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A cooperative explorathon about pugs, butt sniffin, and friendship! An accessible game for all ages that's just about having fun.
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Posted by SpaceBeagles (Creator)


If it wasn’t obvious before, I’m terribly sorry if we duped you but Genital Lickin Cats is not going to be a thing. Or at least the not right now. Maybe later, IDK. For now, the Butt Sniffin Pugs are here to stay. Also sorry about the update delay! Alas life happens as a new dad but hopefully this meaty update makes up for the delay.


This is a problem I’ve been wanted to tackle for a LONGGG TIME. Nothing against ordinary naked pugs, but just having characters with kinda different looking faces wasn’t cutting it for us. When people look at our characters, we want them to not just be like “OH A COOL FAT PUG HAHA” but “oh look, that’s Sammy from Butt Sniffin Pugs! I’ve played that game! Blah blah blah fun, blah blah blah butts!So hopefully these new character designs help our fanart, BSP's recognizability, and allow people to connect with the pugs more.

So we decided to give our three main NPCs (Sammy, Alice, and Bella) a character revamp. Since BSP is about living with these three pugs as your new roommates, we though it was only appropriate to give them a proper makeover. You know, give them different body shapes, apparel etc. I’ll go over my process but LETS SHOW YOU THESE GOOD PUGGERS ALREADY

The new and improved Sammy, Alice, and Bella!
The new and improved Sammy, Alice, and Bella!

TA-DAAAA - whatta think?! Here’s how I made ‘em. I decided to use three shapes to form each of their bodies, those being square, triangle, and round shapes. Each shape is chosen to convey a personality like so:

  • Square (Sammy) = reliable, uniform, traditional
  • Triangle (Alice) = cunning, dynamic, competent
  • Round (Bella) = charismatic, harmless, endearing

Each of the three pugs also work in a specific area of Central Park so they have attire to match that. Sammy works in the "Woods" in his Deli Truck so he’s got that good boy flannel + puffy vest combo going on. Bella works in the "Garden" in her Flower Truck so she likes to wear a cardigan, lacey top, and a flower crown of her latest flowers. Finally, Alice works in the "Lake" area in her Coffee Shop Truck, so she likes to wear a chambray button-up to keep her fashionable striped top protected from coffee spills.

There's a very "Persona Social Link" system in BSP featuring these three so we’re going to do my best to put as much character into these three sweet puggers as we can! Whether it’s helping Bella deal with her anxiety, or Sammy with his work / life balance issues, we want to sprinkle in some of the hardships of life that we’ve personally experienced and allow those to be the “missions” per se. We can’t wait to get to that stuff! But for now, we gotta build a world and system first, so for that I’ll throw the convo to Theory.

Theory here! Let's talk game dev.

In February’s update we talked about procedural generation and modules which make up the major points of interest in Central Bark. But let’s say you just start walking in any given direction through the park. Sure you’d come across something cool after walking long enough, but that’s not accessible.

So to help players orientate themselves and to make it much more likely you find something special fairly often, I’ve been programming random paths to generate between randomly selected modules. Now players can choose to follow the path to travel to something exciting or ignore it entirely. Also, don’t think you’ll find everything by staying on the beaten path!

that freakin' Sammy with the pug puns
that freakin' Sammy with the pug puns

I’ve also been upgrading our dialogue system. Now words can be highlighted or shaky and we’re doing our best to make sure the dialogue system syncs well with Dave’s SFX so that you get a good Banjo-Kazooie nostalgia trip every time a doggo talks. As for April, I’ll be working on bringing our main characters to life and making them fun to interact with shopping, and conversation, and giving and receiving gifts and other things! That’s about it for me. Now here’s Luke with another music update.

Bongiorno fam! Luke here with some new music.

Here’s a little medley of the current demo tracks of Central Bark at noontime, with each area representing a different vibe. This medley will give you a good idea of how BSP's music isn't just a bunch of songs, but a cohesive, adaptive soundtrack!

The Woods are a bit rustic and down-home, the Gardens are jazzy and a little bit of being on a stroll through the grounds, and the Lake is supposed to be a little bit Joe Hisaishi-style breezy optimism. Hopefully this all makes sense! haha


ALSO! I think this Saturday, April 8th at 3 PM ET / 12 PM PT, I’ll be doing a little stream of writing some game music if anyone is interested in popping on to see some of the process. (it’s kind of boring but might be fun lol) So feel free to head on over to SpaceBeagles Twitch channel at this link sometime this Saturday if you wanna watch me make some tunes. Thanks a ton y’all ❤

Gabe again!

If you haven’t already come join BSP’s Discord chatroom by clicking here! You can discuss all things Butt Sniffin Pugs in there and get exclusive info before Kickstarter updates are posted, see preview GIFs and screenshots, as well as chat to us directly! Like who’s your favorite new pug? Show us in our fanart channel! Or there’s even a doggo channel for just posting pics of your pets and pups.


Also if you’re curious about REWARDS we’ll update you on that stuff soon! I’ve just been busy making sure the dreaded TAX MAN welcomes my sacrifice so I’ll be more free to tackle reward stuff after that happens.

As always, you can find us at @buttsniffinpugs, or if you want a very full twitter feed, hit us up individually at @gabetelepak, @michelletelepak, @theorygeorgiou, @likeluke_, @_daveshumway, and @legobutts

Thanks again from your Team BSP,

- Gabe, Michelle, Theory, Luke, Dave, and Felix ❤ 

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    1. ccateni

      Also can you have the old sprites (along with the new sprites) to be an opinion to change in the game?

    2. ccateni

      Genital Lickin Cats would be interesting, should be DLC for this game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hendricks on

      This will be so amazing the short sample of music sound amazing i can't with for this game to come out :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Gwen on

      I am so hyped for this! Games with adapting soundtracks like this are my absolutely favorite, as well as the test style choices of having them shake and such. Every update gets me more and more excited to play this!

    5. Colleen Winters on

      The soundtrack clip is good! It fits the game perfectly.

    6. SpaceBeagles Creator on

      They're both! They can walk on two legs but can run on four. They're dogs after all lol

      We think making them bipedal when walking is the best way to make sure their attire isn't buried underneath their bellies at all times.

    7. Harry Bastard on

      Mild confusion...are the doggos bipedal now?