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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. eXoScoriae about 18 hours ago

      Hey Tom - go fuck yourself.

    2. Tom King on October 17

      Did you guys hear something? Must have just been the wind.

    3. Justin on October 17

      @Tom - people are entitled to their views/feelings/opinions so please, get over yourself.

      "Please get SpaceVenture finished before Hero-U comes out"

      No joke! Please do! Corey needs to learn how to say something without spinning it into some serious BS. He has talked crap about most devs both on and off kickstarter in order to prove he's not a total screw up. However, when you bring up all the devs that did much more then himself with much less money and within a fraction of the time, he disappears.

    4. Tom King on October 16

      @KSimms: This isn't a competition. No one is racing to get their game out before anyone else. Paul Trowe would brag about being the first crowd-funded game to be released with a reasonably large budget. Know what it did for that game? Absolutely nothing. It performed as well as it would have had it been released after Broken Age.

      I do agree that there should be transparency regarding the release, but as (I'm assuming) Chris already mentioned a few days go in a response below, they will let us know what it's going on, whether it's ready or not. If it's not ready, I would strongly advise they hold off releasing until at least late February as December and January are where games go to either die or be overshadowed by large holiday releases.

    5. KSimms ✵ ✵ on October 16

      One of the worst adventure and/or RPG Kickstarters I have ever seen is disastrous Corey Cole's Hero-U project. Corey Cole also had the nerve to point out SpaceVenture's apparent troubles as a way to excuse his own failures and to make himself look better. Please get SpaceVenture finished before Hero-U comes out, if for no other reason than to deny certain odious game designers the ability to point fingers at SpaceVenture as a way to the try to make themselves look better.

    6. KSimms ✵ ✵ on October 16

      Here's what was posted in the official August update: "Guys we are going full throttle trying our absolute best to get the game done by November...we are well on our way.
      Two months ago Pope clearly said they are "well on their way" to getting the game finished by November. Well, we are now two weeks away from November, and I haven't seen any reports describing how the game is in the final polishing stages.

      If they post an "update" on November 1, claiming that, "oops, we are actually many, many months away from releasing the game," I am going to feel misled. If this happens, I will have to conclude that the team is choosing not to be forthcoming and is choosing instead to stall and mislead.

      I feel more annoyed about being lied to (if that's what is happening) than about the game being late.

      I appreciate honest forthcoming updates, even when they bring disappointing news.

    7. Tom King on October 15

      Half of that rant was aimed at eXoScoriae as well. Sorry for not clarifying.

    8. Tom King on October 15

      Also, would it hurt Kickstarter to implement a damn edit button? I usually type from my phone and my fingers aren't the most graceful.

    9. Tom King on October 15

      @Neil: It's not that we'be given up, we just don't see a point in making a stink over a delay. If they need more time, big deal, let them have it. How is it possibly benefiting you to play it now versus a couple of months? And I'm not saying this as a low-tier backer, I simply want it to be as good and polished as they can make it if they're willing to put in the extra time. I want them to do well and not rush it so it has a better chance of selling well, allowing them to hire more people and make more games. It costs you nothing extra but time waiting. If you're that antsy, go play something else for a while. God knows the industry is saturated with endless options to keep you busy until it's ready.

    10. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on October 14

      An update and news on the project will be hitting within the next couple of weeks. We are working as hard as we can guys. Stay with us.

    11. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on October 12

      Not really, but it feels like someone should make an attempt to hold them to what they've promised. And it seems like everyone else may have given up quite a while ago.

      ...Seven weeks to go!

    12. eXoScoriae on October 12

      Neil... you don't honestly believe that.... do you?

      Anyone who thinks this is releasing in November is delusional. *Maybe* next November... but even that seems unlikely.

    13. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on October 5

      Two hundred and twenty-five weeks down, eight to go!

    14. Missing avatar

      Charles Harrington on October 4

      I've recently been replaying the original games (Thanks GOG!) in anticipation of the new one and I just wanted to pop in here and say I appreciate that you are still making the new one and I'm very much looking forward to it. Lots of luck!

    15. Justin on September 29

      Seeing as how that's not true at all, nope!

    16. Missing avatar

      antsbull on September 29

      Justin - one has to wonder, looking at your comment history, you seem to be a fan of trolling kickstarter campaigns you have contributed to - doesn't being so negative all the time make you miserable?

    17. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on September 28

      Nine weeks to go! Any update on the likelihood of meeting the 30th November date?

    18. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on September 20

      Ten weeks until the November 30th release date! Time for another update on the finishing touches being applied to the game?

    19. Missing avatar

      charleswrivers on September 18

      Well... 3 1/2 years ago I pledged $125. This was mainly because I'd enjoyed the SQ series from the bargain bin as a kid and wanted to support a new creation when I'd never spent more than 5-10 bucks for SQ 3-6. Curious as to when/if this is ever going to be done. My money was donated with the knowledge it may never turn into to anything. Doesn't look like this project is dead but 3 1/2 years is a long time. Mind you, this is the 1st time I logged on since donating, but it was to specifically see if it had been done. I only got a kickstarter account for this game. I assumed it had been done a long time ago. Never did get a buckazoid in the mail.

      Guess I'll give it's another 3 1/2 years and see if 2020 is our year.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Martel on September 8

      Beginning to understand why toys software an related apps are so crappy...

    21. Justin on August 26

      @Christopher - did you ever get ahold of Chris Pope?

    22. Justin on August 26

      @Tom - cool story bro! I take it you're finally done with this nonsense?

    23. Tom King on August 26

      Respectful? I didn't say anything worse than tell you to "eat a snickers" or do whatever you have to do since that seems to be your obsession having brought it up three or four times now.

      I took a glance at your comment history the other day to confirm my suspicion that you have a tendency to take to Kickstarter to complain often, hence my assumption that you're generally unhappy with your purchases. I spent a whopping two or three minutes doing so, not unlike the time I spend writing you back since it's pretty predictable at this point that no matter what I post you'll always be there, seemingly offended.

      I see no point in writing you anymore, and I honestly don't understand why you keep coming back since I'm obviously having fun with you. I started off with the best of intentions when I was trying to correct you, sure, but the conversation just kept going on and on so I decided why not have fun with it. This is growing very stale, and I would hope even you would agree.

      Whatever the case, I'm sure we'll all be playing SpaceVenture in a few months. When it's released I genuinely hope you enjoy it. The team has put a tremendous amount of work into it and I hope you can eventually come to appreciate that. If not, whatever. The world will move on.

    24. Justin on August 26

      Clearly Kickstarter disagrees with you and this is their site. Also, physically being an adult and being respectful are not automatically linked. Let that one bake a little longer. Either learn to be respectful or eventually get banned.

      "According to a recent post, you're in the toy business; you're also a software developer"

      So basically you're stalking me, looking through all my projects and going through all my comments. Wow...deep seeded was spot on! Yes, a software developer in the toy industry. So what's your point now? Besides complete and utter nonsense?

    25. Tom King on August 26

      It included one curse word. We're all adults here, seeing as a credit card is required to do anything in this site. I'm sorry you can't handle it.

      According to a recent post, you're in the toy business; you're also a software developer and apparently a psychologist ... Congratulations?

    26. Justin on August 26

      "as you seem to take to Kickstarter on the daily to complain about your poor investments."

      Wrong as always. My Kickstarter track record of 118 projects so far has a 97% satisfaction rate thus far.

      "I'm not sure what happened to my last message nor do I really care."

      It was very childish and full of cursing. Hopefully you correct yourself from now on as that's not wanted around here.

      "You do not understand game development"

      As a software developer I understand very well. But hey, if you can think of anything else to tell me about me, don't hesitate! Clearly you're the expert of everything.

      Ok then, so your problems are deep seeded and this is just to be expect of you. Troll on Mr. King or Cave Fish or whatever other silly name you go by.

    27. Tom King on August 26

      @Justin: I'm quite happy with the progress that has been made. Besides, of my problems, Kickstarter certainly isn't one, and if it were, I'd say you're unqualified to help as you seem to take to Kickstarter on the daily to complain about your poor investments.

      I'm not sure what happened to my last message nor do I really care. There wasn't anything inappropriate about it. You do not understand game development and explaining why you should be more considerate has been about as useless as showing a dog a card trick.

    28. Justin on August 26

      @Tom - " I know this is really hard to believe"

      Then you didn't pay attention very well as you were sifting through my backed projects. Spaceventure and HeroU are the oldest software titles in my list that have not been delievered. All the others, even ones that didn't even campaign until much much much later on have already been completed and delievered. I think there's one other one left but I'm not worried about it because they update us with a new beta twice a year and as it stands it's a full blown game. They just keep piling on more and more features. So I'm well aware of how long it takes thank you very much. Plus, if you had access to my stared list you would find a crap ton of software titles there that I've been tracking. Again, plenty of them finished and delivered.

      So, what exactly is your problem anyway? Are you just ticked off that I think it's crazy this has taken as long as it has? Or is there some deep seeded issues you're dealing with? Anything we can help you out with? I see your previous comment got deleted by Kickstarter. It's time for that snickers now.

    29. Tom King on August 26

      @Justin: Because you mostly back board games. I know this is really hard to believe but video games actually take a bit longer to create, especially when there's a small team (4 or 5, maybe?) working on it.

    30. Justin on August 23

      @Tom - again, nothing about that comment is a "theory" nor does it try to solve why it's taken 4 years. Yes, that is nuts. This is one of the longest standing Kickstarters I've been apart of. So my comment stands. What doesn't stand is your understanding of anything you are reading.

    31. Tom King on August 23

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    32. Justin on August 22

      @Tom - Absolutely nothing about my comment states or implies that Unity is married to a specific language.

      You misunderstood. Get over it.

      Theories? Fours years? You are replying to the wrong person. You might want to take a step back, eat that Snickers I mentioned earlier and take a deep breath.

    33. Tom King on August 19

      *air. Autocorrect ftw.

    34. Tom King on August 19

      You were talking about javascript-based engines. By stating that many exist and ending it with, "so there's that," you were saying it would have been a more efficient alternative, otherwise there wasn't really any point in mentioning they exist. I was responding by saying Unity utilizes javascript (quite efficiently if written well) and that it provides developers with more options, which is one of the reasons they went with Unity as there would have been more limitations with something based in javascript.

      You can keep grasping at straws and coming up with theories as to why this game has taken four years all you like. The choice in technology has very little to do with it. There was a learning curb, sure, but that would have been the case regardless of their choice in engine. The reality is that games are really fucking hard to produce. They take a long time to make. While financial backing helps, it does not guarantee a game will be completed. Fortunately, it looks like we'll eventually get to play it, despite there being many complications along the way -- low budget, small team, and personal matters to name a few. The progress they've made is impressive when you consider said complications, most of which could not be avoided. But what do I know, I'm just an artist and programmer who is just blowing hot art.

    35. Justin on August 19

      @Tom - Absolutely nothing about my comment states or implies that Unity is married to a specific language.

    36. Tom King on August 19

      @Justin: You do know that most games built in Unity use either javascript or C#, right? Unity is not married to one language.

    37. Justin on August 19

      There are TONS of Javascript engines out there already. Countless mobile apps/games are driven by Javascript. Not saying it's better than Unity but there you go.

    38. Patrick on August 18

      And: thanks for the update guys! I was a bit skeptical at first about the choice for 3D, but the more I see the more I'm confident that this will turn out great. Nurb's with all it's little gags and details looks great!

    39. Patrick on August 18

      HTML5 is just a (markup) language and javascript, a scripting language, would probably have done most of the work. They would have needed to create their own engine in it from scratch and/or base it one an existing framework or engine, and I wonder what they would have shipped along with it to actually run the game (something Chromium-based maybe?).

      Unity on the other hand is a widely supported, full-fledged game engine, and has many features required for making a game out of the box, including excellent support for 2D and 2.5D games.

      Also, the choice for 3D probably wasn't just artistic. Animating 3D characters is less time consuming than (hand) animating frame-based art.

      Also, I think the (personal) reasons for the delay have been well documented.

      In short: I think they made a wise choice to go with Unity and just focus on making a game, not pioneering new tech. But that's just my 2 cents.

    40. Justin on August 17

      LOL! See what I mean?

    41. Tom King on August 17

      Justin: You're one to talk. Looking at your comment history, you blow enough hot air for practically all of us.

    42. KSimms ✵ ✵ on August 17

      Victor, what don't you like about the screenshots? I think they look perfect.

      I'm glad to hear they are "well on their way" to making a November release.

      Although these updates are better than nothing, I would have preferred more serious, detailed updates in a consistent format and that described what was accomplished since the last update and what they planned to work on until the next update. To be honest, the updates here are sometimes heavy on conversational fluff and light on substance. They remind me of a student forced to sit down and write an essay, where the student keeps typing words until they've filled enough space.

      The updates ought to be progress reports, not just posts that feel like they were done in order to placate or stall. If I were directing things, I'd say that each progress report should have 4 sections:

      1) a summary of what was done since the previous update and brief explanations of any failures to complete work that you had planned or hoped to finish. I'd prefer lists with short descriptions rather than chatty paragraphs. Screenshots and videos could be posted here.

      2) a plan for the next two months, including a summary of what work you hope to complete during that time. Again, should be a list with each entry no more than a phrase or sentence.

      3) Statement expressing any other misc. thoughts about state of project and thanking people for patience, etc. Also, revised longer term estimates/rough percentage completion estimates for all the areas of development.

      4) the extra stuff like links to podcasts or other campaigns.

      And never be late. Just commit to ALWAYS posting a progress report the first week of every other month, no excuses.

      Backers ought to be given clear reports (with consistent format) of what's going on and what the developers did the last two months, whether the news is exciting or not. I don't like the "we'll post an update when we have something exciting to share" approach to Kickstarter updates.

    43. Justin on August 17

      @Christopher - Don't listen to Tom, he's been doing nothing but blowing hot air for days.

      Email Chris Pope directly and open a line of communication with him. Start with sending a PM through Kickstarter. I don't really want to blast his email on a webpage.

    44. Tom King on August 17

      I don't think it's ethical to be asking for a refund this late into development. That's like betting on a horse and changing your bet the final third because your horse fell behind.

    45. Christopher Best on August 15

      Serious question: Is it possible to request a refund? After the update, it sounds like you guys are still a long way off. I used to want this game but don't any longer.

    46. Tom King on August 15

      @Justin: Nah, I'm satisfied.

    47. Justin on August 15

      @Tom - Eat a snickers.

    48. Missing avatar

      antsbull on August 15

      The other thing about this is, going on the funds they raised, its pretty likely the two guys (and others) have made sacrifices to keep going this long - it makes the end effort mean even more to fans of the series.

    49. Tom King on August 15

      You're right, it's definitely a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. If the game is released too early, people will complain that it's rushed and unpolished. If developers take time to polish and do it right, people will complain about taking too long. There's certainly no pleasing everyone, especially when there are people who are impossible to please.

      I also applaud the team for not letting any negative responses dictate their decisions. While the Internet is a wonderful tool for getting something amazing like SpaceVenture funded, it's also really easy for anyone to post negative comments about others work without having played the game in question, or having any qualifications to make such harsh criticisms for that matter.

      Game development is more difficult and complex than most people realize. I can imagine how soul-crushing it must feel for anyone to talk shit about something you've literally spent years working on. There's something to be said for a developer who chooses to let it go when their craft is being attacked. They're certainly handling it better than I would.

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