Bring Revolution 60 to PC and Mac!

by Giant Spacekat

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    1. Missing avatar

      Walter Milliken on

      Just realized the Mac version didn't make the stretch goal.... Oh well. At least I have the iOS version.

    2. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      So... any estimate as to when we get our steam keys?
      It's usually prudent on KS to get keys to backers before launch, or atleast simultaneously.
      All I can do in the meantime is watch the negativity of the forums and the negative steam reviews I guess =(

    3. Giant Spacekat Creator on

      Stephen, we are literally assembling the spreadsheets to send out keys as we speak. Hopefully in the next hour or so.

      Gamergate is going to Gamergate. We knew that going in.

    4. Josh Pennington on

      Congratulations on releasing the game! I am about to sit down and start playing it on iOS. Can't wait to play through it again!

    5. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Ok cool, thanks.

    6. Venron

      Well, this was a pleasant surprise ^_^ One of the consequences of being a serial backer is having so many projects to track that I get a great gift every time one ships. Congratulations on getting this out!

    7. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Got my key in my email.
      So... are we not getting the special edition DLC or..?
      (Not that you should be charging extra for cutscenes anyway, but I digress)

      The minimum 'get the game' tier here was atleast $20.
      It was already a slap in the face to see the price of this on steam for atleast half of what we paid ($9.99), but now it appears this doesn't even come with the souped up 'proper' edition?

      So to reiterate, $25 for us for the complete package, $15 for people buying today? That hardly seems fair.

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Mattucci on

      I just realized/remembered that this isn't coming to Mac because it didn't hit the $20,000 stretch goal. I was thrown off by all of the "PC and Mac" mentions in the project title, the campaign description, etc. Congrats on the release, anyway.

    9. Scurra

      I wanted to post something on Steam, but it's clear that there's literally no way that can be done right at the moment - I thought the hate for Godus was bad, but this is on a whole different level! (That's not meant to be an endorsement for the hate, by the way, just a sigh of disappointment.)

      Anyway, I have really enjoyed what was a fun story with a couple of unexpected (but properly telegraphed) twists, and I really loved the unusual keyboard "typing skills" control system.
      However, I'm genuinely stuck on what I am guessing is the final boss fight - there's a ring sequence that appears to be impossible to complete as you seemingly get only about a second or so to complete it. Is there some obvious trick I am missing here?

    10. Chris Z.

      I asked for a refund, the next day 2-3 posts about how the game is coming out. YOU'RE WELCOME.

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ammon on

      According to the final pre-KS-close announcement, I thought the Mac stretch goal was $10,000? Congrats on shipping, hope to play it someday. :)