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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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    1. Justin
      about 6 hours ago

      The thing that drove me too all the Sierra games I played was the commonality of them all and how they all got a little better over time. All these attempts at all these different games are just random crap. There's no solid core to it all. Even when it came to Sierra towards the end....QFG V - crap. KQ VII - crap. SQ 6 - crap. It just spiraled out of control and in too many different directions.

    2. advmal about 20 hours ago

      I can't help but think back to how exciting everything was in spring 2012. It wasn't completely out of the question that, if the games were successful, the devs could later join forces. That studio could have then become a publisher for other adventures and indie games.

      Sadly Replay Games and Pinkerton Studios are no more. Spaceventure is... who knows? Precinct never was. Hero-U seems to be on a good path and may enjoy modest success when it comes out. Then there is Activision's actual revival of the Sierra brand and King's Quest reboot, which was a commercial failure.

      I hate to be negative but it just feels we had to watch the death of Sierra all over again. Once was enough. :(

    3. Tomimt 1 day ago

      Apparently, the new game will be another Loweless production. The devs posted on Steam and stated as much.

    4. Justin
      1 day ago

      Come on man, give me a break!!! I'm doing the best I can. All this constant harassment isn't going to make burgers any faster. What are you hoping to achieve here!?!?!? (crying baby emoji)

    5. advmal 1 day ago

      Justin, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Best get started on those burgers now - don't forget you have to ship a few hundred of them in big boxes with collectible Whoppercoins.

      (Whoppercoin is a real thing -…)

      Also, I have a suggestion for the title of the SV sequel: 'Spaceventure 2: The Search for [redacted].'

    6. Justin
      1 day ago

      advmal, I'm not sure how much more meat I can handle. We're....I'm, only one guy here.

    7. Tom Hammerheart 1 day ago

      Well, this is weird and unexpected. Can't say I'm looking forward to this given Al Lowe isn't involved but I'll reserve my criticisms until I play the game.

    8. advmal 1 day ago

      One week ago I wrote the following in response to KSimms asking about the possibility of Spaceventure 2:

      "There's probably a better chance of someone digging up the missing floppies of LSL4 than there is of Spaceventure 2 ever happening."…

      New Larry game means Spaceventure 2 is confirmed! Justin, fire up the grill - we've got more burgers to cook.

    9. Tomimt 1 day ago

      It's going to be a new Larry game then:

      Shame that it's being developed by a German dev, as I don't generally like German brand of comedy.

    10. Justin
      2 days ago

      KSimms, I'm afraid that video might give this game a run for it's money :(

    11. Tom Hammerheart 3 days ago

      And what if it’s confirmed his quality of life has been affected by something beyond his control like I’ve already told you is the case?

    12. KSimms ✵ ✵ 3 days ago

      @Justin: I like that video. It certainly does seem like the state of the game is not what we are being led to believe.

      Also, regarding my previous post, I want to add that I don't think Scott Murphy has to share specific medical information, but he does need to communicate with backers. The explanation, first given years ago, that, "Scott Murphy is dealing with health issues," as a shield to explain why he has been MIA and won't communicate with backers, does not cut it with me, especially when considering Scott Murphy's past behavior. In the past, through angry interview answers and public postings, he has often blamed virtually everyone but his himself for his various problems. Repeatedly portrayed himself as the victim. Patterns tend to repeat. I am as sensitive as anyone when it comes to those dealing with illness, but I'm not going to pretend I'm not skeptical.

      The people running this Kickstarter seem to be underestimating how important Scott Murphy's role and presence are. The "Two Guys from Andromeda" are the crux of this entire undertaking. Taking a look at the apparent redissolution of the Two Guys team, the lousy updates and missed deadlines, it's not hard to see why there's less trust among backers.

    13. Justin
      3 days ago

      The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here!!! Everyone can finally get their burger reward!!!

      Just search Youtube for "Blockland - The Burger Is a Lie"

      You're welcome.

    14. KSimms ✵ ✵ 3 days ago

      Lazyitis can be particularly debilitating. It can last years or for however long it takes for people to stop asking when one's responsibility will be met. We must keep the afflicted in our hearts always.

      As for whatever Scott Murphy has come down with, I say it's important to show respect and understanding. What he is going through must be pretty serious if it meant he had to leave the SpaceVenture team years ago and stop communicating with backers. What are the chances that someone with Scott Murphy's history of causing drama and not getting along with colleagues would be stricken with such a condition? Some people just can't catch a break.

    15. Tom Hammerheart 3 days ago

      Ah, yes. Let's keep joking about those too ill to defend themselves. Health issues are hilarious. /s

    16. Justin
      3 days ago

      advmal, well.......yes and no.

    17. Tom Hammerheart 3 days ago

      Nice find, Tomimt. Unless some developer has been working on this in secret and ballsy enough to not include Al, this is likely a bundle including Reloaded rather than a new game. The timing is admittedly strange, though. E3 is only weeks away. While it would be odd to announce a Larry game there considering the current market, stranger things have happened. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    18. ToasterMcToastin 4 days ago

      Well despite the horrors of most of the ex sierra kickstarters i'd probably back the hell out of a new LSL.

    19. Paskarl (k0SH) 4 days ago

      Any news on the 'One Guy from Andromeda' game???
      2018 still possible?
      And physical rewards in 2019?

    20. Paskarl (k0SH) 4 days ago

      @Tomimt: "Apparently there is a new Larry game in the works."
      We don't know this yet!
      There is ZERO info on the web.
      My best guess is that it's just another compilation of existing Larry games.

    21. Tomimt 5 days ago

      On another note, does anyone know anything about this:

      Apparently there is a new Larry game in the works.

    22. advmal 5 days ago

      "He can come back if he wants but he wont but he might but he might not, maybe."

      So you're telling me there's a chance...

    23. Justin
      6 days ago

      Oh crap, was I supposed to set aside a burger budget?

      Don't worry about the other chef. He who must not be named split his soul in 7 ways. He's not feeling too well right now. He can come back if he wants but he wont but he might but he might not, maybe.

    24. advmal 6 days ago

      Justin, is this no longer a Duolith Burger? Are we getting a Monolith Burger instead? What happened to the other chef?

      Regardless I wish you safe travels on your yacht while you attend many video game and "nerd" conventions/expos. I trust these trips are on your own dime and not coming out of the burger budget!

    25. Justin
      6 days ago

      KSimms, don't worry, the two of"I" am working very hard to get these patties done.

      Tomimt, true. While these patties will be rather ancient in style there's just nothing I can do about that. I would have to spend over half my time constantly updating my kitchen in order to keep up with the times. So I make sure to upgrade nothing and keep all my kitchen tools in the past so everything works ok. If by the time you get this burger it breaks your mouth you'll have to contact my support team at unmonitored@burger.u

      advmal, I know right? Who the heck do these people think they are? Now if you'll excuse me I have a yacht to buy for $539,767.

    26. Tom Hammerheart 6 days ago

      No!!! I will lament and gesticulate at in incalculable mystery of how these patties should taste compared to one I ate twenty years ago.

    27. advmal 6 days ago

      What's with all the entitlement, negativity, and hostility here? Just because you paid to attend the party doesn't mean you should share your opinion or point out the many flaws with the chef's burger preparation plan.

    28. Tomimt 7 days ago

      What saddens me the most is, that during those 6 years there has been a lot of tools that have made making burgers easier, not to mention the alternative material you can make a burger out of. While I'm sure the handcrafted burger will be pretty solid, it will be a burger of the past, not taking account of how the world of burgers has evolved since then.

    29. KSimms ✵ ✵ 7 days ago

      Oh, please don't rush! Take all the time that you need. I have waited over 20 years for another burger; what's waiting 20 more? I would rather have the burger done right and not over or undercooked. And if you get preoccupied or run out of patties and aren't able to prepare a burger for me, that's okay! I totally understand. Life happens. Even if I never get my burger, I will not be angry.

    30. Justin
      7 days ago

      I can't actually give you a burger yet. But I can show you a screenshot of the extensive amount of work I've done to the patty. With my decades of experience I've been able properly form the patty to perfection. There's seasoning in there and I'll go into great detail on what that is in a coupe months once I've worked out the details on how I want to format that information. Just know that a great deal of thought went into picking out all the exotic spices that have been ground to perfection then added to the patty.

      All that's left is to find a pyro expert to actually light the BBQ. Just thinking about this gives me hope and allows me to see the light at the end of the burner.

      Don't worry about the BBQ as I spared no expense. I found the greatest BBQ that money can buy to flame broil those patties to seared perfection! It's at Home Depot in Row 13 up on top stock. They're uh......keeping it safe for me.

      Everyone who pledged will get a physical burger.....just as soon as I secure some more funds.....

      Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. The PATTY!!!!! -

      This is just an alpha patty quickly mocked up into a full burger to give you an idea of what to expect. The actual burger will be Mucho Grandioso!!!!

    31. KSimms ✵ ✵ 7 days ago

      The party atmosphere around here is absolutely electric. I know I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

      I think I might as well grab a few of those burgers of of yours, if you don't mind, and I'll make myself comfortable. I have a feeling this party is just beginning and won't hit its stride for a while...maybe not for another couple years or so.

    32. Justin
      on May 17

      Regardless of how it looks, the party is a smash hit. I've been BBQing some burgers for about 6 years now but don't worry, they're almost done.

    33. advmal on May 17

      Blackmore, welcome to the party!

    34. Justin
      on May 17

      With 329 buckazoid backers he's got a big job ahead of him!

    35. Blackmore on May 17

      Well, we're at six years from when this all started.

    36. advmal on May 16

      Justin, in that case they'd probably send Arnoid the Annihilator to break your legs and collect your CryptoBuckazoid debt.

    37. Tom Hammerheart on May 16

      “They would probably be pounding on my door demanding more money from me.”

      That’s not how blockchain works.

      Most of the physical items were manufactured a long time ago. I believe the game itself is the only item left. There are a few buckazoids floating around in the wild. Chris has a few pictures on Facebook; I believe Troels has his framed. You’ll get yours when the game ships.

    38. Justin
      on May 16

      Actual bitcoin? Sure. crypto-Buckazoid? They would probably be pounding on my door demanding more money from me.

    39. advmal on May 16

      @KSimms, I should clarify my earlier statement. Here's the quote from the update #112 (Nov 2016): "the good news is that with the exception of some final grammar edits, the script is done. The game design has been done for awhile now." So it's not quite clear how much of the design and writing was done by Scott before he left the project.

      The comment in that blog post about communication dropping off suddenly does not surprise me. Almost everything traces back to poor management. The development seems like a revolving door of part-time and volunteer contributors. Was this approach taken to save money from hiring full-time developers?

      One thing Spaceventure and Hero-U share in common is that they apparently didn't have an established team when they began development. Other comparable projects (Double Fine, JJ's Moebius, LSL Reloaded, Tex Murphy, Broken Sword 5) either had their own companies or contracted full development teams. It's evident how Hero-U and Spaceventure suffered from poor planning.

      There's probably a better chance of someone digging up the missing floppies of LSL4 than there is of Spaceventure 2 ever happening.

      @Justin, if you invested $125 into Bitcoin on June 12, 2012 (the day this campaign finished), you would have 21.93 BC worth $189,882 today.

      LOL who is Charlie? It's been six years so he could still be pumped up, or maybe now he is horribly depressed.

    40. Justin
      on May 16

      Charlie • 6 years ago
      $505,545 and counting :) !!! So pumped for their return and I'm glad Q42 after an impressive run with and the iPad web apps. Can't wait for some SpaceVenture! Good luck!

      I wonder how Charlie feels now?

      Maybe that crypto-Buckazoid will be worth a buck in about 17 years. I can get less than 1% of my pledge back!

      Still waiting for Scott to return and explain this mess. As well as an account for just how much "The Two Guys" have done themselves. Granted the game itself will speak volumes.

    41. Tom Hammerheart on May 16

      That's fine, you didn't miss anything specific. All you need to remember is Scott is not doing well. While the team has left the door open should he feel well enough to return, I am telling you to not look for that to happen. It's best to move on from the subject. Speculating on the matter isn't good for anyone.

    42. KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 16

      Here's a link to a 2017 article about SpaceVenture that I think I posted before:

      Under the article there are some more recent comments (which I believe were posted since I shared the link previously) from a few people that worked on the game, providing more insight into what had been going on. One person, who did background painting and character design, said that there was a point that communication "just dropped off completely."

    43. KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 16

      Okay, so what do you guys think are the chances that there will be a SpaceVenture 2?

    44. KSimms ✵ ✵ on May 16

      Interesting. I wonder what amount of the narrator commentary and dialogue was actually written by Scott. I have a feeling they had others doing a lot of the writing, while wanting to leave the impression that the "Two Guys" alone did it. But I could be wrong. My gut feeling is that Scott Murphy may have helped create an overall story outline and came up with some puzzle ideas, wrote a bit of dialogue and that's about it. I remember Josh Mandel talking about the hours and hours he spent writing and refining new dialogue for the Larry Reloaded game. Likewise, Corey Cole still often refers to the huge amount of writing Lori did for Hero-U, as well as referring to the writing contributions from Josh Mandel. Yes, I know Mandel games have more writing than others, but any full game script is going to be significant in size. We haven't really heard much talk of what the writing process was like for this SpaceVenture game, which I think is weird, since the writing is central to the actual gameplay. It's hard for me to imagine someone like Scott, who apparently didn't have the wherewithal or feel obligated to post periodic notes to backers ever over the last 6 years, actually ever sat down and toiled away writing all or even half of the writing (which I'm sure amounts to a lot) in this game. I may be way off base, but I don't think he truly did much of anything. We never hear if the team was happy with his contributions or really ever refer to his work. I am suspicious. I think they've hid a lot from us. Here's my hunch: they promoted this game as a "Two Guys from Andromeda" game, though one of the "Two Guys" didn't do much, and they farmed out a lot of writing to a little group of fans they'd been close with and who had game design aspirations of their own, while being more than happy to let the thousands of backers think this was a new Scott and Mark game just like the early SQ days. I have heard things, like many of you have, that make me suspect this, but I don't know for sure what's true.

      And, Tom, I didn't know it had been announced and settled that Scott was gone for good, and I don't remember seeing the reasons you say have been mentioned repeatedly. But I admit I haven't read all the comments and might have missed something in an update. The last I heard was that Scott at one point had personal issues that led him to take leave from the project but that they still were looking forward to having him back.

      I don't care what anyone says, this game was sold as a Two Guys from Andromeda game. The whole thing was predicated on Scott and Mark reuniting to make a game. It was not sold as yet-to-be-named people who will come and go and work under the name "Guys from Andromeda."

    45. advmal on May 15

      I think I joked before that you may have to settle for a crypto-Buckazoid instead of a physical coin. ;)

      Tbh I think everyone will get their physical rewards, but it'll probably take months or longer after release.

    46. Justin
      on May 15

      advmal, which is why I used to ask (a lot) about physical goods. Pretty sure we can throw those out the window at this point.

    47. Tom Hammerheart on May 15

      The Two Guys name was only used to promote the campaign during its early funding stages. They announced they were changing the name of the studio to Guys From Andromeda shortly before the campaign ended. Here's the full press release:

    48. advmal on May 15


      I've also detected a similar indifference towards the backers. Some projects embrace interacting with their supporters. Here it seems they view the backers as a nuisance to be avoided altogether. That has turned some people away, since they don't feel their input or concerns are appreciated.

      Scott's very likely gone for good. A past update said that he completed most of the design before he left, but you raise an interesting point in how the game will be marketed. In theory it's still a Two Guys game on paper, but I wonder if Scott's absence will be felt in other ways.


      "If I wanted to dislike it then I wouldn't have forked out $125."

      Bingo, which is why it's such a shame that there's so much hostility directed at backers like yourself who really helped make this project possible and still care about it, unlike most other folks who have forgotten and moved on.

      It's easier to blame the "whiny/entitled/negative" backers than to actually acknowledge the deeper issues with this project and see where mistakes were unfortunately made (and in some cases continue to be made).

    49. Justin
      on May 15

      KSimms/advmal, exactly. If I wanted to dislike it then I wouldn't have forked out $125.

      I wonder myself if Scott will ever come back to at least put on a "Two Guys" smoke and mirror show. At least keep up the act of them being a team, a thing.

      Created by
      Two Guys From Andromeda

      Doesn't seem that way.

    50. Tom Hammerheart on May 15

      Scott won’t be returning for reasons we’ve been over many times. Rip that bandaid off and let it go.

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