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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian about 3 hours ago

      In fact, let me elaborate on that, so you can rest comfortably: In late 2011, I was contacted by The Two Guys to be community manager for this Kickstarter. Basically, I was asked to reach out to old friends in the Space Quest community and drum up some excitement for the campaign. We called ourselves The Keronian Underground and had great fun doing that. They asked me because I had been a very vocal and active Space Quest fan since the mid 90's and Scott remembered me from those days (I was the dude who wrote the Space Quest FAQ for the Virtual Broomcloset website). In the time since the Kickstarter was funded, I've had the honor of looking at the design document and playing some very early pre-alpha builds of the game, and I did put some placeholder text in the early stages of the game. I stress the term "placeholder," as they were really just put in there so there would be some text for when the team were testing out the early phases of the game. That was a long time ago, and I'm pretty confident they're not in the game anymore; hence the use of the word "placeholder." I was never an official part of the development team, and I'm not on the 2GFA payroll; I'm just a happy fan who wanted to help out, and I got the opportunity to do so.

    2. Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian about 5 hours ago

      I'm not a writer on the game -- in fact, I'm not on the development team at all -- and I have no influence on what goes in the updates.

    3. Missing avatar

      Olivier van der Kruijf about 11 hours ago

      Starting to look like they're leaving us backers in the cold.

    4. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall about 15 hours ago

      It's now over three months since the last update, or even the last comment from the creators. Please could we have an update?

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      DZ 3 days ago

      @Pleimert: You see now why people don't want amateurs working on the writing for the game? Your two attempts at humour and satire went completely unnoticed. I'm sure they sounded very clever and funny in your head.
      In other news, Thimbleweed Park is gearing up for a first quarter release, so there's that. It's a bit later than their original stated release schedule, but they managed to keep the backers informed with a regular podcast and even more regular blog posts. We know precisely in what state that game is and can feel confident that it will be released very soon.
      I wish I could say the same for this project, which I backed even more enthusiastically than Mr. Gilbert's.

    6. KSimms ✵ ✵ 3 days ago

      Troels: are you working on the game? Are you doing the writing? Who is doing it? That was actually just a guess on my part earlier. No joke. If you don't recall the comment I'm referring to, then don't scroll down because you might not have liked it. Anyway, can you please request that the next update include an explanation of what Murphy has done and what his involvement has been? We don't need to hear his life story or even anything personal at all. I just want to know what percentage of the writing and other design work he has done. This project was sold as a return of Mark and Scott. If Scott and Mark aren't even doing most of the writing, then the game feels less special and authentic to me. And, if you happen to have a chit chat with Scott in the near future, please tell him that it was a shame he didn't directly/personally communicate to backers through updates more than a couple times over the almost 5 years. As a backer, I'm actually kind of offended by the semi silence from Scott (and Mark) since the project got funded back in 2012, to be honest. Looking forward to the next update. Thank you!

    7. Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian 3 days ago

      @Martin O: You're quite right about there being more than two genders. Except in corporate America. ;)

      @KSimms: I can't guarantee the game is 100% written by Scott and Scott alone. But then, neither were most of the Space Quest games.

    8. Christopher Kugler 4 days ago

      @Martin O: I appreciate the advice on contacting Chris Pope.

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      5 days ago

      @Christopher Kugler: So I assume you are a backer of the more lower tiers? Why even bother then, I think they've worked enough all the years for the money I gave them. I still have hope for the game, but even it this never happens I am OK with writing the money off due to their effort they made.

      Sometimes project fails. This is Kickstarter.
      But to clarify: I don't see a reason to put this project on such list yet!

      If you really want a refund you could also try to contact Chris Pope:

    10. Christopher Kugler 5 days ago

      @MartinO: Clearly they are giving out refunds—see below. I've lost all interest (and confidence) in this project, and I'd like to request a refund. Even if the request is denied, they could at least respond.

    11. KSimms ✵ ✵ 5 days ago

      I keep thinking maybe any day now we'll get a surprise announcement in email saying, "surprise! Here's the game! Didn't think we'd do it, did you?" But then I remember they have to do beta testing and (I think) will have to involve backers of a certain tier in that testing process. And wouldn't that process take at least a month? And wouldn't they announce the backer beta testing in an update when it happens? So, unless and until we get an announcement about backer beta testing, is it right to assume that the release is not imminent?

      As for the writing/script in the game, I want to know what percentage (approximately) Scott Murphy has done vs other people. I was under the impression Scott Murphy hadn't worked on the game much in years, so I guess, as others have suggested, it's possible most of the script writing was done very early.

      I feared this was a bait and switch, where backers contributed for a project they thought would be designed and written primarily by the original SQ duo only to later find writing was largely done by people they had never heard of. I see the comment from Pleimert saying Scott Murphy did the writing, and that's great. Would like this further explained in the new update. Updates so far have said less about what Scott has done than about reasons why he hasn't been able to contribute during long periods.

      Thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      5 days ago

      @Christopher Kugler:
      It doesn't really make sense for them to do refunds at this stage since they are still working on this project. (i.e. They are "only" late. The project doesn't count as failed.)

      @Troels Pleimert:
      Now I have to correct you :-) You are implying there are only two genders! :O

    13. Christopher Kugler 6 days ago

      What is the best way to request a refund? I messaged the project creators, but I've heard nothing back.

    14. Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian 6 days ago

      @Martin O: I'm sure they'll do a find-and-replace on asterisks and any lines that mention equal pay for both genders. ;)

    15. JoeyN 6 days ago

      I was going down my list of backed KS and forgot about this. Can not believe it's almost 5 years since it funded.

    16. KSimms ✵ ✵ 6 days ago

      In the next update it would be cool to hear more about the voice actors. Have they already been cast? Has the dialogue been recorded? Hopefully they are using or have used professional actors for this game. The early Sierra CD games didn't always feature the best acting, but later on they nailed the voices.

      I'm trying to stay positive about this game, but I don't know what to think. I hope the next update is a damn good one and gives us a complete picture of what's going on. Less conversational fluff filler in the update, please.

    17. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      6 days ago

      @Troels Pleimert: I will watch out for lines with asterisks when the game is released, I'm sure they will leave some in :-)

    18. Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian 6 days ago

      @KSimms: Scott is doing the writing of the game. I did some placeholder writing in an early stage of the game, but all my lines were clearly marked with an asterisk (*) which denoted that they were to be rewritten because they were too feminist and therefore not funny.

    19. Missing avatar

      Bruno 6 days ago

      Some day we will get an update on the state of this project. Some day.

    20. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall 7 days ago

      We're at the three month anniversary of the last update (and the four year anniversary of the Expected Delivery date). Please could we have another update?

    21. Missing avatar

      Glenn Usher on February 14

      @Newguru Well congrats on your refund. I was denied due to them not having the funds (my donation was higher than your $30).

    22. Tom King on February 12

      Tomimt, KSimms decided to speak out publicly against one of the most dedicated members of Space Quest community. They're a big boy/girl, let's hear what he/she has to say.

    23. Tomimt on February 12

      Don't you guys think enough is enough? If you want to go in personal insults against each other that's fine by me, but wouldn't it be better to do that with private messages. This project is already sad enough without people hurling insults towards each other.

    24. Tom King on February 11

      Troels was helping a few years ago. I'm not sure the extent of his involvement or if he has worked on the project since. He's a good friend and a solid dude. You say you mean nothing personal against him but here you are publicly blasting him for no reason other than his alleged political views. Let me ask you something. How much did you contribute to this Kickstarter?

    25. KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 9

      I've been seeing more concern on social media about this project and questions about who is writing it. The Danish, self-described "space quest historian" guy isn't doing the writing, right? Troels Pleimert ("TorbenFrost" is what he lists for his public social medi) is this SJW male feminist who promotes himself as "Space Quest Historian" and is often included in these SpaceVenture updates, for some reason. It seems this Pleimert is friends with the designers and is some sort of groupie, and I mean nothing personal against him, but he's just not funny. At all. It would make me sad if this is what we end up with. :-/

      Hopefully the guy was just included as filler in the updates. :::fingers crossed:::

    26. Wijnand Dalmijn on February 3

      I think that Scott has had some input of course you don't develop games unless you have a general scope of the ideas. I just remember reading one update and basically they were building the engine along with the story arc meaning that from what they have written when they reached the end of the line the beginning part was broken because of changes to the engine.

      I think Scott his most important input was at the beginning since I doubt he is programming and is mostly focused on the story/ design. I have faith they will release it that is without doubt. but I really find these long stretches of silence a bit cruel. It has been almost 4 months again and not a single word from anyone.

    27. Newguru -T. Murphy's Crazy 888's Chapter on January 31

      @Chris Paoli

      Send a message to the developers, through Kickstarter (bottom right of the FAQ tab), asking for a refund. That's what they told me to do.

      I did it today, and they asked me to send them my Paypal account info.

    28. Chris Paoli on January 31

      Yup, this is now ridiculous. It's time to get a refund.

      Anyone who has gotten one, what's the procedure?

    29. Newguru -T. Murphy's Crazy 888's Chapter on January 30

      Since this game obviously failed to be released in the announced time-frame, which was 4 years ago, I'd like to get a refund on my 30$ pledge. How should I proceed?

      Thanks in advance

    30. KSimms ✵ ✵ on January 27

      I believe it is time for another update. It has been over two months since the last update.

      Wijnand, you make good points and what you say is very reasonable. As for me, my patience is wearing thin.

      Backers have been patient, but it is now nearly 5 years since this Kickstarter was launched. I am, frankly, unmoved by, and doubtful about, claims by others in past months that Scott Murphy's alleged emotional issues have prevented him from working on the game for years.

      There's something called responsibility; i.e., when you have a job to do, you do it as best you can, whether you feel like doing it or not.

      People backed this game, I believe, because they wanted a new game created by the same talent that designed and wrote games like Space Quest 4 and SQ3. It seems that Mark Crowe has met and continues to meet his responsibilities (and then some), but I wonder how much of the design and writing have been done by additional people, given that Scott Murphy has been off somewhere supposedly "working on feeling better" or whatever for the last however many years.

      Are we going to get a game that is not truly a Two Guys from Andromeda game? Are we getting a game done largely by only one of the Guys from Andromeda with assistance from additional people many of us had never heard of?

      I just think that, when you call yourselves "Two Guys from Andromeda," and when the involvement of both guys is probably why many people backed in the first place, then there needs to be a full explanation about how much of a contribution both guys made to the finished product.

    31. Andre on January 26

      Good Luck with this, received my pledge back, I'll stick with the old VGA Space quests games from now on.

    32. Wijnand Dalmijn on January 20

      Without being too harsh I sadly don't want to know what scott is going through not because I do not care. But sadly because I cannot help and it is his private life. However my post was pointing towards the fact there are too many bits of silence and then sudden announcement of problems. Expectation management means they should known that in September things would be problematic. I do not mind delays. But I do mind when its just thrown out the door when things have apparently been a problem for so long.

      Scott didn't get a meltdown that was in oktober this is a problem that has been playing for much longer. and it wasn't communicated until it was the "release" date. I like scott and everyone else involved but again nothing wrong with saying things are becomming complicated instead of waiting for dday

    33. KSimms ✵ ✵ on January 20

      Wijnand Dalmajin:

      Scott Murphy shouldn't have to share the details of any psychiatric or other related issues he may be battling. I just think it would be nice if we could get confirmation that he has actually contributed to this project and learn what his contributions were.

      Since this project was funded nearly 5 years ago, about the only thing Murphy has ever directly shared with us (unless I'm forgetting something) was a long, "poor me" sob story about why he hadn't been doing much.

      Who is really making this game? Who is going to get credit? Who designed the puzzles? How many people were involved in writing the script? Has anyone besides Scott or Mark done a significant amount of the writing?

    34. KSimms ✵ ✵ on January 17

      James Peter wrote:

      "You must have [been] working for very little to get this far. I'm honestly amazed you're still going. That you are shows some real tenacity and courage."

      What is considered "very little" money? I'm not trying to be argumentative. I'm just curious how much the people working on the game make, given that he suggests they are "courageous" for not quitting while getting paid what he suggests is "very little." Do most of the team members have other jobs? Or are several people working full-time on this project? Maybe someone could help break it down for me? They got 500K, and then you take out taxes and physical reward-related costs, so how much was left to pay everyone? How many people are there? I believe they already acknowledged that some team members went for significant periods (and in Scott Murphy's case, apparently years) without working a lot (or perhaps at all) on the game.

    35. James Peter on January 13

      It's coming up to the 5 year mark with this project soon, so I wanted to leave some thoughts here.

      Playing Space Quest IV was one of my earliest experiences using a computer as a child. It came bundled with the first computer our family bought. It was a bonding experience for my family as we played quite a bit of it together. We would talk about how we solved some of the hardest puzzles over the dinner table. It really is one of my favourite childhood memories.

      It also started my fascination with computers. I was amazed at all the things they could do. When creative people used them well, remarkable things could happen. I still look back on Space Quest IV as being something pretty incredible. I've since gone on and built a career and then my own business by working with computers. I love my work and I really do think a big part of that comes from the fond memories I have playing your games as a kid. You inspired me to be different and gave me a way to express my creativity.

      When I saw you were starting this project on kickstarter, I was really excited. I backed this project with far more money than I have any other project. Even if nothing comes from this project, giving you that money would have been worthwhile.

      However the ultimate funding you received wasn't that high and only just over your goal. To take $500,000 spread over 5 years to build a game is pretty much an impossible task. You must have be working for very little to get this far. I'm honestly amazed you're still going. That you are shows some real tenacity and courage.

      It sounds like the game is pretty close to completion. Given the personal challenges you've faced, the budget and the time it's taken, it must have been tough to put this game together. But I'd love to see what you do have. If you're able to pull everything together that you've worked on and put it into something you can publish it would be amazing.

      Whatever you're able to put together I'd be incredibly happy to play! Either way I just wanted to give you some support and thank you Mark and Scott for the influence you've had on my life.

    36. Justin
      on January 3

      I'd rather not hear from them. Clearly they have accessed that they are not up to the task to speak to us directly. Just look at what happened with Corey Cole. Come to find out he has no business doing any PR. He just doesn't know how to talk to people. So who knows, maybe it's wise of them.

    37. Wijnand Dalmijn on January 2

      I rather not push scott murphy too hard. In the end his privacy is his privacy and it has to be respected. However the project updates should be a little more positive energy can only be given when we know what is going on. Now it just feels like a jack in the box surprise and now we need to wait and hope we hear something again in the near future. Knowing the past track I suspect feb/March for a new update.

      At this point we aren't demanding step by step update info but we are basically now waiting for what exactly? Things need to be finished sure but you cannot expect positive vibes when there is just negative forecasts. Scott is probably a very nice guy just very unhinged with all the problems he had. It isn't easy and he shouldn't be pressured to do something. I wrote below something what happened to me and I can relate, but it is something he has to work on himself and sadly only scott can get himself out of the pit he fell into sadly emotions aren't easily fixed like cars it took me a year.

    38. KSimms ✵ ✵ on December 31

      It sounds to me like the latest update is saying that Scott Murphy has mental health issues. Also, awhile ago I believe Murphy had tweeted (and deleted?) something that suggested he was suicidal.

      If this is the case, then maybe just put the whole thing on hold, or excuse Murphy from having to do any more work, and thank him for his contributions so far. We want him well, and maybe having Murphy officially done with the project (while appreciated and applauded for his contributions) would remove uncertainty and make the game easier to finish.

    39. KSimms ✵ ✵ on December 31

      Tomimt's "car kicking" analogy is perfect.

      Also, to me these updates have felt more like attempts to placate or say as little as possible, rather than inform us.

      The following is from Chris Pope's late November 2016 project update:
      "We have enjoyed working on it, but you can imagine the amount of stress involved here. We hate knowing that we have disappointed so many people. It pains us to know that you all gave us money and we have still yet to deliver the product in this amount of time. We hope you all will stay positive, we need as much positivity thrown our way as possible right now."

      They're pleading for support and for people to "stay positive." At this point, I need to hear from Mark Crowe, one of the "Two Guys from Andromeda," whose fame, reputation and past work are why people backed. I no longer trust the updates, which seem to try to be as vague as possible to tide us over every six months. We ought to be given the real and complete story and not just vague BS with a smiley face.

    40. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on December 30

      I agree, Thimbleweed Park is one of the best run projects in Kickstarter history!
      Also note that even TWP is delayed, although really just a little bit.

    41. Justin
      on December 29

      Updates do not take lots of time. That's just a ridiculous cop-out excuse. If an admin comes to my desk (project manager) and asks for an update you better damn well believe I can put one together within minutes. Between these guys and the Coles claiming it takes them weeks to put together an update.....well, that explains A LOT!!!

      Now getting an update together on physical product that requires input from multiple countries...that's going to take a minimum of 24 hours. Days? Hell no. Not unless you hit a weekend or something.

    42. Tomimt on December 29

      While I've given up most hope about SpaceVenture, I can't help but to compare it on a project of similar scale, at least what comes to people working with it, Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed Park. The way the projects have been ran is night and day difference.

      Like, with Thimebleweed I have a pretty clear image where the project is at the moment, what is done with it and why. Despite Gilbert has stated many times updates take time, they still do them because they want to keep people in the loop. If they know they don't have the time to do updates, they'll inform of that as well. It's a well oiled and finely organized machine where as SpaceVenture is that old junk car which needs to be kicked a couple of times before it even makes a sound.

    43. Wijnand Dalmijn on December 28

      I think at this point more transparency would be very appreciated its obvious that people are frustrated and this single up date in November only left more questions than answers.

    44. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on December 28

      I've played The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV and Frog Fractions 2 in the last month but not SpaceVenture. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel only took four years so I'm looking forward to something more impressive than that.

    45. KSimms ✵ ✵ on December 22

      Here's what they posted at the end of November:

      "Secondly, working out the end of the game has taken longer than expected as well. Some art is still being finalized and the last puzzle mechanics are needing some TLC as well. We also still have some creative death sequences(which we know Space Quest fans love) to work out. We still plan to let you guys(that backed at a high enough level) vote on these along with some artwork voting stuff very soon."

      That doesn't sound like they're anywhere near being finished. But in August they said they were aiming for, and "on their way" to having, the game finished by November. Were they being honest in August? Did they truly believe in August that there was a chance they could have the game finished by November?

      Does anyone feel like they've been candid and forthright about the state of the game's development?

      I worry there are lots of problems behind the scenes. Who the hell even knows what Scott Murphy has done or is doing or will do (if anything) with the game in the future? Should we now think of SpaceVenture as being a "One Guy from Andromeda" project?

      If this game does get completed and turns out well, then I think Mark Crowe should get a lot of credit for sticking to it. I don't know the names of all the others working on the game, but I would also give them credit, of course.

      Finally, it would have been so nice to have heard from Mark Crowe (and have gotten updates or commentaries from him) every few months or so over the last few years since the game was funded. Just little videos where he talks for 10 minutes. Wouldn't all you Space Quest fans have appreciated that? Would that really have been so hard to do a couple times a year? He could have done the videos with his phone or with a handheld camera, vlogging style. Kids spend more time than that in a week doing snapchat videos.

      I believe that backers backed because of Mark and Scott. If Scott is unavailable or is not working on the game right now, then at least let us hear from Mark directly.

      Anyway, I do think the game will be finished... but I don't think it'll happen soon. Here's my prediction for the release date: January 2018. Better late than never!

      If they get this done, I'll be happy.

    46. kasperfauerby on December 22

      @Tom: Well, let me put it this way. The way things are going I wouldn't be too surprised if, in the end, they ARE going to cancel the whole thing. Even if it's going to drag on for a couple of years more before that happens. And IF we get some kind of game eventually, then I have a sneaky suspicion that the quality is going to disappoint a lot of people. Right now I fear the devs are only working towards burning themselves out completely from the stress of trying to achieve something that is as good as impossible with the time and resources they do have. I hope I'm wrong with all of this, but sadly I don't think I am...

    47. KSimms ✵ ✵ on December 16

      Does anyone know if Scott Murphy has actually done any significant work on this game? It seems the only time he is mentioned in updates is to say why he won't be working or hasn't been working. Is there any evidence that he has done anything? I read that the script was pretty much finished. Perhaps he was the writer or one of the primary writers? Murphy is still one of the lead game designers, right?

    48. Joseph P on December 15

      What's the latest on this project? My enthusiasm still hasn't waned from this project because I never thought something like this would ever happen again.

      We will wait for you, Scott and Mark - please, make us proud!

    49. Tom King on December 14

      Hi, Kasper. Just to make sure I understand your last message, you're suggesting they just ... give up?

    50. kasperfauerby on December 14

      Sigh, I keep checking back here once every year or so - and it's the same sad and ridiculous story. I've worked in the games industry for 10 years and have shipped many games (on time!). I know all the challenges and pitfalls of games development. But still, this is an absolute joke! It's going to end up, best case, at 5 years development for a point-and-click adventure game... done in Unity!?! There is no excuse, this is totally amateurish. Plain and simple. An adventure game is not the most complicated type of game to deliver, and other very similar Kickstarter projects had no such problems. Tex Murphy, Moebius... same time fame and budgets. I knew any Kickstarter is risky buisiness, and would never ask for a refund. But this is shameful. These guys should stop making lame excuses and admit that they totally and utterly failed. Sorry, but that's the truth.. harsh as it might sound. I'll check back around xmas 2017 and see how it goes...

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