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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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    1. Martin O
      1 day ago

      The Journey Down is great! I'm a backer of the third chapter too.

      I don't know how the play length will compare to Spaceventure but keep in mind that the full game was also more than 7 years in the making, just for comparison.

    2. Tom 1 day ago

      @Neil: I was happy to spend a bit on the Journey Down campaign despite never playing any of the games. I finally started playing the first chapter last night. So far, I'm enjoying my time with it. I'm amazed how much they have been able to do with so little.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mikey D 3 days ago

      I'm glad they think it's so funny. I fail to see the joke... or rather, it looks like the joke's on us!

    4. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall 3 days ago

      It's just Mark Crowe and Chris Pope working on the game at this stage as far as I can tell. The last month has been spent at conventions if Chris's Twitter is anything to go by:

      As a reference point, the excellent Journey Down Chapter 3 was released this week, less than two years after its Kickstarter raised about $50,000.

    5. Martin O
      4 days ago

      Also that funding was for the XBox port only. The additional money needed for the actual game came from other sources.

    6. Tomimt 4 days ago

      That didn't really stop Thimbleweed going over budget. They were lucky to get additional funding from Microsoft.

    7. Martin O
      7 days ago

      Ron and Gary didn't pay themselves a proper salary, I wouldn't assume the Two Guys doing it.

    8. Tomimt on September 19

      The thing is that I've never really seen a KS project that would have stayed within its budget limits they gathered from KS. Broken Age was more expensive than what they gathered, Thimbleweed Park and Larry Reloaded both ended up costing over a million dollars in the end. The same is happening with another delayed Sierra vets project, Hero-u.

      I don't doubt it for a moment SpaceVenture would have somehow miraculously managing to stay within its original budget frame, especially on how long it's already overdue. Had it been a project lasting a couple of years, then sure, the money gathered here would have been more than enough. Considering how much longer is has taken, it's safe to assume that it has already gone 25-35% over budget already.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mikey D on September 19

      Your numbers make sense, Tom, although I'm not sure I can share your "optimistic" conclusions. What the cause of the glacial pace of progress is, only the Two Guys (three, rather) can know. But it's not like they've never made a computer game before, which is why I believe it's quite fair to hold them accountable for this mess.

    10. Tom on September 18

      After all these years I have yet to break down where the money has gone. Maybe it's time we do that here to get an idea of how things look from their end and maybe get some perspective on the situation. Feel free to make adjustments if I seem to have miscalculated. Again, these are just assumptions that do not consider things like taxes.

      The campaign raised $539,767.
      To which Kickstarter and Amazon charge a 5% fee each, which comes out to $53,976.70, leaving $485,790.30 before getting started.

      If Double-Fine Adventure is anything to go by ( physical rewards cost around 30% to manufacture and ship. This comes out to $145,737.09, leaving $340,053.21.

      I would hope they've set aside 15% for voice acting and other misc. costs. This comes out to $51,007.98, leaving $289,045.23 for development.

      At minimum, we know at least three people have worked on the game full-time over the past 5 years. This would leave each person with a $96,348.41 salary over 5 years, or $19,269.68 annually before taxes.

      This is why I do not get upset about the game not being out. Ultimately it's the team that are hurting because they're likely working for free to meet on their promises, assuming they haven't dripped into funds for other things listed above.

    11. Justin
      on September 18

      Mikey D, that's horrible news. Pretty much means they are running out of money budget wise. Absolutely nothing left in reserve.

    12. Mike Knapp on September 18

      I feel scammed. I really trusted these guys, and they've let us all down. Worse still, they won't admit it. Half a million dollars gone to waste.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mikey D on September 17

      I got a reply back, via Facebook. I was told I would be welcome to a refund once the game was out, but at the moment the funds are not available since they are being used for the game's development...

    14. Tom on September 16

      Where was it mentioned an update was coming this week?

    15. KSimms ✵ ✵ on September 16

      Imagine being one of the people who gave them $10,000 at the tiers where you're offered a chance to sit with Scott and Mark at the "wrap party" in Oakhurst, and then have Scott Murphy cancel because he wasn't in the mood to attend. Hopefully that doesn't happen and they follow through with their promises.

    16. KSimms ✵ ✵ on September 16

      Are we finally going to hear directly from the "Two Guys" in the next project update that is due this week?

      Very disappointing that we never hear from them. I already lost track of how many years it has been since they last addressed us. If I were in their position, I would feel an obligation during development to regularly and personally address people who, collectively, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to boost me and the company built on my name and reputation.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mikey D on September 16

      Thanks, a private message? Finding out how to get hold of them is not that easy either... Do you mean the contact from on ?

    18. Doug Radcliffe on September 15

      I sent a message asking for a refund.

    19. Doug Radcliffe on September 15

      I agree. At this point I'd rather have my $100 back. Total ripoff.

    20. Justin
      on September 15

      Mikey D, send a private message to them. That should trigger a notification on their end.
      Someone "should" get back to you pretty soon. They always did for me.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mikey D on September 15

      This is becoming something of a bad joke. I'm a big fan of SQ and I donated a substantial amount. But I get the feeling the Two Guys have lost all respect for their backers. How can I get a refund?

    22. Tom on September 9

      I'm of the same attitude, Martin.

    23. Martin O
      on September 9

      I'm waiting for it!
      It's been 22 years since Space Quest 6, so a couple of years more or less won't change a lot for me.

    24. Justin
      on September 6

      @Mika, at this point all I really want is my damn coin ;)

    25. Mika on September 6

      is someone seriously waiting for this one still :)

    26. Justin
      on September 1

      Martin, nope! It was basically just the demo they handed out. Couldn't even do the video very well with all the bugs in it but at least they pointed out all the bugs.

    27. Martin O
      on September 1

      I remember this video, I shortly jumped into it to take a glance and then closed it again (because: spoiler).

      Those requesting more gameplay footage: Was the gameplay in this older (nearly 4 years btw.) video OK?

    28. Tom on September 1

      I was suggesting "first 30 minutes of gameplay" closer to launch as a way to promote the game during the month lull between when the game goes gold and when it ships. Roughly 10 minutes of the first 30 minutes of the game has been publicly available for over four years now (…). This was only a suggestion to help promote the game close to launch, which I predict we're a good 6-8 months from.

    29. Justin
      on August 31

      That was just one example of many. Yeah, 30 minutes is a bit much.

    30. Martin O
      on August 31

      They explicitly said it's "one of the few remaining cutscenes that is currently being worked on right now".
      Of course you don't have to believe them but you guys sure like to complain.

      Btw. I don't see a need for a gameplay video, especially not a 30 minutes long one.
      Also I want to remain as much spoiler-free as possible anyway.

    31. Tom on August 25

      @KSimms: I don't know what is going on with Scott. I believe he moved to Eugene last year. Or was it year before? The timeline is a blur. I'm sure we'll know whether he is still involved at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. A yea or nay is good enough for me. Wherever he is, I only wish him the best.

    32. Tom on August 25

      I don't disagree. While the scene is only a small portion of the game, it was selected to represent its current state, so that's a fair judgement to make. Those clipping issues mean there is probably a lot of polish needed elsewhere as well.

    33. Justin
      on August 24

      "getting remaining assets into the game and connecting the dots."

      Not even close from what I see.

      Very disappointing. Poor animations, major clipping issues and tons of things not nailed down. There's an insane amount of work left in this game. Not to mention what will probably be years of beta testing on various systems only to have to go through massive updates because well, years have passed!

      Just look at the horrible police chase video. The cop literally walks right through the ship. This is where a developer fires back, "This is exactly why we don't like to show beta footage!". Yeah, no! More like pre-alpha footage. That whole scene reminds me of some of my first Flash animation experiments from 20 years ago.

      I'm hoping there's some sort of magic button they still have to push....

    34. KSimms ✵ ✵ on August 24

      Actually, there is a lot the "Two Guys" team needs to come clean about and show backers.

      For the next update that's due in a few weeks (no later than mid September) they need to show more actual gameplay. Show dialogue and solve a couple quick puzzles and give us a better look at how the game will play.

      At this point, more than *5 years* later, we really need to see more than the playable character briefly walking across a screen.

      I think it's pretty obvious they won't finish even by the end of 2017 and maybe not even by the end of 2018. Perhaps even 2019 is wishful thinking. I've become disappointed with this Kickstarter and have lost my patience for attempts to make excuses for the poor communication and infrequent updates.

      For the amount of money this Kickstarter received from generous and trusting backers, taking more than 6 years to deliver on their promises is not acceptable.

      Oh, and who knows what the deal is with Scott Murphy, one of the Two Guys, who reportedly hasn't been much involved with this project for years.

    35. Tom on August 24

      I doubt there is much to talk about since the update last month. A lot of what seems to be going on right now is getting remaining assets into the game and connecting the dots.

    36. Freddy on August 22

      Any new updates ?

    37. Tom on August 21

      Sounds like something a Morty would say.

    38. Justin
      on August 21

      Here's something to better make your case. A classic. Tom and Jerry.

      Jerry consistently beats the snot out of Tom. Tom is a life long loser in the game that never gets what he wants.

      Congrats, we finally agree on something.

    39. Justin
      on August 21

      Well, garbage cartoon is garbage cartoon.

    40. Tom on August 20

      And M (Morty) comes before R (Rick).

    41. Justin
      on August 20

      Nice try but J comes before T.

    42. Tom on August 20

      I like it!

      Tom and Justin and their adventures. Tom and Justin, forever and forever, a hundred years Tom and Justin. All day long forever.

    43. Overmann on August 20

      Well... At least you two are entertaining (like when you read the comments section on political news). I've got an idea, y'all should come up with a name for yourselves. Something like Two Guys from Venture.

      Then you could do your own Kickstarter to get Kickstarter to implement an edit button.
      Just an idea, feel free to change it a bit.

    44. Tom on August 19

      Yeah, proofredning isn't my strong suit, especially at 4:30 in the morning. Talk about ridiculous, eight years as a platform and Kickstarter still doesn't have an edit button.

    45. Justin
      on August 19

      Awww, how cute. The temper tantrum continues. At least you spelled everything right this time.

    46. Tom on August 19

      Hey, Justin Emlay, I'm going to let you in on something.…

    47. Justin
      on August 19

      Classic Tom! Paints himself into a corner then has nothing but name calling to offer.

    48. Tom on August 19

      @KSimms: I agree, showing more gameplay from a previously announced area would be nice. They've already announced a lot of areas they could explore more without getting into spoiler territory. Perhaps we could even get a "First 30 Minutes" or something when the game is closer to launch.

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