Hey everyone! We are working on some pretty awesome content coming your way. The next update will hit either at the end of the month or the beginning of August. The last few scenes of the game are in the works! :)

    5. KSimms ✵ ✵ on July 6

      In my last comment I meant to say: Minecraft with "blocky graphics" (not "kicky").

    6. KSimms ✵ ✵ on July 6

      You know what I think would be neat in the future? A new Two Guys game with old-looking graphics. I loved this video so much:

      ^Someone made LSL-like game clips with new music.

      The text parser would probably be too expensive to do in a new game (but would be so awesome), so I guess they'd have to do the icon deal. But maybe the very low res graphics would make things a lot cheaper. And it would never really look more outdated as time passed, so the game's appeal would endure. Nostalgic gamers would like it, and others might also like it... because it wouldn't even be trying to look modern. And little kids love Minecraft with the kicky graphics, so it's not like all new gamers would be opposed to it. Really "crappy" but still-charming-in-their-own-way graphics and animation would give the game developers more time to polish everything about the gameplay.

    7. Claus Bo Christensen
      on July 3

      @ThomasN. Save early, save often :-)

    8. ThomasN on July 1

      Finally got around playing 4-6. Boy are these frustrating and worse than 1-3. Hope you'll not get punished by insta-death when not clicking at the right spot every 3 seconds in this game. Because... you know.. it's quite normal to just stand around in a point and click to.. you know... THINK.

    9. Justin on June 29

      @Sylvain Martel - "Not sure how you can say Hero-U is complete crap when nothing beside screenshots has been released yet."

      Along with multiple demos. Where you been? Under a rock?

    10. Riggo on June 13

      Just wanted to say great updates lately!... Mostly because there hasn't been a comment here from me in a long time and I am sure the Popester was missing me badly! :)

      @ Tomimt... After your review, I guess I will need to launch Stasis.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Martel on May 18

      @KSimms Not sure how you can say Hero-U is complete crap when nothing beside screenshots has been released yet.

      I found Broken Age to be -OK- but insanely short for the budget they got from the KS. If that's all they could do with over 3 millions, I don't see any awesome game with the length of the old games coming out of a KS.

    12. KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 12

      Looks like SpaceVenture will at least have fun, beautiful, effective art and animation and entertaining music. I'm very happy with the bits they've shown. Hopefully the gameplay will be enjoyable. Don't have too much to go on at this point. I'm optimistic!

      Since others here are discussing other Kickstarters, I thought I'd add my opinions.

      The new Broken Sword was a success because it delivered everything that was promised. Corny dialogue and some so-so voice acting, though. Needed a better writer. But I enjoyed it!

      Moebius was appallingly bad. I had been warned ahead of time about Phoenix Online's poor reputation and how they don't produce quality work, but I still wasn't prepared for the utter mess of a game that it turned out to be.

      Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded: a disappointment, and it pains me to say this! Finally finished it. The animation seemed unfinished and made the game feel cheap. It wasn't charming and it was sad to see. Didn't blend in with the backgrounds. And not enough was animated. Josh Mandel's writing was often clever and funny, but he needs an editor. Some narrations went on way too long, and it didn't help that the narrator actor didn't always read them properly (might not have been the actor's fault). Sadly, the jokes often worked better when you read them rather than heard them. The whole game just seemed weird. Not cohesive. And I liked the music from the VGA version better. :-( The game also had a depressing feel. The setting felt lonely and empty with hardly any people walking around. Also, the whole damn game should have been reworked with mostly new/improved puzzles. And the worst thing of all: the game wasn't sexy enough. Not even close. I don't care what anyone says, Leisure Suit Larry games were sexy. They could had have added a whole lot more titillation. They played it way too safe. Rough, disjointed, shaky product that almost felt pointless.

      Finally, Hero-U looks like complete crap. And they actually had the nerve to beg for more money after blowing through hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, to all you struggling Kickstarter projects out there, when you're feeling down and like there's no end in sight, you can think, "at least our game is way better than Hero-U."

      One perhaps positive thing to end on: a game I backed called "The Slaughter" released its first episode, and I'm finally going to play it. Looks fun!

    13. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on May 11

      I nearly completely agree with what Tomimt said!
      Except that I can't say anything about Dreamfall because I haven't played it yet (but it looks promising), and also before playing Moebius I've read enough reviews to know what expect, so I wasn't too disappointed.

    14. Tomimt on May 11

      Out of the adventure games I've backed and their quality

      LSLR, I think was an okay game for what it was, but in the end it also showed that the original game design hadn't aged very gracefully. They should have taken more liberties with it and be more bold in the re-design of it.

      Broken Age I though was a good little game. Not necessarily a classic, but overall solid and fun.

      Moebius was a disaster on every level

      Tesla Effect is still one of my favourite games come out from KS. It's fun, solid adventure and a good conclusion for Overseer.

      Shadowgate is a well done remake of the original. The low budgest shines through at places, but the amount of love Zojoi placed in it shows.

      Stasis is one of the best horror games of recent years, also one of the bets games out from crowdfunding.

      Broken Sword 5. Not my favourite game series, as the quality of games is uneven, but BS5 is a solid adventure on its own right.

      Dreamfall. I've been liking it, but some other people haven't. The quality of episodes has been from OK to great and I think a lot will depend on what will happen in the final episode to be released soonish. If they cock it up, I think a lot of people will shred the full game in pieces, me included.

      Doc Mendonca. The best I can say about it is, that it's an okay game. Not bad, not great, but just okay.

    15. Missing avatar

      Neil Matz on May 11

      Hi Two Guys - this update looks great, the Belly of the Beast scene is incredible and Officer Quicksilver made me laugh. I love how his head tracks and the strut animation is hilarious. Keep up the faith and the good work. Really looking forward to SpaceVenture and Thimbleweed Park. I'm not worried about the delays, this is high quality stuff!!!

    16. eXoScoriae on May 11

      @Happy Cock Head - Armikrog was a huge disappointment. So many things went wrong there, but the biggest was the lack of a solid story. They pitched the game with a beautiful clay intro that really pushed the characters of Tommynaut and Beak Beak. It teased an alien planet full of crazy life forms and exploration. Then, the game came out and we got 3 repetitive towers, each full of the same 3 types of puzzles, no exploration really (just linear progress), and an extremely uneven use of resources, with some backgrounds overflowing with detail and others literally just being a clay wall.

      But it is far from the only disappointing game released so far. Let me count the failures.

      Double Fine Adventure / Broken Age: A game that had to be released in parts due to totally blowing the budget. The first part was very strong, asked some intriguing questions, and in general felt like a solid foundation for an adventure game. Then came the second part. It relied on some nonsensical twists, it didn't answer some of the most important questions, it had repeated puzzles, and overall - it felt tacked on to finish the story. In other words, there was a clear delineation between the funded part and the final part. While some will argue the game was great, I deem it a failure primarily because the blown budget is what killed the second half. Had this been a traditionally funded game, there wouldn't have been a 2 part release and quality would not have tanked in the second half.

      LSLR: How hard it is to remake a game? I will say, the final product wasn't horrible. But it also wasn't worth $650k and several years of development time. Studios such as AGDI have released better quality sierra remakes in less time for *free*! Also without all the drama, personal attacks, and other shenanigans perpetrated by Paul Trowe (the real life Leisure Suit Larry, in all his creepy glory).

      Jane Jensen's Moebius - turned out to be a high school anime fan's wet dream, and not much else. My how the mighty have fallen.

      Quest for Infamy - the best thing to come out of Kickstarter to date, and it was released by a bunch of sierra fans. They have nearly finished 3 games in the time since the KS craze took off, all in the style of the SCI era.

      Hero-U - No idea. Promised for Oct 2013, and it's nowhere near complete. Meanwhile the Cole's (of Quest for Glory notoriety) have mortgaged their home to continue funding it.

      GODUS - HAHAHAHAHAHA. The reason Peter Moleyneux swore he was done with the games industry. What a prick. I can't list all the things that went wrong with this one here, but a quick google search will inundate you with his shenanigans.

      Mage's Initiation - No idea. Promised for Feb 2014. No release in site.

      Anyways, these are just a handful of the adventure games I've backed. Most of them still aren't out yet, so I didn't bother listing them here. My main goal was to illustrate how the Sierra alumni have shit the bed and really screwed up what could have been a resurgence.

      If anything, it has proven how invaluable a guy like Ken Williams was to a company like Sierra. Without him, we would have been lucky to have a single game in each series, let alone multiple sequels.

    17. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on May 11

      The update is here: "Nano Flea Technology, Tattoorakis update, Officer Quicksilver, Dominion Estates, and one of the final game scenes"

    18. Happy Cock Head on May 10

      @eXoScoriae- I haven't played many games that have come out through Kickstarter but I have gone and checked reviews on some of the ones I was excited about. Notably LSLR and Armikrog. I have to agree based on those and a few others their has been as you put it an amateur hour. Besides this game and Thimbleweed I do however have high hopes. So if anyone can pull off something special I really believe Mark, Scott and Ron are the ones who can probably do that. Still pulling for you Guys!


    19. eXoScoriae on May 9

      This is sort of funny.

      I go to the updates to see how the long delayed game is coming, and I get to read about updates that are being delayed.

      By summer I fully expect to come and find announcements of delayed updates on the delayed game to be delayed while they announce further delays.

      That said, ultimately, I just hope the game is fun. I know we all do, but after playing the games that I've funded so far through kickstarter... well, it's been disappointing. Ignoring all the delays, the dead projects, the lost money, the broken promises, and such, there are the game that have actually been completed.

      Looking over my list of backed projects and thinking back to the time I spent playing them.... well, it really has been amateur hour.

      The only sierra-style \ inspired game that I've played in the past 3 years that I've really enjoyed so far is the new King's Quest, which ironically is the only sierra-inspired game I've played that didn't go through kickstarter.

      Here's hoping you guys can buck the trend.

    20. Andrew Tuckett on May 9

      I agree with DZ. If possible you guys should follow the Gilbert model even if its just to say the shaders in Unity are annoying to work with etc. I would just do a weekly podcast like Ron does with the team and get everyone to say what they are working on. 10 minutes tops.

    21. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on May 8

      Hey everyone! We hope you all are having a happy mothers day! We got a definite date for the update. The update will hit on Tuesday, May 10th. Be on the lookout for it!

    22. Missing avatar

      DZ on May 8

      Hi, guys,

      Do you suppose it would be more productive and agreeable to the backers if instead of waiting for that awesome, perfect, all-inclusive, comprehensive, mind-blowing status update that takes several months to prepare; you would just post an update semi-monthly or monthly with a brief "here's where we are, here's what we're doing, here's where we're going"?

      This is the technique Ron Gilbert has adopted, sort of like an agile methodology where he shares his progress with the backers regularly, even if the progress is to say "we're still figuring out the animation of the bobbing heads" after several weeks.

      I would imagine that this would bring more transparency, and build up some much needed support and good will. That is, before people lose interest in this project and start viewing it as yet another everything-and-the-kitchen-sink, over-ambitious failed project that may never see the light of day. :)

      Just a friendly suggestion. It's OK to iterate, it's OK to not be perfect, and it's OK to not say every single detail on every single update.


    23. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on May 5

      Hey guys, Mark has requested a little more time. He wants to show off a new scene in the update. Shooting for the update to hit within the next couple of days, but this will depend on when Mark is ready. Rest assured, the update is coming! :)

    24. Missing avatar

      antsbull on April 28

      Awesome news - still keeping the faith here, hope that the team is still doing OK funds wise.

    25. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on April 27

      Hey guys! Kickstarter update is planned for next week. Once I've got an exact day, I'll announce it here.

    26. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on April 20

      The update is still in the works. We have been working on a lot of logistics, puzzle work, and some conceptual stuff within the last two months, so we don't have tons of artwork to show but we do have some new stuff to talk about along with a few new visual items to look at coming up. Please continue to be patient on this update coming out. Thanks everyone!

    27. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on April 19

      Any update on the update?

    28. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on April 12

      There is an update on the way. There are some things we want to finish up that we plan to show. Thanks guys!

    29. KSimms ✵ ✵ on April 9

      New update coming soon? It has been over 2 months since the last one. :-) Could you please include completion percentages for different areas of development indicating how much work has been done in each area and how much still needs to be done?


    30. Andrew Stickel on April 5

      And it helps if I read the updates a little more closely....November 30, 2016!

    31. Andrew Stickel on April 5

      I know exactly how tricky of a question this is but do you have any sort of realse window or even a genoral idea of how long out the ship date with be?

      We really appricate you guys keeping up with us on here and doing your best to let us know whats what. Thanks!

    32. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on April 5

      @Chris, the project is not dead. We are plugging away. We will have an update coming up in the near future. Did you happen to see the last update and some of the exciting things we showed? There is more of that coming.
      @Happy Cock Head. We are good. Thanks. :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Canavan on April 3

      Is this project dead?

    34. Happy Cock Head on March 29

      Hey Guys! How are things going? Just thought I would check in and see how everything has been progressing. I hope everyone is doing well and I'm really looking forward to seeing the next update.

      Thanks Guys,


    35. KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 11

      Oops, I just saw that I wasn't supposed to post about the narrator in Kickstarter comments. Didn't read the update post very carefully!

    36. KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 9

      Please consider using a narrator that doesn't speak slowly. Just posted a comment about this on the latest update post.

    37. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on February 8

      Hey guys, I realized in my below message that I mixed up two of our team members. Though Brent Forrest is one of our artists. It is actually a guy named Patrick Parish that has worked so closely with Mark on the beautiful background artwork. Important to give credit where credit is due. Patrick has done an amazing job for us. In my haste to reply to KSimms down there I managed to switch him and Brent up. Wanted to set the record straight. -Chris Pope

    38. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on February 7

      Unfortunately no, we originally wanted to go the route of the player designing the ship. Had to cut the idea due to time. -Chris Pope

    39. Fester_Blatz on February 7

      Thanks for update guys. Loving the ship navigation!

      With the building your own ship in the scrapyard puzzle, you say the ship is built by the player... does this mean we design it as well? Or will every player have the same looking ship? Just curious.

    40. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on February 6

      Kickstarter Update: "Project Status, Video Demonstrations of Ship Navigation, Piloting into Hyperspace, and Tatoorakis. News on a contest and more!"

    41. KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 6

      Hi Chris- Thanks for the thorough response! I was thinking poor Mark was doing all the art and animation himself and was locked away in a room somewhere with all the pressure on him. The artwork we've seen has been outstanding, and I want to acknowledge all the people you mentioned.

    42. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on February 6

      Just to confirm, the update is hitting today!

    43. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on February 6

      Hey @KSimms, I will poke at Mark and Scott about making some posts on here. Although I'll say that Scott is currently in the process of moving to the west coast to near where Mark lives, so that may not happen until that gets finalized. You are correct in thinking Mark is extrmely busy working on assets for the game. I would like to clarify something, what you all see in these updates is a collaboration with multiple people. Mark does pump out the majority of the art related stuff you're seeing, but a guy named Brent Forrest also works on background art as well, not to mention a couple of other artists that pump out small items of assets. But yeah, some of the beautiful backgrounds you're seeing are finalized with Brent. Mike Penny does model and animation work for us and has put together most all the character models you see. Ken Allen of course works very hard on sfx and music. Patrick "Pcj" Johnston handles the majority of our game engine programming. I work closely with almost everyone on the team as I implement the puzzle work that is part of the game design. When you click the hand, talk, walk, inventory icons on things, and Ace/Rooter does something, my job is to make it all work. Programming is also something I do. In saying all this, my point is that you understand, that though we have a small team of around 10 people, there is a lot that goes into everything we show you all. I can assure you that the project is still fun to work on and "hasn't become an unsustable burden". The hardest part of this whole thing is reading negative comments(considering the lateness of the game, some cases are well deserved we admit) and feeling like we're letting everyone down. Your comments get read.. the positive, the negative, the happy, the encouraging, the sad, the angry, and the vitreous, they all get read. It is hard not to take some of these comments personally. We do our best to put out quality updates. Believe it or not it does take hours of time(and in a lot of cases days) to put these things together. I personally have around three days invested in the update that is about to hit, and that's not counting the time some others such as Mark has dedicated into helping me get the things I need to make it a little extra special for you. These updates are more than just popping into the game build, recording some video, and grabbing some screen shots. What we show right now needs to be planned and well thoughtout so it's all done right. Now in saying all that, I hope you know we really do value and appreciate all the feedback we get. It would be scary to not get any comments from you all as it would mean, there was no interest. Thank you for taking the time to write your comments. Again, I want everyone to know that you have access to me if you have questions. Other than just messaging here, you can email me privately at chris AT guysfromandromeda DOT com. I have no problem even giving out my cell phone number/Skype info as well through email and speaking with people verbally. All you've got to do is ask. I hope this answers a few questions, and I really hope everyone will stay positive. I know this project has frustrated a lot of you, and that is warranted, but I promise we are working as hard and fast as we can and when the game comes out, it won't be half baked. The game will be done right. Thanks again guys! -Chris Pope

    44. KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 6

      I think it would be good if Chris Pope signed his name (or even just "Chris") to every message he posts here, as he did recently. That way people wouldn't be confused thinking it's Mark Crowe or Scott Murphy posting under the "creator" account. I also think people would appreciate hearing more from Mark. A basic, little "I'm alive and kicking and hard at work" video message might be good. I just want to see him in a video and looking/sounding happy and optimistic. I hope this project is still fun to work on. I fear the project has become a somewhat unsustainable burden, but I hope I'm wrong. Also, it seems like A LOT is falling on Mark's shoulders; pretty much all of the work we've seen has been his work. And the work has been great (though the female character could have and maybe should have had more appealing breasts). Is he in good spirits or horribly stressed? I wish him the best because he seems like a very talented person. Chris Pope's emoticon smiley faces just aren't reassuring me. :-( But I do appreciate that Chris Pope faces the backers and answers questions.

    45. Missing avatar

      Pat Gallagher on February 6

      Holy Cr@b, no wonder this game is taking almost 4 years to make. If it is taking you almost a month to give us a simple update on the status of the game. A few pictures and maybe a video is not really what I think most people that backed this game are looking for. How about a workable alpha for the first part of the game? Let us play something that actually has some controls to it.

    46. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on February 5

      The update is really close to being finalized. Can't wait to show everyone! I think you're gonna love what you see! :) -Chris Pope

    47. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on February 4

      Hey guys, the update is still in the works. Mark wanted to add one more cool scene/video to it. So holding off until that is ready. It's coming though, I promise. Hopefully you'll find it worth the wait. Got some fun stuff to show off :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on February 4

      Any update on the progress on the update on the progress on the three year overdue game?

    49. Fester_Blatz on February 1, 2016

      I'm getting excited again! :)

    50. GuitarAnthony on January 31, 2016

      At least you're still talking to us. I can't even get a hold of some 'creators' on Kickstarter.

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