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I'm sure you've asked yourself countless times, "What would it look like if M.C. Escher made cookie cutters?"
I'm sure you've asked yourself countless times, "What would it look like if M.C. Escher made cookie cutters?"
317 backers pledged $7,168 to help bring this project to life.

Christmas update

It's time for a video update.

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    1. Louisa Tennant Todeasa on May 25, 2012

      This was the first Kickstarter project I ever funded, and since I haven't received my cookie cutters yet...3 months after he said he was shipping them, I don't know that I ever will. I guess there is no accountability built are taking a chance that the person isn't just taking your money and leaving you high and dry!

    2. Michelle McLatchy on December 21, 2011

      Thanks for the update! I love to see how things are coming along. It's too bad you didn't make your Christmas goal, but there are many Christmas's to come! Have a great holiday season!

    3. Missing avatar

      Margaret Denny on December 16, 2011

      It's a corollary of Murphy's Law that 90% of a project takes the first 90% of the time allotted, and the last 10% takes the next 90% of the planned time. Keep plugging!

    4. Ashley Thoren on December 14, 2011

      Good luck and don't worry!!! All us cookie makers will just have to not be lazy this year... but next year our cookies will be FAB :)

    5. Missing avatar

      utdoc on December 14, 2011

      Sounds like you've got the worst part out of the way. It's a real pain to go through the development process to bring ANY original idea to market. Be proud of your accomplishments so far, as we are as well. Merry Christmas!

    6. Candy Stone on December 14, 2011

      I hope you will find away to make these . I am sure am looking forward to owning this product. Keep trying!!!

    7. Crickett Jacks Hutchinson on December 14, 2011

      The cutters can wait. Getting burnt out won't get things done any faster. Enjoy your holidays too!

    8. Kyla Myers on December 14, 2011

      That was very informative. I had no idea how cookie cutters were made. Take whatever time you need and have a Merry Christmas. I have a good friend in England who has high quality cutters made, in China, I think. He's very particular about his supplier. I know it's pretty involved!

    9. Karen Sonleitner on December 14, 2011

      As they say, Rome was not built in a day -- keep on building ! Merry Christmas, Keith, from Austin, TX

    10. Ceige on December 14, 2011

      Looks Good. Amazing journey of learning and thanks for the update. Can't wait to see your great product. Happy Holidays.

    11. Missing avatar

      Rachel Hobson on December 14, 2011

      Thanks so much for the video! It's really fascinating to watch the process. I can't imagine all that you've been through in the last few months, working on this. One question - with the powder coating at the end, is that just to cover up the scorch marks from the welding? I'm curious how much that impacts your production cost/time. As a consumer, I don't think I'd pay much attention to the scorch marks - I'd just see them as part of the manufacturing process. Just my two cents in case that can help cut out some steps/cost. :)

    12. Jennifer Murray Lewis on December 14, 2011

      Thanks for keeping us updated. I look forward to the finished product, thanks again. Merry Christmas

    13. Missing avatar

      Kristen Santiago on December 14, 2011

      Wow! Thanks for the update. It takes time to make a quality product you'll be happy with. It's looking great!

    14. Missing avatar

      Bonnie (deleted) on December 14, 2011

      Fascinating process! I can't wait to see the finished pieces- looks like they will be high quality.
      Maybe you can consider brainstorming an Easter design? Merry Christmas

    15. Maureen Benner on December 14, 2011

      Make sure to wear hearing protection with the grinder!

    16. Lara Falcone on December 14, 2011

      No worries. I consider my money a donation and the cookie cutters a gift. When it comes it comes, I'm not concerned about it.. Thanks for the update and take care-- Lara

    17. Stacey
      on December 14, 2011

      Thank you for the update & I really appreciated seeing all the steps & machinery you are using. Having done some historical tinwork myself, I know that the more complex a design, the more effort it takes! :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Yan Liang Lim on December 14, 2011

      Great video man. Sucks that it won't be ready by Christmas, but glad to see you not settling for a mediocre product just to speed up the process.

    19. Missing avatar

      Franziska on December 14, 2011

      Brilliant - thanks for the update. Glad to hear the kinks are getting worked out and look forward to receiving the finished product when it's finally done.