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A cooperative explorathon about pugs, butt sniffin, and friendship! An accessible game for all ages that's just about having fun.
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Mini-Update! Community Question + Shout Out: Once Upon a Coma

Posted by SpaceBeagles (Creator)
Gizmo replying to that last tweet like...
Gizmo replying to that last tweet like...

Hey friends! Just posting a mini-shout out here before the next update because my friend Thomas Brush wants to give us butt sniffers a free Steam key for either his game Pinstripe or the new game he's kickstarting, Once Upon A Coma.

The campaign will launch on February 15th and as a Butt Sniffin' Pugs backer, if you subscribe now and back when the campaign launches, you can get a free copy of either Pinstripe or Once Upon a Coma. Here's a video Thomas made for you all to tell you more!

And here's a link to his Kickstarter campaign so you can subscribe now!


That's it! I'm pixelating the rest of Communipaw Cove for FFP this weekend so this is just a mini update.

Community Question:

Since this update was just a shout out, I thought I might use this post as an opportunity to ask a question that well, affect all of BSP.

What video game(s) gives you the best feeling of actual exploration & discovery and why?

I ask that because well, BSP's core is one of that, a chill exploration game! So I'm curious about which games you all have played that might evoke that sensation of discovery that we're trying to create with BSP. Let us know in the comments below!

Don't forget next update will go into BSP's game design and as always if you want to talk to the team directly just click the image below to hit us up on our Discord server!




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    1. Daviann Morais on

      For games with a sense of discovery i would have to say the Elder Scrolls Series and also (probably influnced by it) Breath of the Wild.

    2. Chris Coray on

      As far as "games with a sense of discovery," hands-down it's the Elder Scrolls series. The non-linear quest system with a wide open world and a largely hidden map when you first enter the world are definitely a part of that. I don't recall if this is an official game development term, but I've read it referred to as "the matrix system." Instead of trying to put players on a linear path of "go to point A, do B, then move on to C," it's essentially the Elder Scrolls concept - put minor objective hooks (motivators backed by story) all over that might send a player to a location, possibly one they've never discovered. There might be some objectives that require you to have completed several other objectives to unlock, but otherwise you give players a sandbox to roam in and pick and choose what they want to do when. Just my thoughts.

    3. Tracey Craig

      @Will O’Neill

      I’ve seen your comments on main page, your attitude really stinks, you’re rude, disrespectful. It’s lile you think they aren’t allowed a life. You expect this, that and the other right now. Go back and read your comments and put yourself in THEIR shoes, how would you feel if those comments were about you?

    4. Will O'Neill

      @ Tracey Craig

      I am not an ass. I've got no problem with cross-promotion in general - my problem is somebody having the temerity to do it after going dark for basically all of 2017. It displays a pretty brazen and astonishing lack of self-awareness.

      At the point this thing is at, the respectful thing is to just stick to business and get it done. We backed a game - not a family life story and polls and cross-promotion and Discord channels. The whole thing reeks of smokescreen.

      Honestly, this is the shit that ruined indie videogames on Kickstarter.

    5. Nathaniel Buck on

      Pretty much anything with heavy procedural generation is exciting for me for exploration, even if it's not in a necessarily explorative game. I love finding weird edge cases when different systems interact or looking for minute differences between things.

    6. Missing avatar

      Zoe on

      -Journey was the ultimate "sense of discovery" feeling I've ever gotten out of a video game.
      -Horizon Zero Dawn wasn't necessarily centered on it but I feel like it still had a good discovery feeling?

    7. Tracey Craig

      The link to Once Upon A Coma page still isn’t working :(

    8. Tracey Craig

      @Will O’Neill

      You are such an ass. Many projects cross-promote post campaigns, It’s normal.

      Development is not as simple as you think. Have some respect and be patient. Even big AAA titles get delayed often. Ni No Kuni for example, The Last Guardian took 10 years and multiple delays, how about Final Fantasy? Multiple titles maaaany delays some even years....

      So grow up.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrea Kerrigan on

      For games that evoke discovery and exploration, Slime Rancher is an all-time favorite of mine. There's so much to do, and each area is so unique, I really feel accomplished whenever I play the game~

      Thank you for updating us more recently. Like others, I've been excited for this game, and when it went dark for a bit, started to get worried. BUT, I've no problem waiting for this game, as it looks really fun and totally up my alley~! Hoping all is well. c: <3

    10. Will O'Neill

      Hey there! Given that you guys are already substantially behind on your initial timelines for this project, I would really appreciate it if you would not abuse this channel to cross-promote other projects on top of that. I'm posting this publicly as I imagine many others might agree as well.

      I also don't need to hear anymore about your kid. Frankly, I knew this project was going to go off the rails the moment you started talking about that - which was after everybody pledged, IIRC - and I think we all can all assume at this point that future delays are attributable to that without you needing to explicitly say so.

      I'm glad you all are back on top of the project and moving forward, but if you could just stick to what is going on with development, I think that would be for the best. Thanks!

    11. Tracey Craig

      The link to Thomas’s Kickstarter doesn’t work :(

    12. SpaceBeagles Creator on

      @Stefan Lopuszanski still figuring that out after baby delay - sorry about that! Our current priorities are to get the FFP preview out to backers, then on so the public can see our preview, and then get you all the BSP lake pre-alpha.

      Need to get something in ya'lls hands to play and test first! After we get the pre-alpha figured out we'll be able to hop back on the merch train.

    13. Grant M. Evans on

      Super Metroid, Shadow of the Colossus and, most recently, Zelda Breath of the Wild

    14. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      "What video game gives you the best feeling of actual exploration & discovery?"

      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Naturally.

    15. Stefan Lopuszanski on

      Any info on shirts? I backed to get a shirt but never received any info on how to get it.