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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 11 2018 6:09 PM UTC +00:00



Raising funds for production and marketing via website/social media 100 Box sets of SoulStar - FAITH TRUST & BELIEVE! Positivity Cards (36 Card set).

These cards are MAGICAL!!! They are alive with Universal source energy, they have a life of their own! Keep blowing us away, hope they will do that for you too!

These ‘Soul Messages’ first came into creation over 4 years ago, and only a few hours after ‘punching the air’ in glee when finally finished, in pops the message, “There are readers out there waiting to use these cards.”

In divine synchronicity less than 12 hours later I bump into a dear friend, who happens to be a ‘reader’. Having my computer with me as was going to go to the library whilst my car was in for MOT, instead, we went for a cuppa and a catch-up. The cards came into the conversation and we looked at them together, WOW, my friend started to ‘read’ and give me messages from them straight away!

Then as the final aesthetic tweaks are being ironed out before going to print, GOSH, through our challenging life experiences, realised that we have unknowingly created a modern-day divination tool, WOW, how cool is that!!!

With only a tester pack, using social media to spread the word, much positive feedback is being received from the network of people that have already shown interest in the project and we are astounded by the 2.2K post reach of the first ever public posting on Facebook of these Amazingly, Magical Cards! They are indeed being Universally led.

Peoples reactions are incredible, see their faces light up! It makes all the relentless groundwork well worth it. Oh, so love it that what we share gets to help others. Amazing to think too... this has all been done on a tidgy laptop with little or no resources at times, PASSION led and the Universe provides, WOW!

Also, we have received a request from a very well established, over 80 years in the business, Mind Body Spirit magazine! "...could you send us a review copy of your deck for consideration in the ‘A Good Read’ section that also features decks?"

Feedback quotes; "Lovely cards” "Love the look of these, can't wait to try them. Your right they are perfect for reading with, get so excited over cards that I can envision being used, they are awesome, and they are so needed. Haven't seen any in this style before..... When they are for sale can't wait to try, can see so many possibilities to incorporate these" "So great that you have stayed firm and followed your vision. Positivity from the universe is always needed. Congratulations, I love these new cards.” "Take a might be the message you need today!” “These really are fantastic cards, totally unique and individual.” “Very proud of my lovely friend creating these beauties.” “Awesome!!! Know if any create that excitement they gonna produce great things, wonderful ideas.....It’s amazing that you have done this, very inspiring to see someone with a vision work with the universe to make it a reality......Too many give up. Very excited to see your weekly reads, timing is everything and am positive your cards will be out here soon.” 

After further encouraging feedback we have added our thoughts and feelings in a mini-booklet too though it is important to always go with your own touch, feel, truth, sense of meaning, taking whatever feelings come to you first when gazing on the cards, as this is how these cards work - the Universe wants you to take your own interpretation as true for you. Our thoughts are only a guide, You are the Creator of Your Own Destiny.

So now how to pull this off, well I guess... FAITH, TRUST & BELIEVE! :-)

Risks and challenges

In the past, perseverance in the sheer belief that the help that I have to offer to others is needed and indeed has helped others, through the kindness of voluntary sector funding, I was able to produce and self-publish two mini self-help biographies.

The main challenge with this project is 'overwhelm', making sure there is a steady flow of balance in both home and work life, as can so easily go under. Having been taken down in the past by the enormity of the amount of learning so many new skills at today's fast pace I now believe that I feel well qualified to overcome this.

The vast amount of knowledge that is required to constantly research after research, to find the right help and support; persevering; never giving up; and believing in this project are, I believe, my strengths. Once these first set of 100 cards have generated an income flow a new option has been sourced for larger quantities to be produced at less cost.

A secondary challenge is in having little or no resources to work with, hence my inherent trust. A large proportion of risks and challenges have already been overcome with the persistent belief that these cards are meant to be out there in the world for all to share.

In the event that they are not... FAITH, TRUST & BELIEVE!

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