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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda about 5 hours ago

      We are still compiling everything we want to show off on the update. As of right now, we're shooting to release the update on Wednesday.

    2. Creator _Journeyman_ about 9 hours ago

      A this is one of the first projects i backed long ago and many newer project actually delivered i think I'm quite upset and quite right to be upset.

    3. Creator Nancy Hutchins about 15 hours ago

      I also disagree with David. Last update was in February. This game has been in production for well over two years, and over 2 years past the estimated delivery date.Over 10,000 backers pledged to see this come to life, and it is still not alive. What is the current timeline?

    4. Creator Johnny Vila 1 day ago

      Where is the new updade? I look forward to see what's new in the production.... :(

    5. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ 2 days ago

      I disagree with David. More frequent updates is better. At least once every other month. When someone goes to a page and sees there hasn't been an update for many months, it just looks bad. But I do appreciate your recent updates and your comments here answering questions. Looking forward to the next update!

    6. Creator David Frohlich 3 days ago

      Looking forward to the next update :) Also, I appreciate the reduced amount of updates now compared to how it was going on in the beginning.... waaay too many :)

      Anyways, keep up the good work!

    7. Creator Happy Cock Head on April 27

      @Cycho- "Cowards"? I like your spunk and moxie son, but is that sort of comment necessary? Ironically, a true coward would probably hide behind a comment just like that. I can just imagine you, with your big gulp, your ring dings, angrily devouring your 4th meal midnight snack. You mash down on those faded sticky keyboard keys with your plump donut glazed fingers pecking out your hate-filled accusation. The sweat beads on your overly developed brow and glistens in the soft glow of your mothers wood grained tube television, circa 1982. in the background the smug rantings of blanch and her fellow Golden Girls envelope the room. The audible laborings of your Cheeto ladened breath become louder and louder as your arrow curser moves closer and closer to the “Post comment” button! Your fat engorged index quivers with ecstasy as you WILL your grub-like phalange to once again force itself upon the back of your trusty roller ball Lenovo mouse, circa 1989. For a split second you think to yourself, This is it! Your supple sausage extremity heaves downward with a climaxing thrust! And suddenly… A click, rings out amongst the sounds of your mothers retching coughs and audience laughter. Just then you feel a euphoria cum over you as the release sends you backwards into your step fathers squeak groaning computer chair. head back, mouth open, you gargle and gasp for air clutching the arm rest your mothers cat destroyed. Your eyes roll back and shut as your body writhes with elation and shutters with shame.

      I feel I’m not far off here.


    8. Creator Chris Paoli on April 27

      Awesome! Thanks for the update on the update!

      Can't see what you guys have been cooking up

    9. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on April 27

      We've got an update planned for early May. We've got a lot of new stuff done and are excited to show it off. :)

    10. Creator Cycho on April 24

      What about an honest update? Are you cowards too afraid to tell your backers the truth?

    11. Creator Chris Paoli on April 24

      So... Two months have gone by without an update. Should we take the radio silence as alarming?

    12. Creator Andrew Tuckett on April 10

      Thanks guys that was an interesting read :-)

    13. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on April 8

      For $30 and up backers of SpaceVenture. New diary entry on SVRewards .com: Narrative: Bringing SpaceVenture to life

    14. Creator pcj on April 8

      No, it's not dead.

    15. Creator Chris Canavan on April 7

      So is the rumor that this project is dead true?

    16. Creator GuitarAnthony on April 6

      Honestly, at this point, not sure how to feel about this game being so late. All I can hope is that I'll still want to play it when it's completed. If it was ready today, I probably wouldn't.

    17. Creator Michael Derendorf on March 27

      An iPad Version will be GREAT! :)

    18. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 24

      That's great news about the iOS version. It's no biggie to me if I have to wait a little longer. Just nice to know that there will be an iOS version. :-)

    19. Creator pcj on February 24

      KSimms: You'll be able to play SpaceVenture on your iPad, whether or not it will be exactly the same day may not be possible due to how long App Store approvals take, etc. It's far easier to control the PC release date than the iOS release date. But I'm sure we won't take too long getting it out on all the systems.

    20. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on February 23

      KS UPDATE: February 2015 SpaceVenture Update: Gary Owens, Clucky Bird, Scrapyard, Cranepit update and more!

    21. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on February 22

      Update is coming. Another piece of artwork was added to what I wanted to show. Supposed to be complete today. So update will be tomorrow if everything goes well

    22. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 22

      "All of those platforms, from day one of the release!" - from the Kickstarter description.

      This might have been mentioned already, but do you still plan to release the iOS version of this game at the same time as the PC version? I am planning to get the rumored, upcoming "iPad jumbo" and I'd love to be able to play SpaceVenture on it.

    23. Creator Happy Cock Head on February 21

      Extremely excited about another update! Just curious as to how many more days are included in that "few" number though? Thanks Guys!


    24. Creator Neil Aspinall on February 16

      Just noticed Shiftlings on Steam, a new Sierra game about "space janitors" :)

    25. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on February 16

      Working on a Kickstarter update that will hit within a few days. Be on the lookout :)

    26. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on February 14

      Very well said @Ksimms

    27. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 14

      Gary Owens was perfect as the Space Quest narrator. He had the quintessential, authoritative-sounding narrator voice, so it was/is a kick to hear him say silly stuff. It sounds like he's having fun as he delivers all his lines, and his performance never feels phoned in. Space Quest 4 CD was helped tremendously by his participation. The game would have had a very different feel with anyone else narrating. You ask anyone about what they remember most fondly about SQ4 CD, and one of the first things they'll say is, "the narrator!"

    28. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on February 13

      We are saddened by the news of Gary Owens passing away. Mark Crowe took a moment to post on…

    29. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 13

      @Andrew Tuckett: A development blog or journal like Thimbleweed Park's would be awesome for SpaceVenture. I agree that it's not too late for such a thing.

    30. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on February 13

      RIP Gary Owens. Just saw the headlines while at the airport.

    31. Creator Andrew Tuckett on February 10

      I want to make a suggestion, so here goes.

      You guys have heard about Thimbleweed Park? The development blog is what I hoped for from Space Venture, but there's still time to do something similar. I and I'm sure others don't care if its dry and programmer talk, updates like this would be appreciated.

    32. Creator Howard Milligan on January 15

      My doctor just told me it is January 14....2015.....

    33. Creator Howard Milligan on January 15

      I've just woken from a coma, it must be sometime before February 2013, because this game I backed isn't done yet!

    34. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on January 14

      Okay, after reading the complete update, it seems that Josh's contributions will be limited to just a few areas or an area. Is this wrong? Kind of like how Orson Scott Card did the memorable sword-fighting insults? In that case, the majority of what I said in my previous comment may be moot. Nevertheless, I hope all narrator-described actions are animated.

    35. Creator KSimms ✵ ✵ on January 14

      I love Josh Mandel's work. He is a super talented writer who can come up classic, memorable lines. The touch and humor and intelligence of Josh Mandel is what made so many Sierra games so memorable.

      The only game of his (or that he worked on) I didn't care as much for was LSL:R. Didn't care for the repetitive penis and toilet humor. Also, some of the descriptions got too long when the narrator read them. They were better read than heard, at least when read by that particular narrator.

      So I would suggest that the narrator be told to speak quickly at times when reading some of Josh's lines.

      Also, in LSL:R, the narrator described A LOT of actions by the main character that were never animated. That made the game feel cheap and the narrations feel unnecessary like tacked-on additions. Please, either make sure all of Josh's described actions are animated, or remind Josh to be careful not to describe things which cannot be animated.

      And sometimes the pithy, shorter narrator responses are best. Sometimes, not always.

      Finally, not every description needs to be a joke. Having everything you click on try too hard to make you laugh can be tiring. Yes, lots of funny responses in unexpected places are great, but there's no need to force it.
      Sometimes less is more.

      Oh, and I know that the different writers probably have different writing styles, so please try not to make the Josh-written areas stand out too much from the others. The game should have a cohesive feel, right? We all remember certain aspects of SQ6, no?

      Thank you for the latest update. Please let the Two (three now?) Guys know that we would like to hear directly from them in updates. Speaking directly to backers about progress would be a stand-up thing to do. Until next time!

    36. Creator ThomasN on January 5

      Two Guys From Andromeda: Apparently, it says "You cannot reply to this topic". So here goes:
      - Packin' more heat than Arnoid.

    37. Creator Erick Brown on January 2

      Excellent update and a great start to 2015.

    38. Creator delMar on January 2

      That update was huge, thanks.

      Happy 2015 to all of us!

    39. Creator Justin on January 1

      Agreed, Josh is a god.

    40. Creator Alistair- Jammin' with the Bolt 420s mon on January 1

      Spectacular update, thanks Popemeister and co. Josh Mandel FTW!!!

    41. Creator Two Guys From Andromeda on December 31

      We've got an awesome SpaceVenture update that is gonna be hitting tomorrow! Be on the look out!

    42. Creator Justin on December 31

      Thank you kickstarter for taking care of the troll who calls himself a "happy cock head"!

    43. Creator Troels Pleimert - Space Quest Historian on December 31

      Happy New Year, everybody!

      Hey, look, the rewards are real! ;)

    44. Creator Happy Cock Head on December 29

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. Creator Erick Brown on December 29

      @Happy Your immature and snide remarks are neither funny nor informative. You're doing a disservice to the whole community by repeatedly instigating adolescent bickering. This project is already understandably tense; stop making it worse.

    46. Creator Happy Cock Head on December 28

      @justin- That's fine, ignorance is bliss :)


    47. Creator Justin on December 28

      Finally something! Good to know you're not dead.

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