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Weird-ish scenery pieces to make your tabletop stand out including tributes to classic Sci-Fi movies, TV and games. Printable STL files
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A first look at some actual prints - see updates section
A first look at some actual prints - see updates section
Now also includes Perimeter Panel Set
Now also includes Perimeter Panel Set
Now includes Perimeter set - see updates for more info
Now includes Perimeter set - see updates for more info
Now includes 4 Mech Droid models
Now includes 4 Mech Droid models

Welcome to Space Base

Now to some the history of this dusty spit of land began way, way back in 2067 when the Allied Peoples of Earth Space Expedition began it's 60 year long terra-forming programme. Maybe to others, 30 years later when the first colonists landed. For others still we're looking at the mid-22nd when it's atmosphere became largely breathable and we got our first native Sitrissians, and then there's the 70-odd years spent hurtling alone through the outer solar system when the Earth men stopped visiting. A lot can happen in 70 years, and it did.

Well, I don't need to tell you about the rest, and for some forgotten hell-hole that started the whole damn thing, Sitriss Alpha is the nearest you ever wanna get to the centre of the universe. Now as the self-appointed custodian of this ole rock I can tell you, it's a damn sight older than that.

Welcome to Sitriss Alpha, the big lemon, welcome to Space Base.

Space Base

Space Base is my collection of 28mm scale Sci-Fi models for 3D printing. You can integrate them into your tabletop games or just build yourself a space base.

I'm making a rather weird collection of models, but to me they make some sense and you'll notice some of the models are tributes to classic Sci-Fi movies, TV and games such as the familiar looking droids above and the 2001 monolith.

I'm hoping you'll see a place on your table for some of my pieces along side your much more serious scenery pieces and systems.

The models are designed to 28mm scale where 28mm = 6 foot. The files are supplied as print ready STLs. The larger pieces are optimised for FDM (PLA plastic) printers to save you money, while some of the smaller pieces such as the sentry gun and the droids are optimised for SLA (resin) or SLS(Nylon) to capture finer details.

The sets

I have divided the models into sets, for your £5 pledge you will get all the models from all the sets. I am working on some more models which I may add as stretch goals, but we'll see how it goes.

Space Base set
Space Base set

 The Space Base set includes a 268mm tall comms mast, a billboard, a silo, a shanty hut, a hatch, and a vending machine. 

CrateTrak set
CrateTrak set

 The CrateTrak set includes a CrateTrak car, a Large Space Crate, a Small Space Crate, a gas tank, a cryo crate, and a minuteman missile and cradle which sits across 2 CrateTraks. 

Bonus Pieces set
Bonus Pieces set

 The Bonus Pieces set includes a mysterious 12 foot tall monolith, a crystal structure, a sentry gun, an IBo Infobot and a pile of detritus 

Mech Droids set
Mech Droids set

The Mech droids set includes 2 familiar looking robots each in a stationary and moving pose.

The Future

If I can get some interest in the project I will be making more models and developing the 'story' of space base. The world of space base will be something along the lines of Tattoine from star wars, a forgotten hole in the arse-end of the galaxy with a rich and colourful history. Along the way I am hoping to pay homage to iconic Sci-Fi movies, TV shows and video games. So we have things like the obvious rip-offs above and of course the monolith from 2001. I'm very excited about one of the models I'm working on at the moment, I'll give you a clue..."Get away from her you BITCH". But we'll see, we'll see.

So to those of you who have backed, or are thinking of it, thank you for your interest.

Thanks for watching!

See the updates section for more pictures.

Risks and challenges

The print ready models are already created so there are no risks.
I will keep backers informed along the way.

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