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A cooperative explorathon about pugs, butt sniffin, and friendship! An accessible game for all ages that's just about having fun.
A cooperative explorathon about pugs, butt sniffin, and friendship! An accessible game for all ages that's just about having fun.
1,523 backers pledged $62,704 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mel 6 days ago

      The reward tier says that my rewards should have been delivered Jan 2018, but I've yet to learn when the downloads are actually coming. Any news on whether or not we're getting our goods this year?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mike Nowak 6 days ago

      When is the estimated time for the actual game to be available to backers? End of 2018 or later? There isn't a clear sense of when the game will be released.

    3. Vy

      Are they even working on the game anymore? Where has our funds gone to?

    4. Marc Saunders

      Hi all,

      I too am keen to get an update here, is alpha starting yet, when will downloads become available, what is left to be done.....


    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew Magnuson on

      So, it’s been over 6 months since anyone related to this project responded to any of these comments, and even that comment was a dismissive “come join the discord”. How is anyone okay with this?

    6. Rezllen on

      Hey what's going on with this? Can we get updates to the kickstarter? I'd personally like to be able to check the kickstarter for updates over a discord server. I'm starting to feel a bit frustrated with the lack of updates.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Magnuson on

      Are there any updates on this game, the timing of the physical rewards, when things will be released, etc? I have no intention to use Discord just to keep track of this, as it’s the responsibility of the Devs to keep backers informed. We’re over 6 months past the promised finish date, with no update on when they plan to be done, and absolutely no mention of the physical rewards. I personally find that completely unacceptable.

    8. Vy

      It's nice that you can chat with other backers on Discord, but it's completely unacceptable to not update everyone on Kickstarter as well. Not everyone wants to use another platform just to get news. Communication has been disappointing ever since the campaign closed. Even if it's nothing big, some communication is better than silence.

    9. Darren Timmis on

      Hi Abbie updates now appear on a new app called Discord.
      No idea why they’ve changed to that as doesn’t seem to have done anything other than confuse people.
      Game does appear to be moving along just not as quick as everyone (including me) was expecting.

    10. Abbie Waldie on

      I’m really disappointed about not being kept up to speed on this project or at least having some sort of update recently. Like even if it wasn’t necessarily new stuff, it would be nice to see this project thrive since I spent so much to support it 😞

      Unfortunately it just feels like as a game grumps fan that we’ve been taken advantage of despite this not being their fault by any means?

    11. jo on

      When will this game actually arrive?

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Davenport

      Can we get an update please? I think we at least deserve that.

    13. Riley Conway on

      I've been really excited for this game, I've been willing to wait, for a looong time. Well, it's Q1 and we don't even have an update. Whats up with this? You have certified Game Grumps DLC, everything looks so perfect, but it seems everything has been put to a dead halt. At least give us an update. But please give us our game. What has this $60k been spent on?

    14. Will O'Neill

      Devs, please provide an update here. None of us are interested on the kind of continuous basis that being on some Discord channel provides.

      A few pieces of media from the game to show progress and an update on launch timing is all we need - you don't have to go into a huge narrative about it.


    15. Darren Timmis on

      Leonard updates seem to be via discord now just to make things more difficult for people to get. Anyway the game still seems to be going forward.

    16. Leonard Butler on

      I think this one can be chalked up to another scam. Kickstarter has been rife with crooks lately. This will be written up to another bad choice. Too bad, it was a gift to my daughter.

    17. Darren Timmis on

      Why don’t you just put an update here instead ... I have enough apps.

    18. Darren Timmis on

      4 months with no update - I think this one has crashed and burned. :(

    19. Alissa Glaeser on

      Any update on when we're getting backer rewards? Or anything?

    20. Darren Timmis on

      A month since my last comment. What’s happening guys??

    21. Will O'Neill

      Yep, I believe a November update was what you guys had intended to release. Would like to hear that some progress is still being made on this project.

    22. Darren Timmis on

      Any update - how’s it progressing?

    23. SpaceBeagles Creator on

      Sorry about going dark and the update delay! Everything is all and well, and all be explained in a new update this Labor Day weekend!

    24. ccateni

      I'm starting to get worried, is the project canceled?

    25. Will O'Neill

      That's great to hear, Theory! I expect bad news about ongoing delays and little progress due to the unforeseen burdens of parenting. Hope you'll shock me...!

    26. Theory Georgiou Collaborator on

      We're still here Will. A proper update will arrive soon.

    27. Will O'Neill

      Been quite some time since an update. Would like to know that this project is still moving forward, thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hendricks on

      i only leaving a comment so it be 80 instead of 79

    29. Vy

      Thanks for the update! Congrats on the new addition!

    30. Dylan Myers on

      Can't wait :) Found this through Max Scoville and I couldn't be more glad

    31. SpaceBeagles Creator on

      Hey everyone! Sorry about the radio silence, had a couple of exciting things over the past two months that made us super busy which you'll find out in tomorrow's monthly update!

      So be sure to check your email tomorrow for new BSP news!

    32. Vy

      Any communication?

    33. Missing avatar

      Uyen on

      Hello! We haven't had an update in almost two months. Can you please let us know how the progress of the game is coming along?

    34. Theory Georgiou Collaborator on

      Gabe will post a proper updatr soon, but heres the quick version.

      I just moved back to FL and game maker 2(beta) just released at the same time. So ive been familiarizing myself with the new dev software and porting bsp over. So there isnt anything new to show just yet.

    35. Vy

      Any word from the creators on how the game is coming along? It's been silent since being funded.

    36. ccateni

      Where's the next update? It's been weeks!

    37. Missing avatar

      Nils on

      Dear Gabe and Michelle,
      we donated for your game on kickstarter (although there was a problem with the payment. We hope this will be fixed within the next days) because we want the game for our mum. She loves pugs soooo much. The whole house is full with calenders, plushies, mousepads and stuff :D Only yesterday we realized that for the 20$ donation we get a sticker sheet. We think our mum MUST have this sheet. Is there any way we can upgrade our donation so we get the sheet? Best wishes
      Nils and Jessie

    38. Corinna Carlson on

      i could not be happier for you guys and i am SO HAPPY that THIS is my first kickstarter project that i've supported. what a great one to start with!

    39. Tyler Christiansen on

      @Renee I think I heard beta comes out in late 2017 at the earliest and congrats everyone for funding BSP! :D

    40. Marie Angelique on

      Congratulations! Excited for this. <3

    41. CharmingTortoise on

      Woohoo!! I can't wait for Butt Sniffin' Fun time!! So excited that you got fully funded.

    42. Missing avatar

      Renee Deanne Moyle on

      Yay!! I can't wait until I get to play early beta, do you guys know how soon that would be? c:

    43. Victor Cárdenas on

      Congratulations guys! Much love from Chile and can't wait to play this with my family <3

    44. Missing avatar

      Genine Martinez Telepak on

      Congratulations Gabriel and Michelle!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hendricks on


    46. Missing avatar

      Stephany & Fermin on

      WOOHOO!!! FUNDED!!!!

    47. Tracey Craig


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