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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Andre about 18 hours ago

      Came back to see a light at the end of the tunnel for this game, only to be given an excuse yet again for the delay and once again It's Murphy related. SMH. Maybe Mr.Murphy need to step away from project to recoup or get in a right frame of mind and meanwhile find a replacement to finish this project which is now basically 4 years running. This is longest unfulfilled project in my list. At this point I am ok with One guy from Andromeda.

    2. Paskarl (k0SH) about 22 hours ago

      Still wondering if I wil ever hold the big box of the game in my hands?

    3. Christopher Best 3 days ago

      Got my Double Fine physical goods today! This is now my oldest, unfulfilled Kickstarter.

    4. Tom King 4 days ago

      But this is our room, and we like an audience. :)

    5. Chris Paoli 5 days ago

      Hey fun boys, get a room!

    6. Tom King 5 days ago

      That's not an answer.

    7. Justin
      5 days ago

      Wow. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      Anyway, I'm sure people are sick of this by now. Just too polite to tell us off.

      Anyone interested in a betting pool as to when this game will be released?

    8. Tom King 6 days ago

      When did I personally attack you?

    9. Justin
      6 days ago

      @Tom - cool story bro! But after your personal attacks and trash talking about my can go get bent for all I care. Why would I talk on the phone with someone who is nothing but garbage? Makes zero sense. So I'll just leave this here again and hopefully it sinks in:

      And hopefully in the future you'll learn to leave people alone when they simply have their own opinion and it doesn't match your almighty way of thinking. You're not as important as you seem to think you are Mr. Baldy.

    10. Tom King 6 days ago

      @Justin: I'm not sure what you're talking about. My last post here was only hours after yours, before Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how my response somehow took any more time away from my family than it did yours.

      My joke about you marrying off your daughter was referring to your hilariously awkward comparison between game development and having a child (November 4). You said she was talking about marriage. Given that you said she wasn't even a thought when this campaign launched, she would only be two, maybe three. I was just making fun of how weird you are to offer that information to complete strangers.

      If you know where to find what I look like, you certainly know how to get in touch with me. The offer is still on the table to talk. I would hope you would at least have some idea who I am and why I can say with certainty that everything is fine with this project.

      I don't even know what you're on about or why you're here. You attacked me in a response the other day when the update dropped after I had not responded to you in weeks, and the only reason I responded directly to you then was because you attempted to get my attention several times when I was responding to others. Communication ended between us August when I took my ball and went home. Everything since has been a result of you picking at scabs and your inability to just let things go. It's like you only come here when you're drunk.

      I could go on about how you're wrong for calling me garbage (November 8) or a troll (August 26) for simply explaining why certain opinions were not correct and how you're just here to project your deep "seeded" problems (August 26) onto me, but you'll have to excuse me, I just spent 15 minutes writing a response on here and my family is probably wondering where I am.

    11. Justin
      6 days ago

      @Tom - sorry, clearly unlike yourself I have a life with family so I wasn't around since I spent the holiday with them. Did you enjoy gobbling down all those Snickers instead of turkey?

      Seriously dude, eat a Snickers. Grow some hair. Learn to love yourself again. Even you have to realize that when you talk crap about someones're the garbage of bunch.

    12. Kevin of Azeroth 6 days ago

      I feel much... older than when this started.


    13. Wijnand Dalmijn on November 24

      I honestly find the update a bit depressing. Mostly because it contradicts everything they have been saying the past months. Anyone who has lost a parent that they are really close to would have tremendous emotional and psychological back blow. How do I know this? Because what scot wrote a year ago was exactly what happened with my father except it was brain cancer and within a few weeks he passed away. During that time I was mostly there to help him take care of it. Seeing someone have temper tantrums and mobility problems and wanting to do things with all the physical and emotional handicaps is no fun whatsoever.

      When he passed away I landed in a 9 month pit where I was not able to function properly whatsoever. It was a combination of stress and being exhausted emotionally and physically from having to do so much for him. It wasn't a bad thing it was something I had to do and I am glad that I did. Scot doing what he did was nothing what a good son would have done in his place. And for that I applaud him.

      However this brings the issue that I have with all I am seeing from Space venture. First of all its the communication. We were told that November 2016 was flat-out possible and that scot was back on track. While I didn't pay much attention to spaceventure anymore since I do trust it to be released I was eagerly awaiting the release of this game.

      Now after year and a half later we are basically back to square 1. We get told a week before release that scot had more problems and while that is fine this isn't something that came falling down like a anvil on everyone this has been a problem for months. While I respect scot's privacy I am not asking to know what is going on with him, I am asking for clarity. It is about expectation management. I rather be told in the previous update that there were problems.

      To me from an It perspective reading about suddenly being romped with bugs cause people were adding more content to the event driven engine concerned me a lot. Because it meant that people were not working in unison and breaking one another's game screen because of changes they made.

      The Voice Actors strike sounds like it could be within weeks resolved.

      This entire update just left me a bit disappointed because while it says on multiple panels that there are not the reasons why they are being delayed it is being presented as such.

      We know no release date, we know nothing except that the developers deemed it fit to hide 2 problems that weren't something you just figured out a few days ago. And that is the only thing I am disappointed about.

      I still am rooting for this project but I rather be critical than just passively sit back in this entire debate. I still like the Two guys and I know the past reputation of scot but the thing is this is what makes scot scot. We cannot judge him or be annoyed about it because it is a part of who he is and also a reason why the game has so many of the things we enjoy.

      I just hope transparency comes back to this project that is all I ask. I don't care about the bad news, but it does allow the backers to help where they can from bug testing to fixing. I already offered once to help with some coding if necessary. That offer will always stand because bugfixing is a generic problem at times.

    14. Tom King on November 24

      Oh, surprise. It's Mr. Predictable with another saucy witticism. (Don't tell him his Snickers joke is lame, guys. He'll just try to sugarcoat it and eat that too.)
      I'm still waiting on you to message me so we can set up that call.

    15. Justin
      on November 23

      @Tom - Get over it. Learn to enjoy your Snickers! And hopefully in the future you'll learn to leave people alone when they simply have their own opinion and it doesn't match your almighty way of thinking. You're not as important as you seem to think you are Mr. Baldy.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael O'Shea on November 23

      Such is life. I'm happy to wait for as long as it takes.

    17. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on November 22

      ThomasN: "Wow, I'd take one soul-less publisher in exchange for a mob of angry backers any day."

      LOL, I (sadly) have to agree.

    18. Bill on November 22

      This update sounds like the September 2015 update only they said then "November 30, 2016 will be the release date of SpaceVenture. Wait, why not 2015 like you guys said months ago you ask? Please see above. Based on how far along we are with SpaceVenture as a whole, we know we can complete the game by November of 2016" but now we are back to the "we are not giving a completion date" response. Seems like we are going in circles. if your not giving updates at please give us an estimated completion date. No voice acting, no beta testing yet for the high rolling investors, my guess is we won't see a buggy first run until at least April 2017- June 2017 if at all.

    19. Fester_Blatz on November 22

      The game would make a nice xmas present.. thank you.

    20. Tomimt on November 22

      All I'm going to say here is, that I pretty much agree with KSimms. Those are pretty much my thoughts about this whole thing as well.

    21. Tom King on November 21

      @Justin: You are the only one picking at scabs that are three or four months old. Since you're still stewing over it, pm me your number and we will talk it out. Otherwise, move on. Everyone else has.

    22. Brandon Blume on November 21

      @Nicolai, a VGA game like the old days was never what they were going to make.

    23. KSimms ✵ ✵ on November 21

      Last comment: I meant to say that DETAILS of Murphy's health problems aren't my business. But if they affect the game development, then it should have been made known a long time ago. For example, "Due to health issues, Scott Murphy's involvement in development will be limited in the next year. Whenever we lose, even temporarily, a valuable team member like Scott, it affects our schedule. We continue to make progress and are committed to releasing a great game, even if it takes longer than we all would like. Thank you for your patience."

    24. Justin
      on November 21

      @Tom - Take your own advice. Oh yeah a snickers.

    25. KSimms ✵ ✵ on November 21

      I read the update again. Had just skimmed it the first time. If it's true that Murphy has health problems that prevented him from working all year, then I wish him the best in healing. Am I skeptical? Yes. I know it sounds terrible saying I'm skeptical, but I'm saying it anyway because it's my true reaction. There is always so much drama going on with that guy. If I remember correctly, in 2014-2015 it was family issues that apparently prevented him from working much with the SpaceVenture team. And this year there's a new story. Obviously Murphy's personal health information isn't my business. It seems kind of crazy that he apparently hasn't been doing much (or any?) work on the game in a long time and we are just now learning of it. Here we are in the month that was announced as a possible release date a few months ago, and we are being told that, oh by the way, Murphy has essentially been MIA the last year and it has affected the ability to get the game done? If Murphy is actually on his deathbed, then I would feel like a really horrible person for writing this and hope he doesn't see this. LOL. I just think that when there's a issue like a principal team member unable to work, then maybe that fact should be passed along in updates when the problem is first known, not after the fact.

    26. Nicolai Linde on November 21

      All I wanted was a old style VGA game like you used to make, jesus christ

    27. KSimms ✵ ✵ on November 21

      @Jason: what you say about the important role Ken Williams must have played is a very good point.

    28. KSimms ✵ ✵ on November 21

      I just read the latest update. Well, I'm glad that progress is continuing.

      The situation with Scott Murphy sounds like a total mess. Seems like déjà vu all over again. As an outsider looking in and basing my views on what Murphy himself has said about his former colleagues and experiences over the years (comments he has apologized for, to be fair), I'm inclined to think that irresponsible behavior and blaming other people for everything is a pattern with that guy. I would be more sympathetic towards Murphy's list of excuses if he didn't already have a long, self-reported pattern of being very difficult to work with.

      Now I feel bad for Crowe and the others, who seem to be working their butts off. I still stand by my previous criticism of the updates and wish they would be done a bit more frequently and on a fixed schedule and were more forthcoming/honest/didn't try to sugarcoat things.

      Other than that, I am just hoping for the best and really would love to see the game be a success. I respect that Crowe and the team will NOT give up, are reportedly NOT broke and are apparently committed to seeing this thing through to completion, come hell or high water.

    29. Jason Joyce on November 21


      There's one thing I absolutely hate and that's being blatantly lied to, so I'm hoping Chris was just trying to blame the delay on something other than them.

      The SAG-AFTRA "strike" has absolutely NOTHING to do with the delay, or the inability to have had voice recording sessions.

      It's not a general strike. SAG-AFTRA members are only boycotting Activision, Blindlight, Corps of Discovery Films, Disney Character Voices, EA, Formosa, Insomniac Games, Interactive Associates, Take 2, VoiceWorks Productions and WB Games.

      They're still happily working with other companies and projects.

      No doubt Scott's personal issues have been rough on the team and his unavailability has made things tougher and slower, that's a legit issue.

      But own it. Face it and work through it.

      Don't give us crap like 'Oh, the voice actors we were going to work with can't work because of the strike.

    30. Tom King on November 21

      @Justin: You were griping about the development cycle and I tried to assure you everything is under control. After going around in circles the gloves eventually came off. Let it go, no one else cares.

    31. Justin
      on November 21

      Thanks for the update. It was pretty much as expected. Funny though how some of us expected exactly what was written yet others (oh who am I kidding, trolls like Tom) feel the need to berate others (to the point of having comments deleted by Kickstarter) for simply being open and honest with their thoughts. It is what it is and there's absolutely nothing wrong with expressing ones self especially when it's been done respectfully.

      Let's see what 2017 holds...

    32. Missing avatar

      Bill Campbell on November 21

      I just wanted to say thanks for the update, and please take the time you need to make a great game. Personally I am not in a rush, and glad to hear the work is going ok. :)

    33. Shawn Jones on November 21

      Just glad to hear that, despite any setbacks or obstacles, you're still at it. Do what needs doing. You've already got our SpaceBucks, were just excited to be along for the ride.

    34. Jeff Rivera on November 21

      When it happens, it happens. I'm just happy that things are still moving forward. Good luck to the entire team...keep pushing.

    35. Aurelien VANDOORINE on November 21

      I feel the same Wijnand. That really is my issue with the project they give warning of upcoming update, and then the update does not come at the planned time for some last minute thing.

      To me it was very clear right from August update that the November release was unlikely from the information they've given. But the real problem as you say is that they don't play transparent. I told them too that if it's not working as planned, if there are issues they should just tell us. Most of us can and will understand, those are things that happened. I've been with the Broken Age as my first KS, and I really appreciated the transparence they show in the regular video updates, even the tough decision of cuting the game in two to get enough money to finish the game. That make a lot of people criticize them, but in the end it was transparent as promised.

      I hope the update can come soon, and give us a really good status of the project, ad the issue they are facing if any.

    36. Missing avatar

      Christian Albrecht on November 21

      Merry Christmas and a happy new year :-) .....just in case

    37. Wijnand Dalmijn on November 20

      Yeah Andrew,

      just feels like they are just writing something to cover themselves. I do not mind the long delays between updates now. But when you write next week at least do it in that week. Expectation management is key in all of this. And now it feels like they are blowing it off.

      I have no doubt Space venture is made I also have no ill will towards anyone about this. but it would be nice if things are a bit more transparent than what it has been now.

    38. Andrew Stickel on November 19

      It's been 3 months since the last update and its 11 days till the release date. The silence does not boast confidence.

    39. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on November 19

      Still working on the #SpaceVenture update guys. Thanks for the patience!

    40. Jason Joyce on November 18


      I won't say I'm surprised that Scott and/or Mark haven't been talking to us. They were notorious in the Sierra days for shutting themselves in an office and disappearing for the course of a project.

      I am disappointed they haven't engaged more with their backers and left the public facing thing to some random guy off the street.

      I'll also say that if there's one thing SpaceVenture and Hero U have shown us is how essential Ken Williams was to actually keeping projects on schedule and on budget. The Coles and the Two Guys definitely would have benefited from having skilled project managers overseeing things.

    41. Justin
      on November 18

      Careful what you wish for. Lori and Corey Cole were my heroes growing up. Now I have zero respect for the man. Never meet your heroes they say....

    42. Wijnand Dalmijn on November 18

      I am starting to be a little disappointed by the scope and the speed of the project. It also seems to be the end of the week and no update. It could mean they are not ready to release or they are trying to pry it in. But I find that hard to believe 30 November is 12 days away. A clear indication of whether you will make it or not should be obvious at this stage.

      It has been almost 4 years and 3 years overdue. While I remember when Paul Trowe was here explaining how fast LSL was with their release. That was cause they took a much easier art style to follow and it was mostly done by a company for them.

      However at this stage the lack of updates has made me give up on checking on this page. and that is a very bad indication :(

    43. KSimms ✵ ✵ on November 18

      I'm sure Kickstarter projects that struggle often have their reasons for not publicly discussing along the way all their problems and mistakes and challenges, but I really wish more would. I mean pull back the curtain and be totally forthcoming and let us know what the hell is going on and what you're thinking. That way other developers and would-be developers could learn lessons and not make the same mistakes. And wouldn't backers appreciate it?

      I know I've said it before, but I wish we could have been hearing from one of the Two Guys directly. I do think it's weird neither of them really addresses us directly in updates.

      I don't know how much or if SpaceVenture project is still struggling. The latest update was very upbeat. But I assume there are problems, given the lateness.

    44. Justin
      on November 17

      Most Kickstarters turn out fine. I am however, very apprehensive about software projects. So far I haven't been screwed on anything. A few projects went south but I got my money back.

    45. Jason Joyce on November 17


      I wouldn't go quite that far.

      Maybe I've been lucky, but SpaceVenture is the only project I've backed that's gone sour so far

      It's the one that hurts the most, though....Largely because at the time I backed it, $150 was a *lot* of money to me, but SQ IV and PQ 3 were two of my first games back in the day. Agonizing decision, because at the time, Big Finish was running a campaign for my other absolute favorite franchise from back then, Tex Murphy, so I had to choose between the two (Project Fedora had some nice rewards I would have loved to have had).

      With all the bs withe this over the years, and losing the opportunity to have one more game with Gary Owens narrating, I really regret not having sent that $150 to Tex Murphy and just gone with the base tier for this. we are, 4.5 years later and if we're lucky, sometime this month we'll hear about how they're real close to having something, they just ran into some snag or other and they're now planning on April instead of November and confident they're on track.

    46. Overmann on November 16

      @Chris Paoli, Or maybe sometime this week you'll be happily playing Space Venture. Having totally forgotten about the burritos. Or maybe not.. We'll see.

      Either way I'm still happy.

    47. Chris Paoli on November 16

      I like to come here every six or so months to remind myself why Kickstartering projects is such a dumb idea...

      Really wish I had my $30... I could have enjoyed at least 6 burritos with it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Christian Albrecht on November 14

      Well, think positive. As the game-engine is written and working after 4 years of development, I`m really sure we`ll get "Spaceventure 2 - The lost years" 2019 lates. Not kidding, realy hope they do sequel. And yes im sure Spacevenure 1 will be great, just the waiting sux....

    49. Rob Merritt on November 14

      Sooo guess this isn't happening? Saying there will be an update next year doesn't sound promising at all.

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