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Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
Remember the Space Quest series from Sierra's duo the Two Guys From Andromeda? Well they are back & making a brand new SpaceVenture™!
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    1. Justin
      1 day ago

      My rock is the biggest and best rock around. My rock is the greatest rock of all time and my rock will make America great again!

    2. advmal 2 days ago

      @Justin - what kind of rock is it?

    3. Blackmore 4 days ago

      @Erick Brown I just looked and that's the exact message I got in Feb 2017.

    4. Missing avatar

      Erick Brown 4 days ago

      So, I was denied a refund with the message: "Due to the fact that we are close to finishing the game, and are low on funds, we must save the rest of the Kickstarter money to complete the game as well as to the remaining backer rewards."

      I'm done with this project. I'll be contacting my credit card company. Luckily, "service not rendered" has no expiration.

    5. Justin
      4 days ago

      Thanks to this project I appreciate my pet rock more.

    6. advmal 5 days ago

      People are too hard on Moebius. It was fine. The writing and puzzles were not up to par for what we expect from Jensen, but it was a decent and playable adventure.

      Tex Murphy Tesla Effect also finished their game in 2 years. Looking back on some of these other projects makes me appreciate them even more.

    7. advmal 5 days ago

      Those games came out in 1 year (LSLR), 2 years (Moebius), and 2.5 years (GK remake) after their campaigns.

      The Two Sierras Kickventure was for the games that had the longest development times: 5.5 years for Hero-U, 6 years and counting for Spaceventure.

    8. Tomimt 5 days ago

      minus selling overpriced ships for true believers.

    9. Tomimt 5 days ago

      I think Jane Jensen might be happy people forgot about Moebius. And the most memorable think about that PQ campaign was their failed attempt at doing the same Star Citizen is doing now.

    10. Justin
      5 days ago

      Don't forget the Gabriel Knight creator and the failed Police Quest campaign.

    11. Blackmore 5 days ago

      @adval Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded not count?

    12. advmal on

      @Paul Tate - I sometimes thought of Hero-U and Spaceventure as the Two Sierras Kickventure. Now Hero-U is out and we have a One Sierra Kickventure.

    13. Paul Tate on

      Well, now that Hero-U is pretty much out... this leaves this as my lone-longest KS....

    14. Justin

      Paul, you got your burger, right?

    15. advmal on

      Paul, the good news is the last scenes of the game are being worked on and it's super, super close to being done.

      The bad news is that's been the status for about 3 years now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Just doing my semi-annual check-in. Is the game done yet?

    17. Justin

      Tomimt, although to be fair, Hero-U had a second kickstarter.

    18. advmal on

      And to clarify as calbeb did, it's not that I think Mark and whoever else isn't working hard and making sacrifices to finish the game. It's that the updates don't really do justice to that point.

    19. advmal on

      You nailed it, calbeb. I've previously said that most people are understanding and sympathetic. They will give the benefit of the doubt, but they must be given the opportunity to do so.

      Am I crazy or was there a stretch of months in 2015 or 2016 where they said development basically was put on hold? My memory is fuzzy.

      A little bit of honesty and transparency, along with a realistic and upfront assessment of the project completion status and current rate of development, would go a very long way. Based on the updates alone the last 2-3 years of development seem stagnant.

    20. Tomimt on

      I find it pretty amazing, that Hero-U is going to be released before SpaceVenture, especially when you consider the development issues they had which made them go far over budget. I hope that Cole's benefit from their gamble and if the community/reviews/players, in general, are favourable towards Hero-U, I'll pick it up as well.

    21. calbeb on

      A quick added note to my last post. To the people who are working on the game (if there are people working full time on the game), I don't mean to disrespect all of the time that you have put into trying to get this finished. I know Mark Crowe especially quit his job originally to work full time on this and from the art we HAVE seen, put his heart and soul into the project. I know from the over one hundred updates that this was a passion project for the team that everyone really really wanted to make. I hope it all gets finished. Just wish there was a little more transparency.

    22. calbeb on

      I'm really bummed about this Kickstarter. I didn't put in as much money as many of you did, but I did urge, and convince, a fair few real life friends to back into the project based on our shared childhood memories of the original Space Quest games. I'm under no illusions about Crowdfunding. I've backed a fair few projects that ended up falling apart in the end (and a fair few others that came out, sometimes to exceed my expectations). But this is the one project where I feel like I'm being lied to. If the game is still in active development, as the team claimed in April, why is there no word on social media from anyone involved with the project originally? I know stuff fell apart with Scott Murphy, but what's the current situation with that? Are people still working full time on the project at all? If not, what is the rate of progress? I don't want my money back (this process is always a gamble), but I'd really like some honestly. If the project isn't going to happen, just say it isn't going to happen. If it's in a state where "who knows, but we hope" come out and say "hey we ran out of money and we don't have the team but we are trying". The people who funded this project are all fans, and while honesty won't make people happy, at least it won't make us feel disrespected.

    23. Justin

      advmal, agreed. It certainly took a good turn.

    24. advmal on

      It's interesting to compare the two projects. Both of them released short demos in 2013, each about one year after the respective campaign finished. Fast forward five years: Hero-U is almost out and Spaceventure is [redacted].

    25. ToasterMcToastin on

      Im really enjoying Hero-U. I'm kinda hoping now they have the engine down they'll pump out a sequel or two.

      Perhaps these guys will prove us wrong one day too.

      Pffft. I kid...I kid!

    26. advmal on

      After a rough start Hero-U found their footing. I'm impressed with how the game progressed over the last 2-3 years.

    27. Justin

      Yup and on the very bottom of my project list that isn't checked off. Sad lonely little unchecked box :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Neil Aspinall on

      It looks like Hero-U is going to be released this month, which I think makes this the last of the Sierra alumni game Kickstarters.

    29. Tom Hammerheart on

      Wait, wait, wait. You watch The Big Bang Theory but call Rick And Morty a garbage cartoon?

    30. Justin

      KSimms ;)

      advmal - Bazinga!

    31. Tom Hammerheart on

      @advmal: You're making me proud.

      @KSimms: Justin's technically right, there will be an update within the next year. I agree with you there shouldn't be another update for the sake of posting an update. The only things worthy of an update are two major milestones I've mentioned before: voice actors are on the books and/or a release date for beta. No update will feel like progress until either item is addressed. When that will be, who knows -- your guess is as good as mine -- but I'm only interested in seeing an update when these items are for sure happening. Until then there's really nothing worth talking about and speculating is frankly boring.

    32. advmal on

      I was going to say I have it on good authority that the next update is in the final stages of construction. It's really, really close to being done. I mean super close, like, the closest it's ever been. ;)

    33. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      @Justin: that was great! LOL

    34. Justin

      Within the next year, I'm sure of it.

    35. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      It will be interesting to see what they say in the next update. Any idea on when that might drop?

    36. advmal on

      @KSimms - in his defense, those banners ARE seriously f***ing epic.

      "Are they being honest with us?" Regarding the actual status updates on the game, it's hard to say. The development has often seemed shrouded in secrecy. I'm used to other projects I backed being fairly open about current/recent progress and challenges.

      @Erick - I think we've reached a point where the next update really needs to convey major progress or milestones and give a clear picture of where things stand.

      @Justin - "And not a very funny one." I don't know, I've certainly laughed quite a few times.

      "There's no way they still have money." Maybe one day we'll get Spaceventure 2: The Search for More Money.

    37. Justin

      And not a very funny one.

    38. Missing avatar

      Erick Brown on

      This project is a joke.

    39. KSimms ✵ ✵ on

      Justin is correct.

      By the way, look at these posts at the link below, spaced 6 months apart, from Guys from Andromeda co-founder/producer/PR rep:

      They appear to copy and paste the same posts over and over. And many of the updates on here seem to recycle the same sentences.

      "Looking forward to releasing the game within the next year."

      In June 2014 they said they looked forward to releasing the game within the year. And then 6 months later they again said they were looking forward to releasing the game within the year. Did they not think people would notice? Did they truly believe, in both June and December, that the game had a chance of coming out in the next year, or do they keep saying that to string us along? Are they being honest with us?

      It isn't hard to see why many backers are skeptical about what's written in the updates.

    40. Tom Hammerheart on

      Careful, you're going to pop a vein or something.

    41. Justin

      And since you lie about why you act like a troll and claim it's to bury everything.....

      This project sucks!

      We're never getting a decent game.

      Where the hell is Scott? He needs to get his crap together and come back to the project.

      The length of time this project has gone on for is utterly ridiculous and the creators are equally ridiculous for their initial ETA. Not the brightest bulbs on the tree.

      There's no way they still have money.

    42. Justin

      Alright then. Keep it all bottled up. Well, since we know where this is all going then let's just cut to the chase:

    43. Tom Hammerheart on

      About which part, us rekindling our friendship? What can I say, it's late on a Friday night; here we are, two star-crossed lovers reminiscing about the old days. You know I'm beside myself.

    44. Justin

      Nah nah do you REALLY feel?

    45. Tom Hammerheart on

      Great! It's a nice, cool evening, my family and friends are happy and in good health, I'm engaging with my favorite backer after weeks of silence; My cup runneth over.

    46. Justin

      Cool story boy. do you really feel?

    47. Tom Hammerheart on

      OK, let's take the other half of your argument, "time is money". Funny you say that yet you choose to spend your Friday afternoon with me knowing I like to bait you into arguments.

    48. Justin

      I assumed nothing. I gave additional scenarios. Plural at that and for some dumb reason you ran with one of them.

      So once again you have decided to dictate what someone should or should not do based on... absolutely nothing because you've proven nothing yet again and it has once again blown up in your face. People will continue to do as they see fit regardless of you.

      This latest childish Tom rant brought to you by..... Monolith Burger!

    49. Tom Hammerheart on

      Yep, I'm assuming he received a full refund based on that message. You're assuming he didn't based on... ?

    50. Justin

      "I assume"

      'nuff said.

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