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Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game, Chapter 1.'s video poster

Become a Reggae legend in a 2D point and click adventure game that takes place in 1970's Jamaica. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 9, 2014.

Become a Reggae legend in a 2D point and click adventure game that takes place in 1970's Jamaica.

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Now that the campaign is over stay in touch at

Missed the campaign? No worries, until released, you can continue to back the game (or donate through PayPal). It will help us add extra features through stretch goals. You can do it here: 

And visit us here:


And don't forget to up vote on Steam Greenlight:


Welcome to the Bolt Riley Chapter 1, short BLITZ , 7 day campaign!
We're experimenting whether or not it is possible to fund raise in such a short time. Support us for $1 or more, and join in on the experiment!

You play as Bolt Riley, a poor boy from Trenchtown, Jamaica, on his pathway to stardom.

Bolt is struggling to survive and has to deal with a gang of Rude Boys. You go through a journey of self discovery, of love, friendship, and inspiration, where you are introduced to Reggae music, you have to form your band, get inspiration, write and produce your songs and then perform them. The story consists of three parts each focusing on a different aspect of Bolt Riley’s passage into becoming a Reggae legend.  

This is the true story of the underdog who breaks out and becomes a worldwide sensation.

Bolt Riley performing for the first time in front of an audience
Bolt Riley performing for the first time in front of an audience

"Bolt Riley - Chapter 1" is complete game that's part of a trilogy series. It has a self sustained story that should last a few hours of gameplay, all depends on whether you click every little thing on the screen or not, and how fast you solve the puzzles, and if you listen to every dialog line in the conversations... Getting a full indie game with hours of unique gameplay and dialog, for only $10, is not that bad.

Try Bolt Riley's Alpha Demo Today!  

You can play Bolt Riley's Demo Alpha here:

However, before you play, please read this and remember it's a very early build.

Write-ups and Reviews:

"That’s definitely something new for the adventure game world; I absolutely love this concept and the artwork is gorgeous." -- Nerdy But Flirty

"Do you love point and click adventure games? Is reggae your jam? Then this is the Kickstarter for you!" -- Twinfinite

"Can there be anything cooler than becoming a Reggae Legend?" -- Gamezone

"Looks like fun" -- AppAdict

"I love the story, and the artwork is really great." -- Indie Statik

"It’s got a unique hook as far as games go. " -- Cliqist

"An interesting team-up." -- Rock Paper Shotgun

"From what I can see at the moment, it looks a visually beautiful game." -- The Daily Chill

"I hope they hit it as I don't know of a game quite like this." -- Gaming on Linux

"the soundtrack sounds terrific." -- KickstartVentures

"Need your help!" --

"Shut up and take my money." -- Fry from Futurama

 Reddit Ask Me Anything with Lori and Corey Cole & Oded Sharon

The Re-launch 

(The shorter campaign and smaller version)

We have decided to launch a short, and small campaign with the smallest minimal amount to give Bolt a living chance, and participate in OUYA's Free the games fund before it's over in a few days.

Why short?
Most of campaign's funding usually comes in the 3 first and 3 last days. So why not make a campaign just for those days and forget about the long dead period in the middle?
It can be done. ZeFrank did it with $146k
Also It takes a LOT of effort running a campaign, then it takes time to get the funds from Amazon. So a shorter one, will also let us get funds quickly and help us resume development sooner, so we can focus on game development.
Will we be able to reach our goal in such a short time? We sure hope so, but that's up to you! Despite not reaching our goal, we did manage to reach a higher sum last time thanks to you.

Is 31K enough to finish Bolt Riley? How did you calculate that number?

First, We eliminated all physical rewards from the budget. Our original campaign budget included calculations for high reward fulfillment costs (around 48k)  for t-shirts, game boxes, books, posters, shipping from Israel, and the Cole's flight to Israel. Without those costs, we can focus on game development, and not merchandise making. We also didn't take the OUYA fund into account last time.
Finally, we are going to focus our budget fully on the first chapter of the game, which is a complete self sustained story line.
So the answer is: Yes. We can do it for that much, If we assume we actually get the OUYA fund.

Here's our new budget plan:

(click to view interactive version)

So, Double Our Fun(ds)! We're participating in OUYA's #FreeTheGames Fund, created by OUYA to support developers making new and creative console games. OUYA will match your pledge dollar-for-dollar up to your goal amount (and a max of $250,000), so help Bolt Riley get there and make a great game for everyone! To be eligible for this match, we commit that this game will be an OUYA exclusive for a period of time. To learn more about OUYA, go to (Notice - OUYA exclusivity doesn't mean PC/Mac/Linux, where the game will be on at the initial release date.)

The game features hand drawn 2D background artwork and hand drawn cel animation. It combines all the elements of a classic point and click adventure game and includes funny dialog puzzles, exploration, wacky inventory items, and of course, a rope. 

We introduce a sort of second inventory, where Bolt can use special Inspirational powers he learned during his journeys. This is similar to how spells worked in the later Quest for Glory games, where you had a separate inventory for spells.

We also want the game to be fully voiced by professional voice actors like I have done in my previous game Pizza Morgana. More on that, later.

The game is made with the amazing Unity engine and will be available on any platform we can export it to, like I have done with my previous game Star Shipping Inc.

Game availability depends on the final sum we will raise. The basic funding goal will let us start with the desktop versions (PC/Mac/Linux) of Chapter 1, as desktop is the easiest to develop for, without spending too many resources on platform optimizations, and soon after we will add OUYA as part of the Free The Games Fund which we applied to, so we can increase our budget and make a better game, all in exchange for an exclusivity period. All money received from the Free the Games fund will go directly into reaching stretch goals.

Afterwards, we hope to get this game to any additional platform we can: Steam, Humble store, iOS, Android, Windows 8 store and Windows phone 8, Amazon Kindle, Gamestick, Shield, Gamepop, and maybe even nextgen consoles. We want you to play the game wherever it's most convenient to you, and we want to make this game available on each and every platform Unity supports. 

Bolt with his best friend Smokey and Girlfriend Thelma in front of the old man's house.
Bolt with his best friend Smokey and Girlfriend Thelma in front of the old man's house.

Regarding steam availability: To enable us to hand out Steam keys to backers, please vote for Bolt Riley on Steam Greenlight:

We want to have the game released by 4/20 of 2016. Why, you ask? Why, indeed...

Bolt Riley's Character Concept Art


You can also add some extra toppings to your pledge. To include add-ons in your pledge, click “Manage Your Pledge”, change the amount of money you are pledging to account for the sum of the prices of all the add-ons you want, but don't change your reward tier. After the campaign is successfully funded we will be sending out a survey asking which add-ons you chose.

$4.20 - The Four Twenty Club: To show your extra support to the campaign, add $4.20 to your pledge. You will get a premium placing where we list backers in the credits and thank you’s.

$10 - Wallpaper pack: You’ll receive a pack of amazingly high quality Bolt Riley wallpapers based on the art of the game, that will fit multiple screen sizes, including desktop, mobile and popular tablets. This Add-On is not offered in any reward tier.

$15 - Additional copies of the game: Purchase additional copies of the game for your friends or loved ones.

$15 - Additional copies of the soundtrack: Purchase additional copies of the game’s soundtrack for your friends or loved ones.

$15 - Developers’ commentary: Listen to the creators of the game talk about the creation of the game, the design process, inspirations for making the game, and all sort of unique stories in a video playthrough of the game. 

$20 – Digital Artbook: Also available in the $60 tier, you can order it by itself. The digital artbook includes the backer’s yearbook as well.

We are an independent game development studio focusing on Adventure Games and Mobile Games. Our main goal is to create our own unique and original adventure games. The team is composed of Israel’s best and brightest, including top of their class graduates from Israel’s best school for visual arts, programmers from an elite unit in Israel’s intelligence corps called 8200, and legendary game designers.

Members of our team have made several independent games by themselves, and we also created several games for various clients. Here are a few examples of our work: 

Games we worked on.
Games we worked on.

You can check them out here: Zbang,  Cocktail runComfyPizza Morgana,  and Star Shipping Inc. 

Adventure Mob circa July 2012 (Part of the team)
Adventure Mob circa July 2012 (Part of the team)

You can find a full credit list on everyone who ever worked on the game here

Oded SharonFounder, CEO, and Game Director/Producer

I've been making games ever since I got my first Apple ][ computer when I was 6 years old. I wrote an entire text adventure game in Basic at the age of 10. I've been working in the industry since 1999 and indie adventure games are my favorite kind of games, even though I have made dozens of games from different genres as well.

I’m a big geek with tons of interests and hobbies that include music, photography, cooking, flying airplanes and shooting fireworks.

I started a Facebook group called Fellowship of GDC Parties that helps connect people who go to game developers conferences like GDC, Gamescom and E3. I also volunteer at the International game developers association (IGDA) and ran the Israeli chapter for a few years and love to contribute to the community.

I am a true believer in crowdfunding as the way of the future and have been involved in over a dozen campaigns and ran a few of my own, like the one that recently got me over to E3. I've also been doing crowdfunding before that word was even invented, through my website "Buy a Car for Ron Gilbert".

Oran Bar-Tal, Producer and Art Director
Oran specializes in animation with 5 years of experience in producing projects and computer games. After working in television, web and even biotechnological 3D simulations, Oran’s main passion for games brought him to Adventure Mob in hope to create a successful world class gaming company in Israel.
Oran holds a B.ed.des in visual communication degree (with honor)

Lori and Corey Cole, Game Designers

Lori and Corey Cole have been making and playing games for... let's just say, "forever". 

At Sierra On-Line, they created one of the first hybrid graphic adventure/role-playing games. The award-winning Quest for Glory was one of Sierra's most successful game series. Corey's Castle of Dr. Brain puzzle adventure game was another top-selling, critically-acclaimed game that spawned a successful series. In 2012, they have successfully raised over $400k for Hero-U.

The Coles took an important role in designing the entire game, while most of their work was focused on the second chapter of Bolt Riley, which will hopefully be released in the future.

Corey and Lori Cole with Oded Sharon
Corey and Lori Cole with Oded Sharon


We're still talking to a bunch of musicians to collaborate with on the score for Bolt Riley. One of them is Omri Lahav.   

Omri Lahav is an accomplished composer for video games - including the award winning, open-source "0 A.D.", as the Music department lead for Wildfire Games and countless other titles, Having produced and played guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion in several reggae projects, he aspires to create the ultimate reggae masterpiece for Bolt Riley!

Here are three tracks he composed for Bolt RIley. These will be included in the soundtrack along the other tracks Omri will compose for the game.

Voice Actors

Right now, we are talking to several voice actors who auditioned for different roles. One such actor we're talking to is Anthony Sardinha who is well known for his of Bwana on the adventure game The Journey Down

A bit more about Anthony: 

Anthony Sardinha is a Toronto Based voice actor with almost 10 years of experience under his belt. Lending his voice to many Video games, Cartoons, Films, Corporate videos, Radio commercials, Documentaries, Web-Based animations and games, working with producers and directors all across the world from places like Australia, Sweden, Germany, Israel & Brazil. You can hear him as the lead voice of "Bwana" in Skygoblin's "The Journey Down", as well as many others on his website

I am going to use many of my connections in Hollywood as I am friends with a bunch of talented actors who I plan to ask to voice the game for the best results. 

As you can see I've worked with some in my previous games.

You can snoop through my Facebook albums to see pictures of some people I met and know... But... I hate name dropping... (Actually, no I don't!) 

One AlbumAnother Album.

I'm hoping to be able to make some announcements during the campaign.

Bolt Riley and his band backstage preparing for their first big show.
Bolt Riley and his band backstage preparing for their first big show.

Some of the many characters from the game
Some of the many characters from the game

Other than pledging, we could use your help in the success of the campaign.

You can start by telling your friends about it, share, tweet, post, like, comment, instagram, tumblr, tube, pinterest, or just get on stage with a microphone and sing a song about the campaign. Anything and everything counts, even if it’s something little. In order for the campaign to succeed, dozens of thousands of people would have to hear about it, and we need your help to reach them. 

Be active! Ask questions, share your ideas with us, tell us your thoughts, and let us hear your feedback. We’ll be very happy to answer everything.

Have fun!  It’s very important to have fun. Especially in times of struggle. We do this game because we think it’s fun to make games and tell good stories, and we want you to have fun too. If we can help you have fun, then we’ll be happy too.

Personally, I have been involved with several campaigns, both large and small, and I've backed as of now, 221 different projects myself. I’m a true believer in the power of crowdfunding and think that this is the way to go as far as fundraising to make adventure games, and I plan on Kicking It Forward:


Remember, only you can help make this game a reality. So, we hope you'll be generous and help us make this dream come true.

Oded Sharon, 
And the entire Adventure Mob and the Bolt Riley team.

Bolt Riley's house
Bolt Riley's house

Risks and challenges

In every project there are risks deriving from unknowns and uncertainties.

Luckily, Bolt Riley has a few big advantages that give it better chances. We're very fortunate to have great people working on this game, with lots of experience making adventure games in the past, and the fact that the chapter is in Alpha already reduces the risk significantly.

We also want to get your feedback during the beta. So we will listen to it and make changes accordingly, if we can, hopefully it will bring us to having a better game, rather than just having a game that's released on the estimated delivery date.

In any case, we will keep you guys involved and strive to bring you the best adventure game we can produce with whatever funding we manage to raise with your help.

Thanks for reading the very last line on the campaign's page!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Three little early birds

    Get the game for a little less: Get one DRM-free digital copy of the game for PC/Mac/Linux/Ouya as soon as it is released. You will get a thank you on our website and access to the forums too.

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    ************* The Adventure ************ Get one DRM-free digital copy of the game for PC/Mac/Linux/Ouya as soon as it is released. You will get a thank you on our website and access to the forums too.

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    The Soundtrack

    The game includes a wonderful Reggae soundtrack. If you want, you can get just the soundtrack, without the game. We will also thank you on our website.

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    ### I Don't like Reggae, I love it! ### Get one DRM-free digital copy of the game for PC/Mac/Linux/Ouya along with the wonderful reggae soundtrack that accompanies it. Also get a thank you on our website and access to the forums.

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    !!!!!!!!!! Honorable Mention !!!!!!!!!!
    You've asked for it and you got it! Want to have your name in the game, visible to everyone who plays it?
    A phone book with the names of all backers who pledged this tier and above will be in the Rude Boy hangout scene.
    We will design a puzzle that requires the player to look at the phone book too, so your name will be seen by all.
    You will also get the "I Don't like Reggae, I love it!" tier above.

    Estimated delivery:
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    <<<<<< Trenchtown Rock >>>>>>>> Get one DRM-free digital copy of the game for PC/Mac/Linux/Ouya , the wonderful reggae soundtrack and a PDF copy of the beautiful book "The Art of Bolt Riley". You will also get copies of Oded Sharon's previous games Pizza Morgana Episode 1, Star Shipping Inc. Flappy Potato Salad, and Avner (that will be released soon!). Not to mention, you'll be thanked on our website and gain access to the forums.

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    ////////// All Digital, Early Access \\\\\\\\\\ Get everything from the Trenchtown Rock reward Tier (Game, Art book, soundtrack, Pizza Morgana, Star Shipping Inc, Forum access, Thanks) and also get early access to the beta version of the game, access to more frequent production pipeline updates, a behind the scenes developer's commentary, and even a documentary about making Bolt Riley, with some exclusive interviews!

    Estimated delivery:
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    I Shot the Sheriff

    Be in the game! You will appear in a yearbook, an item placed in Trenchtown that Bolt has to use for a puzzle. Your name, image, and a description you will write (pending our approval) will be included in the yearbook. The yearbook will also be given to any backer who gets the artbook reward in PDF (and maybe later in physical form), so they will have you in their hands. Includes everything in the previous tier.

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Four Twenty ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Become an elite member of the exclusive 420 club. This will give you premium placement in the yearbook, and you get a piece of original artwork used to create the game. Those are limited and one-of-a-kind. You will also get a high quality print of your portrait from the yearbook. Includes “I Shot the Sheriff” tier.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    2 backers Limited (8 left of 10)

    $$$$$$$ Burning and looting $$$$$$$ Get an original piece of artwork from the game that was used to create the game Bolt Riley. There are only a limited amount of these. These include character drawing and tests, some of the backgrounds drawn on paper. You will also get a limited edition signed and numbered exclusive lithograph made especially for this campaign. (And become a member of Bolt RIley's 420 club.)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Become A Wailer

    You will become an Executive Producer of Bolt Riley, and your name will appear in all relevant publications of the game including the website, credits, and applicable databases where possible (like Moby games or IMDB). As an Executive producer, Lori and Corey Cole will be happy to meet you for lunch or dinner at any of the conventions of conferences they attend (for example, San Diego Comic-con, E3, and such). (You also get the Burning and Looting tier)

    Estimated delivery:
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    ~~~~ The Writing On The Wall

    Be part of the game! Get your name (or a few other words, or maybe even a small drawing with our approval) on one of the only two graffiti filled walls in the game. The screenshot with this wall will be used in marketing and promotional materials of the game, so you'll be really famous). You'll also be involved in writing the description for when Bolt looks at this item. (You will also become an honorary Wailer)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $4,200 or more

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Lively Up Yourself

    We will draw a character in the game to resemble yourself and/or a person of your choosing (with their permission). (You will also become an honorary wailer)

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world

Funding period

- (7 days)