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Become a Reggae legend in a 2D point and click adventure game that takes place in 1970's Jamaica.
Become a Reggae legend in a 2D point and click adventure game that takes place in 1970's Jamaica.
757 backers pledged $32,104 to help bring this project to life.

Bolt Riley on iOS & Android. Also - Where is Chapter 2?


Yo Reggae people. This I, Oded.

First, I want to inform you of a few decisions I’ve made recently. After over a year since it’s release to you Kickstarter backers and PC gamers through Humble Bundle and Steam, it’s time to make some progress. 

  • Bolt Riley is now available on both the IOS on the Appstore, Android on Google Play and on the Mac store. It was released without a publisher, and with indie guerrilla marketing efforts.
    iOS: Android:
  • On steam, Bolt Riley is now no longer in Early Access and the first chapter’s price was reduced to match a price of a chapter, and to better match the mobile versions price.
    The Early Access release plan was that if things were going on track, Bolt Riley’s chapter 2 would have been ready by now and then it would have made more sense to keep it in Early Access, but as a standalone chapter, there’s no more reason to keep it as Early Access. 

The future of Bolt RIley (Or: Where’s me game chapter two, mon?) 

Since its release a lot have happened in my personal and professional life. I’ve recently started a Patreon page to continue with my art and creations, one of which is Bolt Riley's continued adventures. 

I’ve written a lengthy post about the ins and outs of Bot Riley’s performance since its release, and also discuss the future of Bolt Riley. 

If you’re curious about the latest news - Please follow me over to my patreon page to continue reading:

If you aren’t curious about the latest news - Please turn to page 420. 




That's it.  As promised.

Launched at 4/20 at 4:20am PDT.

Bolt Riley, Chapter 1, five years in the making, Is finally available, as Early Access on Steam,, and Humble Bundle (and very soon Razer Forge TV and OUYA).

How to download Bolt Riley - Chapter 1.

You can access your copy of Bolt Riley through the Humble Bundle link page you received in your email a while back (if you activated it is should be in your library already)

If you haven't received your key try entering the email you used in the survey with this link - If you have any more problems email us at:

A quote from our press release

“Being funded through Kickstarter back in 2014, we’re launching the game with high expectations,” said Oded Sharon, Adventure Mob’s CEO, “we are committed to our backers to deliver the game on time, so we pretty much have the date set in stoned, and we are working very hard to weed out all the bugs. We’ve chosen this particular launch date, well... because we wanted everything in the game to be properly baked and didn’t want our backers to get the munchies. Everything will be lit up on time, and I expect players will be lifted when playing it.”

Plans for the near future.

There are a lot of things that I still need to do for this game.

1. Release Bolt Riley on OUYA and Razer Forge (it'll take a little while to go through thier approval proccess)

2. Update Bolt Riley version 1.1 with features like Lipsynch.  Currently the game isn't lipsynched. I want to add that.

3. Bug fixes

There's one bug the happens when you run the game in a non 16:9 aspect ratio screen. It will be fixed soon with the help of Tony Li from Dialogue System

If you've played the game you've noticed Bolt is missing a few lines when looking at the inspirations and the backer photos. These will be re-recorded soon and put in the game soon.

4. a whole bunch of other stuff (you can see the full list in my Trello - )

5. Release Chapter 1 on more platforms (IOS, Android, Windows Store, consoles, etc..) and more languages (EFIGS localization).

6. Post some more updates (I still owe you my GDC story...)

7. Work on other rewards (like Soundtrack, documentary, art book...)

8. Continue working on Chapter 2.

Spread the word! Share the love!

To be able to continue development on Chapter 2 it's important that a lot of people buy and play Chapter 1. So we would love it if you could spread the word about the game, post a review on steam, tell your friends, record a let's play video, or anything to let people know about it, and how awesome you think it is!

You can use this as a cover photo for your Facebook cover, if you want to:

And you can use this cool page I prepared:

Thank you.

Finally, thank you.

Thanks to every single one of you 757 beautiful people who believed in me and helped me finish and get this game out. 

I love all of you.


BOLT RILEY LAUNCHES 4/20! Voice acting spotlight, New Gameplay Videos and Trailer.


Hey All,

I'm really excited. The game will be launching in just a two days.

I've fixed so many bugs this week, but I also know there a few things I still want to improve in the game to make it perfect. If I would have waited until every little thing that I want to improve in the game be fixed, the game would have never be released. 

So be ready on April 20th 2016, this Wednedsay!


I'm very lucky to have found a great cast of actors. You can hear their performance in the game-play videos a little bit further down.

I want to spotlight three of them here:

Anthony Sardinha

Mostly known in the adventure game community as the lead voice in The Journey Down, I've been talking to Anthony about having an important role in Bolt Riley since our first Kickstarter campaign, and now he is the voice of Smokey. Bolt's good friend and companion throughout the game.

Jesse Lowther

I found Jesse when looking online for a voice actor and only after I hired him i found out that he did voices for yet another Kickstarted adventure game - Quest for Infamy. I'm very happy to have Jesse voice the Narrator. His deep and distinct majestic tone brings the game to life.

Jason Linere White

I've heard many auditions for all the characters of the game but as soon as I've heard Jason's role I knew he was Bolt! His acting abilities, improvisational skills and level of professionalism are among the best I've had the pleasure of working with. It was a lot of fun directing two full sessions and later editing the voices. I think you'll agree with me, that when you listen to the game, there's no doubt: Jason is Bolt Riley.

New Gameplay Videos and trailers.

Bolt's trailer has been updated with Jesse's narration!

 And we have some new gameplay videos:

The game is being uploaded to Steam and Humble right now, and will be available in two days. 

I'm Very excited about it!

Stay tuned!




Yow Reggae folks.

In the past month, I've managed to go to The Annual Game Developer's Conference (GDC 2016), get back, record all the voice acting and dialog for Bolt Riley, and prepare the game for launch. 

The game have been sent to our beta testers and I'm working around the clock fixing bugs they found and preparing the game to be ready on 4/20. Symbolically I'm writing this post at 4:20am. 

Hopefully everything will go according to plan and there won't be any delays.

This is my talk at GDC. More about that in an upcoming update!
This is my talk at GDC. More about that in an upcoming update!

Launch Plan

Out initial launch plan for Chapter 1 includes :

1. Razer Forge.  

2. Steam Early Access - PC/Mac/Linux

3. Humble store (Where you get DRM-free copy as well as a Steam Key).

All the backers in the campaign will receive game into their Humble library automatically. You can also add Bolt Riley to your steam wishlist as a reminder. here's the link:
You should have received a redeem key in your email a few months ago. If you haven't received your key try entering the email  you used in the survey with this link - If you have any more problems email us at:

Did you add Bolt Riley to your wishlist yet?
Did you add Bolt Riley to your wishlist yet?

Why Early Access and Razer Forge

Because of the way Bolt Riley is split to chapters, the first chapter only covers a portion of the full experience. The story doesn't get fully told in the first chapter and we do not want to give players false expectations that this is it. So, until the full game is released, we'll keep it as an early access state.

And about Razer forge TV, this is the next stage of evolution of OUYA, which we are part of the FTG fund. Their financial support have allowed us to make a game with a higher budget and we're committed to our agreement to launch on their Cortex platform.

We also plan on releasing an update patch for some game improvements that require 3rd party framework support, and we don't want to wait until those are released, so we'll keep making the game slightly better with time. 

Bolt Riley on Razer Forge. Look, behind you! A Three headed Monkey!
Bolt Riley on Razer Forge. Look, behind you! A Three headed Monkey!


My very good friend Renee Gittins is running a Kickstarter campaign for her awesome game Potions: A Curious Tale. Their trailer video was made by some other of our favoritre friends, Imagos Softworks, the folks behind Starr Mazer which is another amazing Kickstarted adventure game I'm really really looking forward to playing.

Check it out and show her some love!

Thank You Again!

Thanks to all your help, this campaign and the budget we had was just enough to finish production of this episode on time! The game is fully voiced, with an original Reggae soundtrack, Jamaican localization, and a high level of polish that includes something you don't see in a lot of low-budget 2D adventure games - camera movements, closeups and a cinematic feel.  Something that I'm very proud of, and can be said in favor of this campaign.

In the next few days until the launch I'll post more updates about the voice acting, some new stuff added to the game, some more launch related news and perhaps some updates about my trip to GDC !

Oh, it was also my birthday this week. Launching a game you've been working on for years is a great way to spend a birthday!

Peace and love!


Voices, Jamaican Patois, Steam, Malik.


Yo Yo Yo!

Voice Acting

I love this stage of adventure game development! 

Now that the texts have been edited, we sent them out to some of the voice actors to be recorded. Anthony Sardinha (The Journey Down) recorded his lines for the role of Smokey (Bolt's best friend) and Jesse Lowther  (Order of the Throne, Quest For Infamy) recorded the Narrator, both did it within only a few hours, then I've sat all day today and cut them to put all of them into the game. It sounds wonderful. The game suddenly feels more alive!

I'm waiting for other voice talents to record their lines, which I'm hoping will happen before I leave for GDC so I can make a new build for the testers. 

There are two roles that still needs to be casted so I'm still searching for more actors. I hope I will find them at GDC, or if not I will keep on searching online and through my connections with actors.

Here are some samples:

Jamaican Patois

With the help of one of our Jamaican backers, Wayne Benjamin, I've reached out to a Jamaican linguist, Horace Cunningham, who helped with adding a second language to the game as a localized translation. To my knowledge, Bolt Riley will be the first game EVER to offer a FULL Jamaican Patios language setting. 

On the first release version, the game will only feature English voices for the main voice acting, but I'm considering recording Jamaican Patois voices later on,  along with EFIGS localization.

Here is the same text, once in English, once in Jamaican Patois.

Bolt Riley on Steam

With preparation for launch, Bolt's steam page is now live!

People can now add this game to their wishlist and get a notice when it launches, I would love it if you would share this news with your friends so they can subscribe to it and add it to their wishlists as well. The community page also went live along with the game's store page.

Malik's Last Name

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us choose Malik's full name which is now Malik Shaw.


This weekend I'll be flying away on my way to The Game Developers Conference - GDC to start promoting the game. My wife helped me prepare a couple of hundred business cards with the game's steam activation code to hand out to reporters and other game developers at the conference which will create some buzz as members of the press start previewing the game.


Dave Gilbert, who's a good friend and one of this campaign's supporters, just launched Shardlight!

And Lancelot's quest still need some love! So, Check it out.

Wish me luck, and look forward to the next update when I return from GDC.