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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
10,809 backers pledged $539,767 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. KSimms ✵ ✵ 4 days ago

      I'm worried about this game. Something (many things?) appear to have gone wrong during the development. With the amount of money they had, I don't think things should have taken this long. And I feel a bit worried about what the gameplay will be like, since we haven't been shown much in that department. I don't know who's to blame.

      I think that, often when you're in trouble or struggling, it's usually best to be very candid about it right away and on an ongoing basis, rather than go silent or put off explaining things to people. Doing that relieves pressure and shrinks the proverbial monkey on your back.

    2. Justin
      6 days ago

      So that was a no then I take it?

    3. Martin O
      on November 14

      PolloDiablo was a backer of this campaign. One of the last projects she backed was Thimbleweed Park. I'm still sad they didn't add her name to the phone book.

    4. Justin
      on November 14

      I wonder how many of the 10,809 backers are still alive today. I highly doubt all of them. Will you be giving those families a refund?

    5. Paskarl (k0SH) on November 12

      Guess there will be no release in 2017 right?
      Finger crossed for 2018!
      And my SpaceVenture big box in 2020?

    6. Daniel Mackey on November 11

      I'm going to put this kickstarter as "My money is gone and I'll never see what I backed"

      I really don't ever expect anything.

      Thanks guys!

    7. Tom on November 10

      Fair enough. Perhaps updates aren’t necessary until they have something to announce regarding one of the aforementioned rewards that will move us closer to release.

    8. Tomimt on November 10

      Considering they haven't been very good with concrete terms like "next week" or "next month" either, it matters very little what wording they use. I am surprised if they actually DO update next week, as in the past that has usually meant about three weeks.

      As far I know the voting hasn't happened just like the beta testing either.

    9. Tom on November 10

      Oh, and the SAG-AFTRA strike officially ended a couple of days ago. I have no idea if they got what they set out for, I’ve heard mixed opinions, but there’s that. Woohoo?

    10. Tom on November 10

      I haven’t been contacted to test the game yet. I imagine that will happen after voting since the results will need to be added to the game. Not sure if voting has happened yet. I’m a few tiers below that.

      Reading over the update from this time last year, you make a fair point that the wording is overly optimistic in terms of reaching intended milestones. I doubt it’s intentional, but I honestly have no idea how to gauge words like “soon” with this project. I suggest they stop using these terms in favor of more specific estimates like “next week” or “next month”. Otherwise it’s not worth mentioning, especially if the milestone in question won’t be reached by the next update.

    11. KSimms ✵ ✵ on November 10

      As we anticipate the forthcoming update, let's look back on what was said in the update posted about one year ago.

      November 2016:
      "...we are working extremely hard to get this game out quickly so we do not run out of funds. The good news is, we are close!"

      From the November 2016 update:
      "We know that a lot of you are excited about beta testing as well. We are getting close to that point..."

      Question: In the last year have any backers been contacted about beta testing? Has beta testing already been completed? Or has it not started? I'm confused at this point.

      From the November 2016 update:
      "We still plan to let you guys(that backed at a high enough level) vote on these along with some artwork voting stuff very soon."

      Question: Has there been any voting yet? I have lost track.

      From the November 2016 update:
      "...SAG-AFTRA(Actors union) is currently on strike and the majority of our voice cast is SAG-AFTRA members... Hopefully the strike will get wrapped up in the coming weeks and we can get our voice cast in the studio and record."

    12. John Moody on November 10

      do not post much on kickstarter but been having a look at old classic adventure games like quest for glory and space quest know you got update soon and had a lot of personal issues around this project but just want wish you best wherever you are in the process with this game, seen hero-u is moving along as well know they had to relaunch their kickstarter, so this is more a thank you for working on these classic games and good luck for future.

    13. Two Guys From Andromeda Creator on November 9

      Hey everyone. Just letting you know we are working on a Kickstarter update. Be on the look out for over the next week!

    14. Missing avatar

      Dennis Waller on November 9

      Love you 2 guys. Keep up the good work.

    15. Tom on November 8

      This brings new meaning to Ace Quest.

    16. Bill on November 8

      Pledge your support now for SpaceVenture 2, where Ace’s son must travel back in time to finish SpaceVenture. Pledge now SpaceVenture 2 The Search For More Money

    17. Nick Lapolla on November 7

      You guys must live in some parallel dimension where time moves much slower than in reality. This game was released 3 years ago and there is now a new Kickstarter campaign for SpaceVenture 2. SpaceVenture 1 was finished on time and budget and was also a critically acclaimed hit.

    18. Missing avatar

      Christian Albrecht on November 6

      Hail to the King

      the successor of our beloved duke "when its done" nukum.

      Positive: I like what was finaly released :-)

      Most sadly this alll means there'll never be a Spaceventure 2 :-(

    19. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on November 5

      This game will never become alive ...

    20. Miro on November 2

      Where do you ask for a refund?

    21. Missing avatar

      David Frohlich on November 2


      I'm not trying to gloat, but there are some kickstarters that just don't work out due to poor management of funds, laziness or whatever is going on here. If you can... I would at least try to get a refund... but it might be too late now. It's been 4+ years... for a point an click adventure game. Kinda ridiculous.

    22. Missing avatar

      David Frohlich on November 2

      @Mikey D

      I said I wanted a refund through this comment section (when they were still replying back in 2016). They told me that there was no way for them to refund me and not still give me the game, so it's on an honor system to just not play it or download it when I get the link. Which I will uphold.

      However, I don't think you'll be able to still get refund anymore because I haven't seen them respond to anyone anymore.

    23. Tom on October 31

      Just a reminder to the powers that be that it would likely help backer confidence if the next update focused more on actual gameplay from a build of the game rather than inside Unity's preview mode. Doesn't necessarily have to show anywhere new; There's a lot left to explore in sections that have already been announced without giving too much away, and it would probably be best to avoid announcing too many new locations as we're probably still a few updates out from a release.

    24. Bill on October 31

      Come on guys, it’s time for an update... dazzle us with the work that has been done since the last update.

    25. J
      on October 30

      Wheres my game???

    26. Martin O
      on October 27

      You should have switched to following pumpkin carvings to spare you some frustration:

    27. KSimms ✵ ✵ on October 27

      I remember reading comments here a year ago when people were wondering if the game would be out in November 2016. Oh, well. Happy Halloween, everyone. Maybe you'll recognize what's carved into the pumpkin?

    28. KSimms ✵ ✵ on October 27

      If Scott Murphy has indeed gone missing, aren't people worried? Have any of you been in contact with Scott Murphy in the last 10 months? Is it true that he no longer has much of anything to do with this game's development? I assume he completed some work at some point. Will he still be given "co-designer" credit on SpaceVenture?

      They are late AGAIN with the update.

    29. KSimms ✵ ✵ on October 27

      Here's a game called SpaceVenture that was released last week in the iOS Apple AppStore. Apparently the game was going to be called SpaceTrails, and they reportedly ended up changing the name to SpaceVenture. Hmmm.…

      Hopefully this doesn't cause confusion for people looking for the adventure game SpaceVenture, when/if it comes out.

      The Guys from Andromeda Kickstarter campaign's description promises that an iOS version of the game (in addition to Linux, Mac and Android versions) will be available from the day one of the launch. Are they still promising this? I am very skeptical about this promise.

    30. Tom on October 24

      You spoil me.

    31. Justin
      on October 24

      If that's what you need then you can have it.

    32. Tom on October 24

      So that means you like me. Glad you’re finally getting in touch with your true feelings.

    33. Justin
      on October 24

      You are correct Tom, you are a low standard. Finally we see eye to eye!

    34. Tom on October 24

      You must have low standards in comedy.

    35. Justin
      on October 24

      Attacked? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! What a joke.

    36. Tom on October 23

      Say what you will about those responsible for this project, but to Martin's point, Troels should not be targeted. This is the third time (February, March, July) KSimms has publicly attacked him. Troels made his involvement clear back in July. I, like Martin, really don't understand why we haven't moved on from this.

    37. Justin
      on October 23

      I've read them, thanks. Ridiculous can certainly be your opinion. I still don't see anyone picking on anyone else. It's not rocket science that these folks have a lot to atone for so people being over the top is pretty much par for course.

    38. Martin O
      on October 23

      Read his previous three posts which were rather directly (although subliminal) aimed at Troels.

      Regarding Chris: I remember a post some time ago where KSimm was questioning Chris' intentions and use of (backer) money because he dared to post pictures from conventions on his Twitter account (although this is something he has always done, it's basically his job).

      IMHO those claims are ridiculous and it seems like some people just want to stir things.

    39. Justin
      on October 23

      @Martin, I've not seen KSimms pick on anyone. Care to explain yourself?

    40. Martin O
      on October 19

      Troels and Chris Pope are the biggest Space Quest fans I can think of, but for some reason you have the constant urge to pick on them. What are you trying to achieve?

    41. Jonathan Solita on October 18

      Is it too late to upgrade your pledge to get your name in the end credits? I would like to use it as my virtual tombstone, I'm assuming I'll die before this game comes out.

    42. Missing avatar

      antsbull on October 18

      @David Frohlich - why are still commenting here then? So you can gloat or just to run it down? Not really constructive dude.

    43. Tomimt on October 18
      That's the insider blog. The latest entries are from March. But they are silent now there and the previous entry to this years two posts was made in February 2016.

      It is a shame, as they did start on a right track. And considering the great stuff projects like Thimbleweed Park produced on their own blog I can't help but to be pretty disappointed.

    44. Missing avatar

      advmal on October 17

      SpaceQuest.Net is a fan site with its own forum. It was mildly active until about two years ago, since there isn't much else to discuss on this project. The forum migrated to a new platform sometime in the last year or so, and now it appears to be overrun with spam. is the official site for this game/project. IIRC backers at $30 or higher were going to get exclusive access to game updates there.

    45. Justin
      on October 17

      Isn't the forum site? Last thing posted there was March of this year.

    46. KSimms ✵ ✵ on October 17


      The Andromeda site forums are also fairly dead now? Is that the same as I believe one of the people behind that site was involved in the controversial scheme to try to sell t-shirts and other merchandise using the "Space Quest" name.

      Anyway, I never understood if was the host of the official SpaceVenture discussion forums.

      What's clear is that the SpaceVenture developers appear to be choosing to ignore the questions here.

    47. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Margotti on October 16

      So to ask a refund I should wait for the completed project? That seems a cul-de-sac to me, game's not being done at this point, and if it eventually gets made..... yeah.... can't even bring myself to care at this point :(

    48. JoeyN on October 15

      KS like this one, are why people are fed up with crowd funding.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mikey D on October 13

      David: Who did you contact for a refund?

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